Here’s How We Are Trading The Impending Tesla Stock Move in the Markets

Tesla stock has been a wild ride lately and with earnings scheduled after market May 2, 2018 this should be an excellent trade (either way).

Below is a trading plan for trading Tesla up or down with price targets, support and resistance levels, buy sell triggers and time cycle peaks. But first… a few announcements on what’s new at Compound Trading!

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Tesla Trading Plan

I have been posting this trade set-up for some time, and we have done well with the trades since. But here forward it could get even better. Here’s a post from April 4, 2108 on Trading View that details the Tesla trading chart structure.

Earnings catalyst:

Here’s the Nasdaq website link for Tesla earnings: Tesla, Inc. is expected* to report earnings on 05/02/2018 after market close. The report will be for the fiscal Quarter ending Mar 2018.

About Tesla:

For those that need to know a little about the company Tesla, here is the Wikipedia Tesla page link: Tesla, Inc. (formerly Tesla Motors) is an American company that specializes in electric vehicles, energy storage and solar panel manufacturing based in Palo Alto, California.

And Here is Why Tesla Could Be A Historic Trade Opportunity.

Tesla is bar none the most hated stock on Wall Street.

Tesla has the highest short interest of any major company. As I write, more than 30% of Tesla’s float is being shorted – up significantly in the last two weeks. That’s an utterly massive level of shorting for a stock with a $47 billion market capitalization. Simply put, being short Tesla is a very crowded trade right now.

And shorts are making a very big mistake.

That is a quote from this article; The Biggest Mistake Tesla Short Sellers Are Making Right Now.

And the writer could be right!

And there is a never ending array of news coverage on the Tesla story as we lead up to earnings…

Musk’s ‘no new capital’ promise faces scrutiny when Tesla reports results

Either way, our job as traders is to trade price action, so below is your technical chart set-up to trade Tesla either way for massive profit!

Here’s your technical chart set-up for trading Tesla $TSLA.

$TSLA closed April 26 at 285.48.

This set-up is a long over 280.00.

Your next major resistance is at 303.90 so be sure to trim longs in advance of that and then if resistance is breached add over that to the next resistance and then rinse and repeat. The horizontal fib lines on the chart show you support and resistance points. Also of note are the red dotted horizontal lines, they are also support and resistance lines, they represent historical support and resistance levels that can affect trade – pay some note to them also.

If 280.00 support (which is the main pivot in this trading range… mid trading quad support) then look to support at 255.60. If you’re short you will want to start covering in advance of trade getting to 255.60. If that is breached to the downside then add to your short and trim in advance of the next support on the chart.

I’ve made the chart easy to manage visually by adding white arrows to each major support and resistance level. The white arrows are your primary buy sell triggers. Note also the white arrows at the “trading quad walls”. These are Fibonacci based trend-lines that form a trading structure “quadrants”. They also act as support and resistance.

The red circles are price targets. The price targets for Nov 15, 2018 are 383.00 (bullish), 280.00 (moderate), 175.00 (bearish). Trade in accordance to price action toward the appropriate target. It is paint by numbers trading – just follow the rules and if your trade fails be sure to cut losses quickly and be ready to turn with price as needed. Trust the plan.

Here’s your technical chart set-up for trading Tesla $TSLA.

$TSLA, trading plan, chart

Here’s your technical chart set-up for trading Tesla $TSLA.

Here’s your technical chart set-up for trading Tesla $TSLA. by curtmelonopoly on

In Closing:

A few hours of trade coaching or study on exactly how to trim in to resistance and how to add to your positions on winners and how to cut losses properly and quickly will return huge dividends.

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I personally guarantee our swing trading service is one of the best in the business and it’s very reasonably priced considering the technical expertise invested in the platform.

Good luck with your Tesla trade and if you need any help message me anytime!



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Per recent;

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Market Observation:

As of 7:16 AM: US Dollar $DXY trading 90.26, Oil FX $USOIL ($WTI) trading 68.07, Gold $GLD trading 1327.31, Silver $SLV trading 16.93, $SPY trading 266.61, Bitcoin $BTC.X $BTCUSD $XBTUSD trading 8905.00 , and $VIX trading 17.02.

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$SPOT Morning Brief: Spotify rival Tencent Music preparing for IPO

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April 12 – Special Swing Report – $FB Facebook Long Set-Up Testing Buy Sell Trigger #swingtrading (Public Edition)

$FB Facebook long side trade from 153.40 Mar 28 buy side trigger now testing buy sell trigger 167.51. See chart notes. #swingtrading

Facebook, trade, setup, swingtrading, chart

$FB Facebook long side trade from 153.40 Mar 28 buy side trigger now testing buy sell tigger 167.51 #swingtrading

April 11 – Swing Trading in Review. $DIS, $C, $TSLA, $FB, $SPY, $GDX, $CELG

Charts and Chart Set-ups on Watch:

$AAOI over 32.90 targets 39.18 then 40.66. Watch for 50 MA overhead. (purple)

$AAOI, premarket, trading, plan, swing trading

$AAOI over 32.90 targets 39.18 then 40.66. Watch for 50 MA overhead. (purple)

$AGN I know it’s psychedelic but I think the time cycle is over soon and it reverses. Targets in report. #swingtrading

$SPY ended week under 50 MA (bearish) however, MACD is still trending up and earnings season in full swing.

$SPY, daily, chart, MACD, 50 MA

$SPY ended week under 50 MA (bearish) however, MACD is still trending up and earnings season in full swing.

Per previous;

Silver touch to 100 MA on Weekly. Not saying it will go… but I wouldn’t want to be short. $SLV, $USLV, $DSLV

Silver, chart, premarket, trading, plan

Silver touch to 100 MA on Weekly. Not saying it will go… but I wouldn’t want to be short. $SLV, $USLV, $DSLV

100 Day Moving Average on Monthly Oil Chart logical price target. $USOIL $WTI #OIL $USO $UWT $DWT $CL_F #OOTT

OIL, Monthly, Chart, Trading, Plan, Premarket

100 Day Moving Average on Monthly Oil Chart logical price target. $USOIL $WTI #OIL $USO $UWT $DWT $CL_F #OOTT

Gold bulls continue to press the upper resistance points on daily chart model. #Gold $GLD $GC_F $XAUUSD $NUGT $DUST

GOLD, resistance, chart

Gold bulls continue to press the upper resistance points on daily chart model. #Gold $GLD $GC_F $XAUUSD $NUGT $DUST

$GDX Gold miner trading near mid quad resistance test and perfectly on way to price target. $NUGT $DUST $JNUG $JDST

$GDX, Gold, Miner, Chart, $DUST, $NUGT

$GDX Gold miner trading near mid quad resistance test and perfectly on way to price target. $NUGT $DUST $JNUG $JDST

$FEYE trade went as prescribed in last report – bias long to upside price target 22.32 June 27.

Feye, trading, plan, stocks, premarket

$FEYE trade went as prescribed in last report – bias long to upside price target 22.32 June 27.

Bitcoin: April 12 – Bullish indicator – price didn’t drop in to target this time. Not absolute indication of turn, but is a signal. $BTC

$BTC, chart, algorithm

Bullish indicator – price didn’t drop in to target this time. Not absolute indication of turn, but is a signal. $BTC

$CELG 86s to 91s off alert, buy sell trigger now. Chart Notes. …

$MXIM under 55.94 short side looks great. MACD turn. See Chart notes. #swingtrading …

Litecoin will have to bounce near here if chart structure to remain in place. $LTC

If it doesn’t bounce near up channel support (yellow diagonal line) it could run another trading quad area down very easily.

See chart notes.

$TSLA also blasting here from yesterday’s alert🔥 In it to win it. #swingtrading

$DIS swing trade set-up from swing trading report yesterday blasting here🔥 Nice set-up. In it to win it. #swingtrading

Market Outlook, Market News and Social Bits From Around the Internet:

-U.S.-China want to talk
-10-year inches towards 3%
-it’s PMI day
-Markets slip
-Deals, earnings

Beleaguered dollar bulls finally get a lifeboat as benchmark Treasury yields power towards 3 percent … via @johnainger

If you are new to our trading service you should review recent blog posts, the Compound Trading YouTube Channel and at minimum our algorithm Twitter feeds because they do tell a story in terms of the market and how the inflections of the market determine our day to day trading. You will notice the algorithmic modelling has been undeniably accurate with many time-frames (intra-day, weeks and months out) so I myself have learned to respect their math (they have taken me from a 60% hit rate to 80%+ in my trading – all publicly posted live trades).

Momentum Stocks (Market Open and Intra-Day):

I do trade morning momo stocks, but I do avoid much of the day trading risk (preferring to daytrade only what is structurally set-up also on the swing trade side and to my advantage in the algorithmic model charting). I often avoid the first 30 minutes (gap and go) and trade momentum stocks or structured (per explanation in previous sentence) stocks later in day after a wash-out looking for a snap-back trade that can possibly also become a strong swing or longer term trade that I can leg in to. Just prior to open and shortly after open I post momentum stocks to the trade chat room (and Twitter and Stocktwits if I have time).

Some of my Favorite Intra-day Trading Set-Ups:

(1) Momentum Stock Wash-Outs for Snap Back, (2) Bad News Wash-outs on Stocks with High Institutional Ownership, (3) Getting on the Right Side of a Trend Change and scaling in my position and (4) Our Algorithm Charting Model Set-Ups.

The momentum stocks (from previous days and morning trade) I continue to watch through the day for indicators that allow a trade.

Morning Stock Watch-Lists for my Favorite Set-Ups:


(2) Pre-market Decliners Watch-List :

(3) Other Watch-List:

(4) Regular Algo Charting Watch-List: Gold $GC_F $GLD, Miners $GDX ($NUGT, $DUST, $JDST, $JNUG), Silver $SLV $SI_F ($USLV, $DSLV), Crude Oil FX: $USOIL $WTI ($UWT, $DWT, $USO, $UCO, $CL_F, $UWT, $DWT), Natural Gas $NG_F ($UGAZ, $DGAZ), S & P 500 $SPY $ES_F ($SPXL, $SPXS), US Dollar Index $DXY ($UUP), Volatility $VIX ($TVIX, $UVXY), $BTCUSD Bitcoin.

(5) Recent Upgrades:

$OKTA Raised to Buy From Hold by Canaccord Genuity

Wabtec upgraded to Buy on potential for transfomative GE deal at Stifel $WAB $GE

Regions Financial $RF PT Raised to $20.75 at FIG Partners

Guggenheim Reiterates Buy on Kroger $KR Following C-Store Sale

Citi climbs aboard the Caterpillar train … #premarket $CAT

Stifel Remains Bullish on Amazon $AMZN Ahead of 1Q

TransUnion $TRU PT Raised to $74 at Stifel

Asure Software initiated at a 32% upside … #premarket $ASUR

Under Armour upgraded to Hold from Sell at Deutsche Bank $UAA $UA

Coupa Software initiated at 29% upside … #premarket $COUP

$WLL Raised to $45 at KeyBanc

$AA Raised to $70 at DB

$MRK GS adds to conviction buy list $73

$LDOS Raised to $80 at Citi

$HUBS Raised to $125 at Piper

$FSLR Raised to $90 at Roth

$RCI Raised to $51 at GS

$TYL Raised to $200 at DA Davidson

CenterPoint Energy to buy Vectren for $72/share … #premarket $CNP $VVC

(6) Recent Downgrades:

Whirlpool Corporation $WHR PT Lowered to $184 at RBC Capital

RBC downgrades Paylocity on increasing competition … #premarket $PCTY

$ONCS PT lowered to $4 from $6 HCW

Stay tuned in Stock Chat Room for more pre-market stocks on watch.


For new readers, a review of our unlocked posts on our blog would help you get in to the story we are following with the securities listed in this newsletter.

Free scanners to find momentum stocks that you can easily review charts of for indicators that bring probability of your trade being successful up considerably. These are not useful for first 30 minute market open gap and go type plays (you need a good momentum scanner, level 2, and best to have hot-keys for the first 30 mins of gap and go trading)… but are very useful for intra day scalping and swing trading (start with trending stocks and then look at indicators intra for simple set-ups – study scan study scan study scan).



Algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $BTC (@CryptotheAlgo) $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index). Our Swing Trading Twitter feed is found here:  Our lead trader Twitter feed is here @curtmelonopoly and lead tech developer @hundalSHS.

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CitiGroup ( C) Swing and Day Trade Chart Set-Up with Buy / Sell Triggers for Traders

Below is the technical set-up of a simple algorithm model based on Fibonacci structure that specifically identifies trading signals for trade in CitiGroup to the upside and downside for earnings report on January 16, 2018.

Financial giant Citigroup ( C ) will announce fourth-quarter results on January 16. Analysts expect earnings of $1.18 per share. During the same period last year the company earned $1.14, and the stock has gained 13.0% since the end of June.

The chart structure for CitiGroup has been very consistent for the past six reporting quarters, so I have this particular chart on my watch list for daytrading tomorrow morning. And if trade continues to be predictable I will swing trade in accordance to the set-up below based on how trade plays out when earnings for Citi are released.

My invite to the public to receive a free copy of this trading set-up on social media. To receive future earnings trade set-ups, free webinars and videos and other trading information register to our email mailing list (click here).

Citi (CitiGroup) has been trading in a predictable chart structure for six quarters. Nice set-up for earnings. For a complete free report on how to trade earnings action with buy and sell triggers register to email mailing list here #swingtrading #ER $C …

CitiGroup $C Earnings Chart Set-up for Swing Trading – Daily Chart. #swingtrading

Live chart link:

The chart below shows price targets for trade through to Feb 6, 2018 (red circles). The white arrows show possible trading scenarios based on the price targets and specific time cycles. As trade progress through the Fibonacci horizontal support and resistance lines (buy / sell triggers) and diagonal support and resistance lines (blue dotted lines forming quadrants) on its way to (trending toward) a spcific price target you can trade accordingly in your swing trade.

Your most important support / resistance buy / sell triggers are as follows:

Currently trading at: 76.84

Buy Sell triggers for upside price trend swing trade: 80.60, 81.60, 86.74, 92.24, 93.01, 96.64, 99.63 (most bullish target for June 12, 2018 – unlikely but it is).

Buy Sell triggers for downside price trend swing trade: 73.60, 70.54, 66.65, 66.06, 60.64

Here is the link to the live chart. Click on share button bottom right to open live chart (past initial viewer) and then “make it mine” to open. When chart is open double click on chart field to remove indicators at bottom of chart (the Stochastic RSI, MACD, SQZMOM) and double click to return indicators to chart.

Citigroup, $C, swingtrading, chart, earnings

CitiGroup $C Earnings Chart Set-up for Swing Trading – Daily Chart. #swingtrading

Daytrading the Citi Earnings Report – Buy Sell Triggers

Below is the chart with additional horizontal Fibonacci buy / sell triggers if you choose to daytrade the market action in the morning.

Click the link below for the real-time chart:

daytrading, CITI, C, earnings, chart

CitiGroup $C Earnings Chart Set-up for Day Trading – Daily Chart. #daytrading

Summary for Trade Set-Up

The charts above allow you to trade the earnings report price action as it happens when earnings are released. Once trade establishes a trend then a complete swing trading plan can be established. I will follow-up the CITI earnings report with members on the swing trading members report with a complete swing trading plan when the trend is established.

Trade Coaching

Important to new traders and/or users of our algorithm model charting can be the opportunity for private one-on-one coaching with our lead trader and / or an experienced trader that has worked under our lead trader (our lead trader maintains a trading win rate well in excess of 80% – recorded, verified, and alerted real-time for transparency).

On our website there are standard one-on-one online coaching packages (coaching via Skype) or you can request a customized package (reflecting the time you are wanting to invest in your learning). Keep in mind there is often a waiting list, but as students will attest, well worth the wait (if so).

To request a custom package most suited to your needs email us at or click here for a standard private trade coaching package. Other options for coaching include online webinars for members (from time to time), private on location and in-person coaching sessions at our new trading location(s) and organized trading conference events starting early 2018.

To learn more about our trade coaching email us or click here.

If you need assistance with the CitiGroup trade outlined above contact our lead trader on social or email us


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