Review of my Chat Room Stock Day Trades for Monday Nov 7, 2016.


Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat is deleted for this post) .

Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade evidence (also in permanent archive – I’ll start sharing videos soon – just one more thing on the to-do list lol).

In addition to chat (per below), this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.

Today’s Trades

Today was a very frustrating day!!! I didn’t want to stress on it while in chat room but my exchange data problem from ICE (see post earlier) almost sent me over the edge because of course I thought IN PART it was our fault or something… so we ran test after test on our software and hardware almost until 2 PM lol!!! Then, we find out it wasn’t our problem at all ha ha ha.

WHICH, that reminds me…. we have so much to do around here getting set-up that I can’t say exactly when this is going to start but I am going to test my ability to compound small accounts and shoot for either a 3 month or more likely a 6 month 10k to 1.14 MM compound on a small account – we just need a few days to form our plan and then we’ll start posting daily on it. 6 months BTW would be about 4 times as fast so instead of 1% per day that would be 4% per day compound (or 4 successful 1% trades per day and with 1 or 2 not working that’s basically a trade an hour – NOT EASY BUT POSSIBLE). If you are wondering what this “compound stock trading” is and how my goal is to take 10k accounts from 10k to 1MM in 26 months or less follow the link.

Chat Room Log / Trades

09:18 am Curtis Melonopoly : $VIX $UWTI (oil for bounce) $NTEC $NILE $CEMP $BIIB $IONS $APVO $DTLK $CTB $WATT
09:22 am Curtis Melonopoly : $VIX $UWTI (oil for bounce) $NTEC $NILE $CEMP $BIIB $IONS $APVO $DTLK $LIVE $CTB $WATT $LC $TROV

Above was my morning watchlist for morning momo plays… I try to get them out sooner but the stocks develop as the morning progresses… anyway, the reason I am commenting on this is that over time we will have a much more comprehensive pre-market session for prep for these plays… it isn’t our current core, but we will have this developed over next few months.

09:22 am Curtis Melonopoly : Watching market open for momentum stocks.
09:23 am Curtis Melonopoly : Trading view charting lag is actually from tradingview itself this morning – they say it will be fixed soon. There is a notice on each chart when loading.
09:24 am Curtis Melonopoly : $VIX $UWTI (oil for bounce) $NTEC $NILE $CEMP $BIIB $IONS $APVO $DTLK $LIVE $CTB $WATT $TXMD $LC
09:29 am Curtis Melonopoly : Here we go – strap in – GL!
09:34 am Curtis Melonopoly : Watching oil for a bounce and momos right now
09:37 am Curtis Melonopoly : Looking at $UWTI long

I had the FX: $USOIL $WTI play pegged early in day because I knew the market was in bull mode and oil has been depressed – so in other words it had a catalyst and I have indicators and technical tooling most traders don’t… so I just need it to move (up or down).
09:37 am Curtis Melonopoly : That alpha algo TL line (red) is in play
09:45 am Curtis Melonopoly : No morning momos for me this morning.

There actually were some morning momentum stocks I likely would have entered (especially as the morning progressed – but the charts and my tilting because of it left me no logical option – trading while tilted is not good).
09:46 am Curtis Melonopoly : Watching for standard play in oil, Gold, silver, VIX, SPY or continued momentum’s – back in a few mins.
09:51 am Curtis Melonopoly : Watching oil for bounce for entry…. not convinced
09:52 am Curtis Melonopoly : Also watching for follow-through with some gainers and momentum’s
09:54 am Curtis Melonopoly : So I’m going to contact a few larger oil traders I know and see what they see the oil market doing over next 48 hours – back in 10 or so – I don’t like where it bounced here or the volume
10:03 am Curtis Melonopoly : Here’s crude oil first test to upside
10:04 am Curtis Melonopoly : Very weak – but it can go
10:04 am Curtis Melonopoly : So here comes support test
10:05 am Curtis Melonopoly : Thin purple line is traditional support trend line and red algo TL
10:11 am Curtis Melonopoly : On phone with oil trader I know… back in 15 min at most.
10:12 am Curtis Melonopoly : Upper arrow upside potential intra, lower arrow is low potential intra and mid arrow algo line – tough play mid range with oil
10:31 am george d : Curtis almost done calls back in 5 …
10:37 am Curtis Melonopoly : No conviction in oil buying… only way I can take a trade long is at the lower diagonal trendline (blue)
10:38 am Curtis Melonopoly : So I will set alarms for oil and then look at trending stocks intra for entries
10:38 am susan woo : Curtis, how do your gold/silver/miners algo look?
10:39 am susan woo : I recall you saying you were interested in AUMN last week
10:39 am susan woo : Tnanks:)
10:41 am Curtis Melonopoly : Hey Susan… sory about not seeing your question last week… my pre and post newsletters kind of touch on it… we’re waiting for election… without election consideration I was looking for downdraft then long… tough call till election – Hillary Trump war unpredictable
10:41 am Curtis Melonopoly : Ok going to look at trending intra stocks for entries – back soon
11:09 am Curtis Melonopoly : A lot of chasing here… still running screens… likely won’t be in any plays until lunch / afternoon session with trending solid indicators only for now.
11:13 am Curtis Melonopoly : Guys and gals… if you’re concerned with public posts be sure you sign in anonymous – like now lol – it’s a public room
11:14 am Curtis Melonopoly : So I’m running screeners on trending stocks for afternoon session. Also checking our algos for Oil, Gold, Silver, VIX, SPY for aft session.
11:24 am Mathew Waterfall : Just popped in to say I’m all out of those VXX puts. Worked very nicely holding over the weekend. Reloading a bit in JNUG and GDX calls that I got out of last week for another pop. Won’t trade much between now and Wednesday with clown show going on
11:28 am Mathew Waterfall : Also to note, interesting call spread options in GLD for those looking for a play there. Calls are pretty juiced on the high end making spreads attractive
11:32 am Curtis Melonopoly : Watching $FCX, $TWTR (rumors again), $DRNA, $IMPV, Crude for 43.40 ish $UWTI entry, $VIX , and rumors with NATO re: Russia… still running scans for afternoon
11:33 am Curtis Melonopoly : Grabbing quick lunch back in 30 to get some wins in bag
12:25 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $VIX starting to curl up
12:34 pm Mathew Waterfall : Wouldn’t be surprised to see a pullback here. This is a lot of short covering to me and looks to have stalled a bit. Went flat on my /ES plays
12:39 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Ok back from lunch – running scans for aft plays
01:02 pm Curtis Melonopoly : SO… experiencing data issues today from exchanges – we get ours fixed and theirs goes stupid lol – so I’m on for the remainder of day – not ideal to say the least
01:10 pm Mathew Waterfall : So much noise today. I’m closing positions from this point I think. Got out of $USLV early but that’s what I get for being cautious
01:15 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Looking at $UUP for possible long pending chart
01:18 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Looking at $UUP (not sure if that alert posted)
01:18 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Ah yes it did lol
01:27 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Waiting for a decision on dollar, VIX and some other indicators before I start trading longs in market – chicken today
01:38 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Looking at $NUGT for a pullback and intra entry but… it could b too late
01:39 pm Mathew Waterfall : GDX and GLD seeing lots of love today, might not get another huge pullback in the miners
01:39 pm Mathew Waterfall : GDX BULLISH WISEGUY ACTION: Fri 11/11 24.5 CALLS (Wkly) $83k BET SWEEP / OPENING MULTI SWEEP GDX=24.01 Ref 1.1x Usual Vo
01:43 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Long $UWTI
01:48 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Filled at 18.20 in small account $UWTI
01:51 pm Curtis Melonopoly : 18.40 target in $UWTI but i
01:51 pm Curtis Melonopoly : I’m holding for a pull back and run
01:52 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Looking at a strong pit close play – hoping for 2 – 3%
01:54 pm Mathew Waterfall : Lots of sellers coming in >44.57 in /CL
01:54 pm Mathew Waterfall : Those need to get eaten up
01:57 pm Curtis Melonopoly : So 44.70 is my test area but I’m holding likely closer to pit close
02:14 pm Curtis Melonopoly :
02:18 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Looking for expanding volume really soon with pit close near – if no then cut and take some profit $UWTI #OIL
02:23 pm Curtis Melonopoly : I am going to sell in to spike before pit close if I get it $UWTI
02:28 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Out
02:29 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $UWTI 18.20 buy with a 18.80 exit on $UWTI intra 3% er
02:30 pm Curtis Melonopoly : That was a nice trade

02:45 pm Curtis Melonopoly : back for another 🙂
02:46 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Running screens back in a few
02:51 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Missed the volatility trade distracted with oil – but oil better trade 3% vs 1.5% on my entry
02:57 pm Curtis Melonopoly : I’m going to watch for $SPY failure at 212.65 ish range and consider $VIX trade w $TVIX for EOD
03:16 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Looking at $TVIX – risky
03:16 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Very short leash if I do
03:27 pm Curtis Melonopoly : $TVIX not responding well to $VIX IMO – you want that to frontrun so you’re on right side of possible error
03:28 pm Curtis Melonopoly : That’s the benefit of scalping 3 x 2 x ETF and ETN’s – you can get a buffer for error if you’re on right side but extra pain if you are on wrong.
03:37 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Well I’m gonna call it… lotsa fun coming with election and then we get in to tight technical trading with proper indicators and algorithmic trading after election… so ready for that! And I’m gonna do a 10k to 1MM in 6 mos instead of 24 mos module (4 trades a day at 1%).
03:37 pm Curtis Melonopoly : Take care:) Be Blessed!
03:42 pm GSCT . : Thanks Curtis.



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