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Post-Market Fri Mar 24 $USRM, $HTGM, $GBR, $ZAIS, $PLSB

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Compound Trading Friday March 24, 2017 Review of; Chat Room Stock Day Trading, Swing Trading, Algorithm Chart Trading and Live Stock Alerts. $USRM, $HTGM, $GBR, $ZAIS, $PLSB – $DUST, $ONTX, $XOM, $NE, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA, $MGTI etc 


Compound Trading is trading group involved with day trading, swing  trading and algorithmic model chart trading.

Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat deleted). Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade archive.

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at. At times guest traders and associate  traders will screen share charting and/or voice broadcast.



Premarket Trading Plan – Watchlist (member post) for Friday Mar 24 session can be found here:

The Weekly Simple Swing Trade Charting (public edition) is out:

Summary Review of Markets, Chat Room, Algorithm Charting, Trades and Alerts:

Premarket was all about: $HTGM

In play today in chat room and on markets: $USRM, $HTGM, $GBR, $ZAIS, $PLSB

$PLSB, Trading, Results

$PLSB Look at the liquidity that rolled in to this OTC stock yesterday wow #stocks #watchlist

Stocks, ETN’s, ETF’s I am holding:

I am holding (in order of sizing – all moderately small size to micro sizing) – $DUST, $ONTX, $XOM, $NE, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA, $MGTI (this is the daytrading portfolio and does not represent swing trading service portfolio): Looking at moving out of all these small positions over the next month or so. I am now 95% cash in daytrading account.

Note-able Momentum Stocks Today (via FinViz):

Ticker Last Change Volume Signal
HTGM 9.65 145.55% 53505487 Top Gainers
GBR 1.62 58.82% 1588814 Top Gainers
ZAIS 2.92 29.20% 12681571 Top Gainers
COGT 4.30 21.13% 2556000 Top Gainers
BNTC 2.69 18.50% 309800 Top Gainers
PLSE 30.34 17.19% 758500 Top Gainers
FUEL 4.75 5.79% 4822200 New High
PLSE 30.34 17.19% 758500 New High
MZOR 28.87 13.22% 590345 New High
MU 28.43 7.40% 107168300 New High
FIZZ 80.29 0.46% 244446 Overbought
MGI 16.66 0.18% 461600 Overbought
CDOR 10.30 -8.53% 1042800 Unusual Volume
FTXO 25.60 0.23% 31659300 Unusual Volume
CHMI 16.56 -2.19% 4505500 Unusual Volume
FXN 14.38 -0.42% 55116693 Unusual Volume
ADBE 127.70 0.65% 3029500 Upgrades
ADK 1.35 -0.74% 72955 Earnings Before
OPK 7.85 2.61% 2824736 Insider Buying

The Markets Looking Forward:

Algorithmic Chart Model Trading / News:


The Charting Algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

Swing Trading Notes / News:

Last weekend we produced some simple swing charting that keeps me level when looking at the markets (examples below). Simple charting I find grounds you to simple trades which in turn keeps you profitable in toppy or sideways markets.

A new swing trading series will be published March 27, 2017.

US Dollar $DXY $USDJPY $UUP & Currencies of Note:

Gold $GLD $XAUUSD / Gold Miner’s $GDX:

Results are in for Gold trading vote:

Silver $SLV:

Crude Oil $USOIL $WTI:

Volatility $VIX:

$SPY S&P 500:

$NG_F Natural Gas:


Live Trading Chat Room Transcript: (on YouTube Live):


Compound Trading Stock Chat-room Transcript:

Please note: Miscellaneous chatter removed from transcript and some discussions I will add notes with information I’ve gleaned in discussions online with traders on DM etc also for further explanation (noted with *). Also, times are Central Mountain below (we’re working on the fix now), so for New York ET time add two hours to all times. Also, most days at 9:30 ET market open there is moderator live broadcast explaining trades and at times during the day there is also live broadcast market updates and trade set-up explanations (so you have to scroll through video feed to market open etc to catch live broadcast portions – in future we will note in in transcript when we are on the mic so viewers can correlate time with transcript with video feed when reviewing trades). 

Note: It is very unfortunate the first hour is missing on the transcript (hence why were are testing a new trading room next week). Most of the action was in the first hour – but the video does have the charting and audio for learning traders.

Note 2: Also, there is an issue with transcript spacing from Friday (below). We will clean this up when we have a moment over the next few days.

8:36 AM Flash G ​You will like their trading styles also.

8:36 AM wintonresearch ​i agree- lots to learn from all around

8:37 AM Flash G ​Its very fluent and helpful to have lots of experience working together.

8:38 AM Flash G ​When we’re all back together as a group I will try and talk Curt in to the media programs he has put on hold so we have some younger traders to pass the knowledge on to.

8:38 AM Flash G ​That is really interesting.

8:38 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​wash out play here on $TOPS

8:40 AM Flash G​ Yes sorry Curt. Will the new platform next week have private messaging?

8:40 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ no prob

8:40 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​yes it does fyi

8:40 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ small group talk away

8:40 AM Curtis Melonopol y​it would only be a concern with a large group

8:40 AM Flash G ​Thanks

8:42 AM wintonresearc ​Flash- i use signals that make use of astrology that helps me look around a few corners, often helps to pick up on moves in specific stocks, sectors during a specific period

8:42 AM Curtis Melonopol y​I’ll rebook the media shows soon. we delayed to get PL s done start coding algos and finish educational library which were working on now

8:42 AM Flash G ​That is fantastic Nicholas

8:43 AM Flash G ​It will be great when we all get together in person. I know Curt has something planned for late fall.

8:43 AM wintonresearch ​thanks Flash- interesting stuff for sure

8:44 AM Curtis Melonopoly​100 day crossed 20 on $TOPS but 200 overhead and just shy of VWAP

8:45 AM wintonresearch ​are you on Twitter Flash?

8:48 AM Flash G ​No I should do that

8:48 AM Flash G ​I watch it

8:48 AM Flash G ​My newest grand daughter said she would do that for me.

8:48 AM Flash G ​What is your Twitter address Nicholas?

8:49 AM MarketMaven M ​I’m in $USRM here at VWAP I think bulls will come over noon hour

8:50 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​OK then

8:53 AM wintonresearch ​search Twitter for HedgehogTrader

8:54 AM Flash G ​OK

8:54 AM Flash G ​I will connect us this weekend

8:55 AM Flash G ​$NKE Swing I am trailing out 50% soon

8:55 AM Flash G ​OK

8:55 AM wintonresearch ​natty gas has held up well

8:55 AM wintonresearch ​UGAZ has that look

8:56 AM Flash G $USDJPY could go lower soon.

8:57 AM MarketMaven M ​I missed out on $FUEL. It was on my watchlist last week.

8:58 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​$USRM start 803

8:59 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​watching MACD on 1 if confirms I will move to 3 and 5 minute

9:00 AM MarketMaven M​ $USRM at HOD I will come

9:00 AM MarketMaven M ​whoa big sell there

9:03 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ hopefully time of day doesn’t ruin it

9:03 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​stich rsi may turn up here

9:06 AM wintonresearch ​bt Flash- some interesting things happening in miners – about 10 days ago Barrick $ABX Chairman bought 183,000 shares at $18 nice chunk of change

9:07 AM MarketMaven M ​Lets do this

9:07 AM MarketMaven M ​flash likely on lunch lol

9:08 AM wintonresearch ​lol

9:08 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ stop at entry fyi

9:09 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​it will go again today or Monday I’m so I will chew around edges

9:09 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​there’s my stop flat

9:11 AM MarketMaven M​ $INTC on my watch yessir

9:11 AM gary y​ Nich, I saw where he bought $ABX at $19

9:11 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ in $USRM 78

9:13 AM MarketMaven M ​who did gary?

9:14 AM wintonresearch ​yes sorry i meant 19

9:14 AM gary y​$ ABX chairman John Thorton former $GS president

9:15 AM MarketMaven M ​yes i think curt was tweeting about it too – i should study on that one

9:15 AM wintonresearch ​and another insider bought 9k shares before him

9:16 AM wintonresearch​ Thornton himself bought over 200k shares in two buys

9:16 AM MarketMaven M​ $GEVO jiggy

9:16 AM MarketMaven M ​maybe i should take $ABX serious

9:17 AM wintonresearch​ yeah serious money

9:17 AM MarketMaven M​ actually I think its on Curt’s Swing newsletter is where I saw it $ABX not sure

9:18 AM gary y​ Curt tweeted about it on 3/22

9:21 AM wintonresearch ​Insiders and I think it is mainly Thornton have bought over $20M in shares since 2015

9:22 AM MarketMaven M ​thats where i seen then thanks gary

9:22 AMwintonresearch​and not a single share sold

9:23 AMwintonresearch​incredible

9:23 AMwintonresearch​just pulled up my research

9:28 AM MarketMaven M ​Ah ha I found it on Part 1 of Curt’s 3 part swing trading report last Monday

9:28 AM MarketMaven M ​Here’s the comments

9:28 AM MarketMaven M ​March 20 – I will enter a long when price above 20 50 100 200 MA’s and will likely wait for the 200 MA to cross 100 MA (although no absolute). Like with all others I will exit when MACD turns down.

9:28 AM MarketMaven M ​FWIW

9:29 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ haha maven you’re starting to study

9:29 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​excellent

9:29 AM MarketMaven M​?

9:30 AM MarketMaven M ​Where’s Lenny been?

9:30 AM MarketMaven M ​oh theres $USRM!

9:30 AM MarketMaven M ​Here we go LETS DO THIS awe jeez

9:33 AM MarketMaven M ​Long $USRM!

9:33 AM MarketMaven M ​a little early

9:44 AM MarketMaven M​ add

9:44 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ MAC getting pretty flat

9:46 AM MarketMaven M​ $MTNB jiggy

9:49 AM MarketMaven M ​$RGLS on scan

9:50 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​SQZMOM red on $USRM

9:55 AM MarketMaven M ​$IMMA lol

9:58 AM MarketMaven M ​Any thoughts on $CBIO anyone?

9:59 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ on my screens watching $CBIO a lot of chatter

10:07 AM Flash G​ $FCX on watch here

10:08 AM MarketMaven M​ How was lunch?

10:08 AM MarketMaven M ​I heard our crew back sometime next week from Panama? That will heat things up in here ?

10:08 AM Flash G​ Good thanks Salmon

10:12 AM Flash G ​$FCX really key area here

10:13 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​have it up on monitors Flash

10:18 AM wintonresearch ​nice flash

10:24 AM Flash G ​$FCX soon for me

10:24 AM Flash G​ Also wondering what $TSLA will do

10:24 AM Flash G​ And $F

10:27 AM
Compound Trading​ALERT: Stocks moving lower amid health bill jitters; 32 Republicans leaning no or planning to vote no, per NBC tally http://www.cnbc.com/2017/03/24/us-mar… …

10:31 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​a lot of bears on social right now

10:31 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​time to buy I guess

10:32 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ the thought market tanks on this vote …. okidokie

10:32 AM Flash G​ fun times

10:35 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ $HTGM on the move

10:38 AM Mathew w​ What a boring/messy day out here. This damn healthcare makes me what to shut er down and get the weeekend started early lol

10:39 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ cheers ✌ lol ya

10:32 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​the thought market tanks on this vote …. okidokie

10:32 AM Flash G ​fun times

10:35 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ $HTGM on the move

10:38 AM Mathew w​ What a boring/messy day out here. This damn healthcare makes me what to shut er down and get the weeekend started early lol

10:39 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​cheers ✌ lol ya

10:39 AM Flash G​ Would appreciate a scotch

10:40 AM Mathew w ​haha flash. It’s only 9:40 here, thinking wine or maybe a nice irish coffee

10:41 AM Mathew w ​Bad weather though so bad day to hit the wine tasting shops

10:41 AM Flash G ​Aberlour specifically I have in stock I believe

10:41 AM Flash G​ Oh yes I see

10:42 AM Mathew w ​I do have some Glenlivet 21 year around though

10:42 AM MarketMaven M​ $USRM will be exciting I can feeel it ?

10:43 AM Flash G ​Excellent

10:43 AM Flash G ​Real drink there

10:44 AM Flash G ​Isn’t that a 200 bottle?

10:44 AM Flash G ​Or am I thinking of something else?

10:45 AM MarketMaven M ​HOLY SHIT

10:45 AM MarketMaven M ​it’s going!

10:45 AM MarketMaven M ​adding again

10:45 AM MarketMaven M ​$USRM ?

10:45 AM Mathew w​ Yea just over that I think Flash

10:46 AM Mathew w​ We get busted with crazy taxes up here as well so I think the final price out the door is somewhere around 250

10:46 AM Flash G ​I thought so.

10:46 AM Flash G ​I will try it. You recommend it?

10:47 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​look at that stochastic rsi on $USRM

10:48 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​3 min MACD turned up $USRM

10:48 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​and volume

10:49 AM Curtis Melonopoly​and SQZMOM

10:50 AM Mathew w​Yea super smooth Flash. OK i’ll stop talking scotch back to sotcks

10:50 AM Flash G ​Thanks Mathew

10:51 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ I haven’t drank in over a year and ah ya maybe I’ll have a scotch yet today

10:52 AM Mathew w​ ECR and other natty names finally getting their grove on here. Trimmed some ECR and will add back on dips or break and close of trendline

10:55 AM Flash  G​Is $USRM an unusually strong OTC?

10:55 AM MarketMaven M​ Yes, it is some jailers at work imo Flash

10:55 AM Flash G​ Like the old days.

10:56 AM MarketMaven M​? yessir

10:56 AM Flash G​ Tempted.

10:56 AM MarketMaven M ​ha ha

10:56 AM MarketMaven M​ Let loose a little have a scotch and an OTC stock play it’s Friday!

10:57 AM MarketMaven M ​? for me soon.

11:05 AM MarketMaven M ​Curt, this $USRM reminds me of previous new house plays. $LEU Turing Pharma and a few others we have rocked.

11:06 AM MarketMaven M ​Not likely because it is OTC but you just don’t know

11:07 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​a new car would be nice

11:07 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ a nice bottle of scotch like the Boyz r talking at minimum

11:10 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ $USRM out 865 nice win will receive emter

11:11 AM MarketMaven M ​what?

11:11 AM MarketMaven M ​oh well congrats I AM HOLDING

11:12 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​just chewing the edges maven till it flies likely Monday

11:12 AM MarketMaven M​ too much work

11:13 AM MarketMaven M​ The right time of day coming very soon again

11:13 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​true watching indicators

11:14 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ I’ll get us all indicators

11:14 AM MarketMaven M​ bring in the bots!

11:15 AM Flash G ​This is interesting.

11:19 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​back in $USRM 883

11:20 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​correction 88

11:20 AM MarketMaven M ​It’s gonna go here now

11:21 AM MarketMaven M ​I’m jamming to Guns and Roses with my cat

11:25 AM MarketMaven M​ Here she goes!

11:25 AM MarketMaven M​ and $ZAIS buying

11:28 AM Curtis Melonopol y​indicators on it are tricky was looking for a chart bot buy

11:28 AM MarketMaven M​ Just sit back and relax.

11:31 AM
Compound Trading​ Rigs in 29 Minutes

11:32 AMMathew w​+22 on rig count

11:34 AM MarketMaven M ​Volume!

11:35 AM
Compound Trading ​Ha thanks Michael My Second Day here!

11:36 AM MarketMaven M ​That was awesome!!! hahaha

11:36 AM MarketMaven M​ We welcome to your 2nd day.

11:39 AM MarketMaven M​ Told you mr.

11:40 AM Flash G ​I think the news alert chap is embarrassed.

11:41 AM wintonresearch ​btw everyone has forgotten it but $ICLD might be worth looking at again

11:42 AM wintonresearch​ in my forecasts it looks like it should start to move higher

11:43 AM Flash G ​I agree Mathew.

11:49 AM MarketMaven M ​$AMDA time

11:52 AM
Compound Trading​ Gold futures tally a weekly gain of roughly 1.5% http://on.mktw.net/2n2hBre ?

11:53 AM MarketMaven M ​Thanks news person!

11:54 AM Mathew w ​lol news algo

11:54 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ sold flat less a hotdog

11:57 AM MarketMaven M​ Curt ! Buy and hold this.

11:57 AM Scott Ryan ​mkt whoops

11:57 AM Curtis Melonopoly​y a maven maybe

11:58 AM MarketMaven M ​hey scott

11:58 AM Scott Ryan ​hey MM

12:00 PM wintonresearch ​iirc Curt did call USRM a potential multibagger way back when.

12:00 PM MarketMaven M ​this is true

12:00 PM Scott Ryan ​DOW diverging weak .. not good but still just a range trade on near time frame unless it takes out 20546 on the DJI

12:01 PM wintonresearch ​$FAZ might move up here

12:01 PM Flash G​ Should sort itself in my opinion Scott. But a correction would be good.

12:05 PM Curtis Melonopol y​bot buys on $USRM not predictable too bad

12:05 PM MarketMaven M ​oh I was wondering why you went through each chart

12:05 PM Flash G​ That is interesting. Learning today.

12:09 PM MarketMaven M ​Here comes $LUV

12:09 PM MarketMaven M ​$LOV

12:09 PM MarketMaven M ​Luvvy $LOV

12:11 PM MarketMaven M​ $HTGM volatility

12:16 PM Mathew w​CRK trim. Added a couple times in the 8 range and got a bit heavy, want to see how it handles the recent highs up here around 9

12:17 PM MarketMaven M​ $ESEA looks angry imo Curt

12:22 PM Scott Rya n​Flash I dont see anything in the immediate that makes me think we are done. that being said I am watching DOW closely and open to jumping on that bus

12:22 PM Scott Ryan​ wait did I just imply I’m jumping on the short bus? nm disregard

12:24 PM optionsavvy ​ahh much better. needed that name change

12:25 PM MarketMaven M ​$GBR great play

12:25 PM Flash G ​I agree

12:26 PM optionsavv y​BAC may be playable on this retest of previous res to relieve caught sellers. options excellent way to leverage that trade back to 25s

12:28 PM Hedgehog Trader​ MM angry?

12:30 PM Hedgehog Trader ​btw Nicholas here- i also changed my name

12:31 PM MarketMaven M ​I think $ESEA will run

12:32 PM Flash G ​/NG action

12:36 PM Flash  G​Looking at $GS long possible …… fear

12:41 PM MarketMaven M ​We may not get EOD run on $USRM again

12:43 PM Hedgehog Trader​ ah MM thanks ?

12:44 PM MarketMaven M ​Seems everything lining up Nich

12:44 PM MarketMaven M ​All shippers shoulf have a great week knext week imo

12:48 PM Hedgehog Trader​y eah miners might also

12:50 PM MarketMaven M ​I’m looking for a miners shippers otc party next week thats my hope

12:53 PM MarketMaven M ​maybe i should buy some insurance

12:53 PM Hedgehog Trade r​anyone watching $ICLD

12:54 PM Flash G ​I have looked yes Nicholas.

12:54 PM Hedgehog Trade r​ICLD reminds me of USRM

12:54 PM Hedgehog Trader​ chart

12:57 PM MarketMaven M ​Chart bot BUY! on $USRM

12:57 PM MarketMaven M ​oh wait Curt said not to pay note

12:58 PM Flash G ​Looks like a good buy MM

12:58 PM Flash G ​They are buying it

1:09 PM Hedgehog Trader ​$TRCH undervalued based on fundies, maybe $2/share- good watch candidate

1:10 PMCurtis Melonopoly​100 day seems like the best buy zone on $USRM

1:13 PMMathew w​starter in BCEI against .96. if XLE gets going this will rocket

1:20 PM Curtis Melonopoly ​Actuality $USRM bounced off the 200 on the daily and 21 ema ish

1:21 PM gary y ​$ABX moving off the 2 pm 30 min reversal bar

1:22 PM Flash G​ Watching very close Gary. I may open soon.

1:23 PM Curtis Melonopoly  ​Buying at the low on Stoch RSI on daily has worked like a charm on $USRM until it doesn’t

1:23 PM Hedgehog Trader ​$MUX hod

1:31 PM MarketMaven M ​$MVIS perky

1:41 PM MarketMaven M​ So I guess we rally next week.

1:41 PM Flash G​ Good one.

1:44 PM Flash G ​Long 10% open $GS picking spots

1:51 PM MarketMaven M ​$SELB momo

1:58 PM Flash G​ Peace to you and yours folks!

1:58 PM MarketMaven M​ Have a great weekend Flash!

1:59 PM Curtis Melonopoly​ Have a good one guys and gals!

1:59 PM Hedgehog Trader​ have a good one

1:59 PM Mathew w​ have a good weekend all

1:59 PM MarketMaven M ​Thanks again Curt

1:59 PM Hedgehog Trader ​thanks Curtis

1:59 PM MarketMaven M ​c u all Monday

1:59 PM Hedgehog Trade r​shippers and miners ?

1:59 PM MarketMaven M ​PS I might buy $USRM here hahahaha

1:59 PM Hedgehog Trader ​let’s hope

2:00 PM MarketMaven M ​and shippers and miners hahaha

2:00 PM MarketMaven M ​bye bye

Be safe out there!

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