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Swing Trading Earnings Special Report (Members) Mon Aug 6 $BABA, $BA, $ARWR, $EDIT, $C, $DIS, $PSTG, $MXIM, $ATHM, $BWA, $LIT, $FB more.

Swing Trading Report. In this Special Earnings Season (Member Edition) Monday Aug 6, 2018: $SPY, $VIX, $DXY, $GTHX, $ARWR,

Swing Trading Report. In this Special Earnings Season (Member Edition) Monday Aug 6, 2018: $SPY, $VIX, $DXY, $GTHX, $ARWR, $EDIT, $C, $DIS, $PSTG, $MXIM, $ATHM, $BWA, $LIT, $BA, $BABA, $FB and more.

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Mid Day Trade Set-Ups Webinar Video:

IMPORTANT: This video gets in to detailed trading levels to watch in your swing trades and also had a number of how to use our charting explanations. Very important to review the video and not just the summary below.

Mid Day Member Webinar – Swing Trading Set-ups Summary (from July 31 mid day review, published August 6, 2018):


Swing Trading Special Earnings Season Report to cover trading the chart set-ups. Mid day review sessions will become the premise for our next major Q3 and Q4 positioning in the stock market.

We are reviewing all one hundred equities we have in coverage on our swing trading platform – all over the next ten days or so for earnings trading season.

Trade alerts are reviewed in this video that triggered today.

Be sure to actually watch this video as the summary below is only for reference and doesn’t give a whole picture for any of the trade set-ups listed.

All quoted support and resistance are approximate.

June 27 Swing Trading Regular Report is referenced in this special earnings report. Members can reference that report for charts you may need (or review the video) as all the charting is not included in the report below due to weekly reporting time constraints.

Tickers covered; $SPY, $VIX, $DXY, $GTHX, $ARWR, $EDIT, $C, $DIS, $PSTG, $MXIM, $ATHM, $BWA, $LIT, $BA, $BABA, $FB

SP500 $SPY 278.71 support, 283.71 288.91 resistance.

Volatility $VIX – End of time cycle week, ish On watch.

US Dollar $DXY – 95.62 Aug 28 upside target and 93.50 Aug 28 in bearish scenario.

$GTHX – Price targets in bullish scenario 53.64 58.09 Aug 27, and downside scenario on same day 44.42 and 40.04.

$ARWR – Lost mid quad support, price target 16.00 ish Nov 26 23.88 in more bullish scenario or 8.93 in a sell-off.

$EDIT – 27.87 22.93 18.12 are downside targets and 48.00 ish is most bullish scenario with other targets on way up. Sept 21 time cycle completion. Trading plan detail on video.

CitiGroup $C – Hit support numerous times, at 200 MA on daily, 86.40 upside price target Oct 17, lower target is 73.80 60.37 Oct 17. Over 73.70 is long side trade alert pivot.

Disney $DIS – In to a resistance cluster. Excellent upside trade trajectory, very predictable in structure. Trade alerts from reports has been excellent – fantastic trade. 117.34 upside price target scenario 110.46 bearish same day Sept 6 time cycle peak. Video details the trading plan.

Pure Storage $PSTG – Earnings in 26 days, current trading structure explained on video. Price targets are 15.96, 19.23 in a sell-off 22.68 for Oct 1, bullish 25.85 and then 30.00 range same day. Over 22.58 is a long.

MAXIM $MXIM – Red lines on chart are historical support and resistance, over 65.00 long side trigger, main resistance 74.80, downside support 50 MA or 56.50 ish.

Autohome $ATHM – near support 92.20, time cycle just ending, careful with this one, not easy where it is, trading 96.44 intra 110.18 main resistance, downside sell off target scenario 74.25 area on chart and upside most bullish target possible is 110.50 and 128.40 Apr 2019 in large structure.

$BWA – Last report I alerted that the sell-off should be finished. Technically a perfect trade. Price target has been hit. Trading plan is other side of earnings a 46.60 trade alert alarm set for over 45.60 ish targeting 54.20 Jan 8, 2019 and to downside 42.81 is price target and 38.86 in a complete sell-off.

Global Lithium $LIT – Pinched between 20 MA and 100 MA and under main pivot. Possible sidewinder set up that is explained in video in large chart structure.

Boeing $BA – It is n the other side of earnings, threatening break-out but price is so far above 200 MA on weekly chart, so I don’t like it so much. However, Stochastic RSI is trending up again but MACD is not. Set alarm trade alert for when MACD turns for a review.

$BABA – Earnings in 23 days, price near structural pivot, SQZMOM green Stoch RSI trending down and a decision has to be made at 200 MA. 177 ish is downside price target in a sell-off scenario in advance of earnings which is very possible considering the last earnings dump (in to earnings). Trading plan details in video. No algorithmic model built for this yet however we are planning to when in next trade (when we get a retrace we will enter this trade). All equities we follow will get models in advance of machine trading for each.

Facebook $FB – Last sell-off earlier in year we nailed it, it is again doing the same thing it did last time. Trading plan reviewed on video. Personal target 181.63 Aug 9. Various support and resistance levels on chart discussed on video.

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Charts and Chart Links re: Member Version.

(Mailing list versions that may be made available from time to time may not include charting or chart links and may or may not be published in a timely rotation).

If you have any questions about this special earnings trading report message me anytime. If you do not know how to take advantage of algorithmic structured trading charts please consider basic trade coaching of at least 3 hours to get on the winning side of your trading – you will find details here.



I get a lot of Questions about How to Trade our models, this vid has 5 min explanation at 1:00 min-6:00 min. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrXbE7lojAg&t=3s … – Fib Trendlines, Trading structure/quads, Price targets, Main support resistance (buy sell triggers), Time cycles, Moving averages, Trading trims/adds.

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