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Post-Market Stock Trading Results Fri June 9 $UWT, $WTIC, $UUP, $DXY, $LIGA, $DCTH, $DXTR, $NFLX, $GS, $NVDA

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Compound Trading Friday June 9, 2017 Review of Chat Room Day Trading, Swing Trading, Algorithm Charting, Videos and Live Alerts. $UWT, $WTIC, $UUP, $DXY, $LIGA, $DCTH, $DXTR, $NFLX, $GS, $NVDA – $LIGA, $ONTX, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA etc …


Compound Trading is a trading group active in day trading, swing trading and algorithmic model charting (black box).

Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat not applicable is deleted from transcript below but raw video footage is as it occurred – uncut). Chat trade room is recorded daily for trade archive (embedded below and available on our YouTube channel).

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators we are looking for in and out off each trade).

Typically the lead trader is on mic and sharing charting pre-market right before open (9:00 AM ET), at market open (9:30 ET), for chart trade set-up and swing trading review during lunch hour (12:00 ET), during webinars (EIA Wed 10:00 and upcoming other regular webinars for SPY, Gold, Silver, VIX, and USD also – representing our algorithms). The trading room has in addition to live broadcast live chart screen sharing right from our monitors to yours. At times guest traders and associate traders will screen share charting and/or voice broadcast.



I will be traveling Monday after market through to late Tuesday and will be back in the main trading room for Wednesday.

The Oil trading room will open Wednesday night.

The regular reporting will be vacant between Monday market close and Tuesday evening. The most important reporting will be done Tuesday night as time allows (do not expect any at all Monday night) and regular newsletter reporting etc will recommence Wednesday evening.

Tuesday regular market Sartaj will open room. Any of our regular traders that can be in the room to keep things moving along and/or help newer traders that would be greatly appreciated.

This will happen from time to time with my travel.



We are currently migrating our site (June 11). There may be intermittent downtime in the next 12 to 24 hours.

Every Wednesday for now on 10:00 #EIA Report Oil Trade Charting Review hosted by Epic Oil Algo. $USOIL $WTI $CL_F #OIL #OOTT. This may or may not be made available to the public – check Twitter feed prior.

24 Hour Oil Room Opens June 15, 2017 (Originally scheduled for July 1, then moved up to June 12 and back to June 15 to allow for lead trader travel).

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Last market trading session Post Market Stock Trading Results can be found here:

We are many posts behind on post market trading results – we’ve been working overtime to get oil trading room launched early and the post market reports took a backseat – now that we’re ready we’ll have them all caught up soon.

Stock Trading Results Thurs June 8 $XIV, $USOIL, $WTIC, $BABA, $NVDA, $AMZN, $NFLX, $DXY, $UUP…

Most recent Premarket Trading Plan Watch-list can be found here (locked to respect members and unlocked to public about a week later for transparency): Premarket was handled direct in trading room Friday only. See transcript and live trading room video embed below.

Protected: PreMarket Trading Plan Thurs June 8 $BABA, $JD, $MOMO, $YHOO, $NVDA, $TWTR, $SWHI, $LIGA, $CL_F

Premarket Session: 

Here’s an excerpt from transcript below of what premarket looked like in room;

2017-06-09 6:32 Market Maven Momo $ADHD $DFT $ONCS $FCEL $DLR $INO $SBGL
2017-06-09 6:33 Market Maven Upgrades $CNSL $CWH $CMA $AHP $C $SIM $SAN
2017-06-09 6:33 Market Maven Downgrades $HDS $CMD $TECK $ACFC $TOO $TK $PTHN $SNAP $JWN $ENDP $DPZ $SU
2017-06-09 6:33 Market Maven 10amr Wholesale Traderr1pmrBaker-Hughes Rig Count
2017-06-09 6:34 Sandra Q $BNTC NEWS http://blt.live.irmau.com//irm/showdownloaddoc.aspx?AnnounceGuid=de54eee6-3d58-4106-a8bb-7dacbf86daae&TE=Richard@ualberta.net …
2017-06-09 6:37 sbrasel $LXRX above 200 ma on news
2017-06-09 6:37 sbrasel https://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/Lexicon+Pharmas+%28LXRX%29+Phase+3+inTandem3+Study+For+Sotagliflozin+in+Patients+With+Type+1+Diabetes+Meets+Primary+Endpoint/12996602.html
2017-06-09 6:38 Curt M_1 Charts set ups I am watching $CENX $HYGS $SLX $TAN $AXP $GSIT $WYNN and some others….
2017-06-09 6:40 Market Maven $DLR is merging with DuPont Fabros Technology $DFT in an all-stock transaction valued at $7.6B.

Market Day, Chat Room Trades and Personal Trades:


I took a trade in $UWT and got out with a small gain, also held my $UUP UD Dollar Swing, also traded $LIGA add to existing swing, $DCTH and $DXTR and closed the group with small gain, and got out of my $NFLX swing with a nice gain. See below.

Quarry Rock was rocking it and Flash G was closing more swings from late 2016 (he’s had a fantastic swing year) and Maven was quiet also (as was I). Others in the room like Matt and group were killing it also. I highlighted some of the action in the transcript as I had time below.

Learning How-to Trade Stocks, Chart Set-Ups, Lessons and Educational:

When You Learn It You Are Free. My Personal Stock Trading Story. Part 1 of “Freedom Traders” Series. https://compoundtrading.com/learn-free-part-1-freedom-traders-stock-trading-story/ … #trading #howto

Learning how to day trade w profit consistently? Midday Chart and Trade Setup Reviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTeUfxpy0iaZT-KOfy_9mZe3uqXIu-DIs …

If there’s anything I can do to help with your trading drop me a line on contact page or DM https://compoundtrading.com/contact/ #howto #trade #stocks

Stocks, ETN’s, ETF’s I am holding:

New swing is US Dollar $DXY related $UUP – in a tester size right now.

Been holding these small bags wayyyy tooo long. I am holding (in order of sizing – all moderately small size – under 5% of my daytrading acounts) – $ONTX, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA, $LIGA (this is the daytrading portfolio and does not represent swing trading service portfolio): Looking at moving out of all these small positions over the next month or so.

Note-able Momentum Stocks Today (via FinViz): 

Ticker Last Change Volume Signal
DCTH 0.06 48.10% 573064031 Top Gainers
ATAI 4.89 22.86% 295325 Top Gainers
ASNA 2.20 21.21% 8179154 Top Gainers
REFR 1.42 18.33% 119836 Top Gainers
LAYN 8.85 16.60% 413095 Top Gainers
NAKD 1.84 14.29% 1696931 Top Gainers
DFT 60.80 9.83% 12703279 New High
ENZ 10.38 13.32% 1039796 New High
EMKR 11.05 0.00% 816574 New High
NVDA 149.60 -6.46% 92131172 New High
BIOS 2.39 3.46% 2406925 Overbought
FOR 16.30 0.62% 2114244 Overbought
FDT 55.91 -0.39% 2303027 Unusual Volume
SPYV 114.12 0.78% 506122 Unusual Volume
DYB 25.53 -0.12% 42802 Unusual Volume
EVX 79.36 1.15% 11641 Unusual Volume
AHP 10.08 5.22% 312307 Upgrades
ECT 2.05 2.50% 52642 Earnings Before
BSM 15.75 0.13% 213482 Insider Buying

Algorithm Charting News (Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Assistants, Big Data and More):

NOTICE: Next Generation of my Algorithm to be released prior to June 15. $GC_F $XAUUSD $GLD $UGLD $DGLD $GDX $NUGT $DUST $JDST $JNUG #Gold

Notice: 24 hr real time oil trade alerts now set-up. Follow @oilalerts_ct $CL_F $USOIL $WTI $USO #OIL #OOTT

$DXY US Dollar Index – @dxyusd_index Algorithm shows nominal downside probability. High RR Advantage Bulls. $UUP #swingtrading

The Charting Algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

Swing Trading Notes / News / Chart Set-ups:

Keep it Simple Swing Trading Charts (Public Edition) $SPY, $USOIL $WTI, $GLD, $GDX, $SLV,… https://compoundtrading.com/keep-simple-swing-trading-charts-public-edition-spy-usoil-wti-gld-gdx-slv-vix-dxy/ …

Protected: Special Swing Trading Report: Chart Analysis (Member Edition) $SPY, $USOIL $WTI, $GLD, $GDX, $SLV,…

$MXIM Opened long 46.94 closed 48.50 for a quick trade. Exit too early but a win. #swingtrading

$NFLX Opened long 148.40 closing in premarket 165.88 range #swingtrading

$GSIT All indicators turned up on daily. 20 MA thru 50 MACD trending SQZMOM up Stoch RSI high. Move little long in tooth. #swingtrading

Most recent swing trading platform publications:

Protected: Weekly Swing Trading Stocks Thurs June 9 $TAN, $GSIT, $AXP, $WYNN, $DXY, $UUP, $NFLX, $LIT, $BABA …

The Swing Trading Twitter feed is here: https://twitter.com/swingtrading_ct.

Regular Watch List Updates / News:

US Dollar $DXY $USDJPY $UUP & Currencies of Note:

$DXY US Dollar Index MACD just turned up on daily. $UUP #swingtrading

Trading $DXY #USD #Dollar KISS MACD Nets Decent Annual ROI $UUP #SwingTrading

Gold $GLD, $XAUUSD, $GC_F:

Trading #Gold KISS Keep it Simple MACD Nets Decent Annual ROI $GLD $GC_F $XAUUSD $NUGT $DUST $JDST $JNUG #SwingTrading


Gold Miner’s $GDX:

Trading $GDX #Gold Miners KISS Keep it Simple MACD Nets Decent Annual ROI $GDXJ $NUGT $DUST $JDST $JNUG #SwingTrading

Silver $SLV:

Trading #Silver KISS Keep it Simple MACD Nets Decent Annual ROI $SLV $USLV $DSLV #SwingTrading #Commodities

Crude Oil $USOIL $WTI:

Trading Crude #Oil KISS Keep it Simple MACD Nets Decent Annual ROI $USOIL $WTI $CL_F $USO $UCO $UWT $DWT #SwingTrading #Commodities

Volatility $VIX ($UVXY, $TVIX, $XIV):

MACD on $VIX was dead for some time (red circle) but look! $UVXY $TVIX $XIV $VXX #volatility #swingtrading

$SPY S&P 500 / $SPX:

Trading $SPY S&P 500 KISS Keep it Simple MACD Cross Provides Winning ROI Strategy $SPXL $SPXS $ES_F #swingtrading

Markets Looking Forward:

This was a special webinar event mid-day review. Covers end of quarter #SwingTrading cleanup review of positions I will be closing. #trading

Live Trading Chat Room Video Raw Footage and Transcript:

Two Part video (Part 1 embed is below and go to Compound Trading Youtube channel for Part 2 of live feed from day and other charting from the day).

Compound Trading Stock Chat-room Transcript:

Please note: Miscellaneous chatter removed from transcript and some discussions I will add notes with information I’ve gleaned in discussions online with traders on DM etc also for further explanation (noted with *). Most days at 9:30 ET market open there is moderator live broadcast explaining trades, at noon the trade chart set-up reviews and at times during the day there is also live broadcast market updates and trade set-up explanations (so you have to scroll through video feed to market open etc to catch live broadcast portions – in future we will note in in transcript when we are on the mic so viewers can correlate time with transcript with video feed when reviewing trades). Refer also to the weekly webinar schedule because we are adding webinar times weekly such as the 10:00 ET EIA report for oil and the other algorithms are getting weekly webinar times soon also for Gold, Silver, US Dollar, SPY, VIX etc.

The transcripts now have time stamps! If you are reviewing the raw video footage of the trading room or transcript please be aware times you see on transcript or on video may not be ET New York and adjust because I am broadcasting from various time zones depending on where I am and transcript is local time to where I am at time.

2017-06-09 6:26 Sandra Q gm!
2017-06-09 6:27 Market Maven morn
2017-06-09 6:28 Flash G Morning. Surprised Curt here today he traveled most the night I think.
2017-06-09 6:28 Curt M_1 Piece of cake 🙂 Morn:)
2017-06-09 6:30 Market Maven $SIRI $P SiriusXM to Make $480 Million Strategic Investment in Pandora
2017-06-09 6:31 Market Maven Sirius gets three board seats and chairman seat with $480m investment in pandora.Convert with 6% coupon,$10.50 conversion price for 20%.
2017-06-09 6:32 Market Maven Momo $ADHD $DFT $ONCS $FCEL $DLR $INO $SBGL
2017-06-09 6:33 Market Maven Upgrades $CNSL $CWH $CMA $AHP $C $SIM $SAN
2017-06-09 6:33 Market Maven Downgrades $HDS $CMD $TECK $ACFC $TOO $TK $PTHN $SNAP $JWN $ENDP $DPZ $SU
2017-06-09 6:33 Market Maven 10amr Wholesale Traderr1pmrBaker-Hughes Rig Count
2017-06-09 6:34 Sandra Q $BNTC NEWS http://blt.live.irmau.com//irm/showdownloaddoc.aspx?AnnounceGuid=de54eee6-3d58-4106-a8bb-7dacbf86daae&TE=Richard@ualberta.net …
2017-06-09 6:37 sbrasel $LXRX above 200 ma on news
2017-06-09 6:37 sbrasel https://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/Lexicon+Pharmas+%28LXRX%29+Phase+3+inTandem3+Study+For+Sotagliflozin+in+Patients+With+Type+1+Diabetes+Meets+Primary+Endpoint/12996602.html
2017-06-09 6:38 Curt M_1 Charts set ups I am watching $CENX $HYGS $SLX $TAN $AXP $GSIT $WYNN and some others….
2017-06-09 6:40 Market Maven $DLR is merging with DuPont Fabros Technology $DFT in an all-stock transaction valued at $7.6B.
2017-06-09 6:47 Flash G Adding $AMD to long term swing here
2017-06-09 6:48 quarryrock good am
2017-06-09 6:50 Curt M_1 mornin
2017-06-09 6:57 Curt M_1 $LXRX to resume 9:30
2017-06-09 6:58 Curt M_1 Ignore $LXRX time zone isses lol
2017-06-09 6:59 sbrasel yea $LXRX was halted at 7 am
2017-06-09 6:59 Sandra Q was wonderin
2017-06-09 6:59 Sandra Q 7 30 un halt 🙂
2017-06-09 7:00 Sandra Q NVDA AMD hot tape and much else calm
2017-06-09 7:00 Curt M_1 I’ll run scans quick and see if we’re ready for a PM
2017-06-09 7:05 Hedgehog Trader hey all
2017-06-09 7:06 Market Maven hey HH
2017-06-09 7:06 Tracy Morning!
2017-06-09 7:07 Market Maven gm Tracy:)
2017-06-09 7:07 Hedgehog Trader hey Maven and Tracy
2017-06-09 7:08 Hedgehog Trader check out the chart on $LEU
2017-06-09 7:10 Tracy I was just going to remind Curt that he said he was going to hit LEU hard over 5.20. It was at 5.19 earlier, think it’s come down a couple cents since.
2017-06-09 7:10 OILK Gold under bad pressure
2017-06-09 7:10 Curt M_1 Thanks Tracy
2017-06-09 7:10 mat usd/jpy ramp killing gold here
2017-06-09 7:11 sbrasel Curt you nailed that dollar call
2017-06-09 7:11 Curt M_1 ts set ups I am watching $CENX $HYGS $SLX $TAN $AXP $GSIT $WYNN and some others…. $LEU…
2017-06-09 7:12 Curt M_1 It’s coming 🙂 may take a bit to play out tho – it has one more air pocket below it may or may not avoid
2017-06-09 7:13 OILK I learned not to mess about with his algo models anymore. Even Curt doesn’t listen to them but I do 100%.
2017-06-09 7:13 Curt M_1 fun:) I’m learning
2017-06-09 7:14 Tracy I am SO happy right now. I’ve been stuck in $CARA since mid March, big time, and it looks like I am going to get FREE here, maybe even this morning, up a lot in premarket. Not rec. to anyone until Curt reports on it, but, lots of ema crossovers yesterday, and it’s moving and I’m a happy camper!
2017-06-09 7:15 OILK Good one!
2017-06-09 7:15 OILK $NVDA non stop street ups
2017-06-09 7:22 Tracy On $P, just saw news saying the buyout offer was $8.00 share. On benzinga
2017-06-09 7:22 Curt M_1 Tough to put a PM together
2017-06-09 7:22 Curt M_1 On mic in 3 mins >>>>>
2017-06-09 7:23 Curt M_1 ups I am watching $CENX $HYGS $SLX $TAN $AXP $GSIT $WYNN and some others…. $LEU…
2017-06-09 7:24 quarryrock oh my $GD just gapped up to $222 wow
2017-06-09 7:24 quarryrock $GS rather
2017-06-09 7:24 quarryrock cancel that. error on Fidelity screen
2017-06-09 7:26 Curt M_1 GM:) On mic for premarket.
2017-06-09 7:27 mstephens76 Good Morning All, just joined to check out the scene here. @chickenpotpie76 on twitter
2017-06-09 7:29 mat INO continuation from yesterday
2017-06-09 7:31 mat Dip buying some small cap energy coming in to support. ECR and wll for a quick play. out if they keep breaking down
2017-06-09 7:32 quarryrock nailed $GS for 3 stacks on the open! what a start to the day!
2017-06-09 7:32 sbrasel $LXRX is coming up
2017-06-09 7:32 sbrasel WOW good job QR
2017-06-09 7:33 quarryrock STC $222.50 $GS Calls
2017-06-09 7:34 Tracy You are on a roll QR! Kudos!
2017-06-09 7:34 quarryrock TY – had a feeling the banks would gap up at open. sitting on those calls since yeaterday
2017-06-09 7:34 mstephens76 Nice Q!!!
2017-06-09 7:35 sbrasel curt check $LXRX
2017-06-09 7:35 mat NPTN trying to breakout
2017-06-09 7:40 mstephens76 Able to take a look at $MNKD at some point? Some very odd options activity on it earlier in the week.
2017-06-09 7:41 Curt M_1 Peter Brandt‏ @PeterLBrandt 3m3 minutes agorMorer The purpose of the market is to redistribute wealth from the many to the few.
2017-06-09 7:43 Curt M_1 Interesting set up Sean
2017-06-09 7:43 Curt M_1 $LXRX
2017-06-09 7:43 sbrasel if flew at open
2017-06-09 7:43 quarryrock steel on watch
2017-06-09 7:46 mstephens76 Next GC/GLD puke coming
2017-06-09 7:48 Curt M_1 The daily candles are better on $LXRX than last 200 MA breaches so maybe this time will be different 🙂 That it will hold 200 MA as support. #caution however]
2017-06-09 7:49 mat long UWT small tester. Looking for upside here
2017-06-09 7:50 Curt M_1 Watching for intra short term Gold long possible.
2017-06-09 7:50 quarryrock $UVXY single digits on deck
2017-06-09 7:51 Market Maven Happy for you Flash:) Thats a big win on $NVDA
2017-06-09 7:52 Flash G Thanks MM 22% of my portfolio. Early scotch today again. Cheers!
2017-06-09 7:53 quarryrock nice!
2017-06-09 7:53 Tracy I missed what you did Flash, but if it means scotch for breakfast it must have been great!
2017-06-09 7:55 quarryrock and down goes $UVXy
2017-06-09 7:57 sbrasel they will reverse split UVXY again soon.
2017-06-09 7:57 quarryrock took profits too soon on the banks – they are flying
2017-06-09 7:57 Market Maven Your $AMD holdings too Flash. What a great day for you.
2017-06-09 7:57 Curt M_1 Base hit to wealth brother. QR:)
2017-06-09 7:58 sbrasel $BAC 23.51…. been holding since 2009..
2017-06-09 7:59 quarryrock_1 Indeed 🙂
2017-06-09 8:00 Curt M_1 Sean I hit $BAC once and it pissed me off lol and never went back – emotional investing back then
2017-06-09 8:01 Sandra Q Hate to be that person but these are on watch now intra day $GLBS $TOPS $DCIX $DRYS
2017-06-09 8:01 Hedgehog Trader as often happens on full moon, today might be a bit of dip or pause day for mkt
2017-06-09 8:03 Curt M_1 Surprised crude hasn’t popped out of that quadrant yet
2017-06-09 8:04 Curt M_1 If you’re long $P your interim wall is at 9:12 ish
2017-06-09 8:06 Curt M_1 $SPY on the move
2017-06-09 8:08 Curt M_1 I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get some really strong follow through with some of these equities considering $SPY
2017-06-09 8:10 Sandra Q $ABIL what a piece of sh*t
2017-06-09 8:10 Sandra Q $MOSY buy side bul mode
2017-06-09 8:12 Curt M_1 This could be start of $SPY blow off top. Shorts could send it for a blow off near term.
2017-06-09 8:12 Tracy So would that be another play on XIV?
2017-06-09 8:12 Market Maven DOW ATH
2017-06-09 8:13 Market Maven No Tracy I wouldn’t
2017-06-09 8:13 mat VIX can’t go much lower
2017-06-09 8:13 Market Maven $VIX is near a bottom imo
2017-06-09 8:13 mat It can also raise from call buying, and my guess is that put buying will accelerate if we get a blow off
2017-06-09 8:13 Market Maven unless $VIX breaks lololol
2017-06-09 8:13 Tracy Okay, thx.
2017-06-09 8:13 mat It does have some inherent vlaue after all
2017-06-09 8:13 Market Maven The algorithm folds its cards lolololol
2017-06-09 8:13 Market Maven hahaha
2017-06-09 8:14 mat remember XIV is a derivative of a derivative
2017-06-09 8:14 Market Maven and more lol
2017-06-09 8:14 Market Maven complex air
2017-06-09 8:14 Curt M_1 funny
2017-06-09 8:14 Curt M_1 Tracy I would trade an ETF short term
2017-06-09 8:15 Curt M_1 if you’re buying the long side or short whichever
2017-06-09 8:15 Tracy LOL, yes, very complex air! Yesterday I wrote down when vix comes down and spy goes up. What I didn’t write down was the vix can’t go much lower! Thanks for the info!
2017-06-09 8:16 mat That isn’t always true FYI. vix and spy can rise and fall together
2017-06-09 8:19 Curt M_1 Tracy just a note…. the derivitive and ETF ETN $VIX etc plays are a $STUDY in of themselves for sure. Good to read up so you’re base knowledge is in play. But they can be very good for intra gains .
2017-06-09 8:20 Tracy Oh boy. Every time I learn one tidbit, I find out there are 10 others that I don’t know. Thanks Mat, Maven & Curt. Not a trade I’d take without following you guys into it.
2017-06-09 8:20 quarryrock $SHOP $100 on deck
2017-06-09 8:20 quarryrock that stock is a monster
2017-06-09 8:21 Curt M_1 $SHOP and $BAC my two nemesis lol – last two investments I made before quitting long term investing:)
2017-06-09 8:21 quarryrock lol
2017-06-09 8:21 Curt M_1 Murphy’s law
2017-06-09 8:22 Curt M_1 Tracy FYI by law and ethics I ican’t encourage or condone following someone in to trades FYI – for the record.
2017-06-09 8:23 Curt M_1 I can encourage you to learn from my success and failures however.
2017-06-09 8:23 Curt M_1 $SPY is divergent from Algorithm for first time in many months. FYI.
2017-06-09 8:24 Curt M_1 Last week or so it started moving off it’s axis so to speak.
2017-06-09 8:25 quarryrock $IWM off to see the Wizard!
2017-06-09 8:25 Curt M_1 Tracy $SPXL is a way to trade $SPY short term. But strongly encourage a but of reading on it:)
2017-06-09 8:25 Market Maven And yet another Flash winner:) $IWM
2017-06-09 8:27 Curt M_1 Careful with #CL here
2017-06-09 8:29 Sandra Q $HOMB woof tape blast off unknown origin there
2017-06-09 8:30 OILK Beginning to believe those circles are support and resistance on USOIL
2017-06-09 8:30 mat Oil doesn’t look great but XOM the canary in the coal mine has nice strength
2017-06-09 8:30 Curt M_1 Ya it can go either way Mat
2017-06-09 8:30 Curt M_1 Just referring to time cycle end coming. Oil has good FIB support just below.
2017-06-09 8:31 mat Im not uber bullish short term but that’s what has me interested. XLE was due for a relief rally so it could just be a bit of a dead cat
2017-06-09 8:31 Curt M_1 It should pop or drop soon – I don’t have a bias either way. You would think a rumor should be near.
2017-06-09 8:33 mat Seriously. Those guys are all wrapped up with the Qatar stuff I guess
2017-06-09 8:42 quarryrock $RH lol
2017-06-09 8:42 mat VIX new low. Just went past 06 level
2017-06-09 8:42 mat wow
2017-06-09 8:44 quarryrock options on VIX are loaded w premium. too pricy
2017-06-09 8:49 Market Maven I want to short $SHOP sooooo bad
2017-06-09 8:49 Market Maven but won’t
2017-06-09 8:50 quarryrock i was about to ss $X then got distracted
2017-06-09 8:50 quarryrock down it went
2017-06-09 8:50 Market Maven Scott Wapner‏Verified account @ScottWapnerCNBC 2m2 minutes agorMorer JUST IN: Big $P shareholder Keith Meister of Corvex joining us exclusively on @HalftimeReport today with his take on today’s news.
2017-06-09 8:52 Sandra Q $BTSC perk
2017-06-09 9:00 Curt M_1 Long $UWT
2017-06-09 9:02 Curt M_1 13.31 for a test size 1/5
2017-06-09 9:03 OILK Top of that upper target circle see that wow
2017-06-09 9:03 OILK am i seeing things ?
2017-06-09 9:04 Curt M_1 ha
2017-06-09 9:05 Curt M_1 $LXRX holding well Sean
2017-06-09 9:11 Curt M_1 $LXRX HOD
2017-06-09 9:14 quarryrock $NVDA dumpin
2017-06-09 9:14 Curt M_1 Citron
2017-06-09 9:15 quarryrock lol is he at it again?
2017-06-09 9:15 Curt M_1 yup
2017-06-09 9:15 quarryrock oh man haha andrew left
2017-06-09 9:16 Curt M_1 $DCTH could be a 150% er imo
2017-06-09 9:16 coleman oil new high
2017-06-09 9:16 Curt M_1 thanks coleman:)
2017-06-09 9:17 Curt M_1 would be nice to see oil up channel for this round
2017-06-09 9:17 coleman np
2017-06-09 9:21 Reed Curt have you added more UWT?
2017-06-09 9:22 quarryrock wow this nvda amd may get nasty
2017-06-09 9:24 quarryrock ss $AMD $12.93
2017-06-09 9:29 Curt M_1 sorry Reed I had someone in my office
2017-06-09 9:29 Curt M_1 no
2017-06-09 9:30 Reed You’re using EPIC to play it I’m guessing?
2017-06-09 9:32 Curt M_1 Yup thats the chart on the screen you bet
2017-06-09 9:32 quarryrock may see some QQQ panic buying today lol
2017-06-09 9:33 gary y in $UWT on the alert curt
2017-06-09 9:34 Curt M_1 nice I’m not real positive on it yet but hopeful
2017-06-09 9:34 Curt M_1 Long $LIGA .0039 s 1/5 size test
2017-06-09 9:35 gary y watching now
2017-06-09 9:35 Curt M_1 Long $DCTH .0761 s test 1/15 tight
2017-06-09 9:36 Curt M_1 Long $DXTR .20 s test 1/5 tight
2017-06-09 9:36 Curt M_1 $LIGA is an add to swing
2017-06-09 9:39 quarryrock long $UVXy
2017-06-09 9:41 quarryrock VIX perky maybe we get a little uvxy spike to scalp
2017-06-09 9:49 Bernard CL looks strong
2017-06-09 9:50 Curt M_1 I’ll add to $UWT over those fibs (yellow and green lines)
2017-06-09 9:54 Curt M_1 Here comes the horns on $DXTR
2017-06-09 9:58 Tracy Curt, I just sent you a twitter message with a question, not something I want to bother the group with, but, when you get a minute…thx.
2017-06-09 10:01 Curt M_1 On mic at 12:10 for mid day review>>>>> Managing 5 daytrades lol but I can do it.
2017-06-09 10:01 quarryrock $NVDA crack
2017-06-09 10:03 quarryrock things are getting interesting here
2017-06-09 10:04 quarryrock $IWM on watch for a ss
2017-06-09 10:06 Tracy Q, is the news on Brexit that is affecting NVDA? That’s what the news is on Etrade pro, but why would that affect NVDA?
2017-06-09 10:07 quarryrock i thiught it was Andrew Left commentary?
2017-06-09 10:08 quarryrock he called it a casino stock or something to that affect
2017-06-09 10:09 Tracy Oh, I saw that too, is that the one where he gave it a P/T of $100 and said it’s trading 47x it’s earnings, or something?
2017-06-09 10:11 Curt M_1 On mic for mid day review in 60 secs>>>>>>>>>
2017-06-09 10:12 Tracy I think some of these analysts should be locked in a closet somewhere.
2017-06-09 10:15 Tracy l76
2017-06-09 10:15 quarryrock_1 $AMD ss paying bills
2017-06-09 10:21 quarryrock BTO $IWM P’s 142.50 .23
2017-06-09 10:33 mat FOSL bottom play interesting me here. I’m taking a stab against the lows.
2017-06-09 10:34 Hedgehog Trader $URG one of my uranium picks is cranking
2017-06-09 10:36 quarryrock STC $UVXY $10 C’s +100%
2017-06-09 10:36 quarryrock .12 in .24 out
2017-06-09 10:36 Hedgehog Trader nice Quarry!
2017-06-09 10:37 quarryrock TY +$1k on it
2017-06-09 10:37 Hedgehog Trader now go buy some $UEC with your proceeds 🙂
2017-06-09 10:37 Tracy Okay, well, one of these days I hope to get it out of my brokerage acct. Thx!
2017-06-09 10:37 quarryrock lol
2017-06-09 10:38 quarryrock wow things are tanking all over the yard now
2017-06-09 10:39 Hedgehog Trader a good time to warm up some pizza leftovers
2017-06-09 10:39 quarryrock covered $AMD ss here one stack
2017-06-09 10:40 mstephens76 im here
2017-06-09 10:40 mstephens76 thanks for the welcome
2017-06-09 10:41 Tracy Hello chicken, what would you like us to call you!?
2017-06-09 10:41 quarryrock lol
2017-06-09 10:42 mstephens76 chickenpotpie or “CPP” will work for me
2017-06-09 10:42 mstephens76 haha
2017-06-09 10:42 Tracy LOL, CPP works for me too, welcome!
2017-06-09 10:44 quarryrock_1 $IWM about to flush
2017-06-09 10:50 mat QR a backtest of 141.82 would be nice on IWM
2017-06-09 10:50 Tracy are you going to short it Q?
2017-06-09 10:51 quarryrock that would work nicely Mat
2017-06-09 10:51 quarryrock im short now via puts
2017-06-09 10:51 mat just picked up some today 142 p’s for .1. these will rocket on weakness
2017-06-09 10:51 Tracy okay. I have no clue how to do options.
2017-06-09 10:52 mstephens76 June 140 P’s have time for any margin calls to come into play!
2017-06-09 10:53 quarryrock you can short the ETF $IWM here as well give yourself a buy to cover stop
2017-06-09 10:53 mstephens76 With the leverage in tech’s it may be a great lotto
2017-06-09 10:54 quarryrock the banks are what is keeping IWM up today so far
2017-06-09 10:54 Tracy I’m just looking, but are those puts already up to .11?
2017-06-09 10:55 mstephens76 First tranche of XLF P’s just filled for me actually, didn’t expect it to fill so fast. waiting on the rest of the ladder down to begin filling.
2017-06-09 10:55 quarryrock some dip buyers stepped in
2017-06-09 10:55 mat they were, now down a penny to .09. I don’t have a stop on this either I make money or let them expire. Friday lotto
2017-06-09 10:55 Tracy Nope, the IWM is still going up, so the puts are down to .08
2017-06-09 10:55 mat Yea going back north, interesting. I expected summer friday weakness
2017-06-09 10:56 quarryrock $AMD may be a good long here
2017-06-09 10:56 mstephens76 anyone have short interest on IWM handy?
2017-06-09 10:56 quarryrock stalking it
2017-06-09 10:57 Tracy So excuse my ignorance (and I’m not playing it, just trying to learn) the 10 contracts would be 10 x 100 shares?
2017-06-09 10:57 mstephens76 yes ma’am
2017-06-09 10:57 Tracy Thx!
2017-06-09 10:59 quarryrock no on $AMD not going long. its fragile
2017-06-09 11:03 mstephens76 Going longer on USO here over the weekend from 1/4 to 1/2 position. There is a god setup for USO to be @ $10+ Monday or tuesday. 9.5 and 10.0 June C’s
2017-06-09 11:03 mstephens76 good
2017-06-09 11:05 quarryrock yikes $LITE ???
2017-06-09 11:06 quarryrock all the cloud names in tech being sold
2017-06-09 11:07 mstephens76 the cloud is a commodity now, everyone in in in and margins are getting tighter and tighter
2017-06-09 11:08 quarryrock this is a good day to short names because you wont see alot of incremental buyers save the most sexy names possibly
2017-06-09 11:09 quarryrock check out $OLED for instance
2017-06-09 11:10 Hedgehog Trader my signals indicate we should watch $NXE in the last 2 hours, because a large magnitude move is likely
2017-06-09 11:10 Hedgehog Trader very low volume so far- but it is a go to name for institutions when uranium runs
2017-06-09 11:11 mat alright IWM. got my bounce to a lower high. do or die
2017-06-09 11:11 mat FOSL acting right as well
2017-06-09 11:11 mat Fosl acting right as well
2017-06-09 11:12 GS_NL I know that one, HH 🙂
2017-06-09 11:13 quarryrock yep iwm on the tightrope
2017-06-09 11:13 Hedgehog Trader Good stuff, G!
2017-06-09 11:13 Hedgehog Trader $URG is one of my other uranium picks that has taken off
2017-06-09 11:14 mat IWM just tyring to flush past VWAP
2017-06-09 11:14 Hedgehog Trader added 54 yest
2017-06-09 11:14 Hedgehog Trader if people pass up the uranium sector, they will be kicking themselves
2017-06-09 11:15 quarryrock just got filled on $IWM
2017-06-09 11:15 mat Short QR?
2017-06-09 11:16 quarryrock had my stop at .44 from .23 entry.
2017-06-09 11:16 quarryrock yes puts
2017-06-09 11:16 GS_NL You may have to be patient though. stock movements depend on sentiment.
2017-06-09 11:16 mat Nice. I put a stop at flat for my daily puts. Gonna let them ride, will close north of 3 bags. Greedy
2017-06-09 11:16 quarryrock that was 50 contracts so i wanted the .20 ticks
2017-06-09 11:17 quarryrock i think its gonna flush hard here thiugh
2017-06-09 11:18 mstephens76 141 on deck for the q’s!
2017-06-09 11:18 quarryrock nice !
2017-06-09 11:18 Hedgehog Trader $CCJ edging higher
2017-06-09 11:21 mstephens76 seriously, there are going to be some heavy duty margin calls coming out.
2017-06-09 11:25 mstephens76 spread on my NVDA P’s is insane! almost $1 between bid and ask
2017-06-09 11:32 quarryrock this is a great day to trade. lots going on under the hood here
2017-06-09 11:33 Curt M_1 Stopped on $DCTH holding the rest
2017-06-09 11:36 quarryrock $WDR halted
2017-06-09 11:37 Tracy QR, that RH just keeps going up!
2017-06-09 11:38 quarryrock lol i love $RH!
2017-06-09 11:39 quarryrock wow they thru the $BABA out with the bathwater!
2017-06-09 11:39 mat looking for a lower low here sub 142.15 IWM or it will chop
2017-06-09 11:39 mat Got it by a tick. more please
2017-06-09 11:41 Tracy The NSDQ is down 84 points. I’ve only been trading about 6 months, but, if it’s been down that much I don’t remember it.
2017-06-09 11:41 mat lol I guess in the last 6 months there really hasn’t been much tech weakness. That’s nothing
2017-06-09 11:42 mat 5/17 was uglier IMO
2017-06-09 11:44 quarryrock those uvxy c’s i was in have now tripled! whoa
2017-06-09 11:44 mstephens76 If margin calls are coming, it sjhould get uglier
2017-06-09 11:44 quarryrock mat im back in with you on $IWM Ps
2017-06-09 11:44 mstephens76 Nice Q! I wsa happy with my VXX C’s @ 50%
2017-06-09 11:44 quarryrock $142.50 again .38
2017-06-09 11:46 mat Nice. I should have probably gone with the same strike you did. O well
2017-06-09 11:48 quarryrock set my target at .59 but will settle for .49
2017-06-09 11:48 mstephens76 it’s coming!
2017-06-09 11:49 quarryrock yep hold on tight!! flush alert
2017-06-09 11:50 mat Bumped stop for majprity of puts to just over a double
2017-06-09 11:50 quarryrock_1 nice
2017-06-09 11:51 mat I like to keep a couple to see if things get weird but same day expiring doesn’t leave much time for standing around as that theta burn is intense
2017-06-09 11:52 Curt M_1 Closed all my day positions a tad up.
2017-06-09 11:52 Curt M_1 overall.
2017-06-09 11:52 mat I closed the majority of that UWT for small wins. Kept some to see if we get a gap up into next week but would rather sleep soundly lol
2017-06-09 11:54 mstephens76 Fin’s are abount to flush todays gains
2017-06-09 11:54 mstephens76 heads up
2017-06-09 11:54 mstephens76 XLF June P’s are attractive for a lotto
2017-06-09 11:55 mstephens76 im in already frmo June-July
2017-06-09 11:55 quarryrock BOOM! got my .59 +$1k
2017-06-09 11:56 Hedgehog Trader nice
2017-06-09 11:56 quarryrock what a day !
2017-06-09 11:56 Hedgehog Trader pizza is on Quarry
2017-06-09 11:56 mat Nice trade QR. Im out as wel just hit right below the 3 bagger mark so I sauid good enought
2017-06-09 11:56 quarryrock haha! steaks tonite!
2017-06-09 11:56 mat boom time
2017-06-09 11:56 quarryrock awesome Mat
2017-06-09 11:57 mstephens76 Q’s are ready to start puking again
2017-06-09 11:57 mstephens76 q’s LOD
2017-06-09 11:58 mat 141.82 touch and slicing through. Should be support
2017-06-09 11:58 quarryrock NVDA gave up $20
2017-06-09 11:59 Hedgehog Trader a fund mgr i do some work for has been long NVDA since $14
2017-06-09 11:59 Hedgehog Trader talk about killing it
2017-06-09 11:59 quarryrock hes a wealthy man!
2017-06-09 12:00 Hedgehog Trader he is- and it’s in one of the funds he manages
2017-06-09 12:01 quarryrock looking to short $UVXY next via puts
2017-06-09 12:01 quarryrock later
2017-06-09 12:04 mat Im on the bid for vxx puts lol. keep doing what works until it doesnt
2017-06-09 12:05 Tracy Wow. my account is looking pretty red right now!
2017-06-09 12:06 Tracy Will be be okay on Monday or is this something serious?
2017-06-09 12:06 mat We don’t know what your account will do, but the market is barely chopping. ‘ES is down a half point. .02%!
2017-06-09 12:08 Tracy I’m still in a lot of bios and they’re not in a good mood at the moment!
2017-06-09 12:09 mat bios are very volatile. I don’t play them outside of intra day scalps, but you’re not doing yourself any favors in you’re risk adverse by holding them long term
2017-06-09 12:10 Tracy Yes, I know, Or, I should say, I finally figured that out, which is why I joined this group, just wasn’t working. I’ve been easing out of them for the last week.
2017-06-09 12:12 Flash G Good move Tracy.
2017-06-09 12:13 quarryrock got a 3 pm meeting so cant trade the close! shucks!!!
2017-06-09 12:13 quarryrock iwm about to offer a yard sale!!!
2017-06-09 12:14 mstephens76 That support on the Q’s is failling fast
2017-06-09 12:23 mat VXX red by close. any takers?
2017-06-09 12:31 quarryrock nope
2017-06-09 12:32 mstephens76 This has been my bast day ever, wish i would have joined a long time ago!
2017-06-09 12:36 mat Those IWM puts now lol 6 baggers
2017-06-09 12:36 mat damn. O well made money
2017-06-09 12:36 quarryrock_1 i know – wow
2017-06-09 12:36 quarryrock_1 may finish res
2017-06-09 12:37 quarryrock_1 red
2017-06-09 12:39 quarryrock_1 have a great weekend everyone !
2017-06-09 12:40 Curt M_1 Bye QR
2017-06-09 12:40 OILK peace out
2017-06-09 12:40 mat Have a good weekend guys/gals. Im probably done as well but not going naywhere lol
2017-06-09 12:42 mstephens76 Have a great weekend, see you next week. Having a great time in the room thus far!
2017-06-09 12:42 Hedgehog Trader bye Quarry
2017-06-09 12:43 Hedgehog Trader awesome mstephens, Curt is an amazing teacher and the traders here are terrific folks
2017-06-09 12:49 GS_NL Sorry to say, but I’m feeling real dumb here now in this room. Way behind in how to do simple plays, and all high level plays coming by…
2017-06-09 12:50 GS_NL Taking a break for a coffee. Curt, are you on micro again before close?
2017-06-09 12:52 Market Maven Curt’s not likely on mic again today FYI.
2017-06-09 13:19 Sandra Q ood timing on that $TSLA exit Curt
2017-06-09 13:20 Sandra Q I might buy pull back early next week pending
2017-06-09 13:20 Sandra Q $NFLX I mean
2017-06-09 13:20 Sandra Q I’m looking at entering both mayber early next week
2017-06-09 13:23 Sandra Q $XBIT to resume 3:30
2017-06-09 13:24 Tracy What a disaster on that $XBIT. Thank heavens I was not in that one.
2017-06-09 13:25 Sandra Q $XBIT Announces Discontinuation of Phase III Study for Colorectal Cancer Based on Second Interim Analysis
2017-06-09 13:26 Tracy Mavin, I don’t know your twitter handle. Mine is @TLC00001. If you don’t mind if I follow you, please twitter message or follow me. If not, totally cool. Thx.
2017-06-09 13:28 Tracy Sandra Q, apparently 4 Staph patients died.
2017-06-09 13:28 Tracy Nothing to see here.
2017-06-09 13:42 Market Maven hey Tracy I’ll get a trading one set up and send it to you. I’ve been meaning to. I don’t want to mix family work and trading.
2017-06-09 13:43 Flash G Ha you don’t want the guys knowing.
2017-06-09 13:43 OILK Thinking of holding $UWT for weekend – anyone else?
2017-06-09 13:43 Curt M_1 I cut my position earlier OILK.
2017-06-09 13:45 Market Maven No flash I don’t want random neighbors and you know personal friends andworkers on my trading feed.
2017-06-09 13:46 Market Maven Single mom with you know baking stuff typer people
2017-06-09 13:47 Market Maven Recipes and school issues and you get it
2017-06-09 13:47 Flash G My daughter was going to set mine up I will get one and connect you
2017-06-09 13:47 Sandra Q You two are hilarious
2017-06-09 13:48 OILK Well I’m holding $UWT
2017-06-09 13:48 Lenny I was thinkng same oilK
2017-06-09 13:49 dave seems a bit over done i agree
2017-06-09 13:50 Hedgehog Trader going to nibble more U stocks near close
2017-06-09 13:50 Deb Next week might be a down week considering end of this week. Or maybe it is a rest. Healthy maybe. Or roatation.
2017-06-09 13:51 dave I was on DM with Curt earlier Hedge and he said he was going to soon too because of your sharing info or whatever.
2017-06-09 13:52 darni holding oil long over weekend hmmm
2017-06-09 13:52 Hedgehog Trader when the uranium stock ETF crosses above 200 dma, that’s $URA then we could see some fireworks, something to watch
2017-06-09 13:53 Hedgehog Trader there are very few uranium stocks compared to the amount of speculative capital available, so when the U stocks get hot they tend to soar
2017-06-09 13:53 Lenny I have to get the lawn mowed and have a beer. Great week see you guys next week.
2017-06-09 13:54 Hedgehog Trader $URG took off like a shot today
2017-06-09 13:54 tre What makes uranium go up
2017-06-09 13:56 Hedgehog Trader big utility companies put off buying uranium last year, kicking the can down the road and that has sent uranium prices to their lows- China is building 40 reactors and will need to secure supplu before they are open
2017-06-09 13:57 Hedgehog Trader one uranium play to watch is $UEC, it’s been up strongly recently and might be added to Russell 3000 index
2017-06-09 13:57 Hedgehog Trader 11 insiders have bought since Nov
2017-06-09 13:57 Hedgehog Trader $200M mkt cap and there are 3 billionaires invested in it
2017-06-09 13:58 Hedgehog Trader Sprott, Rule and Li Ka-Shing richest man in China
2017-06-09 13:58 Hedgehog Trader watch URA in the meantime
2017-06-09 13:59 Hedgehog Trader follow me on Twitter and i can DM you more info (anyone interested)
2017-06-09 14:00 Hedgehog Trader @HedgehogTrader
2017-06-09 14:00 Curt M_1 Have a great weekend!
2017-06-09 14:00 Flash G Bye all
2017-06-09 14:00 Hedgehog Trader Thanks Curt- you too, get some rest!


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