Good evening all!

A quick note to our membership / subscribers / chat room attendees in advance of our media release and social blitz set to trickle start in a few hours escalating in to the end of the month.

There are many media releases / social network announcements on-deck between now and May 1 with new developments in our growth such as; machine coding of our algorithms (we’re starting with Oil and Bitcoin May 1), next¬†Trading Bootcamp, new coding & machine learning staffing / office, completion of trade coaching – trading location as of now and the new All Access Legacy Membership (allowing all access to our services for legacy members and all access via webcam to my trading desk) – and more.

Watch your email inbox for announcements / press releases.

Anyway, to the point…

At this link there are a list of Spring Sale Promo Codes for select services we have deep discounted.

There are only ten promo codes assigned to each item and the discounts are deep discounts (hence the reason members get some advance notice – albeit only a few hours). The exception (to the 10 promo codes) is the Trading BootCamp as there are only 2 spots left. The All Access Membership is detailed at that link above also.

Have a great week trading and if there’s anything you need let me know! You can get me in the Discord Room, on social by direct message or email

Off to run weekly charting and reports.