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Review of my Chat Room Stock Day Trades, Algorithm Charting Calls and Alerts for Friday Dec 23, 2016 – $DPRX, $URRE, $UEC, $SGYP, $FRED, $LTBR, $CNAT, $ANY, $GSAT, $DUST, $JUNO, $CBMX, $SPY, $GLD, $GDX, $USDJPY, $DXY, $USOIL, $WTIC, $SLV, VIX, $NG_F and more.


Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat deleted). Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade archive.

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.



New Service Options: We now also offer a stand-alone trading room option now (vs. bundle w/ trading room, premarket newsletter and alerts) at 59.00.

New Service Options: EPIC the Oil Algo now has an Oil Report only option (vs. bundle w/ 24 hr trading room launching early 2017) at 199.00.

New Service Options: Entry-Level trader one-on-one trade coaching and entry-level trade academy options now available in addition to intermediate / advanced trading academy and coaching.

Feature Post: There is a new feature blog post at this link, “Why our Stock Algorithms are Different than Most“. If you are using our algorithms or charting it is a must read.

Room Settings: We are testing fault settings for multiple trading rooms in 2017 (main room, momentum, options, swing, commodities, etc). We can have groups in different rooms all seeing same screen and announcements / broadcast – if you’re moved don’t sweat it – it won’t affect your experience.

Personal Trades / Lessons Learned:

$CNAT and $URRE – just scalps.



Looking Forward:

The market has a tonne of inflection points now so we expect things to get interesting soon with our algos that you can find here:

The algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

We are currently processing the reset calls for all algos for Q1 2017 over Christmas season because the have all now completed their calls from Q3 and Q3 2016 with 90% or better accuracy. All calls fully documented.

Announcements in Trading Room:

08:50 am Curtis M : At bell I will focus on momentum stocks then move over to oil, gold, etc… Gainers: $DPRX $URRE $UEC $SGYP $FRED $LTBR $CNAT $ANY $GSAT $PLX $NOK $WTW $UGAZ $EWZ $ERIC $UVXY $PBR $TWLO

Stock Chat-room Trading Transcript:

Miscellaneous chatter may be removed.

09:25 am Curtis M : Gainers: DPRX +66%. CNAT +7%. URRE +7%. FRED +7%.Losers: BCEI -41%.
09:29 am Darnel D : Crude looks bullish
09:31 am Sammy T : Long $DPRX
09:33 am Cara R : Long $PLX some small
09:34 am Curtis M : Looking for increasing vol $IMMY
09:35 am MarketMaven M : ss $ACST
09:36 am OILQ K : $IPCI vol
09:42 am Mathew Waterfall : In $BAS for long term swing. Starter at .47. Monthish hold on this one for 1-1.5 prce target
09:42 am Tyler H : $CVRR on the move
09:43 am Dani M : $CTAS wacked
09:44 am Mathew Waterfall : $SGYP also seeing nice action this AM. Not much volume to go off of here
09:45 am Mathew Waterfall : shorting $PCLN but that name takes some juice to short commons with. Daily outs also good option
09:45 am Curtis M : Wow nice short MArket<aven
09:46 am Mathew Waterfall : $GYP also small starter playing against last 2 swing lows with stop at 4.4. Seeing increasing volume today and nice aciton off of the open
09:47 am Mathew Waterfall : Price target of 5.7 then 6.29 on that if anyone is curious
09:48 am Jack D : I like it Mat
09:49 am Mathew Waterfall : Me to seeing as it bounce 10 cents right after I posted that. Check with me in 30′ I may have a different opinion lol
09:49 am Jack D : k
09:49 am Jack D : $CNZ has vol and off the mat
09:54 am Cindy L : Selling $CNAT swing
09:56 am Mathew Waterfall : I almost like $CNAT here. Expanding volume so it should see more upside
10:00 am Mathew Waterfall : Just tried to go short $URRE and my broker wouldn’t let me. Pre market swing high is my over/under
10:04 am Mathew Waterfall : $CNAT still seeing decent vol flow. $SGYP also motoring along here. Taking a couple plays this AM, I expect post 11 or so everything will be dead
10:05 am Curtis M : My bulldog needs me for 5 mins lol back
10:06 am Curtis M : $URRE in and out flat
10:12 am Curtis M : $GSAT halt
10:13 am Curtis M : *Hearing Globalstar To Get Fifth Vote At FCC For Increased Use Of Airwaves
10:15 am Mathew Waterfall : Explosion incoming on that news
10:20 am Mathew Waterfall : I’m in a small CNAt starter. Wont to so it clear and hold the 4.5 level or I’m likely out
10:20 am Mathew Waterfall : If it can’t get it done shortly I have no confidence in the afternoon session
10:24 am Mathew Waterfall : $TSLA on the move here as wel. Looking solid but this thing likes to do that only to fade on you
10:26 am Mathew Waterfall : $CALM post earnings squeeze is on
10:30 am Mathew Waterfall : $BCEI interesting name. Restructuring and got stock hammered with possible BK talk. People also thought CHK was going BK though. r/r play is great both ways on a name like that
10:35 am Mathew Waterfall : I have my stop at 4.3 for $CNAT putting me flat on exit. Not getting the responce I thought it would here
10:37 am Jack D : what kind of truck?
10:38 am Curtis M : dually denali
10:40 am Mathew Waterfall : O haha. The street racing uhaul trailer pulling truck?
10:42 am Mathew Waterfall : Yea. That’s my stop
10:42 am Mathew Waterfall : I expected some action off of the increasing volume earlier but it fizzled
10:44 am Mathew Waterfall : Pretty similar to myself. February was huge last year. I could have quit after that and done well for the year
10:48 am Jack M : $OPXA is on my list
10:51 am Rob D : Mat, do you use finviz for stock scanning as well?
10:53 am Rob D : Cool thanks
10:54 am Mathew Waterfall : If you’re on the ToS platform I can take you through some of the scans. They also have some great videos on there as well that will tell you how to set them up
10:55 am Mathew Waterfall : Yepp I’m out. Hope it rockets for ya but I’m out
10:57 am Mathew Waterfall : In $OPXA swing at 1.009. This will be a weekend hold if it doesn’t get after it today
10:58 am Mathew Waterfall : $FB seeing some call buying. First bog moves in recent days. Someone’s trying to play a bottom here
10:58 am Curtis M : Out $CNAT avg 4.405 buy with 4.257 sell LOSS ugh 5000 shares
10:59 am Curtis M : 800 hit
11:10 am OILQ K : $CRMD on move
11:13 am Mathew Waterfall : $OVAS seeing some expanding vol here. Everything today is so dead though I feel like my barometer is broken
11:21 am Sammy T : $XXII looks good long – not my style
11:22 am Mathew Waterfall : $GSAT another halt
11:28 am Curtis M : Taking early lunch – back b4 1230 to see f anything shaking
11:29 am Sammy T : ive seen you revenge trade id like to see that again – your last oil trade was a revenge trade NEW CAR! hahahaha
11:30 am Curtis M : funny ya catcha 1230
11:30 am Drew M : me to
11:36 am Drew M : Trump and Putin love continues if anyone cares
11:36 am Drew M : on lunch
11:40 am Darnel D : Natural gas rampage $DGAZ stomped
11:41 am Carol B : Back after lunch
11:51 am Mathew Waterfall : $SPY up from here
11:53 am Cindy L : Like $SGY still
11:54 am Mathew Waterfall : $ANFI swing. Wrong upder 6, add over 6.6
11:54 am Mathew Waterfall : This one will take a while to work it’s majic
12:14 pm Mathew Waterfall : Running out to a quick appointmnet. Back in an hour or so. Try not to fall asleep
01:04 pm Jack M : Merry Christmas! Gong Turkey shopping!
01:16 pm Mathew Waterfall : Doesn’t look like I missed much. Stop hit on $PCLN short attempt. Other than that status quo over here
01:17 pm Cindy L : Having Christmas drinks wth neighbors
01:17 pm Darnel D : LOL LUCKY
01:18 pm Mathew Waterfall : Taking easy win in $SGYP and taking some off here. Will trail the rest
01:21 pm Curtis M : Nothing on my end – gonna visit with family and check in 30 mins or so
01:44 pm Mathew Waterfall : $SGYP over here just making new highs. Going to leave my trailer on and forget about it. Would like to close it out today
02:07 pm Mathew Waterfall : Stop hit. .59 decent winner on a slow day from the .07 entry
02:12 pm Curtis M : nice
02:17 pm Mathew Waterfall : $IWM over the over/under line. Likely not enough flow to get too excited but should see a bit of lift
02:33 pm Mathew Waterfall : $ANFI cruising along. Not tearing up the dance floor but I’ll take it
02:34 pm Curtis M : lol
02:38 pm Jack M : $DNAI got moves
02:38 pm Mathew Waterfall : If $OPXA could get some momo going that would be swell. other than that nothing really moving much no one seems to want to load up before the extended weekend
02:38 pm Jack M : Was watching that also.
02:38 pm Mathew Waterfall : I’m still in $DNAI from a while back. Only a coupe thousand share but I like it for a pop sooner or later
02:38 pm Dani M : Get Curt a Revenge trade BAHAHA
02:39 pm Curtis M : Curt needs vol for that 🙂
02:41 pm Mathew Waterfall : I just went through a bunch of plays on my vol scan and they were all pitiful. I don’t see taking any trades for the rest of the day
02:41 pm Curtis M : yup
02:41 pm Mathew Waterfall : Trying to find a good revenge trade for ya. Nothing
02:42 pm Curtis M : nope
02:42 pm Curtis M : tues
02:42 pm Mathew Waterfall : yepp
02:42 pm Curtis M : watch this
02:45 pm Curtis M : thwe whole oil grid totally geometric the whole thing thats just one example
02:45 pm Curtis M : all commodities are going that way
02:46 pm Mathew Waterfall : That whole grid blows my mind
02:47 pm Curtis M : The more you get in to t the more you realize its wow —- we’re rght on the edge of having the whole thing done – for every time frame 1 min 3 mn etc etc
02:47 pm Curtis M : 1 min to 3 mos frames almost done
02:48 pm Curtis M : 2017 is going to be crazy
02:48 pm Mathew Waterfall : Glad we’re all along for the ride!
02:48 pm Curtis M : lol really interesting whats occurred last 12 mos on these charts
02:49 pm Curtis M : it all changed over last 12 – 16 mos one commodiy at a time
02:49 pm Curtis M : thats all should get in to on here:)
02:50 pm Mathew Waterfall : $PTLA on deck here
02:51 pm Curtis M : Not sure what they’re going to do when its totally robotically predictable last thing I’ll add there – curious
02:52 pm Mathew Waterfall : That is pretty crazy to think about
02:52 pm Mathew Waterfall : Should have taken that $PTLA entry Damn
02:52 pm Carol B : i was going to and didnt
02:53 pm Cindy L : Have a groovy xmas checking out!
02:56 pm Mathew Waterfall : In $PTLA small .03. 20 cent trailer to not get burned just want to play the pop
02:56 pm Mathew Waterfall : out .25. weird broker issues there. Not worth the hassle
02:57 pm Curtis M : in $BAS small
02:57 pm Mathew Waterfall : Im in $BAS for a swing as well. not watching very tight though
03:01 pm Mathew Waterfall : $PTLA just going to the moon here without me. Hate that
03:01 pm Mathew Waterfall : and crashing down now haha how quick your perception can chance
03:03 pm Mathew Waterfall : $GPRo 9.09 for a bounce into EOY with short squeeze and covering. Stop at new low of year 8.45, first target is 10
03:08 pm Mathew Waterfall : $BAS wants to go here. R/G move would be a geat xmas present
03:09 pm Curtis M : yup
03:09 pm Jack D : im in
03:10 pm Mathew Waterfall : I’m playing long off of the double bottom at .3 so I’m long term
03:10 pm Mathew Waterfall : I’ll add over the 100 on the daily
03:12 pm Curtis M : add
03:14 pm Mathew Waterfall : Hit er for a few more there trying to break .5 for us lol
03:16 pm Curtis M : 50 beak would be great
03:17 pm Mathew Waterfall : hit the mic button. Rocking the christmas tunes over here
03:17 pm Curtis M : lol
03:19 pm Curtis M : Lol I dumped looking to go agaib – nice gain tho for what it was 450.00 lololol
03:19 pm Curtis M : that candle freaked me out
03:20 pm Mathew Waterfall : Yea not great into the close here. Like I said this is a swing for me so unless we make a new low of year I’m sitting
03:20 pm Mathew Waterfall : Still not full size yet so not too worried
03:20 pm Curtis M : I thought 75 was comin quick
03:21 pm Mathew Waterfall : I was just looking for a new hgih of day. 75 would have been a crazy move there
03:27 pm Curtis M : Those targets for crude gonna be above that resistance next week – interesting
03:28 pm Mathew Waterfall : My small cap oil watch list likes the sound of that
03:29 pm Curtis M : Hopefully it gets there
03:31 pm Mathew Waterfall : $DNAI HOD into the close here. Man this thing has the look it just needs some vol
03:31 pm Curtis M : yup
03:40 pm Mathew Waterfall : jesus $PTLA beast mode. Got off too early on that one for sure. Price shook me out
03:42 pm Curtis M : whoa
03:42 pm Mathew Waterfall : Yea. Glad I didn’t turn short
03:44 pm Mathew Waterfall : $TSLA got it’s hammer pants on into the close
03:45 pm Mathew Waterfall : Think we had someone in here playing that earilier this week
03:45 pm Curtis M : A few
03:46 pm Jack D : have to say bye merry happy days!
03:46 pm Nicholas Sarkozy : here comes the dump lol
03:46 pm Mathew Waterfall : Have a good christmas if that’s your thing. If not have a good day off monday
03:47 pm Nicholas Sarkozy : see you, jack
03:48 pm Curtis M : I think Jack out the back door – good trader FYI
03:50 pm Jack M : Me too guys bye bye I am dealing with shopping for turkeys Have a great Christmas
03:50 pm Jack M : I wlil now leave out back
03:51 pm Drew M : Sandeep you there?
03:51 pm Drew M : He’s gone too
03:51 pm Drew M : Ok have a blessed weekend all!
03:51 pm Curtis M : Cya Drew Jack and others I missed
03:52 pm Curtis M : PTLA looks oddly strong
03:52 pm Mathew Waterfall : It’s been riding that 10 day all the way up. I thought once it broke it, it would be game over but not yet
03:55 pm Mathew Waterfall : Alright Im out of here. Wine on deck to get ready for the in laws that will be here all next week.
03:55 pm Mathew Waterfall : Have a good weekend all!
03:57 pm Nicholas Sarkozy : see you everyone
03:59 pm Curtis M : cya

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