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Swing Trading Report (Mailing List Edition): Earnings Charting July 24 $RIOT, $CELG, $ARWR, $EXTR, $EDIT, $SOHU, $ESPR, $LPSN, $XOMA …

Share this:Special Earnings Season Swing Trading Report and Video for July 24, 2018 (Part B). In this Edition: OIL,

Share this:

Special Earnings Season Swing Trading Report and Video for July 24, 2018 (Part B).

In this Edition: OIL, $WTI, $SPY, $DXY, $CELG, $RIOT, $ARWR, $GTHX, $EXTR, $EDIT, $IPI, $MBRX, $SOHU, $PDLI, $ESPR, $LPSN, $XOMA and more.

What’s New!

The Mid Day Trade Set-Ups Video:

Trade set-ups on this video; OIL, $WTI, $SPY, $DXY, $CELG, $RIOT, $ARWR, $GTHX, $EXTR, $EDIT, $IPI, $MBRX, $SOHU, $PDLI, $ESPR, $LPSN, $XOMA and more. 

Mid Day Chart Swing Trading Set-ups July 24, 2018 Summary:

July 24 Swing Trading Special Earnings Season Report (mailing list version) that will become the premise for our next major entries.

Stocks reviewed on this 2nd video in the series for earnings: OIL, $WTI, $SPY, $DXY, $CELG, $RIOT, $ARWR, $GTHX, $EXTR, $EDIT, $IPI, $MBRX, $SOHU, $PDLI, $ESPR, $LPSN, $XOMA.

We are reviewing all one hundred equities we have in coverage on our swing trading platform – all over the next ten days or so for earnings trading season.

This is from June 24 report cycle (last time these equities were reported to members) and now reviewed July 24, 2018. Members can refer to that report for charting to reference in the video (if not included below).

OIL $WTI – Looking for a sizeable entry at decision on the resistance on-deck trading 68..81. Waiting on the decision either side of resistance.

$SPY SP500 – Near target hit in time frame from yesterday’s video alert long trigger over 281 ish and came close to price target 282.46. Missing most bullish target but close. 283.80 next resistance, then 285.24. Intra day support 281.10 main support 278.64 for quad trading range Aug 2. 289.07 Aug 2 bullish scenario targets 294.25 then 299.53 in the model.

US Dollar $DXY – main pivot 94.54 in this structure and trading intra day just above. 96.50 – 97 is upside bullish target if price gets over light blue downtrending TL line. Trading channels are also discussed on video as is lower support.

$CELG – 87.84 resistance at quad wall (down trending TL Fibonacci) upside targets if it runs 86.12 88.70, 91.60 96.10 July 25. Earnings in two days.

$RIOT – entries 7.30s to 7.60s ish today and released on its way up in to the 8s. Fantastic day trade. Swing trading most bullish price target resistance 9.70s.

$ARWR – Earnings 14 days trading 16.61 intra day, took a first 30% sizing trade on a swing long a little higher on the day. 16.25 main support. Will add on pullbacks at supports discussed in video. Low 20s is the price target range. Trading plan scenarios for upside and downside trade are discussed on video and sizing for each scenario.

$GTHX – Trade is at mid quad primary range resistance so a decision is near. 49.01 is buy side trigger if it holds on any given day at close. Main support 44.40 in structure. Pull back buy triggers are discussed on video.

$EXTR – Indicators are up but Stoch RSI is really high, short side alert worked, Sept 5th 7.16 lower price target in sell-off, support test at 8.49 trading 8.78. Earnings 15 days. If it gets bullish 9.29 resistance with 9.95 bullish target Sept 5 and I would be very cautious.

$EDIT – Algorithm model trade is predictable hitting price targets through the channel. Intra sitting on mid quad support and 200 MA. Channel in chart. Symmetry is excellent. Downside support is 30.53 quad wall intra, 28.00 support in sell off and 25.55 support. 27.93 price target Sept 29 in a downside. Trading plan discussed in video and how it should trade through the channel.

$IPI Intrepid Potash – 200 MA upside resistance on weekly chart. Would be nice to see MACD down and turn for an entry. Alarming chart for a possible breach of 200 MA to upside.

$MBRX – Main pivot 2.46 has held and this is a fantastic short each time it gets in that area of resistance.

$SOHU – Long long term trend is down, MACD trending down, earnings on deck in 6 days. Iffy chart, I would be cautious with this one.

$PDLI – Short side worked, we never did see buy trigger hit in dump, resistance areas for upside 2.92 3.05 3.21. Earnings in 12 days. Over 200 MA I may be interested in a trade.

$ESPR – Wash-out was an okay trade set up, MACD is about to turn up on the weekly structure, Stoch RSI is turned up. It is above 200 MA. Looking better. 49.60 main resistance trading 43.35. 20 50 MA weekly will be next resistance after 49.60. Trade trigger over 44.63 is a serious look.

$LPSN LivePerson – Indicators are all up, earnings in 8 days, bulls have bought in to earnings, main resistance 25.10 ish and support around 20.40 and trading 24.35 intra. Watching for a break over 25.10 ish. Not interested in a pull back buy unless it got to 20 MA. Watch the main resistance 25.90. Mid pivot main 23.50 (trading right above intra day).

$XOMA – Trade below bottom target, trading at main pivot intra day, not sure which direction it will take. Likely see some upside but unsure, 26.70 is main buy zone consideration. Will review then.

Charts and Chart Links for Member Version Only

(Mailing list versions that may be made available from time to time do not include charting or chart links).

For charts that are not included below but are on the video, members can refer to most recent swing trading report that has the chart and/or chart link.



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