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Post-Market Wed Feb 15 $FNCX, $EVOK, $FIG, $ZSAN, $EDIT, $USOIL, $UWT

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Review of Compound Trading Chat Room Stock Trading, Algorithm Stock Charting Calls and Alerts for Wednesday Feb 15, 2017; $FNCX, $EVOK, $FIG, $ZSAN, $EDIT, $USOIL, $UWT – $DUST, $ASM, $SSH, $VRX, $JUNO, $CBMX, $TRCH, $LGCY etc 


Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat deleted). Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade archive.

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.



Yesterday’s trading results can be found here:

Overview Perspective & Review of Markets, Chat Room, Algo Calls, Trades and Alerts:

Premarket was again a very busy and impressive premarket. Normally our room is quiet premarket with folks preparing for the day, but there were some traders that couldn’t resist.

Anyway, one of our traders hit three huge movers in the premarket ($FNCX, $EVOK, $FIG) and nearly doubled her account size before the bell even rang – and then she kept hitting later in the day on $ZSAN and $EDIT – as did others).

My big win was on $NOVN and Mathew was moving around his trade positions too. EPIC the Oil Algo hit the 10:30 Tuesday target dead on this morning so our $USOIL $WTI Oil related long hold in $UWT is doing well.

We have a really skilled group in the room – not that I have anything against the rooms with early traders, but it is nice to have a large percentage that are skilled – and best of all, our early traders mature in to positive returns faster than most I think (because of the other traders in their midst). It seems that way anyway.

The $NOVN trade I knocked out of the park (it terms of timing but not in terms of percentage gains like the other traders in our room hit the 70% type wins in premarket). I took an alert in the room on a halt in $NOVN and when it re-opened for trade hit it right away for 3000 shares and then near immediate for another 6000 long. My cost average was just under 6.60 and I closed for 7.70 (near the top of the spike).

Some of our SMS and email alert folks asked me today why they did not receive the trade alert from me – on these really quick ones it’s impossible – from the time I entered long to my exit it was less than 70 seconds (if I remember right) – so in that 1 minute there is no possible way to alert. I couldn’t even alert the room in a perfect way – I did, but it wasn’t perfect. Mathew was doing a voice broadcast updating our room on the markets, commodities, currencies etc during the time also.

One way to fix that is on Twitter you can get my Tweets live notifications (you can set this on your feed) and you can also subscribe to the room and get live text interaction in the room. I know these two options may not be possible as some folks work etc and thats why you get the SMS alerts and are not in the room. So we are endeavoring to get you every single trade (no matter how quick) on SMS and email, but it isn’t always possible.


Momentum / Note-able Stocks Today (via FinViz):

Ticker Last Change Volume Signal
ZSAN 2.85 41.09% 35149505 Top Gainers
BRN 2.45 38.41% 93570 Top Gainers
NOVN 6.44 34.45% 5432657 Top Gainers
EVOK 3.40 30.27% 20648868 Top Gainers
EDIT 24.30 28.84% 5610805 Top Gainers
FIG 7.99 28.66% 151445269 Top Gainers
FIG 7.99 28.66% 151445269 New High
BRN 2.45 38.41% 93570 New High
WGBS 6.60 14.78% 393318 New High
WIX 61.50 16.15% 2359703 New High
WOOF 90.93 0.18% 1491274 Overbought
SWIR 25.65 1.58% 591364 Overbought
FIG 7.99 28.66% 151445269 Unusual Volume
CIDM 1.69 26.12% 8472808 Unusual Volume
FWDB 25.53 0.83% 74815 Unusual Volume
SPXH 32.66 0.40% 179823 Unusual Volume
ACOR 25.40 6.50% 1195211 Upgrades
ADHD 1.30 8.33% 3245132 Earnings Before
MLVF 20.80 -0.95% 12592 Insider Buying

Stocks, ETN’s, ETF’s I am Holding:

I am holding (in order of sizing – all moderately small to small sizing) $UWT, $ONTX, $DUST, $VRX, $CBMX, $JUNO, $TRCH, $LGCY, $SSH, $ASM:

Trading and The Markets Looking Forward:

Per yesterday, “The small and micro momentum stocks continue to pop, however, traders need to be cautious because often its the low floats and thin trade can be difficult to chip out of positions – caution warranted in many ways.”

These low float micros have in past signaled the end of a cycle in the market – keep that in mind.

Per yesterday, “Our standard plays that reflect the six algorithm charting we do are all at decisions at either support or resistance so this should get really interesting soon.”

Epic our FX $USOIL $WTI Oil Charting Algorithm Wednesday 10:30 EIA target area hit (not perfect to the cent and second but trade was in target area and very near center at exact time). Note: The Periscope / Twitter post heading below is incorrect – it should read Wednesday not Tuesday.

Per yesterday, “Our swing trading side continues to outperform all my expectations for 2017 (you can find the most recent unlocked swing trading newsletter on our blog) – I had a feeling it was going to do well, just didn’t quite expect a grandslam. We’re in the middle of compiling our next set of stock picks for the swing trading members and will have them out over next few days – hopefully that batch will bring the same type of returns as the new year batch did and continue to in most instances.


$DXY US Dollar is threatening to the trend reversal side, but not confirmed, awaiting market direction.

Gold $GLD $XAUUSD / Gold Miner’s $GDX:

Gold and Miner’s are both at what we consider key resistance.

Silver $SLV:

Silver is at what consider key resistance area also (along with Gold).

Crude Oil $USOIL $WTI:

Crude oil continues to threaten a key support area that we have used as an area of accumulation long (we’re long as long as the trend is in place – the trend is your friend and we’re trading the range until it isn’t).

As noted above EPIC the Oil Algorithm hit the Wednesday 10:30 AM target call – chart below.

Wed #EIA 1030 target call area hit. Within 6 cents of time and price called. Crude algo intra work sheet 1030 AM Feb 15 FX $USOIL $WTIC #OIL $CL_F CL $USO $UCO $SCO $UWT $DWT #OOTT

EPIC, Oil, Algo, #EIA, Target, Hit

Wed #EIA 1030 target call area hit! Within 6 cents of time and price called. Crude algo intra work sheet 1030 AM Feb 15 FX $USOIL $WTIC #OIL $CL_F CL $USO $UCO $SCO $UWT $DWT #OOTT

Volatility $VIX:

Volatility continues its flat line.

$SPY S&P 500:

$SPY continues the break-out. Trade the Fibs and buy the dip until you can’t. Respect stops.

Natural Gas:

It seems to be near a low IMO, we’re watching.

Momentum Trades:

As noted above, the low float micros and small cap issues continue in momo.

Swing Trading:

As noted above, we have literally sent one out of the park after another. Continues to look good forward.


The Charting Algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

Announcements in Compound Trading Chat Room:

The weekend webinar series went very well! You will find the links to the videos of each 20 minute webinar on our Twitter feed! Such as with this;

Compound Trading Stock Chat-room Transcript:

Miscellaneous chatter may be removed.

Announcements in room:

08:50 am Curtis M : PreMarket Trading Plan Wed Feb 15 $FNCX, $FIG, $CIDM, $PTX, $GRPN, $UGAZ, $UWT LINK: https://compoundtrading.com/premarket-trading-plan-wed-feb-15-fncx-fig-cidm-ptx-grpn-ugaz-uwt/

09:40 am Curtis M : Techs are working on room access issue and being able to chat issue lol – new software last night may have something to do with it but I doubt it.


Premarket chatter missed before recorder was turned on.

09:05 am Curtis M : $FNCX, $EVOK, $FG, $BSTG, $UHAZ, $UWT
09:09 am MarketMaven M : wow
09:09 am MarketMaven M : Just also nailed $EVOK with with premarket buy – all out now – up over 70%
09:10 am Lenny T : That was a great play out also
09:13 am Curtis M : congrats on those guys
09:15 am MarketMaven M : DOuble up on account haha
09:15 am MarketMaven M : 3 plays
09:19 am Lenny T : that was crazy momo
09:22 am Sammy T : congrats marketmaven
09:30 am Lenny T : $FNCX way off
09:31 am Lenny T : $FNCX over 4.50
09:31 am Curtis M : L $FNCX 4.52
09:32 am Curtis M : If it doesnt hold VWAp I will cut
09:33 am Curtis M : Out 4.38 small loss on 1000 shares
09:33 am Sammy T : Think I may go back in myself
09:34 am MarketMaven M : not the best open
09:40 am Curtis M : Techs are working on room access issue and being able to chat issue lol – new software last night may have something to do with it but I doubt it.
09:41 am Sartaj Hundal : No problems here
09:41 am Sartaj Hundal : I’d recommend using a new browser to those having issues, or updating their current one
09:41 am Curtis M : back in 5
09:46 am Mathew Waterfall : Issues for me getting into the room. In some $SWN premarket and $JNUG premarket as well
09:46 am Mathew Waterfall : Looking to trim some $JNUG already but gold actually acting well here
09:47 am MarketMaven M : ya a few reported issues
09:47 am Mathew Waterfall : Added back some $PLG here as well
09:48 am Mathew Waterfall : Worked for me to switch over from Chrome to IE if anyone has similar issues in the future on not being able to load the chat window
09:51 am MarketMaven M : whats IE?
09:51 am Mathew Waterfall : Also cut my $TRQ position in half. Hasn’t been getting the action I’ve wanted slight win there and will leave a trailer
09:51 am Mathew Waterfall : Internet Explorer MMM. I know old school
09:53 am MarketMaven M : i saw curt using oprah so i tried it but ok IE thanks
09:53 am MarketMaven M : oprah haha opra
09:54 am Mathew Waterfall : Yea I use chrome for everything so not sure where the issue was this AM but easy fix
09:55 am Sandra Q : $FFHL $KALV $CIDM on my watch
09:56 am Mathew Waterfall : Ton of call sweep action basically everywhere. Big ones are $AAPL, $BAC, $GRPN, $INVA but seeing a ton of call flow right off of the open
09:56 am Sandra Q : congrats on that double up this morning MarketMaven you’re buying aftermarket tonight
09:58 am Mathew Waterfall : $SWN watching through 9.15 area. Add there
10:05 am MarketMaven M : back in $EVOK btw at 4 though why not be a piggy
10:07 am OILQ K : way to go
10:08 am Mathew Waterfall : $JUNO into the gap
10:08 am Sammy T : twas sweet action pm
10:09 am Sammy T : whats going on with $BSTG curt?
10:11 am Mathew Waterfall : Stopped out of $UEC on the trailer I had on. Winner there and horrible action today after that opening pop
10:11 am Curtis M : $BSTG some guys I know are accumulating so on watch
10:12 am Curtis M : $SHOP at 52 week highs and I held that mother for 6 months before I dropped it for a loss last year fark
10:14 am Mathew Waterfall : Looking to start shorting up here. $TZA calls, possibly $SPY puts
10:18 am Dave D : $NOVN halt
10:19 am Mathew Waterfall : All you metals players survive that dollar spike alright?
10:19 am Mathew Waterfall : Was scary there for like 15 minutes lol
10:19 am Sammy T : I played around it all daytrading only
10:20 am Dave D : dollar hasnt been easy on me but survive
10:20 am Mathew Waterfall : nice job, so did I sammy. This range offers us great opps to play those flushes and bounces
10:21 am Mathew Waterfall : On the mic
10:21 am Dave D : got ya clear ni prob mat
10:22 am Sammy T : kk
10:25 am Curtis M : L NOVN at 6.60 cost avg sorry alert didn’t work when i pressed enter
10:26 am Curtis M : Out $NOVN 7.70 decennt win 9000 shares
10:27 am Curtis M : all good out
10:29 am Dave D : I followed on that $NOVN curt but only got .30 cents
10:30 am Lenny T : ur making a lot of sense today Mathew:)
10:30 am Lenny T : like it
10:30 am Sandra Q : I went with ya silent curt
10:30 am MarketMaven M : haha me too!!! that was nuts action
10:31 am MarketMaven M : ya you’re right lenny Mat keeps my head on lolol
10:31 am Mathew Waterfall : haha thanks Lenny, I have my days
10:31 am MarketMaven M : that was an awesome alert btw good call way to be on it guys
10:32 am MarketMaven M : what a day
10:32 am Mathew Waterfall : Oil, wow huge buiold confirmed. This is playing out like last year but the market isn’t going lower. Weird action IMO
10:33 am MarketMaven M : oil is mad science
10:34 am Mathew Waterfall : Science can only matter so much when we are at record inventory numbers
10:35 am MarketMaven M : lol
10:36 am Mathew Waterfall : Just picked up a starter amount of $UGAZ because I love a good pain trade
10:38 am Mathew Waterfall : Eyes on $LNG here along with my $SWN pos as well
10:38 am Dave D : had my finger on trigger for $UGAZ 24 times last 24 hours
10:39 am Dave D : :0
10:39 am Mathew Waterfall : Me to Dave. I just went in small with the idea that i would let it float and add if we get move downward price action. Keeping it very small allows me to not owrry about the losses as much
10:40 am Dave D : have to be on it close
10:45 am Curtis M : Going to review #EIA report crude oil trade with EPIC Algo chart in a couple minutes – if you are on obile and cant here it you can find it on my periscope anytime later
10:50 am Sammy T : oil will crash! hahahaha bear
10:50 am Curtis M : not in to the oil trade sammy? 🙂 dont blame ya
10:51 am Sammy T : not not now
10:51 am Curtis M : ha
10:53 am MarketMaven M : should just follow that epic thing ha
10:53 am MarketMaven M : goin on lunch has a big day cya soon
10:55 am Sandra Q : good idea me too
10:57 am Mathew Waterfall : Sense all the cool kids are doing it, gonna take a quick break back in a few
10:59 am Curtis M : kk
10:59 am Sammy T : ha
11:16 am MarketMaven M : not much goin on I think i will go back for a bubbly: now:)
11:16 am Lenny T : queen today!
11:17 am Lenny T : I have’t left yet going now
11:17 am Lenny T : lunhc
11:26 am Curtis M : crude came off pretty heavy there but stopped at that dotted white algo fib line
11:27 am Curtis M : gotta remember those fri targets are weak just saynig
11:31 am Mathew Waterfall : Not much going on on my end but I did reset everything and got the chat to open inChrome so that’s a win
11:31 am Lenny T : winners!
11:32 am OILK K : $FUN looks FUN at 52 week highs too! Winner
11:33 am OILQ K : fun nnny
11:33 am OILQ K : luv
11:34 am Mathew Waterfall : $TZA Mar 24c’s at .15. First short stab here
11:34 am Lenny T : GL!
11:34 am Sandra Q : Gonna need it Mat! 🙂 careful
11:34 am Dave D : cheeky
11:36 am Mathew Waterfall : We’ll see. Trading optiosn means defined risk up front. Take the size you’re comfortable with. It goes to 0 and I won’t loose any sleep over it
11:37 am Mathew Waterfall : Feel free to timestamp this right or wrong howeve
11:38 am Dave D : ha timestamp! men are always right anyway
11:39 am Mathew Waterfall : We’ll call that $IWM 139 and see where we go from here. with a month until expiration on those bad boys
11:57 am Mathew Waterfall : $PLG on a ripper from this morning. These smaller names should come to life shortly
11:58 am MarketMaven M : ! $PLG I missed it
12:01 pm Mathew Waterfall : I hit a readd this morning on the weakness, looking for 2.50’s then 4’s long term
12:06 pm MarketMaven M : wow!
12:28 pm MarketMaven M : curt AC investor watching your screen?
12:28 pm NewbiHH O : Hi guys
12:28 pm MarketMaven M : hey newbi
12:28 pm NewbiHH O : hi
12:29 pm Curtis M : whu u ask MM?
12:29 pm MarketMaven M : he just longed $PRKR and you’ve had it up for last 45 mins … curious if u guys know ieach other
12:30 pm NewbiHH O : did u guys nail the oil today?
12:30 pm Curtis M : ah nope
12:30 pm NewbiHH O : that report was confusing again..
12:30 pm Curtis M : nice wins this morning btw MM nice double up
12:31 pm NewbiHH O : nice
12:31 pm MarketMaven M : EIA report? newbi
12:31 pm NewbiHH O : yes..
12:31 pm NewbiHH O : i thought it was a short..but it ripped
12:31 pm MarketMaven M : ya I think thats why Curt gave up trading his method ad follows EPIC lolololol cry
12:32 pm MarketMaven M : that happened to curt not long ago too
12:32 pm NewbiHH O : that happen to me last week..lol
12:32 pm MarketMaven M : last week i think
12:32 pm MarketMaven M : ya
12:32 pm MarketMaven M : he was freaknh mad
12:33 pm MarketMaven M : $PRKR curt!
12:33 pm MarketMaven M : nice call
12:33 pm Curtis M : got it from bottoms up twitter feed
12:34 pm NewbiHH O : what price at $PRKR?
12:35 pm MarketMaven M : curt just put it on screen an hour or go or so maybe 45 mins ago
12:35 pm Curtis M : not in it
12:36 pm NewbiHH O : oh
12:37 pm MarketMaven M : lowfloater again
12:39 pm NewbiHH O : $WIX near $62
12:39 pm NewbiHH O : /zb
12:40 pm NewbiHH O : $AIG
12:41 pm NewbiHH O : I only made one trade today..$AIG
12:41 pm NewbiHH O : oil spooked me again..
12:41 pm MarketMaven M : work out?
12:41 pm MarketMaven M : the trade?
12:42 pm NewbiHH O : yeah..shorted it at open
12:42 pm MarketMaven M : nice
12:42 pm NewbiHH O : thx
12:43 pm NewbiHH O : edit
12:43 pm NewbiHH O : edit
12:43 pm Dave D : $EDIT JIG
12:43 pm NewbiHH O : dang it..cant short it
12:44 pm NewbiHH O : any news ?
12:44 pm Dave D : $prkNOT SURE
12:45 pm Dave D : sorry not sure
12:45 pm NewbiHH O : ah…$edit
12:54 pm Lenny T : $WIX $BAC the two I’m looking at for EOD entries
12:54 pm Lenny T : and $AMZN
01:01 pm NewbiHH O : $WIX 15min looks like a RBI
01:02 pm Mathew Waterfall : $WIX is a smoker. Seems like tripple digits are in its future
01:04 pm NewbiHH O : $EDIT baout to pop
01:10 pm NewbiHH O : $RDUS about to pop..but tape slow
01:10 pm Mathew Waterfall : natty flush
01:11 pm NewbiHH O : ah…
01:12 pm Mathew Waterfall : 200 day around 2.89 which it bounced off of yesterday so watching that for support
01:21 pm Mathew Waterfall : What you thinking here on natty Curt? It’s a tough one to read
01:22 pm Curtis M : vol may no tbe low enough yet on daily – may not be bottom
01:23 pm NewbiHH O : /ng if we dont get a2.931 bove we test 2.909?
01:23 pm Edward Johansson : hi guys, who should I message for support? just wondering about sms service
01:24 pm Mathew Waterfall : Lower vol than summer bottom and similar to fall but yea not a ton in the futures
01:24 pm Curtis M : hi Ed sure ya email in if u dont mind
01:24 pm Edward Johansson : cool, will do
01:24 pm Curtis M : afternoon seeson just getting going
01:24 pm Curtis M : thanks 🙂
01:25 pm Mathew Waterfall : I’mn looking for a clear 2.951 or risk another 200 day Newbi
01:25 pm NewbiHH O : ah..got it
01:26 pm Mathew Waterfall : We tested abover there but couldn’t hold it. That’s yesterdays high and VWAp at 2.957 so short term what I’m watching
01:26 pm Curtis M : The chart bot has naioed the buys recent on daiily natty
01:26 pm NewbiHH O : ah ha
01:26 pm NewbiHH O : thats the one on the screen
01:26 pm Curtis M : the blue
01:26 pm Curtis M : 4 buy alerts would have been decent
01:27 pm NewbiHH O : okay.. do you have a youtube vid? i was wondering about the screen..haha
01:27 pm NewbiHH O : $EVOK poop
01:28 pm Curtis M : lol Mat hate to put your financial life in the hands of a chart bot but …. lol
01:28 pm NewbiHH O : anyone watching $CTIB ? low vol..but popping
01:29 pm Curtis M : should rip on the 200 u would think tho
01:29 pm Mathew Waterfall : Im so small in $UGAZ I don’t really care lol
01:29 pm Mathew Waterfall : I’m watching this while metals and currency figures itself out
01:29 pm Sartaj Hundal : Newbie, can you email info@compoundtrading.com?
01:30 pm Curtis M : still think its 200 day
01:30 pm Curtis M : sorry 200 ma or 2.70 at worst
01:31 pm Mathew Waterfall : another 200 day touch would make it a nice double bottom. I have a ton of levels in the 2.6’s on my chart so there is some more support down there as well but obviously a long way to fal
01:32 pm NewbiHH O : ah.. isee
01:35 pm Curtis M : best math we have says 2.70 and i think 2.45
01:38 pm Mathew Waterfall : How do you figure 2.45? Moving into summer season with a lot of support below makes that a tough conclsuion for me
01:39 pm Curtis M : 2.45 based on sesame street only doesnt go any further lol
01:40 pm Mathew Waterfall : I’m not saying you’re wrong lol I just can’t get that far. I take trades like this level to level. If we break the 200 and close below I will pitch my small position until it firms
01:40 pm Curtis M : june 12 2013
01:41 pm Curtis M : ya who knows
01:42 pm Curtis M : wish we had the math down on it
01:42 pm Mathew Waterfall : Funny I was thinking we are in a similar pattern as 2012 into 2013 off of that low
01:42 pm Mathew Waterfall : April 2012 low and chart looks about similar from last springs low
01:43 pm Curtis M : very possible
01:48 pm NewbiHH O : SLAB
01:49 pm NewbiHH O : DXTR
01:49 pm Dave D : add $TRCH
01:50 pm Mathew Waterfall : $EEM seeing some flows here as well. Forget who asked about that last week
01:50 pm NewbiHH O : lol.. missed that bounce with .04 onn $SLAB.. -.-
01:56 pm Sammy T : $zsan TIME
01:56 pm Sammy T : $SPY time
01:56 pm Sammy T : my time
01:58 pm Sammy T : shkreli short
02:20 pm Dave D : adding last 1/3 to $EWZ swing
02:21 pm Cara R : $EWZ been in it for a few weeks Dave, positive I think
02:22 pm Curtis M : $ZSAN look at that Stoch RSI
02:22 pm Curtis M : on the 3 just reved flat at 11
02:23 pm MarketMaven M : i have some of that oink oink
02:33 pm Mathew Waterfall : Pit close and OPEX done. Oil might see some movement into the end of the week with that out of the way
02:35 pm Sammy T : I wish the FEd would just shut the f up and ya shut up would help
02:35 pm Mathew Waterfall : Don’t we all Sammy, don’t we all
02:37 pm NewbiHH O : $NVRO
02:37 pm Sammy T : $NVRO what?
02:39 pm Sandra Q : $NVRO spike Sam
02:50 pm Sandra Q : Power Hour better be power hour
02:51 pm Mathew Waterfall : Feels like someone turned off the market and it’s just melting up sooooo slowly
02:52 pm Greg L : yup
02:54 pm NewbiHH O : $CYTX
02:55 pm NewbiHH O : AIRM
02:59 pm NewbiHH O : NVRO about to pop again
03:00 pm NewbiHH O : looking for 97 if pops
03:02 pm NewbiHH O : meh
03:02 pm NewbiHH O : no vol coming at the high..
03:03 pm NewbiHH O : done for today.. cu guys tomorrow
03:03 pm NewbiHH O : bye
03:05 pm Mathew Waterfall : Have a good night
03:05 pm Lenny T : ccya mat
03:05 pm Lenny T : oh newbie
03:05 pm Lenny T : got it was studying
03:06 pm Sandra Q : me2
03:06 pm Mathew Waterfall : Slow day, see yall tomorrow for some hopefolly better action. Feel like I’ve been saying tht for the past week
03:07 pm Sandra Q : ya
03:07 pm MarketMaven M : pre market baby
03:30 pm Mathew Waterfall : Turn your dictionary to a picture of a blow off top and this is what it looks like. Frustrating part is it can go on for a while. Keeping my trades small and tight right now because my macro bias won’t let me get too long into this thing
03:31 pm Sammy T : same
03:32 pm Mathew Waterfall : As a day trade you don’t need to trade all day every day. This is great patience practice for me if nothing else
03:42 pm Nicholas Winton : watch $ICLD over next week or so- nice bottoming chart
03:49 pm Sandra Q : thank you nich quiet afternoon
03:49 pm Sandra Q : iafter a carzy premarket today
03:49 pm Sandra Q : i guess i should go bye bye see you all\
03:50 pm MarketMaven M : by asandy!
03:50 pm MarketMaven M : thanks for being my partner in bank this morning
03:50 pm Mathew Waterfall : See yall tomorrow am. Maybe I’ll join you for some of this premarket action that I hear so much about lol
03:50 pm MarketMaven M : yeah!
03:50 pm MarketMaven M : i am leaving now tooooo shopping\
03:51 pm Sandra Q : night all
03:52 pm Mathew Waterfall : A little color on that rumor I was talking about earlier if interested
03:52 pm Mathew Waterfall : https://twitter.com/LONGCONVEXITY/status/831968801084338176/photo/1
03:52 pm Lenny T : cool
03:59 pm Lenny T : bye
04:00 pm Curtis M : nite all

Be safe out there!

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