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Post-Market Tues Apr 18 $IDXG , $GNC, $DWT, $DUST, $USOIL, $WTIC, $GDX, $GLD

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Compound Trading Tuesday April 18, 2017 Review of; Chat Room Stock Day Trading, Swing Trading, Algorithm Chart Trading and Live Stock Alerts. $IDXG , $GNC, $DWT, $DUST, $USOIL, $WTIC, $GDX –  $DWT, $DUST, $LIGA, $ONTX, $XOM, $NE, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA, $MGTI etc …


Compound Trading is a trading group active in day trading, swing trading and algorithmic model charting (black box).

Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat not applicable is deleted from transcript below but raw video footage is as it occurred – uncut). Chat trade room is recorded daily for trade archive (embedded below and available on our YouTube channel).

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators we are looking for in and out off each trade. Typically at market open and for chart review during lunch hour at minimum) and has live chart screen sharing right from our monitors. At times guest traders and associate traders will screen share charting and/or voice broadcast.



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Premarket Session: 

Premarket momo.

Don’t forget we’re doing premarket chart set-up reviews for members! Get in there and get ready for the day!

$GNC Premarket up 20% on earnings.


In play today in chat room and on markets: $IDXG , $GNC $DWT, $DUST, $USOIL, $WTIC, $GDX

Got a decent momentum play first thing in the morning on $IDXG for about a 600.00 win and then later played it again only to have an intra-day 8-K offering slam it. So I was red on day by about 1200.00. One of my bigger losses on year so far. I got so used to winning I forgot what it was like to take a loss. Now, on my accounts very small relative but still sucks. A good reminder to always set stops, even on smaller entries. But this does highlight the need to keep your risk management and sizing in check.

Curt M: Long 3.56 1000 shares $IDXG
Curt M: Stop 3.60
Curt M: Add 4.07 1000
Curt M: Stop 3.88
Curt M: Out 4.13 2000

Still holding miscellaneous small bags that constitute less than 5% of portfolio (which is typical for me) and holding my $DWT (at 1/5 size) and $DUST at 2/5 size.

The opening video today with the $IDXG momentum trade was an awesome training / learn how-to trade stocks type video on technical set-ups and indicators on gap and go momentum stocks for new and even some more advanced traders (I had a few message me about it and I was surprised it was valuable for them too).

Wow that was awesome market open! $IDXG – boom time again for members. Caught on vid too. Anyway off mic til noon chart setup review. Peace.

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Had one of my worst wash-outs YTD today in $IDXG – really small position but it caught me without a stop. Ugh. See rules then trade.

Leaderboard $IDXG 35%, $GNC 25% $MTFB 15%, $DXR 14%, $AKTX 14%, $MVIS 14% Losers: $PSIX -29%, $CBLI – 27%, $CUDA -16%, $SPU -16% #trading

Holding $DWT because of course EPIC the Algo has been rocking the show and not missing a beat.

EPIC the Algo on fire?Hasn’t missed a turn since inception. All documented on http://compountrading.com . $USOIL $WTI $CL_F #OIL#trading #OOTT

How-to Trade Stocks, Lessons and Educational:

Trading gap go break out market open covered in detail. W $IDXG indicators as price confirms. At 15:00 min on vid.

Watch video in blog post. Then study charts. Find moving averages that lineup on time-frame suitable #freedomtraders

Stocks, ETN’s, ETF’s I am holding:

I am holding (in order of sizing – all moderately small size to micro sizing except $DUST) – $DUST, $DWT, $XIV, $ONTX, $XOM, $NE, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA, $MGTI (this is the daytrading portfolio and does not represent swing trading service portfolio): Looking at moving out of all these small positions over the next month or so.

Note-able Momentum Stocks Today (via FinViz):

Ticker Last Change Volume Signal
IDXG 2.76 28.37% 56777353 Top Gainers
GNC 9.03 24.72% 26630527 Top Gainers
TWI 9.94 14.25% 1406318 Top Gainers
MVIS 2.34 14.15% 2667471 Top Gainers
XOMA 7.41 14.00% 1192447 Top Gainers
CORE 34.87 13.36% 776862 Top Gainers
HPJ 5.60 8.74% 507599 New High
DY 103.15 5.77% 1641915 New High
TTS 21.00 8.25% 1996037 New High
FDEF 52.23 -0.50% 68335 New High
STRP 113.60 0.99% 945719 Overbought
FIZZ 89.07 1.41% 302862 Overbought
IDXG 2.76 28.37% 56777353 Unusual Volume
AGZ 113.76 0.17% 1314394 Unusual Volume
LTRE 2.45 8.89% 49178 Unusual Volume
NURO 0.71 16.70% 2730885 Unusual Volume
AFL 73.88 0.48% 2689896 Upgrades
ASRV 3.90 -1.27% 101235 Earnings Before
MDVX 1.28 -7.25% 183119 Insider Buying

Algorithm Charting News:

⤵ That tweat cause our $SPY algorithm warned us /members TWO WEEKS before last high we’d not return to high for some time?? @FREEDOMtheAlgo

⤵Epic nailed the top when the world was screaming this. @EPICtheAlgo

I wouldn’t get too excited long $SPY $ES_F $USOIL $WTI etc. until most recent highs are taken out and confirmed.

The Charting Algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

Swing Trading Notes / News:

When I started talking leaning in to oil related short 5 days ago LOT of people, well you know. EPIC the Oil Algo ?? $USOIL $WTI $CL_F #OIL

The Swing Trading Twitter feed is here: https://twitter.com/swingtrading_ct.

US Dollar $DXY $USDJPY $UUP & Currencies of Note:


Gold $GLD, $XAUUSD, $GC_F :

Gold. Sometimes simple charts better. #Gold $GC_F $GLD $XAUUSD $NUGT $DUST #Commodities

Gold Miner’s $GDX:

For those buying GDX on war concerns. Gold production tends to collapse during wars. Resources diverted to war efforts.

Silver $SLV:


Crude Oil $USOIL $WTI:

Crude Oil. Simple charts. #Oil $CL_F $USOIL $WTI $USO $UWT $DWT #OOTT

Seasonality. Crude oil. $USOIL $WTI $CL_F #Crude #Oil

Volatility $VIX:

$VIX Market Bottoms ? …. Is A Market Bottom Near? Watch For A VIX Spike Reversal – blog by @hedgopia

Stat Of The Day>Record $VIX Term Structure Skew: 1Mo/3Mo (VIX/VXV) @ Extreme High;8-Day/1MO (VXST/VIX) @ Extreme Low

$SPY S&P 500 / $SPX:

A number of notable short-term extremes suggest $SPX is near a point of reversal higher.

$NG_F Natural Gas:


Markets Looking Forward:

#earnings $BAC $NFLX $GS $UNH $JNJ $IBM $GE $QCOM $VZ $SCHW $MS $CUDA $BX $PGR $V $MTB $HOG $ABT $UAL $CMA $RF $USB http://eps.sh/cal

Live Trading Chat Room Video Raw Footage and Transcript:

Two Part video (Part 1 embed is below and go to Compound Trading Youtube channel for Part 2 of live feed from day and other charting from the day)

Compound Trading Stock Chat-room Transcript:

Please note: Miscellaneous chatter removed from transcript and some discussions I will add notes with information I’ve gleaned in discussions online with traders on DM etc also for further explanation (noted with *). Most days at 9:30 ET market open there is moderator live broadcast explaining trades and at times during the day there is also live broadcast market updates and trade set-up explanations (so you have to scroll through video feed to market open etc to catch live broadcast portions – in future we will note in in transcript when we are on the mic so viewers can correlate time with transcript with video feed when reviewing trades). 

Note: We are testing a new trading room. This particular room does not list a time stamp with each chat entry – we are working on a fix. Also, please note, sometimes pieces of the transcript are missing (also something we are working on). But the video is raw and complete.

MarketMaven: hey looking good today
Flash G: up 50k from yesterday would look good any day ha nice work MM
Sammy T: mornin
lenny: hey sam
Sartaj: Good morning
OILK: Nice play on oil. Epic.
Curt M: morn
OILK: wow oil stopped right at res EPIC email alert this morning uncanny
MarketMaven: Housing Permits beat 1.260MM, Exp. 1.255MM
Curt M: Premarket Leaderboard $IDXG $GNC $BIOC $XOMA $QTNT $RIGL $NVAX $CAB $PLX $AKTX $VSI
Curt M: On mic at 9:05 for premarket chart set up review >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Curt M: A couuple stragglers have asked for 5 mins
optionsavvy: gm
Sartaj: Hey, Savvy
optionsavvy: BPMX has some buyers pre
Curt M: gm
optionsavvy: NADL light vol to upside as well
optionsavvy: BAC setup for a nice options trade on a back to 24 res basis
optionsavvy: 23.5 Cs for this week could play well if it goes
optionsavvy: need to let the IV flatten a bit after open imo
Flash G: Like the BAC idea
Curt M: On mic for premarket >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Curt Melonopoly: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/gnc-holdings-gnc-beats-q1-122112257.html?.tsrc=rss
Curt M: Pff mic premarket chart review >>>>>>> 9:26 $IDXG $GNC $GOLD $GLD $GDX $DUST $USDJPY $USOIL $WTIC
Curt M: On mic in 2 mins for open $IDXG $GNX morning momo watch >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Curt M: on mic>>>>>>>>>>>>
Curt M: Long 3.56 1000 shares $IDXG
MarketMaven: yup
optionsavvy: mkts looking like chop day
Curt M: Stop 3.60
Curt M: Add 4.07 1000
Curt M: Stop 3.88
optionsavvy: LBIX has vol and looks like a breakout near
optionsavvy: OHRP has been SICK since .60
Curt M: Out 4.13 2000

Spiegel: Now that I’ve sen you in action youre incredible

Sartaj: Tell your friends, Spiegel
Sartaj: We’ve been screaming from rooftops
optionsavvy: mkts hitting support here buyers need to close the deal
Leanne: I”m on a 3 month challenge of wall climbing with you guys.
lenny: ahhahaha
Spiegel: I’m taking a trial with another trade room and they didn’t even start buying IDXG until 4.06
Leanne: GM, sorry, super busy Easter wknd, still recovering
Spiegel: $50K ?!?! That’s insane!
Leanne: Oh Spiegel, leave that other room, Curtis is all you need
Spiegel: I can see that now

mat: Curt dropping a master class in here this morning. This should be an instructional video for sure

Leanne: Thanks Curtis
Curt M: hey no probs 🙂
Sartaj: That was epic
Curt M: off mic morning momentum >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Curt M: EPIC I love little epic
Sartaj: That was, as mat said, a master class. Shows the importance of watching your technicals
Curt M: Oil got pop
Curt M: intra resistance on oil FYI
Curt M: on Mic re: Oil quicl>>>>>>>>>>>>
optionsavvy: I dont trade sub 1s but that ARGS chart is pretty
Spiegel: I can’t believe I signed up yesterday for this room for just $36.50 and just got to see a trade like that. And the money some people are making is more than I ever imagined.
Sartaj: 🙂
Sartaj: Wait until we start coding these babies
Curt M: Off mic on Oil Review FX: $USOIL $WTI Crude Oil >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 10:30 AM
Flash G: Spiegel -just you wait! 🙂 you’ll be over the wall with us
Curt M: Sartaj…. you can publish that oil chart review also?
Sartaj: Yes
Sartaj: I recorded it
MarketMaven: Replay of yesterday $IDXG on deck peeps! KABOOM later
MarketMaven: Adding now.
Sammy T: with ya
Curt M: thanks Sartaj

Curt M: Should be quiet now for an hour and a half or so
Sartaj: And Spiegel, glad we could clear the air yesterday. There is definitely a certain ethic involved with this room, as you’ve touched on, and given the price and everything, we want to make sure it’s the right fit for everyone involved.
Sammy T: $XGTI tape bullish guys

Curt M: Going to watch for confirmation or break down – if it breaks down I’ll come back in later likely
Curt M: Off mic until it goes (if it does)
Spiegel: Of course Sartaj! I don’t believe in people just jumping into a room and shouting “Give me the picks” so they can just treat things like a chimp pushing buttons. There has to be some understanding and learning involved.
Curt M: Will watch it – holding – may hit it hard when Stoch RSI at bottom pending price aaction
Sammy T: When Stoch RSI turns up I’ll be in full throttle myself fwiw
Spiegel: So it’s turned up. I got in. Anyone else get in or add there?
Sammy T: Me, len , market maven for sure lol
Spiegel: of course now that I’m in its crossed back down.
Spiegel: there we go!
Sammy T: yepp
Sammy T: it may berak HOD real early here
Sammy T: Stoch RSI is near top though so there is a chance it will continue to consolidate though
MarketMaven: Everyone doesn’t want to miss the afternoon move thats why its so bullish early IMO
MarketMaven: Hpoefully nothing in market Fs it up before it goes
Curt M: SQZMOM just turned green.
Spiegel: Whoa!
Curt M: Whoa nice wash out stops wacked
lenny: holding
lenny: thats what ya get for time of day lol perfect example
lenny: ah well, it’ll repair over lunch and go
Spiegel: and now its halted which is never a good thing when it’s been going way down
MarketMaven: It’s repair
MarketMaven: ya Curt’s got it right thats support – if it doesn’t hold that off halt then theres a problem lol
MarketMaven: Still above my cost avg too so I’m good
Spiegel: Apparently they did a $2.20 convertible note. So it’s going to get killed when it reopens. What a terrible first trade I’m trapped in.
MarketMaven: Checking
Flash G: Seems odd intra day
Spiegel: its open
Flash G: Confirmed. The nes isn’t good. But the traders may trade it up.
MarketMaven: Perspective is your cost avg Spiegel – never take your learning trades at slow time of day lol and get a stop on your trades young man! in future.
MarketMaven: They’re shorting the pops now
MarketMaven: has to hold 3
lenny: 40 MM shares wow
Curt M: I can’t get a confirm on the $IDXG news
Flash G: I got it from other traders I guess I should’t of spoke so fast.
Curt M: An offering mid day seems so wierd.
Curt M: Lots of chatter no confirmation though
Curt M: amended exchange from prior agreement is seems – panic maybe? anyone confirmed?
Sammy T: searching
Sartaj: brb
Curt M: Oil holding that lower support so far
Sartaj: Midday review at noon EST, curt, or 12:30 EST?
Curt M: 12:10 yes – sorry working on $IDXG confirm
Curt M: Looks like 1.6MM shares convertible at 2.20 which is nothing
Curt M: But that could be old news
Curt M: Confirmed 2.20 Swnior Convertible Notes
Curt M: Have the 9-K
Curt M: 3,547,775.00 2.20 Dated March 23
Curt M: 8-K sorry not 9
Curt M: Closing of Agreement April 18, 2017
Curt M: It’s a small offering though. but still.
Curt M: Matures June 23 2018 for 125% of face value.
Curt M: Iinteresting FORM 8-K. Should bounce but don’t count on it.
Curt M: If it loses 2.95 I’ll cut for a loss. Dirt bags intra day. Wow.
MarketMaven: Never seen that before.
Flash G: I have but rare.
Curt M: I’ve never seen this scenario.
Spiegel: What are the odds it would happen my very first trade here? Nobodies fault. Couldn’t be predicted or even expected. And yes I should have had a stop in (even if Curt didn’t).
Curt M: Similar I’ve seen but the FORM 9-K makes it original
MarketMaven: Ya low of day is my cut point to…. 2.94.
MarketMaven: But its holding up.
Spiegel: Sadly I wasn’t in on the big rise earlier. Was just observing. So this hurts.
lenny: Who the hell does a mid day offering?
rom: cup and handle pattern on the 1 minute?
lenny: Anyway, I’ll likely cut 2.94 or add at break of current resistance for a quick trade.
Curt M: On mic in 3 min for mid day review >>>>>>>>>>>>
Curt M: On mic 12:08 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Leanne: Spiegel, I’m new too, you are not alone here.
Spiegel: Nice to know I’m not alone Leanne
Spiegel: I’m not too upset. Just going to lose what I made yesterday.
Spiegel: And next time, set STOPS, STOPS, STOPS!
Leanne: Spiegel, this is an awesome group with Curtis as the leader and I have learned a lot. Highly recommend watching all Curtis’ youtube vids. We’ll do this together.
Spiegel: Great!
Spiegel: I notice all those rules are from the book Market Wizards. Interviews with top traders.
Spiegel: froze all of a sudden. Just me?
Sartaj: For a second, it’s back for me
Spiegel: me too
Sartaj: Our lab has been eating more bandwidth than usual lately
Curt M: $IDXG stopped 2.93 for a loss 200 shares
Spiegel: IDXG in at 4.15. Stopped at 3.05. $1100 loss. Glad to get the worst luck of the year out of the way at the beginning.
Sartaj: Did we mention our office has been busy? Curt will be back in a second
rom: sb
rom: chart
Spiegel: If USDYEN falls as you expect won’t that make gold fall and hurt your DUST position? Or am I wrong about your thoughts on USDJPY
Leanne: Thanks Curtis, love the lessons
Leanne: I hear ya! wish I was focussed on trading more. in time,
rom: you are the best!
rom: thank you so much
Curt M: No prob!
Curt M: Back in 10 and lets get some plays set for afternoon.
Curt M: off mic >>>>>>>>>>> 1:05 PM
Flash G: fgoing to get coffee too
Leanne: me too, actually going to find a new baker… might be a while!
MarketMaven: baker… she’s a baker master !
MarketMaven: love baking
Flash G: hungry
Flash G: red market days…. hmmmm…
Flash G: Oil all about oil right now
lenny: A message from Sunrise Trader …. Risk off, flight to safety type market right now. Less is more no need to be part of the chop/chop. Market gives opportunity to the prepared
lenny: Love it

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