Home Depot Trade: Swing Trade and Day Trade.

Home Depot is trading 185.36 pre-market down 2.43% on earnings guidance.

The News Story Link:

Home Depot Misses Q4 Earnings on Interline Charge; Sees Softer 2019 Profit #swingtrading $HD #earnings https://www.thestreet.com/investing/earnings/home-depot-misses-q4-earnings-on-interline-charge-sees-softer-2019-profit-14877506

The Chart:


Home Depot, stock, premarket, earnings

HOME DEPOT (HD) down 2.43% trading 185.36 premarket on earnings guidance #earnings $HD #premarket

How to Trade It:

Key Support 174.30 area trading 185’s in premarket so 174’s is quite a ways down, however, I think it is possible.

Key Resistance 191.00 area. Anything under 191 seems short bias to 174 s.

Watch the 182 s on way down (trading box support) and the 200 MA on the 4 hour.

On the day trade side of things, use the horizontal support and resistance levels on the chart for the trade. I will alert as I trade it also.



How to Trade Facebook (FB) Earnings. Monday Trade in Facebook – Stock $STUDY Preparation. Technical Charting for Swing Trading and Day Trading. Member Edition of Report.

Trading Plan for Facebook, Inc. (FB), July 28 2018.

Monday I expect a big day for Facebook trade post earnings. What a fantastic opportunity to see some great day trading returns and possibly swing trade Facebook with large sizing.

In this follow-up report to the one published last week (Trading Facebook (FB) Earnings Wash-out on Revenue Growth Warning) are follow-up technical charting details for trading Facebook. The technical charts below will assist you on short time frame daytrading premarket and and market open and for entries toward swing trading possibilities.

If you are unaware of what occurred last week with Facebook earnings, this article explains: 

Facebook has the WORST day in Wall Street history as shares plunge 19% and $119 billion is wiped off company’s value, as analyst predicts more misery to come for the social media giant.

As mentioned in part one of this special report;

The last time we traded a Facebook wash-out the trade was one of our biggest winners of 2018 (thus far). We nailed the bottom of the sell-off and we followed the trade through as it gained upside until today. We have been out of the trade for a few weeks now in anticipation for today’s earnings announcement.

Below is one of many alerts issued to members in the last Facebook sell-off, we were in nice and early and banked considerably as a result:

$FB Facebook long side trade from 153.40 Mar 28 buy side trigger now testing buy sell trigger 167.51. See chart notes. #swingtrading

FB, long side, trade alert

$FB Facebook long side trade 153.40 Mar 28 buy side trigger testing buy sell trigger 167.51. See chart notes. #swingtrading

You can find the April 11, 2018 Facebook trade article from our blog here:

$FB Facebook Long Set-Up Testing Buy Sell Trigger #swingtrading (Public Edition)

Facebook Trading Plan:

Facebook (FB) “On the Fly” Charting Model – Daytrading Chart with buy sell triggers for Monday. $FB #facebook #chart

Member version of this report is distributed in real-time (not delayed) and includes (in addition to a static chart) a link below to a live interactive Facebook daytrading chart on Trading View (with all technical levels).

Buy / sell triggers on the short time frame per chart (intended for short term day-trading):







FACEBOOK (FB) Closed Friday just above 50% Fibonacci retrace pivot in trading structure alerted to members $FB #swingtrade #daytrade

My trading plan includes watching the Fibonacci retrace pivot noted at 174.60. Trade above is a long to diagonal down slope trendline that trade used as resistance last week. I won’t likely be shorting as the sell-off likely has the stock in an over-sold position (to be determined).

If trade loses the pivot then I will be looking to the lower uptrending Fibonacci trendline (bottom of quad) for long positions and then trimming (as above) at Fibonacci downtrending diagonal quad wall.

For ease the chart has the lines highlighted in green. When trade moves to the next part of the trading structure I will trade the next structure in a similar manner.

The time price targets are on the chart as red circles and are always at the main buy sell trigger points at the mid quad, top of quad, and lower quad. Trade the FB stock in the direction of trend in the trading structure toward the price targets (date for each price target is listed at the bottom of the chart).

I will be trading FB in premarket Monday and the live trading room will be open. I will also send alerts to our Swing Trading and Day Trading alert feeds as possible as trade develops.


Facebook, trading, plan, swing, day trading, chart, earnings

FACEBOOK (FB) Closed Friday just above 50% Fibonacci retrace pivot in trading structure alerted to members $FB #swingtrade #daytrade

If you have any questions about this special Facebook trading report message me anytime. If you do not know how to take advantage of algorithmic structured trading charts please consider basic trade coaching of at least 3 hours to get on the winning side of your trading – you will find details here.



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Review of my Stock DayTrades for Monday October 31, 2016.

My day online with wallstreet started about 8 hours before market open… getting my Pre Market Report ready… because of course it was our first day in our new chat room!


And ohhhh it was a good one (the premarket report)… and then WHAM! we were given our first opportunities in patience this morning when the internet throttled everything … I mean everything we were doing (my mobile couldn’t even run my twitter feed for the first hour let alone bandwidth intensive software), we couldn’t onboard many guests and more lol… so it will be nice when our permanent offices here are set-up soon. Until then we will continue on (with some minor aggravations like limited screen share but most issues we have arranged temporary solutions to get by).

Anyway… it actually worked out ok anyway because the market was really quite in the morning – especially the momentum plays… they did come alive but faded and there was no power hour to speak of. I did have the miners set for a possible buy and they did run – but I would have been light because I am pensive about running too far with them too fast – but soon I think they’re gone along with metals…. so it is a balance.

Momentum Stocks

The stock scanners are working really well (here’s a free stock scanner from Finviz if you’d like), that was proven in the room this morning. I looked on my Twitter feed (did symbol searches to see who was on it first) and our alerts with momentum stocks were within seconds of the first alerts – which considering that is not our primary trading thing… not bad I suppose.

$BCRD was the first momentum stock with a halt. I took an entry at 10.46 (missed the initial spike after halt – it really hit unusually hard there)… then added at 10.61 looking for follow through to 10.94.

$BRCD Stock Trade

$BRCD Stock Trade


Of course in the chat room the folks in there knew in advance of my Twitter stream what I was doing and where I added and where I was trimming. The voice broadcasting in the trade room seems to be an asset for sure – I think I and the other traders will find it useful (very quick and efficient and right on top of the action).

Then $NVCN was on a rocket ship…

And there were other plays – so we shared the charts, some  voice broadcast and plays on $INTX, $HMNY, $NTD, $TWTR, $CETX, $BRCD, $NVCN, $ATOS, $AUY and my favorite miss of the day YUP because I was distracted $JNUG and I guess $TVIX or $UVXY.

Crude Oil $USOIL $WTI

Crude had an awful day but it gave me a chance to trail out of my large swing position in $DWTI from a few weeks back in 1/3 chunks so that worked really for me – for my second win of the day.

Through-out the day in the room I was looking for a bounce in crude over and over again because of course it normally bounces at trend-line support, Fibonacci retracements, or algorithmic trend-lines…. but nope it did not so I did not take a day-trade on $UWTI or any oil small cap stocks etc.

I see this evening it did get lift and IT GOT LIFT RIGHT WHERE I WAS GOING TO TAKE A TRADE EOD in the chat-room but decided against it.

Crude Oil FX $USOIL $WTI Worksheet

Crude Oil FX $USOIL $WTI Worksheet

The mornings pre-market report will be YUGE!