$CATB, premarket, trading, resuults

Stock Trading Results Fri Mar 10 $CATB, $DRYS, $SPXL, $SPY

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Review of Compound Trading Chat Room Stock Trading, Algorithm Charting Calls and Live Stock Alerts for Friday March 10, 2017; $CATB, $DRYS, $SPXL, $SPY – $NE, $XOM, $BSTG, $ONTX, $DUST, $MGTI, $TRCH, $LGCY, $DRYS, $SSH, $ASM etc 


Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat deleted). Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade archive.

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.




Per previous;

We’re in middle of creating and editing a swath of educational videos – out soon.

The ability for members to access transcripts on demand we are working on – should have that done soon.

The Compound Trading YouTube Channel now has the daily trading chat room full length video uploaded daily with all stock trades for the day.

Members are reporting that they like the mobile service ability of YouTube Live better than Webinato but members need to know that they need to have a Google+ / Gmail account and sign in to YouTube and activate a channel to use the service. We have had many not understand that so if you aren’t sure about procedure let us know and we will assist.

And lastly, the live charts we share, to make them live you need to open the chart and click on the share button at bottom right of any of the charts and then click “make it mine”. This will enable the live chart in your browser in TradingView whether a member or or not of TradingView.

Overview Perspective & Review of Markets, Chat Room, Algo Calls, Trades and Alerts:

In play today in chat room; $CATB, $DRYS, $SPXL / $SPY.

Some of the members caught $CATB. I got $DRYS for an excellent trade (holding 25%)  and closed my $SPXL swing.

$CATB, premarket, trading, resuults

$CATB Up 31% Premarket – We’re trading it.

The premarket trading plan;

Premarket was all about $CATB;

Twitter post that includes a lot of the daily trading action (click on);

Momentum / Note-able Stocks Today (via FinViz):

Ticker Last Change Volume Signal
ICLD 0.05 60.71% 159063900 Top Gainers
CATB 2.04 53.38% 59421400 Top Gainers
MRVC 10.15 43.97% 269525 Top Gainers
INTT 6.50 32.65% 562800 Top Gainers
CNTF 2.11 31.06% 114609 Top Gainers
LLEX 4.20 27.27% 302000 Top Gainers
ICLD 0.05 60.71% 159063900 New High
INTT 6.50 32.65% 562800 New High
QBAK 8.40 22.63% 582862 New High
RNN 0.38 19.31% 21856457 New High
MASI 95.37 0.61% 663300 Overbought
AUPH 8.50 9.25% 21925492 Overbought
HFXE 18.10 0.89% 2710490 Unusual Volume
CATB 2.04 53.38% 59421400 Unusual Volume
INTT 6.50 32.65% 562800 Unusual Volume
MRVC 10.15 43.97% 269525 Unusual Volume
ATU 27.90 5.48% 712700 Upgrades
BCLI 4.08 -2.16% 54957 Earnings Before
VSTO 20.71 0.98% 989800 Insider Buying

Stocks, ETN’s, ETF’s I am Holding:

I am holding (in order of sizing – all moderate size to micro sizing)  – $SPXL, $DUST, $ONTX, $XOM, $NE, $BLKG, $DRYS, $USRM, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA, $MGTI (this is the daytrading portfolio and does not represent swing trading service portfolio):

The Markets Looking Forward:

The markets are looking a little toppy – we’ll see. As you will see below, with our new Swing Trading KISS post – I am paying close attention to the MACD on main charting I follow – at time of possible turn I find it simple.

Recent notes in post market reports that still apply,

Per recent, “Our swing trading side continues to outperform all my expectations for 2017 (you can find the most recent unlocked swing trading newsletter on our blog) – I had a feeling it was going to do well, just didn’t quite expect a grandslam. We’re in the middle of compiling our next set of stock picks for the swing trading members and will have them out over next few days – hopefully that batch will bring the same type of returns as the new year batch did and continue to in most instances.

US Dollar $DXY $USDJPY $UUP & Currencies of Note:

Gold $GLD $XAUUSD / Gold Miner’s $GDX:

Get your vote in on the next leg in Gold being up or down!

Silver $SLV:

Crude Oil $USOIL $WTI:

Volatility $VIX:

Pre previous’ $VIX has been flat for some time, however, our algorithmic modeling suggests a possible time / price cycle coming due soon. It is possible the oil sell off was the time-price cycle of note. Here again will await weekend algo charting updates before I do much.

$SPY S&P 500:

Per previous; $SPY has been trading perfectly within our model and see no divergence yet, however, we are watching the time /price cycle in our $VIX model very close here now.

Natural Gas:


Momentum Trades for the Day:

$DRYS was my momentum play and it worked out well. Some of the others in the room traded some others succesfully, but that was my play.

Swing Trading:

Here’s the latest public edition of keep it simple swing charting;

The Swing Trading Twitter feed can be found here: https://twitter.com/swingtrading_ct.

Algorithmic Chart Models:


The Charting Algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

Live Trading Chat Room Transcript: (on YouTube Live)

Compound Trading Stock Chat-room Transcript:

Please note: Miscellaneous chatter removed from transcript and some discussions I will add notes with information I’ve gleaned in discussions online with traders on DM etc also for further explanation (noted with *). Also, times are Central Mountain below (we’re working on the fix now), so for New York ET time add two hours to all times. Also, most days at 9:30 ET market open there is moderator live broadcast explaining trades and at times during the day there is also live broadcast market updates and trade set-up explanations (so you have to scroll through video feed to market open etc to catch live broadcast portions – in future we will note in in transcript when we are on the mic so viewers can correlate time with transcript with video feed when reviewing trades). 


5:57 AM Flash G ​Hey MAven

5:57 AM MarketMaven M ​Flash!!!

5:57 AM MarketMaven M​Today is our day!

5:57 AM MarketMaven M ​hehe

5:57 AM Flash G ​yepp

5:58 AM MarketMaven M ​$PRKR ParkerVision Completes Sale of $10 Million Under ATM


5:59 AM MarketMaven M ​Downgrades $GES $PAY $IONS $ABCO $LOXO $MD $KKMB $SGRY $DG

6:00 AM MarketMaven M ​8:30am Employment Situation 1pm Baker-Hughes Rig Count

6:01 AM MarketMaven M ​Goldman bearish on Ionis, sees 45% downside risk; shares slip 5% premarket

6:02 AM MarketMaven M ​$ULTA shares down 4.3% premarket

6:03 AM MarketMaven M ​Valeant upsizes debt offering to $3.25B; shares ahead 3% premarket

6:03 AM Flash G ​Long $CATB

6:04 AM MarketMaven M ​GL

6:06 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​Morning guys! I will do market open voice broadcast. see ya then Coffee time.

6:06 AM MarketMaven M ​k

6:19 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​Jobs report on deck

6:30 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​Jobs 235k

6:31 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​looks like a decent open coming

6:32 AM Curtis Melonopoly  ​My $AMZN swing trade looking promising. … like the chart here

6:37 AM MarketMaven M​ $CATB watch for open

6:37 AM MarketMaven M ​and $TUEM

6:50 AM MarketMaven M​ Momos $TEUM $CATB $PRKR $VCEL $UGAZ $BP $AUPH $SNAP

6:53 AM Edward Johansson ​Might be a problem with the epic password today – I’ve just sent an email through to check.

6:53 AM MarketMaven M​ $DXY under pressure PM

6:53 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​ok

6:53 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​I’ll check

6:54 AM Edward Johansson ​thanks

6:56 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​reset retry

6:57 AM Edward Johansson ​Perfect, I’m in now. Thank you Curtis.

6:57 AM MarketMaven M ​Might have to long Gold here

6:57 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​no prob

6:57 AM Flash G​ agree

6:57 AM MarketMaven M​ stay away from oil for a day or two!!!! ? my opinion

6:57 AM MarketMaven M ​lol

6:58 AM MarketMaven M ​Hang out in here Ed and lets run some momo stocks ?

7:00 AM Edward Johansson ​lol yeah likely not a good time

7:00 AM MarketMaven M ​i think he left us

7:00 AM MarketMaven M ​oh there he is

7:00 AM MarketMaven M ​ya stay with us lol ?

7:00 AM MarketMaven M​ haha

7:00 AM Edward Johansson ​will see what we can catch, bit hard though, I only have the chat window open as I’m still at work

7:01 AM MarketMaven M​ ok

7:02 AM Flash G​ $CATB oing well

7:04 AM Flash G ​today oil may go lol

7:05 AM MarketMaven M ​prob Sunday night

7:06 AM MarketMaven M​ watching miners close here

7:07 AM Brian Schwartz ​Message deleted by Compound Trading.View deleted message

7:08 AM MarketMaven M ​broadcast at open

7:08 AM MarketMaven M ​if they’re started you better not miss them lol

7:08 AM Flash G ​lolol

7:09 AM Flash G ​can you guess how long he’ll be allowed in?

7:09 AM MarketMaven M ​10, 9, 8… lolol
7:11 AM Brian Schwartz was timed out by Compound Trading for 300 seconds.

7:11 AM
Compound Trading ​Protected: PreMarket Trading Plan Fri Mar 10 $TEUM $CATB $PRKR LINK: https://compoundtrading.com/premarket… PASSWORD: PREMARKET031017PRE

7:12 AM
Compound Trading ​Enjoy your timeout Brian

7:12 AM MarketMaven M ​bahahaha 13 seconds it took

7:13 AM Curtis Melonopoly​?

7:13 AM MarketMaven M ​that made my day – NEXT!

7:13 AM Flash G ​Chart bot on $CATB

7:14 AM MarketMaven M ​I wanted to say to him we been in here since like 5 am or something lol

7:14 AM MarketMaven M ​ya I see that flash way to GO!!!!

7:17 AM wintonresearch​ yes gold looks v interesting now

7:18 AM wintonresearch​ morning peeps

7:18 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​hey

7:18 AM MarketMaven M​ hey Nich!

7:18 AM Flash G ​mornin

7:19 AM MarketMaven M ​likely go long miner’s soon

7:20 AM Mathew w​ Gold does look decent. I’ll sit on my juniors until we can reclaim 1218/20

7:20 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​hey Mat

7:21 AM Flash G​ $CATB off some

7:25 AM Mathew w ​hey everyone.

7:25 AM MarketMaven M ​a lot of bulls on social pounding chests

7:25 AM Mathew w ​New swing opened yesterday wanted to do some DD on it last night. Long CRK play with natty

7:25 AM Mathew w ​Has been killed but 2017 guidance was great

7:26 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​$TEUM halt reg

7:28 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​on the mic

7:29 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​$CATB on watch at open

7:32 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ $DRYS stop at 1.79

7:34 AM wintonresearch ​THM worth watching

7:34 AM wintonresearch ​bottom fish

7:34 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​Closed 25% $DRYS 1.94

7:34 AM Mathew w​Im still holing THM and PPP. Figure they can only fall so far lol

7:34 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​hold 25% $DRYS

7:35 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ $SPXL out 128.40

7:37 AM MarketMaven M ​I like $DRYS starting my position small here

7:37 AM MarketMaven M ​Swing in to Monday

7:37 AM MarketMaven M ​I think they’ll run it

7:40 AM MarketMaven M ​adding to $DRYS over 2 dolla holla

7:40 AM FlashG ​long $JNUG start

7:40 AM Flash G​ $THM interesting Nicholas

7:41 AM MarketMaven M​ $DRYS add at 2.01

7:42 AM MarketMaven M​ $TENX getting pumped here

7:44 AM MarketMaven M ​better stay above 2.01

7:44 AM wintonresearch​ $DRYS an ideal stock if we are headed into another bubble as i think we are

7:45 AM wintonresearc h​shippers are in a +ve seasonal trend

7:45 AM wintonresearc h​$ESEA another nice one

7:45 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​likely ya

7:45 AM wintonresearch​ ESEA has been quiet- but i like emerging mkts and i like that it is tiny

7:46 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ added some $BLKG at 24

7:46 AMwintonresearch​fwiw my signals suggest shippers like ESEA likely to head up into mid-March, so we’ll see

7:47 AM Curtis Melonopol y​I hold it. … being patient $ESEA

7:50 AM MarketMaven M ​I sold I’m a wimp flat

7:50 AM MarketMaven M ​$DRYS

7:50 AM Flash G​I closed $CATB small gains

7:50 AM wintonresearch ​$LTBR broke above 50dma

7:51 AM Flash G ​The weekend swing for me looks like miners

7:51 AM wintonresearch​ wee nuclear fuel stock

7:51 AM wintonresearch ​5M mkt cap

7:51 AM Mathew w ​HL quick trade against yesterdays lows. With moiners heating up I like this to get over 5 in a hurry, if not I’m out at about a 10 cent per share loss

7:51 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​$DRYS at VWAP holding 25% 1.79 stop

7:52 AM MarketMaven M ​$AUPH nHOD

7:53 AM MarketMaven M ​shit $DRYS bouncing lololol

7:53 AM Flash G​ yeppers

7:54 AM wintonresearch​ future headline: DRYS takes shorts to cleaners?

7:54 AM Curtis Melonopol ​haha

7:55 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​this afternoon could be YUGE for $DRYS with short covering b4 weekend if it holds 2 here

7:55 AM wintonresearch​ yep

7:56 AM MarketMaven M ​never thought of that

7:56 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​big if

7:56 AM Flash G​ $CATB running

7:56 AM Flash G ​sold too soon

7:57 AM Flash G ​profit is profit i guess

7:58 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​chart bot on buy side for $SPY here

7:58 AM Flash G ​$CATB 2 test

7:58 AM Flash G ​49%

8:00 AM Flash G ​it’s through

8:00 AM MarketMaven M ​wow

8:01 AM MarketMaven M​ $PRKR wash snap bounce long

8:01 AM MarketMaven M ​2.50 1000 shares

8:01 AM MarketMaven M​ 2.56 now HOD

8:02 AM MarketMaven M​$ DRYS 2.00

8:03 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ They’re running $SPY without oil

8:03 AM MarketMaven M ​$PRKR 2.65 now

8:03 AM MarketMaven M ​nHOD

8:04 AM MarketMaven M ​add 2.62

8:05 AM MarketMaven M ​1000

8:06 AM MarketMaven M ​2.68 nHOD $PRKR

8:06 AM Flash G​ fantastic play maven

8:07 AM MarketMaven M ​sold 2.67 2000 share out

8:07 AM MarketMaven M​ a little momo win:)

8:07 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​nice work

8:07 AM Curtis Melonopol y​ay want to trim and trail in future ? something I’ve had to work on

8:08 AM MarketMaven M ​omg ya it’s still going fml

8:08 AM Flash G ​good point

8:08 AM Flash G ​i had a hard time with that too

8:10 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​$BLKG not exactly rocking it lol

8:10 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​may have been a good exit maven

8:12 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ see

8:16 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​$DRYS holding at 2.05

8:19 AM Flash G ​Long $PRKR 2.77

8:20 AM Flash G ​curt that stoch rsi was at bottom and stock was going up – what a set up that was

8:20 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​ya I had my finger on trigger saw that but time of day stopped me jeez

8:21 AM MarketMaven M ​i see what you guys mean

8:21 AM Flash G ​doesnt happen often maven

8:22 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​flash has the skills ??

8:26 AM MarketMaven M ​starter in $GALT

8:27 AM Flash G ​hey curt

8:27 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​hey

8:27 AM Flash G​ you should be in this

8:27 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​can’t chase

8:28 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​3 test

8:28 AM MarketMaven M ​lovve that trade flash

8:29 AM MarketMaven M ​stoch rsi did it again

8:29 AM Flash G​ ya thats why i said curt should jump in here

8:29 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​I don’t like the 3 test

8:31 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​ugh $BLKG

8:31 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​wow $CATB rocking it too

8:31 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​chart bot buy signal

8:33 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​crude oil close to yesterday lows

8:35 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​of crude $USOIL $WTI hits 48.40 I will likely take a long there’s a Fib there and more

8:37 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​$CATB 2.31 66% wow NHOD

8:40 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ that $CATB gap could fill

8:41 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​crazy but it could

8:46 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​whole float traded bow on $CATB

8:46 AM MarketMaven M ​flash

8:46 AM MarketMaven M ​stoch rsi at bottom

8:46 AM Flash G ​yepp

8:52 AM MarketMaven M ​sell signal from chart bot ther on $PRKR and last time it was right

8:53 AM Flash G ​Long $CATB 2.50

8:54 AM Flash G​ 2000 shares and a defined stop hard at 2.42

8:58 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​nice work flash

8:59 AM MarketMaven M​ Thinking $TSLA long here – chart set-up decent IMO for short term swing

8:59 AM MarketMaven M ​anyone?

9:00 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ chart may be so but hmm $TSLA

9:00 AM MarketMaven M ​you just don’t like him lololol

9:01 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​flash you may wanna trim some $CATB at 100% if it gets there

9:01 AM Flash G ​4 sure

9:02 AM Flash G ​my stop got hit anyway

9:02 AM Flash G​ nice little win

9:02 AM Flash G ​2.67

9:03 AM Flash G ​2.57

9:03 AM MarketMaven M ​no takers on $TSLA huh?

9:04 AM Flash G ​nope

9:04 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​nope x2

9:10 AM MarketMaven M ​$CATB Wedbush reiterated an outperform rating and issued a $17.00 price

9:12 AM Flash G ​Thinking $TWTR long

9:12 AM Flash G​ $TWTR $GNCA $CATB bn my watchlist

9:24 AM Curtis Melonopoly​.lunch time cys in 30

9:24 AM MarketMaven M ​k

9:24 AM Flash G ​ya

9:27 AM Mathew w​ CRK add down here. Long term into summer swing

9:28 AM Flash G​ $TWTR almost convinced here

9:44 AM wintonresearch​ $SINO moving up

9:44 AM wintonresearch ​shipper

9:55 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ $CATB Nice bounce off VWAP

9:55 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​text book

9:55 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​10% bounce

9:56 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ $BLKG accumulation at 19

9:57 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​$DRYS ?

10:00 AM MarketMaven M ​lunch hour 30 min nap ?

10:00 AM MarketMaven M ​trader nap

10:04 AM MarketMaven M​ zzz

10:04 AM Flash G​ yepp

10:06 AM MarketMaven M ​?

10:09 AM wintonresearch​ Curtis- do you or anyone else know what short % is on DRYS?

10:11 AM wintonresearch ​i googled and looks like 9M shares – which is not a lot

10:11 AM wintonresearch ​but maybe that’s a good thing

10:11 AM wintonresearch ​might be able to get some momentum

10:16 AM Mathew w ​Those short numbers are usually dated and DRYS has probably done 5 offerings sense then lolol

10:34 AM wintonresearch​ yeah so i have no idea what the figures are really

10:34 AM wintonresearch ​if they are adj for split or what

11:03 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​no to drys

11:03 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​sorry was 9n 3el conference

11:17 AM wintonresearch ​NAK back near 200dma

11:18 AM wintonresearch​ nakity nak don’t talk back!

12:01 PM wintonresearch​ sent you some DMs Curtis

12:01 PM wintonresearch ​on twitter ?

12:39 PM Curtis Melonopoly ​ok

12:53 PM Mathew w​ out early today. holding my hl and crk swings over the weekend. have a good one see ya next week

12:57 PM wintonresearch ​ciao Mat

1:54 PM Curtis Melonopoly​ sorry I got caught up in conference

1:54 PM Curtis Melonopoly ​have a great night peepes

1:54 PM MarketMaven M​ ?

1:55 PM MarketMaven M​ no probs curt +have a good one too

1:55 PM Flash G​ cya guys and gals

1:58 PM Curtis Melonopoly​ $CERC STRONG close

2:00 PM Flash G​ night


Be safe out there!

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