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Review of my Chat Room Stock Day Trades for Friday Nov 4, 2016.

Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat is deleted for this post) . Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade evidence (also in permanent archive).

In addition to chat (per below), this trade-room has live broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.

Before I get started on a review… I have to take this opportunity to apologize / follow-up on some unanswered questions in room from Friday:

Susan Woo – I didn’t see your questions in the chat room Friday… I get so involved in charts so my apology – my premarket today will cover though.

Mathew – Yes, go ahead and share charts until our room gets too busy. We’ll let you know when we all have to pull back on chatter etc. Until then… sure.

Here’s the trading room chat log with respect to my trades:

08:54 am george d : curt and I having coffee will be in room before open for morning momentum plays

09:18 am Curtis Melonopoly : Looking at morning momentum stocks

09:23 am Curtis Melonopoly : Premarket $WTW $PBR $ARRY $TRUE $CBS $CLNE $CSOD Personal watch: $SPY $XIV $FXC $AAPL #premarket #watchlist #wallstreet #daytrading #stocks

09:35 am Curtis Melonopoly : $DCTH looking for 2.67 to hold and go

09:37 am Curtis Melonopoly : Looking for break over 3.27 and 2.67 to hold

09:39 am Curtis Melonopoly : Out on y $XIV Swing big win – daytrade still in.

So this was my win # 1 of the day – it was a large $XIV swing trade from the day before with large swing account.

At this point I am still holding from the day before the $XIV overnight hold on the small daytrade account.

09:40 am Curtis Melonopoly : I was all in there on that swing so that was a big win $XIV

09:44 am Curtis Melonopoly : Looking at lower supports for more $XIV swings – out of large entry in swing but holding small account $XIV

09:48 am Curtis Melonopoly : Looking for bottom or top range on $SPY for volatility plays $TVIX or $XIV

09:53 am Curtis Melonopoly : Long $XIV on swing account 33..11

So this was a long for a scalp on the large trade account (my small account was still long and holding)

09:55 am Curtis Melonopoly : Trailing out $XIV 33,32 plus for scalp

So this was win #2 on the day – a scalp for .5% or so.

09:55 am Curtis Melonopoly : out

09:56 am Curtis Melonopoly : decent half a point

09:57 am Curtis Melonopoly : $TRUE break of 10.77 IMO decent but no go for me today

09:59 am Curtis Melonopoly : Snap back on $SPY could get really intense

10:01 am Curtis Melonopoly : Should fail here soon and test lower before strong snap back

10:06 am Curtis Melonopoly : $CERS $CBK nice

10:09 am Curtis Melonopoly : Market was wayyyy to irrational yesterday IMO with $VIX so I took the other side in $XIV

There’s my reiteration on my thesis for the large swing trade from the day prior.

10:14 am Curtis Melonopoly : $CBK no increasing vol but vol good on day

10:14 am Curtis Melonopoly : $CERS decent vol the day but… nope

10:16 am Curtis Melonopoly :

10:22 am Curtis Melonopoly : Watching close to get out of daytrade $XIV from yesterday, already out large swing on $XIV..When everyone gets happy I’ll go negative.

10:31 am Curtis Melonopoly : $EBIO and $CBK look great for EOD possibilities

10:39 am Curtis Melonopoly : back just in time for the test

10:43 am Curtis Melonopoly : So we’ll see how it handles turbulence here


10:57 am Curtis Melonopoly : $DXY lol surprise surpris

11:04 am Curtis Melonopoly : and I’m out $XIV for a yeehaw!

This was win #3 for the day. It was my exit on the small account swing in $XIV from the day before.

11:08 am Curtis Melonopoly : Party time wow what a great week

11:09 am Mathew Waterfall : !!!

11:09 am Mathew Waterfall : Got my $XIV exit filled at 34

11:10 am Curtis Melonopoly : Way to go Mathew!!!!

11:10 am Mathew Waterfall : Works for me

11:10 am Curtis Melonopoly : We may got a rocket ride here later IMO $XIV

11:52 am Curtis Melonopoly : Be 5 or 10 mins looking at BIO and other EOD plays

12:02 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $SPY 210.20 and it’s a rocket – not saying it will

12:07 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $CFMS
12:09 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $CFMS over 9.83 I’d look again – but it’s strong – we’re late IMO
12:09 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $CFMS on a pull back I’d look at it for sure

12:21 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $CFMS, $CARA, $EBIO, $CBK, $XIV, $TVIX

12:25 pm Curtis Melonopoly : looking at $XIV… may wait

12:31 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $SPY break of 209.88 with vol long $XIV

12:31 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Needs considerable volume for my $XIV entry however

12:32 pm Curtis Melonopoly : And yes I know for anyone thinking it…. $XIV is not directly a $SPY play… I use it as an indicator

01:15 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Looking at $XIV looking for expanding volume

01:15 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Long $XIV

01:17 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Hoping for expanding volume $SPY
01:17 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Hope is my plan now
01:17 pm Curtis Melonopoly : I’ll Cut quick tho $XIV
01:18 pm Mathew Waterfall : I’m watching the VIX. If it can get <20.95 we should see the bottom start to drop out
01:19 pm Curtis Melonopoly : I’m in my small account here FYI
01:19 pm Curtis Melonopoly : In at 34.03 $XIV
01:25 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $XIV flat out
01:26 pm Curtis Melonopoly : the problem was expanding volume
01:26 pm Curtis Melonopoly : non

01:28 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $CARA watching for expanding volume
01:33 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Long $CARA
01:35 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Long at 7.29 tight manual stop $CARA small account
01:38 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Target 7.38 for a 1% scalp but may hold
01:42 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Entry 7.29 exit 7.405 for a little better than 1% – that’s how you build a small account

This was win # 4 on the day.
01:59 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Watching $X for break of HOD and expanding volume for entry on small account – I don’t think I would wait for backtest on support at 20.07 – 20.09
02:01 pm Curtis Melonopoly : if a touch of 20 on the 1 I’ll enter too if I can get it
02:04 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Long $X tight
02:05 pm Curtis Melonopoly : No expanding volume out flat $X
02:26 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $GCI
02:27 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Long $GCI
02:27 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Likely a pain trade at first
02:27 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Didn’t want to miss
02:50 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Out for now
02:51 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $GCI tiny gain will re-enter at HOD break of res

This was win #5 on the day.

03:10 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Looking at a possible ping back trade on $XIV for a scalp
03:11 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Long $XIV 33.06
03:18 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Nice 1% compound scalp for the small account on $XIV

This was win #6 on the day.

This day could be summarized as me getting out of my overnight swing on $XIV that worked really well, coming back to $XIV with specific indicators that I explained by live broadcast as I moved in and out of each trade and I also used indicators to move in and out of momentum stocks. All trades were with low stress ease – not that I don’t get anxious – but I mean the “gamble” type stress – I had risk / reward on my side with solid indicators and when a trade didn’t go as planned I cut quick.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask in a PM in room or DM in Twitter or on email… if you ask me in general chat in room it’s really hard for me to see because I’m scanning many many charts behind the scenes on monitors you don’t see… so my eyes are always there and not in chat.



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