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Post-Market Thur May 11. Day Nine: 2 Wk Trading Challenge $BRNE, $USLV, $XIV

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Compound Trading Thursday May 11, 2017 Review of; Chat Room Stock Day Trading, Swing Trading, Algorithm Chart Trading, Videos and Live Stock Alerts. $BRNE, $USLV, $XIV – $LIGA, $ONTX, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA, $MGTI etc …


Compound Trading is a trading group active in day trading, swing trading and algorithmic model charting (black box).

Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat not applicable is deleted from transcript below but raw video footage is as it occurred – uncut). Chat trade room is recorded daily for trade archive (embedded below and available on our YouTube channel).

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators we are looking for in and out off each trade. Typically at market open and for chart review during lunch hour at minimum) and has live chart screen sharing right from our monitors. At times guest traders and associate traders will screen share charting and/or voice broadcast.



Important Member Premarket Note re: Service Upgrades in Process

Thursday was day nine of trading challenge.

Complete day 9 of two week 20k double small account trading challenge +6810.00 ?? 1 day left. #tradingchallenge

We Want (Need) You! Apply to Nearest Recruiting Station. Part 4 “Freedom Traders” Series. https://compoundtrading.com/want-need-apply-nearest-recruiting-station-part-4-freedom-traders-series/ …

Last market trading session Post Market Stock Trading Results can be found here:

Stock Trading Results Wed May 10. Day Eight: 2 Wk Trading Challenge $MTBC, $BRNE, $USOIL,…

Most recent Premarket Trading Plan Watch-list can be found here (locked to respect members and unlocked to public about a week later for transparency): 

Protected: PreMarket Trading Plan Thur May 11 $MSLI, $UVXY, $NUGT, $USLV, $BRNE, $AMBA, $EOG, $COTY, $FSLR, $JASO

Please note, for the next while, you will have to review the raw trading room footage (vs. snippet footage) to catch Premarket Chart Set-Ups, Market Open Trades, Intra-day Trades and Mid Day Chart Set Ups. Our staff time is being utilzed up for other components of the platform and we also are producing the high quality learning library for our premium members. Once done, we’ll return to publishing the segments daily.

Most Recent Public Swing Trading K.I.S.S Simple Charting can be found here: Swing Trading Simple Charts (Public) Apr 16 $SPY, $VIX, $USOIL $WTIC, $GLD, $GDX, $SLV, $DXY, $USDJPY, #GOLD, #SILVER

Premarket Session: 

PreMarket Trading Plan Thur May 11 $MSLI, $UVXY, $NUGT, $USLV, $BRNE, $AMBA, $EOG, $COTY, $FSLR, $JASO

Market Day, Chat Room Trades and Personal Trades:

Closed my $BRNE OTC overnight hold for a win, entered $XIV for a small cut and entered $USLV for an overnight swing. Pretty calm day for me. Did more management of my swing trades over on our swing trading side and a ot of preparation $STUDY for Swing Trades.

Long $XIV 350 77.53

Learning How-to Trade Stocks, Chart Set-Ups, Lessons and Educational:

Want to learn how to trade stocks for a consistent profit? Raw trading footage video library. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxmgJ3CfWHRBFFMpoHumZ8w … #freedomtraders

If there’s anything I can do to help with your trading drop me a line on contact page or DM https://compoundtrading.com/contact/ #howto #trade #stocks

Stocks, ETN’s, ETF’s I am holding:

Been holding these small bags wayyyy tooo long. I am holding (in order of sizing – all moderately small size – under 5% of my daytrading acounts) – $ONTX, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA, $MGTI, $LIGA (this is the daytrading portfolio and does not represent swing trading service portfolio): Looking at moving out of all these small positions over the next month or so.

Note-able Momentum Stocks Today (via FinViz):

Ticker Last Change Volume Signal
SGMO 7.00 60.92% 15643100 Top Gainers
RELY 3.30 34.69% 1253600 Top Gainers
GLBS 1.65 28.91% 1904000 Top Gainers
LPSN 9.75 22.64% 1662500 Top Gainers
SGOC 1.65 22.22% 164052 Top Gainers
RNN 3.97 22.15% 965927 Top Gainers
PEGA 52.50 10.41% 2773000 New High
ASUR 14.54 12.36% 536100 New High
MTLS 14.15 13.93% 394200 New High
LPSN 9.75 22.64% 1662500 New High
IAC 103.33 0.91% 847500 Overbought
EA 108.58 0.39% 5750600 Overbought
EUMV 24.27 -0.21% 1249200 Unusual Volume
MSLI 1.17 54.15% 2247165 Unusual Volume
EMAG 21.53 -0.28% 12300 Unusual Volume
SYMX 1.02 9.68% 4614500 Unusual Volume
AMBC 17.34 -4.20% 989600 Upgrades
AYA 18.75 4.75% 393739 Earnings Before
PODD 39.11 0.03% 553100 Insider Buying

Algorithm Charting News (Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Assistants, Big Data and More):

All our algorithms are doing well, but EPIC especially has been in the lime light lately.

Direct Target Hit to Exact Penny and Second. Predict 3 Days in Advance. EPIC Oil Algorithm $USOIL $WTI #OIL $USO $UWT $DWT $CL_F #OOTT #EIA

Why the #AI hype cycle won’t end anytime soon

#machinelearning #fintech #bigdata #ML #healthcare #tech

Goldman Sachs to launch new ‘dark pool’ for stocks on Friday

The Charting Algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

Swing Trading Notes / News:

$AMZN Swing trade going well. Trading 952.45 in 822.74. May add at next pull back. #swingtrading

The Swing Trading Twitter feed is here: https://twitter.com/swingtrading_ct.

US Dollar $DXY $USDJPY $UUP & Currencies of Note:


Gold $GLD, $XAUUSD, $GC_F :


Gold Miner’s $GDX:


Silver $SLV:


Crude Oil $USOIL $WTI:

A warning our members got days ago that is playing out as charted.

Be very careful here. oil regained bottom of the channel. EPIC Oil Algorithm charting May 9 642 AM FX $USOIL $WTIC #OIL $CL_F $USO $UCO $SCO $UWT $DWT #OOTT

$USOIL, $WTI, Chart

Be very careful here. oil regained bottom of the channel. EPIC Oil Algorithm charting May 9 642 AM FX $USOIL $WTIC #OIL $CL_F $USO $UCO $SCO $UWT $DWT #OOTT

Across #shale industry, drilling activity increasing even faster than it did in final stages of its first boom, up until 2014 @FT

Volatility $VIX:

The historical seasonal tendency is for $VIX levels to trend lower until around July

$SPY S&P 500 / $SPX:


$NG_F Natural Gas:


Markets Looking Forward:

Half of this year’s stock rally = 10 companies.

(via @GoldmanSachs @NickatFP)

TECHNICALLY SPEAKING: So goes oil prices, so goes earnings and the S&P 500.

Live Trading Chat Room Video Raw Footage and Transcript:

Two Part video (Part 1 embed is below and go to Compound Trading Youtube channel for Part 2 of live feed from day and other charting from the day).


Compound Trading Stock Chat-room Transcript:

Please note: Miscellaneous chatter removed from transcript and some discussions I will add notes with information I’ve gleaned in discussions online with traders on DM etc also for further explanation (noted with *). Most days at 9:30 ET market open there is moderator live broadcast explaining trades and at times during the day there is also live broadcast market updates and trade set-up explanations (so you have to scroll through video feed to market open etc to catch live broadcast portions – in future we will note in in transcript when we are on the mic so viewers can correlate time with transcript with video feed when reviewing trades). 

Note: We are testing a new trading room. This particular room does not list a time stamp with each chat entry – we are working on a fix. Also, please note, sometimes pieces of the transcript are missing (also something we are working on). But the video is raw and complete.

Curt M_1: Good morning. Premarket really soft so I will give it some time here to set up before any review.
Flash G: $CAT looking better
Market Maven: $PIRS looks like death lol
Market Maven: and $SNAP wow
quarryrock: good am everyone!
Market Maven: morning
Market Maven: Market feeeeeels badddd
quarryrock: yeah Macys carpet bombed an otherwise fine ER from KSS this am
Market Maven: ya seen that
quarryrock: NTES on watch
Market Maven: $VRX has some momo type action
Glenn: $NATGAS might go
quarryrock: silver was pushed down pre. but watch it today
Market Maven: shippers starting some
Curt M_1: $BRNE up from my buy yesterday – I forgot about it yesterday lol (closed it)
Tradergirl: vrx i love mm, bot long-term calls week ago, doing well. ack lol.
Curt M_1: I was going to go long and didn’t ugh
Tradergirl: which Curt
Curt M_1: $VRX
Tradergirl: ya, i’ll keep an eye for u
Spiegel: VRX also great for doing covered calls since have a very high premium.
Curt M_1: spiegel whats the OTC play today? I only have 2 days of runway left
Tradergirl: good point S, cheap too for now
Spiegel: Sorry Curt. Nothing really standing out yet. But I’ll give you the next BRNE earlier when one comes up.
Curt M_1: Day 8 complete of two week 20k double small account trading challenge +6750.00 ?? 2 days left, runway real short #tradingchallenge
Curt M_1: ok thanks need one just one lol
Tradergirl: dunno, $fit KK?
quarryrock: $KSS to open green PT $43.20 if can fight off early bears
mat: memorial day I think. End of month
Curt M_1: out $BRNE for a dinner and movie
sbrasel: $PED is climbing
Spiegel: sWas just going to mention PED myself
sbrasel: also $ocul
Spiegel: SYMX
quarryrock: bears after KSS downside to $36ish 8% worst case
quarryrock: im in TLT $120s for next week Calls here .68
sbrasel: $fncx is moving
quarryrock: in uvxy $13s tight stop
Market Maven: Long $M some
Tradergirl: Curt COTY coming down some from yest, not sure if get better than 19 fyi (19.55 atm), i’m buying some 19 if holds, just fyi
Curt M_1: kk
Flash G: $NVDA swing strong here
Spiegel: Sure is!
Spiegel: that stock is a winner
Tradergirl: OMG DRYS +555%
quarryrock: $GDX calls are alive now lets rock!
Spiegel: reverse split Tradergirl
Spiegel: so not really up
Tradergirl: oh 🙁 the uje, time to sell then lol
lenny: $TWTR might giddy up here
Spiegel: DRYS loves to reverse split and then go back down to under a dollar and then reverse split and then….over & over
Tradergirl: yep S, Economou uses it as his personal bank account, doomed to fail
lenny: Like $VRX action
Flash G: Bottom shopping transports
quarryrock: UVXY ripppp
Tradergirl: also urre looks good if holds here
Flash G: All time highs in $MELI
Sandra: $VIX awakens
Spiegel: OTTV I gave yesterday on their app news is still climbing
Spiegel: .0009 to .0012
Market Maven: That resistance your $SPY algo alerted weeks ago CUrt wowwow 🙂 not bad
quarryrock: time to pour it on! metals bonds vol
Market Maven: metals r rippy
quarryrock: nailed some uvxy! moneyball time!!!
quarryrock: banked 66% of my gdx HUGE win there!
Curt M_1: Oil sagging over the support / resistance heavy (grey horizontal thick line)
Curt M_1: man that will be a good short if it loses that area OIL
Curt M_1: $WAV VWAP test
quarryrock: all out of GDx calls
Curt M_1: $FNCX VWAP wacked
Curt M_1: $SGMO bounced at VWAP
Curt M_1: dare ya to long $SGMO at 666
quarryrock: still in USLV
Flash G: ha fun
quarryrock: TLT calls are clicking !!!!
lenny: $VRX could just be a bang up play over next few weeks
quarryrock: wowowow UVXy
Spiegel: SLTK bouncing from lows
Spiegel: my OTTV now .0013. Up 44.4%
Curt M_1: nice play Spiegel
Spiegel: People have been waiting on that app for months
Curt M_1: Long $XIV 350 77.53
Hedgehog Trader: hey all
Hedgehog Trader: please tell me DRYS split
Hedgehog Trader: lol
Market Maven: no its up to the mooooon!
Hedgehog Trader: haha
Hedgehog Trader: what a wacky ride that stock has been
Curt M_1: Stop set at 77.53 $XIV my buy
Curt M_1: $DRYS is like some people 🙂
Curt M_1: Hey Hedge do you know what the next 3 day weekend is on the markets?
Curt M_1: like specifically what date?
Hedgehog Trader: is it good Friday? Apr 14th?
Hedgehog Trader: sorry
Hedgehog Trader: lol no sleep
Spiegel: it was
Flash G: $NKE bear mode hard
Spiegel: my birthday
Hedgehog Trader: Memorial Day 29th May?
Curt M_1: thats what mat thought
Curt M_1: oko thanks
Hedgehog Trader: Google is way smarter than i am
Hedgehog Trader: truth
Hedgehog Trader: that’s a Monday
Curt M_1: lol ya i can’t google yet all computers are running mad right now maxed
Hedgehog Trader: ha – yeah one more little google search and it all goes blue screen of death
Curt M_1: lol wil be nice to get the new systems I hope
Curt M_1: that’s the weekend I’ll likely go to south america
Hedgehog Trader: woot
Hedgehog Trader: nothing like working on the beach being fed fresh oysters
Curt M_1: i may actually start in panama and visit a few central countries first
Curt M_1: $XIV didn’t get the pop I wanted
sbrasel: whats your thought on $uslv for a few days? ma’s just broke 50 and 100?
Hedgehog Trader: yes for sure Curt
Hedgehog Trader: travel around, scout it out
Curt M_1: theres some real estate opps in nica cause of that canal
Hedgehog Trader: silver miners outperforming silver
Hedgehog Trader: $EXK one of my favs
quarryrock: more TLT more UVXY cs here
Hedgehog Trader: $SIL is a silver stock ETF that holds a variety
Hedgehog Trader: $MUX has a lot of silver exposure and 16% short interest
quarryrock: BOOM TLT HR
Spiegel: I was just in Panama at Christmas. Have been to all the Central American countries except El Salvador (which nobody cares about)
Hedgehog Trader: there is a dish from El Salvador i always buy at my local market
quarryrock: Filled on UVXY
Hedgehog Trader: papusas?
Curt M_1: $XIV gave the broker a hotdog for lunch
lenny: $MTBC poppin
quarryrock: thank Macys for this sell off folks
Curt M_1: 16.47 is your res on Silver imo near term – could come sooner so you have about .60 upside on $USLV I think is the translation until intra res
Hedgehog Trader: there is a beaten down gold explorer $GSV with like 8% short interest- i think one of the majors has a big stake in it about 14 days of short covering if it pops
Hedgehog Trader: i think it’s gone down like 16 days straight
quarryrock: nice good info USLV
Curt M_1: crazy
Hedgehog Trader: GSV is popping now
Hedgehog Trader: ha
Curt M_1: Stoch RSI on Silver near bottom so when it crosses up is likely the time to daytrade silver related $USLV etc
quarryrock: here goes SLW!
Curt M_1: on 60 min that is
ny75: just confirming what i learned here. fslr 20 crossed 200 on daily today. yes?
Curt M_1: i’ll check
Hedgehog Trader: hi ho silver
Hedgehog Trader: $GPL another nice silver turnaround play
ny75: Please also confirm on how you would manage entry as squeeze on daily has been green for a while. tia
quarryrock: lets rip some metals!!!
sbrasel: $ uslv jumped right after the answer thanks for that mojo Curt
Hedgehog Trader: silver spiking a bit now up 10c
Spiegel: oil breaking highs
Spiegel: 9:30 to 4 highs. Not 24 hour highs
Curt M_1: I would enter over the 200 MA on 3 min as long as it was over the previous 60 min candle high which is the horizontal purple line at 36.24 and MACD on 3 min is crossed up and I would give it no room to downside – tight stop until it works – -and increasing volume on 3 min…. that’s how I would enter
Hedgehog Trader: $ASM looks jiggy
Curt M_1: how I would pick my entry on a swing
Hedgehog Trader: 10c til resistance
Market Maven: lol you asked him hahahaha
Market Maven: when Curt enters swings he has a book of notes for 1
Market Maven: but it works
ny75: [thanks
Curt M_1: np
Curt M_1: some aren’t as gifted as u maven
Flash G: now that was a good one
lenny: sassy mm
Hedgehog Trader: ha
Curt M_1: next pop on $FSLR should come when 20 MA breaches 100
Curt M_1: on daily
Curt M_1: Market isn’t the easiest for swing set ups right now
Hedgehog Trader: yup
quarryrock: someone dumped $RH big
Spiegel: Even AAOI is down.
Curt M_1: long $USLV
Hedgehog Trader: there is a big technology metals mainly Lithium) conference in Toronto next week so keep an eye on LACDF, LAC.TO and ILC.V ILHMF
Curt M_1: thanks hedge
Curt M_1: Long $USLV 11.40 500
Hedgehog Trader: LACDF also finalized financial deal with Ganfeng Lithium today
Hedgehog Trader: if you want to shoot for the moon ILHMF and ILC.V is a tiny lithium stock 50% owned by insiders, including 18% by Ganfeng Lithium (30B mkt cap)
Hedgehog Trader: Ganfeng is spending 12M on one world class Argentina project JV with ILC
Spiegel: As a Canadian I can get behind that
Hedgehog Trader: Tesla is planning to open 3-4 battery factories by year end
Hedgehog Trader: and China is opening 3 in the next 3 months or so
Hedgehog Trader: ILC.V/ILHMF also has a JV with an Aussie explorer on a Northern Ontario project where they hit lithium a few weeks ago
Hedgehog Trader: Disclosure: I own ILC.V/ILHMF and have followed them for 5-6 years
Hedgehog Trader: and I’m meeting with ILC’s CEO in Toronto next wk
Hedgehog Trader: he’s a great deal maker
Curt M_1: Oils trying to break out of that quadrant hf
Bernard: yep. sure does look like it. let the machines loose!
Curt M_1: The wall has held so for (the orange uptrend dotted one) until now maybe – that would be very bullish if it gets past it.
Curt M_1: OPEC:)
Bernard: looking very likely it will break
quarryrock_1: took my SLW spoils
Spiegel: VRX doing really nice
lenny: $VRX is great looking
Market Maven: rough open imo
lenny: sucked
Glenn: agree
Curt M_1: Back at lunch:) Unless something is critically good:)
quarryrock: NVDA call holders retiring in Monaco
Spiegel: lol
Spiegel: they were actually pushing that on a free options board at ihub
Spiegel: yesterday before the big rise started
quarryrock: BTO $68.50 $MSFT Cs .23
Spiegel: NVDA calls I bought yesterday at 2.25 are now $7.85.
quarryrock: outstanding!
Spiegel: Sold one though with what I thought were great profits at the time.
quarryrock: i belive Mr Softy going to tamp
quarryrock: ramp
quarryrock: NVDA just momo crazy !!! wow
Spiegel: 🙂
Spiegel: Heading for $127
Spiegel: Feel like singing “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.”
Spiegel: even SNAP has bouinced nicely off the lows
Spiegel: there goes 126 on NVDA
Spiegel: no signs of slowing down
Spiegel: Turkmenistan expected to join OPEC led oil supply cut
Curt M_1: On mic 12:10 just finishing cals.
Hedgehog Trader: wheeee
Tradergirl: hey guys, seeing some uvxy talk. is there a pref for uvxy over vxx? diff tax implications as i understand it?
Spiegel: I think uvxy is 2X where as vxx is only 1X
Spiegel: TVIX also 2X
Tradergirl: right, does one decay faster than the other? any tax stuff?
Spiegel: I just thought profit was profit was profit. Plus I’m canadian so can’t help you with American taxes
Tradergirl: thx S, ya never even thot abt taxes b4 then read smthg abt diff vix products/taxes, always with the taxes looool
Curt M_1: Bck in office 2 mins on mic sorrt>>>>>
Market Maven: no prob”:)
quarryrock: you get a K1 tax form for UVXy
Leanne: Speigal! another Canadian.
Tradergirl: leanne, fellow cdn here too, but transplant 🙂
Leanne: we take transplants!
Tradergirl: haha, was up north visiting sis last summer, misssssss it
Tradergirl: thanks qr, yes they were talking abt k-1s
Spiegel: Ecuador on my list to travel too. Was going to do a South America tour this summer but switched it to USA
Spiegel: Ben to Nicarague. Don’t forget to check out Ometepe – the island with a volcano on it.
Leanne: Thank you
Tradergirl: wow L
Leanne: I debated AMBA or DQ yesterday. Went with DQ
Spiegel: where do I go on twitter for that?
Tradergirl: missed grek too RATS
Leanne: I missed GREK also.
Tradergirl: slam some ouzo with me leanne
Leanne: YES!!! love ouzo, straight from the freezer nice and chilly
Tradergirl: y 🙁 had position, didn’t want to hold o’er earnings, awful fail on my part
Leanne: reminds me of a long time ago in Mexico on top of a bar
Tradergirl: what happens in mexico stays….
Spiegel: So I’m following your Swing Trading app. Do I just enable push notifications and that’s it?
Spiegel: NVDA and VRX are stars of the day
Flash G: Thanks Curt. I like that $JASO chart too.
Curt M_1: No Problem. Off mic 1:09 PM getting set up for afternoon session – NEED SOME BIG ONES FOR TRADINGING CHALLENGE
Bernard: hi Tradergirl. Do I remember you saying yesterday that silver and oil generally move in same direction?
Curt M_1: I’ll bring up a chart for ya
Curt M_1: damn maybe I wont
Curt M_1: Theres USOIL and Silver
quarryrock: curt we should have just bought NVDA 2 weeks ago and gone fishing
Curt M_1: so true
Bernard: very interesting correlation, Curt.
Curt M_1: you know you have a point quarry
Curt M_1: thats why time of year I’m getting more serious about swings…. between now and fall swings and oil because of time of year seasonality
Curt M_1: I think oiil reacts first then Silver
Bernard: yeah, perfect time for the 24 hr trade room
Curt M_1: well not all through the chart thats not true
Curt M_1: ya for sure
Bernard: trying to sign up now
quarryrock: had a great am today so im decidely green – but no way i double my 20k. lookig just over 5ish now
Bernard: do I use bundle epic oil algo under subscriptions?
Curt M_1: added gold in the mess to that chart lol
quarryrock: took hits in KSS common and TGT c’s made a killing on GDX TLT UVXY Cs
Curt M_1: ask that question another way Bernard not sure I understand
Bernard: when I go to compountrading.com –> subscriptions, which one do I choose to sign up for the 24 hr oil trade room?
Curt M_1: oh let me check
Curt M_1: I’m not very up on it
Bernard: ok
Curt M_1: theres a promo code for existing members fyi
Bernard: yeah. I got the email. 🙂
Curt M_1: this is a good test for the site lol
Curt M_1: ya so its not very clear lol but its the bundle
Bernard: awesome. just wanted to be sure. thanks
Curt M_1: no prob
Flash G: That is where OILK and I did it too
Flash G: Hey Spiegel no OTCs?
Flash G: Curt needs a bone
Spiegel: Not an
Spiegel: OTC type day
Spiegel: It’s a VRX or NVDA calls type day
Curt M_1: a bone lol
Curt M_1: ruf
Spiegel: lol – no bones today. Maybe your dog is hiding one?
lenny: ha
lenny: hes a funny dog his name is monkey i met him
lenny: Did Ackman really short VRX at 831?
Market Maven: The squeez on $VRX should cool but when it pulls back and goes again I will probably scale in HAYUGE
Flash G: Closing $MACK long
Flash G: My wife just asked me if I was going to close my $NVDA position soon. I looked at her like she was from Pluto. $NVDA $GOOGL and $AMZN I will never sell.
Curt M_1: Taking it with ya lol
Flash G: Put the scotch in there also Curt.
Curt M_1: Great call all the way alog Flash – you convinced me – it took a while but obviously you’ve been right
lenny: Hey Curt how much time are you putting in to that oil room yourself personally?
Curt M_1: Likely 6 – 8 hours a day
Curt M_1: Higher frequency trades like 10 a day kind of thing
Flash G: $IMMU highs. I missed that one.
lenny: $WDC active now
quarryrock: nice day for $RGLD
quarryrock: here comes AAPL to ramp it all green
quarryrock: in $UVXY $12.50 puts
quarryrock: might as well help smash the volatility for power hour
Market Maven: yup
Hedgehog Trader: $AG silver stock rocking, very leveraged to silver
Market Maven: Watching $AMDA here and $UVXY
quarryrock: well have a nice night folks. looks like things pretty much pinned
Hedgehog Trader: take care Quarry you rocker
Flash G: TTY QR
quarryrock: lol thanks
Sandra: Yup looks over and odne
Curt M_1: Oil isn’t exactly strong.
Shafique: You can say that again
Hedgehog Trader: my morning $ASM call is good- went up 10c to resistance
Sandra: nice
Market Maven: $SNAP radical, I guess it was coming
Curt M_1: Nice melt up on $SGMO
Shafique: well that was a profitable day:) have a great night everyone
Market Maven: c ya dude


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