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Below are Swing Trade Set-Ups Currently On Watch $ROKU, $ETSY, $MCD, $QQQ, $VIX, $X, $TEUM, $ARWR, $AU, $GC_F…

Earnings Season Swing Trade Positions Reporting Special Notes:

This report was written earlier in premarket but due to internet work crew the distribution was delayed until now.

Aug 22 – On Aug 19 we entered $QQQ long in low 187s, it hit 189.23 yesterday and we have a 197s price target in to Sept 9 week. On the 16th we added to the Gold short (2nd position) 1512.29 and it is trading at time of writing 1497.90. On August 12 we entered long $OSTK and got quickly stopped for a 4% loss on a starter position on some CEO news that sent the stock tumbling, one of our few losses lately. The $TEUM trade went well 2.60 – 3.60 and we’re looking at other entries soon. $MRO swing trade set-up has been flat thus far (post alert). The VIX time cycle has been spot on and we’ll be looking for longs in to the week of Sept 9 in advance of Oct 21 week time cycle peak. The $AU and $ARWR trades were / are outstanding performers and we continue to work with / have on watch because both should be considerable trades again soon. $AU long on other side of Sept 9 going in to Oct 21 and $ARWR adds to long position at key support areas. $DXY we are still watching for a short cycle, $SPY we didn’t long in to Sept 9 and chose $QQQ instead, $BTC we are watching for a possible bullish run on the other side of Sept 9 week. Other considerations are below.

Over the next few weeks the number of set ups to be sent out is expected to increase because of the Sept 9 and Oct 21 time cycle inflections nearing.

Per recent;

July 31 – We entered a new swing trade yesterday in TESLA that is doing excellent, closed the AMD swing trade prior to earnings which was a great call because it lost a lot of value after earnings were posted after market, are trading the Crude Oil move that seen a huge gain after the swing trade alert was issued and today we look at National Oilwell Varco, Trex and Chegg after they had larger than normal earnings price moves. 

We’re also working on time cycle trades for SPY, VIX, Gold, Silver, DXY, BTC and more than we will report on soon.

Per recent;

July 22 – Below are some equities in focus this week with earnings, the follow- up reports on deck deal with other earnings focus equities and time cycles for the indices and specific instruments we focus on (GOLD, SILVER, VIX, SPY, OIL, US DOLLAR, BITCOIN).

Per recent;

Over the coming days we will be re-visiting all recent swing trade set-ups, alerts and trades in progress to reconcile the trades in advance of earnings and prepare for the new on other side of each new set up from earnings reports. This will involve a significant number of posts, trade alerts, mid day reviews in the trading room and videos that our members will receive a copy of.

Executing your swing trading strategy with our charting reports and live alerts involves using the key support and resistance areas of the charting, time cycle peaks, trajectory of trade and conventional indicators such as MACD cross-over and Moving Averages.

Alerts are not always issued at each add or trim to positions because that is simply not possible so you do have to manage your trade.

In many instances a clear swing trade strategy is laid out in the newsletter and/or videos so that you can manage the swing trade according to your risk threshold and account size.

If you struggle to establish a trading strategy with the information provided on our reporting, videos and alerts then some trade coaching is recommended to get you started.

Part 6 Earnings Swing Trades:

I have included Part 5 below for perspective, for parts 1 – 4 in this earnings season refer to recent premium member reports.


ROKU Inc (ROKU) has been trading bullish in channel since Dec 21 2018, looking for long blue sky positions for in to Sept 9 week $ROKU

Stop Worrying About Roku Stock’s Valuation #swingtrading $ROKU https://finance.yahoo.com/news/stop-worrying-roku-stock-valuation-122715703.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw


ROKU, trade setup, swing trade

ROKU Inc (ROKU) has been trading bullish in channel since Dec, looking for long blue sky positions for in to Sept 9 week $ROKU


MCDONALDS (MCD) I like long on other side of Oct 21, likely short at top of channel and long in to Oct 21 $MCD #swingtrading

At this point my bias is not in stone so at channel resistance and channel support I will look at the price relative to timing and make a decision.

3 Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks to Buy as Bond Yields Fall & Global Worries Rise https://finance.yahoo.com/news/3-blue-chip-dividend-stocks-192907901.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw #swingtrading $MCD


McDonalds, MCD, swing trade

MCDONALDS (MCD) I like long on other side of Oct 21, likely short at top of channel and long in to Oct 21 $MCD #swingtrading


UNITED STATES STEEL CORP (X) As price nears lower end of range on weekly I can’t help but consider a long soon $X #swingtrading

U.S. Steel plans to lay off hundreds of workers in Michigan https://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-steel-plans-lay-off-213610778.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw


X, swing trade

UNITED STATES STEEL CORP (X) As price nears lower end of range on weekly I can’t help but consider a long soon $X #swingtrading


ETSY (ETSY) I really like this pull back set up for a long in to price targets on chart model $ETSY #swingtrading

ETSY long premarket 55.75 for trade price targets and trajectory in charting https://twitter.com/SwingAlerts_CT/status/1164459394882572289

Etsy CEO: Q2 Was A ‘Breakthrough’ Quarter #swingtrading $ETSY https://finance.yahoo.com/news/etsy-ceo-q2-breakthrough-quarter-192514678.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw


ETSY, swing trade

ETSY (ETSY) I really like this pull back set up for a long in to price targets on chart model $ETSY #swingtrading

Per recent;

Part 5 Earnings Swing Trades:

#earnings for week



OVERSTOCK (OSTK) Long in premarket post ER for a possible 50% + trade, watch further model reports soon. #swingtrade $OSTK #tradealert 

Why Overstock.com’s Stock Jumped 17% Today https://finance.yahoo.com/news/why-overstock-com-apos-stock-171100193.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw


OSTK, swing trade, trade alert

OVERSTOCK (OSTK) Long in premarket post ER for a possible 50% + trade, watch further model reports soon. #swingtrade $OSTK #tradealert


WALLMART (WMT) Likes to trade the channels on this model, after earnings it should be a channel trade in the model either way, on watch $WMT #ER

Walmart, Alibaba and some big-name pot companies keep earnings season rolling #swingtrading #ER $WMT $BABA https://on.mktw.net/2Mggc0v https://twitter.com/swingtrading_ct/status/1160861625760583681


Wallmart, WMT, ER, swing trade

WALLMART (WMT) Likes to trade the channels on this model, after earnings it should be a channel trade in the model either way, on watch $WMT #ER

Marathon Oil Corporation (MRO)

Swing Trading Alerts
Swing entry starter long in $MRO did trigger in 12.80s, set up will be on weekend report..
9:28 AM · Aug 9, 2019 https://twitter.com/SwingAlerts_CT/status/1159818732329414657

Marathon Oil’s Drilling Machine Delivers Another Profit Gusher in Q2 #swingtrading $MRO


Marathon Oil Risk Reward for this Swing Trade is Very High. The Set-Up is Good at Support, Lets See How a Starter Works Out #swingtrading $MRO

A simple swing trade strategy here; trade is near multi area supports with good earnings season sentiment, risk-reward is significantly in favor of bulls, if it fails exit the trade early and re-enter later. Remember, you can always re-enter. 


Marathon Oil, swing trade, $MRO

Marathon Oil Risk Reward for this Swing Trade is Very High. The Set-Up is Good at Support, Lets See How a Starter Works Out #swingtrading $MRO

Arrow Pharmaceuticals (ARWR)

Swing Trading Alerts
Arrow Pharmaceuticals (ARWR) Another double return swing, start trims in to 30.00. Nice trade from 15s. Let a bit run. $ARWR #swingtrading


Looking For Growth? Take A Look At These Biotechnology Stocks #swingtrading $ARWR (link: https://www.investors.com/news/technology/biotech-stocks-best-biotech-companies-to-invest-in/) investors.com/news/technolog… vi

Arrow Pharmaceuticals (ARWR) was a great swing trading, however, let it come down to channel support now before re entering long $ARWR #swingtrade


ARWR, swing trade, alert

Arrow Pharmaceuticals (ARWR) was a great swing trading, however, let it come down to channel support now before re entering long $ARWR #swingtrade

Swing Trading Alerts
AngloGold Ashanti (AU) Near double, if you haven’t already in to time cycle peak, time to take some profits add longs mid way to Oct 21 cycle #swingtrading #Gold $AU


Curtis Melonopoly
While Gold $GLD $XAUUSD $GC_F did get some range for the bulls, we hammered down long on AngloGold Ashanti (AU) $AU for near a double #swingtrading #Gold

AngloGold Ashanti (AU) Near double, if you haven’t already in to time cycle peak, time to take some profits add longs nearing Oct 21 time cycle in Gold #swingtrading #Gold $AU


AngloGold, AU, swing trade

AngloGold Ashanti (AU) Near double, if you haven’t already in to time cycle peak, time to take some profits add longs nearing Oct 21 time cycle in Gold #swingtrading #Gold $AU


Swing Trading Alerts
PARTEUM CORP (TEUM) trading 3.60 from 2.60 trade alert, considering ER it’s time to take profit along the way $TEUM #swingtrade #earnings


Pareteum Joins Russell 3000 Index https://finance.yahoo.com/news/pareteum-joins-russell-3000-index-100000783.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw

Pareteum Announces Second-Quarter 2019 Financial Results https://finance.yahoo.com/news/pareteum-announces-second-quarter-2019-200500905.html?.tsrc=rss

PARTEUM CORP (TEUM) the trade alert to exit at 3.60 from 2.60 trade alert buys worked, now watch for channel support buys $TEUM #swingtrade #earnings

TUEM, PARTEUM, swing trading

PARTEUM CORP (TEUM) the trade alert to exit at 3.60 from 2.60 trade alert buys worked, now watch for channel support buys $TEUM #swingtrade #earnings

And finally, be sure to watch our trade alerts on our alert feeds and in live trading room. If you need some trade coaching go to our website and register for a minimum 3 hours.

Email me as needed compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com.



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Jan 9 Swing trading set-ups $XNET mid trade technical review, $GSUM, $SLCA, $SPY, $TESS….

Live $XNET trade $4267.00 gain. Swing trade entry and chart set-up at 40:00 – 54:00 min on video.

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Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: $LOW, $BKNG, $DKS, $GM, $SQ, $ETSY & more –


#Earnings Breaks Up-Channel, Testing All-Time Highs #Premarket – $ETSY chart

Possible Up-Channel Continuation Testing Trad. MA’s+Sup/Res – $FB chart

Market Observation:

US Dollar $DXY trading 90.42, Oil FX $USOIL ($WTI) trading 62.83, Gold $GLD trading 1319.40, Silver $SLV trading 16.43, $SPY trading 274.43 last, Bitcoin $BTC.X $BTCUSD $XBTUSD trading 10483.00, and $VIX trading 18.2.

Recent Momentum Stocks to Watch: $M, $NFLX, $SQ, $NXTD, $MOMO, $X, $CHK


Heat Biologics up 9% premarket in interim mid-stage data on HS-110 – https://invst.ly/6s3vo

$FOMX topline data from FMX101 Phase.3 trial Q3 or early Q4.

Heat Biologics up 9% premarket in interim mid-stage data on HS-110 https://seekingalpha.com/news/3335065-heat-biologics-9-percent-premarket-interim-mid-stage-data-hsminus-110?source=feed_f … #premarket $HTBX

Recent SEC Filings: 

Recent IPO’s: 


Big earnings movers this morning:

•Lowe’s (LOW) – EPS miss, revenue beat, comps beat
•Etsy (ETSY) – EPS beat, revenue beat
•Papa John’s (PZZA) – EPS miss, revenue beat, ends NFL sponsorship
•Weight Watchers (WTW) – EPS beat, revenue beat

(h/t @VinCaruso92)

#earnings for the week



Recent / Current Holds, Open and Closed Trades:

New alerts platform in transition.

Charts and Chart Set-ups on Watch:

$ETSY premarket up 17% on earnings trading 24.60 #premarket #earnings

$ETSY earnings news premarket: https://finance.yahoo.com/video/etsy-ceo-q4-beat-shows-113300115.html?.tsrc=rss

$ETSY, premakret, trading, plan

$ETSY premarket up 17% on earnings trading 24.60 #premarket #earnings

$FB Facebook premarket at important pivot area for next move. 182.00 is your line. #swingtrading See chart notes.

Real-time $FB premarket chart link: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/FB/P7wNIGpS-FB-Facebook-premarket-at-important-pivot-area-See-chart-notes/

$FB, swingtrading, premarket, chart

$FB Facebook premarket at important pivot area for next move. 182.00 is your line. #swingtrading See chart notes.

$SPY Trading SPDR SP500 Price Targets to Mar 8 Price Time Cycle Peak #SP500 #Swingtrading

Real-time $SPY chart-link: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/SPY/4Rk6yqpF-SPY-Trading-SPDR-SP500-Price-Targets-to-Mar-8-Price-Time-Cycle/

$SPY, SP500, chart, swingtrading

$SPY Trading SPDR SP500 Price Targets to Mar 8 Price Time Cycle Peak #SP500 #Swingtrading

$DKS #Premarket Elliot Symmetry After 100 MA Bounce

Real-time $DKS chart link: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/DKS/3vQIaMl3-Premarket-Elliot-Symmetry-After-100-MA-Bounce/

$DKS, premarket, chart

$DKS #Premarket Elliot Symmetry After 100 MA Bounce

Per previous;

$M Macy’s #Earnings Breaks Heavy Resistance in #Premarket


1. Trading at 30.19 in premarket, up 9.65%
2. Price has broken heavy resistance at previous highs on earnings news, as of writing
3. MACD is turned up, and still has some space to go
4. Previously, there have been tests at the 200 and 100 MA’s, coinciding with a mean reversion working into an ascending wedge/up-chnnel option over ~25.30

Earnings before opening bell: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/27/macys-q4-2017-earnings.html?__source=yahoo%7Cfinance%7Cheadline%7Cstory%7C&par=yahoo&yptr=yahoo

$M, Macys, premarket, earnings, chart

Macys $M #Earnings Breaks Heavy Resistance in #Premarket

Up-channel Option Testing Highs in #Premarket, #Earnings – $SQ chart

Bitcoin was trading 11400’s at alert now trading 9700’s $BTC $XBTUSD #crypto #algorithm #charting #model #timecycles


$SPY MACD turn, 200 MA bounce, over MAs, previous high test. Boomtown. MACD daily predictable directional swing trade indicator.. Feb 26 707 AM $SPXL $SPXS


Oil Chart Resistance Check Feb 127 50% Fibonacci, mid quad on monthly. $USOIL $WTI $CL_F #OIL #OOTT $USO $UWT $DWT

$NFLX Netflix swing trade long above 295.83 targets 337.92 or under 254.33 Aug 16 2018. #swingtrading

$XRP, trading, plan

$EXP Building Materials risk reward turning to long side trade here. 106.10 holds should see 117.90. #swingtrading

$MOMO, chart, trade, setup

How to trade $MOMO set-up on chart – price targets. #swingtrading

$CHK, swingtrading, chart

$CHK Chart set-up for swingtrading and daytrading the move.

Market Outlook, Market News and Social Bits From Around the Internet:

Economic Data Scheduled For Wednesday

Wall Street on course for February loss, first in 10 months – https://invst.ly/6s3em

-Stocks fall
-Euro-area inflation drops
-Mnuchin says U.S. may return to TPP
-E.U. presents draft Brexit deal
-Data due

If you are new to our trading service you should review recent blog posts, the Compound Trading YouTube Channel and at minimum our algorithm Twitter feeds because they do tell a story in terms of the market and how the inflections of the market determine our day to day trading. You will notice the algorithmic modelling has been undeniably accurate with many time-frames (intra-day, weeks and months out) so I myself have learned to respect their math (they have taken me from a 60% hit rate to 80%+ in my trading – all publicly posted live trades).

Momentum Stocks (Market Open and Intra-Day):

I do trade morning momo stocks, but I do avoid much of the day trading risk (preferring to daytrade only what is structurally set-up also on the swing trade side and to my advantage in the algorithmic model charting). I often avoid the first 30 minutes (gap and go) and trade momentum stocks or structured (per explanation in previous sentence) stocks later in day after a wash-out looking for a snap-back trade that can possibly also become a strong swing or longer term trade that I can leg in to. Just prior to open and shortly after open I post momentum stocks to the trade chat room (and Twitter and Stocktwits if I have time).

Some of my Favorite Intra-day Trading Set-Ups:

(1) Momentum Stock Wash-Outs for Snap Back, (2) Bad News Wash-outs on Stocks with High Institutional Ownership, (3) Getting on the Right Side of a Trend Change and scaling in my position and (4) Our Algorithm Charting Model Set-Ups.

The momentum stocks (from previous days and morning trade) I continue to watch through the day for indicators that allow a trade.

Morning Stock Watch-Lists for my Favorite Set-Ups:


(2) Pre-market Decliners Watch-List :  $FTR, $VRX, $LOW $CELG $HTZ $UVXY $TVIX $CROX $BBL $RIO

(3) Other Watch-List:

(4) Regular Algo Charting Watch-List: Gold $GC_F $GLD, Miners $GDX ($NUGT, $DUST, $JDST, $JNUG), Silver $SLV $SI_F ($USLV, $DSLV), Crude Oil FX: $USOIL $WTI ($UWTI, $DWTI, $USO, $UCO, $CL_F, $UWT, $DWT), Natural Gas $NG_F ($UGAZ, $DGAZ), S & P 500 $SPY $ES_F ($SPXL, $SPXS), US Dollar Index $DXY ($UUP), Volatility $VIX ($TVIX, $UVXY, $XIV), $BTCUSD Bitcoin.

(5) Recent Upgrades: $MNK, $SQ, $PYDS

$MELI MercadoLibre PT Raised to Street High (PT to $500 from $270)at JPMorgan on Fintech

Etsy $ETSY PT Raised to $28 at DA Davidson

(6) Recent Downgrades:  $TSRO, $CELG, $FPRX, $HMNY

Lumber Liquidators $LL PT Lowered to $24 at Morgan Stanley

Stay tuned in Stock Chat Room for more pre-market stocks on watch.


For new readers, a review of our unlocked posts on our blog would help you get in to the story we are following with the securities listed in this newsletter.

Free scanners to find momentum stocks that you can easily review charts of for indicators that bring probability of your trade being successful up considerably. These are not useful for first 30 minute market open gap and go type plays (you need a good momentum scanner, level 2, and best to have hot-keys for the first 30 mins of gap and go trading)… but are very useful for intra day scalping and swing trading (start with trending stocks and then look at indicators intra for simple set-ups – study scan study scan study scan).









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Compound Trading is a trading group active in day trading, swing trading and algorithmic model charting (black box).

Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat not applicable is deleted from transcript below but raw video footage is as it occurred – uncut). Chat trade room is recorded daily for trade archive (embedded below and available on our YouTube channel).

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators we are looking for in and out off each trade. Typically at market open and for chart review during lunch hour at minimum) and has live chart screen sharing right from our monitors. At times guest traders and associate traders will screen share charting and/or voice broadcast.



Special Mid Day Chart Review in Trading Room on Wednesday – Limited Spots

Complete $SPY S&P 500 Algorithm Rolls-Out this Week. A New Milestone at Compound Trading. #premarket $ES_F $SPXL $SPXS

Learn How to Trade Stocks (Build a Small Account) Following my Journey. Part 5 “Freedom Traders” Series.

Last market trading session Post Market Stock Trading Results can be found here:

Stock Trading Results Fri May 12. Day Ten: 2 Wk Trading Challenge $USLV, $TCCO, $CBMX

Most recent Premarket Trading Plan Watch-list can be found here (locked to respect members and unlocked to public about a week later for transparency): 

Protected: PreMarket Trading Plan Mon May 15 $CYRN, $IDXG, $AUPH, $FEYE, $UWT, $NUGT, $USLV, $XIV, Cyber

Please note, for the next while, you will have to review the raw trading room footage (vs. snippet footage) to catch Premarket Chart Set-Ups, Market Open Trades, Intra-day Trades and Mid Day Chart Set Ups. Our staff time is being utilzed up for other components of the platform and we also are producing the high quality learning library for our premium members. Once done, we’ll return to publishing the segments daily.

Most Recent Public Swing Trading K.I.S.S Simple Charting can be found here: Swing Trading Simple Charts (Public) Apr 16 $SPY, $VIX, $USOIL $WTIC, $GLD, $GDX, $SLV, $DXY, $USDJPY, #GOLD, #SILVER

Premarket Session: 

$XGTI Premarket up 18%

Market Day, Chat Room Trades and Personal Trades:

Traded $XGTI for a tiny papercut -150.00 and an OTC for a 50.00 paperwork. -200.00 on the day (not counting my swings from the swing trading side that had a huge day). Also reviewed $XGTI, $DXPE, $NATR, $WB, $ETSY in the mid day chart review but I was traveling (not using my usual computer) and a glitch caused the session not to record (ugh).

$ETSY Over 200 MA

$WB at Fib resistance

$NATR tagged 200 MA resistance perfect in intraday trade.

Learning How-to Trade Stocks, Chart Set-Ups, Lessons and Educational:

Mid day chart set-ups working with $PCRX, $PBR, $CTSH, $FEYE, $TSLA, $NVO, $EWZ, $AMBA, $COTY, $FSLR, $AAOI, $HIIQ, $JASO, $VIPS and more… (This post is from Monday’s session not Tuesday’s as we had a technical issue Tuesday)

$DXPE Perfect textbook set-up with MA’s KABOOM it doubles. Not bad. #freedomtraders

If there’s anything I can do to help with your trading drop me a line on contact page or DM https://compoundtrading.com/contact/ #howto #trade #stocks

Stocks, ETN’s, ETF’s I am holding:

Been holding these small bags wayyyy tooo long. I am holding (in order of sizing – all moderately small size – under 5% of my daytrading acounts) – $ONTX, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA, $MGTI, $LIGA (this is the daytrading portfolio and does not represent swing trading service portfolio): Looking at moving out of all these small positions over the next month or so.

Note-able Momentum Stocks Today (via FinViz):

Ticker Last Change Volume Signal
XGTI 2.02 39.31% 25408261 Top Gainers
NATR 11.30 27.68% 506627 Top Gainers
LTBR 1.85 26.71% 1196562 Top Gainers
DXPE 41.67 26.04% 825243 Top Gainers
WB 78.60 24.96% 13701340 Top Gainers
ETSY 13.73 21.29% 18303217 Top Gainers
WB 78.60 24.96% 13701340 New High
WFBI 33.58 16.44% 563103 New High
SINA 99.04 17.85% 10647530 New High
AKBA 15.01 16.36% 6657073 New High
REXX 4.13 3.77% 227339 Overbought
EA 111.76 0.78% 2963315 Overbought
TAIT 1.45 18.85% 906678 Unusual Volume
XGTI 2.02 39.31% 25408261 Unusual Volume
NECB 8.50 -4.49% 15162 Unusual Volume
NATR 11.30 27.68% 506627 Unusual Volume
CUZ 8.45 0.36% 3425205 Upgrades
AKER 1.50 -14.29% 103597 Earnings Before
MCC 6.15 0.00% 778719 Insider Buying

Algorithm Charting News (Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Assistants, Big Data and More):

Complete $SPY S&P 500 Algorithm Rolls-Out this Week. A New Milestone at Compound Trading. #premarket $ES_F $SPXL $SPXS

The Charting Algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

Swing Trading Notes / News:

Weekly Swing Trading Updates Mon May 15 $PCRX, $PBR, $CTSH, $FEYE, $TSLA, $NVO, $EWZ, $AGN,… #swingtrading #premarket

The Swing Trading Twitter feed is here: https://twitter.com/swingtrading_ct.

US Dollar $DXY $USDJPY $UUP & Currencies of Note:


Gold $GLD, $XAUUSD, $GC_F :

Funds cut #gold net-long by the most since October in wk to May 9. Only long liquidation with gross-short staying unchanged

Gold Miner’s $GDX:


Silver $SLV:

#Silver has been particularly hard hit during the past month with the net-long slumping from a record to a 15-month low

Crude Oil $USOIL $WTI:

WTI speculative accounts decreased long by -$2.5bn to $5.3bn leading unwind in commodity complex

Volatility $VIX:

The historical seasonal tendency is for $VIX levels to trend lower until around July

$SPY S&P 500 / $SPX:

64% of $SPX companies have beaten sales estimates for Q1 to date, above the 5-year average (53%).

Markets Looking Forward:


We’ve never had it so good: Global equities now worth $73.3trn, highest value in history.

Live Trading Chat Room Video Raw Footage and Transcript:

Two Part video (Part 1 embed is below and go to Compound Trading Youtube channel for Part 2 of live feed from day and other charting from the day).


Compound Trading Stock Chat-room Transcript:

Please note: Miscellaneous chatter removed from transcript and some discussions I will add notes with information I’ve gleaned in discussions online with traders on DM etc also for further explanation (noted with *). Most days at 9:30 ET market open there is moderator live broadcast explaining trades and at times during the day there is also live broadcast market updates and trade set-up explanations (so you have to scroll through video feed to market open etc to catch live broadcast portions – in future we will note in in transcript when we are on the mic so viewers can correlate time with transcript with video feed when reviewing trades). 

Note: We are testing a new trading room. This particular room does not list a time stamp with each chat entry – we are working on a fix. Also, please note, sometimes pieces of the transcript are missing (also something we are working on). But the video is raw and complete.

Curt M: $MIRN Synlogic and Mirna Therapeutics Agree to Merger http://investor.mirnarx.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=1026554 …$LCI Lannett Announces Approval For Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride Oral Solution, 2.5 mg/5 mL (0.5 mg/mL)$SGMO $PFE Sangamo granted Fast Track designation for SB-525 gene therapy by FDA
Curt M: Protected: PreMarket Trading Plan Tues May 16 $XGTI, $XTNT, $AKBA, $WB, $SINA, $PGPM, $PBR, $EWZ, $JASOLINK: https://compoundtrading.com/premarket-trading-plan-tues-may-16-xgti-xtnt-akba-wb-sina-pgpm-pbr-ewz-jaso/PASSWORD: PRE051617Today’s Live Trading Room Link: http://compoundtrading1.clickmeeting.com/livetrading
Curt M: Morning!
Curt M: Let premarket settle in a bit here before I get on mic 9:00 >>>>>>>>>>>>>
Market Maven: Morning everyone
Gil: Hey Maven
Shafique: Mellow pm
Carol: What time is Curt on mic?
Debbie: Likely not until near open…. its calm
Dave: gm
Susan: hey team
Tradergirl: gm fam
Carol: mornin
Spiegel: gm everyone
Curt M: Won’t be on mic till 9:20…. very mellow premarket>>>>>>>>
Carol: hey spiegy
Carol: Another move like $PGPM again today would be nice
Market Maven: I\ll say wow
Sandra: I got a piece
Scott: wokr me up I was asleep at my desk haha
Tradergirl: omg pgpm ladies, is just.
Tradergirl: carol/sandra haven’t seen you in here until recently, are you new
Market Maven: they’re long timers – came w curt:) and some of us other stragglers
Tradergirl: lolllll
Carol: yepp
Tradergirl: that is awesome!
Tradergirl: hope to learn lots from you guys, some of the better trading i’ve seen out there guys, fab.
Carol: there;s a few that have been trading together for a while in here
Carol: nice
Tradergirl: are you guys all on fintwit?
Carol: well…. getting near now]
Carol: Curt whats up
Market Maven: he’s ommn his way
Curt M: On mic in 1 min……>>>>>>>>>
Flash G: gm
Market Maven: TG… group runs darkpool algos bla bla tell u about it later
Flash G: Morning MM
Tradergirl: omg lol, yes do tell later def
Tom: I’m new, is sound on ?
Tradergirl: gm Tom, I don’t hear anything
Carol: yes
Hedgehog Trader: good morning all, hi Tom
Tradergirl: gm hh
Carol: ui can hear
Curt M: maybe cause I’m traveling ugh there’s an issue
Tradergirl: rats have to reboot
Curt M: can you hear hedge?
Hedgehog Trader: no
Hedgehog Trader: sorry
Curt M: ugh
Curt M: sorry guys
Curt M: rembling on lol and you can’t hear
Curt M: working on it
Curt M: we’re going to be with out sound for just a bit lol
Shafique: no prob
Tradergirl: np
Curt M: I’ll reboot after open calms down
Curt M: sorry guys and gals
Hedgehog Trader: stuff happens
Curt M: Long a bit of $PGPM for a test .0086
Market Maven: yeeehaw me too lets do this
Scott: small start for me too
Hedgehog Trader: silver up another 11c
Hedgehog Trader: silver miners $EXK $ASM
Curt M: $XGTI on the move
Curt M: $PGPM I won’t give a lot of rope but thought I’d start earlier on it today
Curt M: Welcome aboard Tom
Curt M: normally we hear too lol
Flash G: lol
Tom: thank you, lol
Spiegel: hearting is an extra $5 a month
Curt M: $PGPM came off a bit fyi
Spiegel: hearing
Curt M: lol
Shafique: $SORL looks dangerously ready for bo
Flash G: Trimmiing $NVDA swing 30%
Sandra: gappers aren’t doing it today
Curt M: At least there aren’t a numch of cowboys getting chopped up here – good siciplined team this moring (every morning lol)
Curt M: Spiegel whats on your radar over therE?
Spiegel: DDD is still powerful – but overextended now
Sandra: $XTI turding
Sandra: $XGTI
Tradergirl: key moment oil kk
Spiegel: TSLA bouncing nicely
Curt M: ya it needs to make a decision soon…. 4:30 target in play #OIL
Spiegel: AVGR over .44
Curt M: I guess I’ll reboot while market figures its direction
Curt M: hold on
Spiegel: I’m in MB calls too
Tradergirl: actually key moment across board: bonds/indices/vix/metals/energy/yen, gonna look for long bonds here
Dave: i agree
Curt M: Curts screen will be right back:)
Dave: $VIX time sioon
Tradergirl: ya, looking at quick vxx C st
Tradergirl: always better if others see same thing D
Dave: market doesn’t look great imo
Debbie: $NVDA may buy the dip actually on next trun
mat: loud and clear
Spiegel: it actually works!
Hedgehog Trader: i hear ye
Market Maven: ss $SNAP
Flash G: $SSYS $DKS $WB $HD
Flash G: $BABA
Hedgehog Trader: $TWTR and $LIT multi wk high
Spiegel: XGTI moving nicely now
Hedgehog Trader: $GREK $NBGGY still climbing
Curt M: $XGTI fill 2.03 3000 shares tight daytrade
Tradergirl: looking at oil short, looks awful kk
Market Maven: with ya
Tradergirl: wowzers kk natgas! seen better days
Sandra: natgas long soon
Curt M: out 1.982 small cut
Market Maven: holding
Debbie: me too
Sandra: still in also
Spiegel: My broker wants Creme Brule now
Tradergirl: does it ever go out of sync with natgas? oil? natgas seems like good short? am i missing smthg sandra?
Tradergirl: ok be back, mkts might roll today
Debbie: Thanks curt
Dave: $MOMO is my only play today so fa
Susan: $XGTI should come down over lunch
Gil: yes very likely
Carol: c
Shafique: Oil room opening Juner 15 would be cool]
Sandra: TG Natgas… I was just thinking when it does show signs of turn I’d be long is my thinking
Flash G: Curt I just read your winning rants from weekend 🙂 Pure Gold
Curt M: ha ha ya well not popular to rant like that so i just just zipper my lips
Shafique: nah
Flash G: Alibaba $BABA PT Raised to $155 at MKM Partners; ‘We Expect Strong March Results & Outlook”
Scott: $LTBR ready too
Hedgehog Trader: metals spiking
Hedgehog Trader: USD looks ill
Hedgehog Trader: i think $MUX is plotting a run at 50 dma and a breakout soon thereafter
Curt M: back in 10
Market Maven: done with $SNAP
Flash G: $MSFT nice action today for me.
Sandra: Turning attention to metals and miners seems time.
Tradergirl: hi all, didn’t know if you guys chat in btw chart reviews, glad i popped back in 🙂
Tradergirl: ya Sandra, energy doesn’t look great to me atm st but def buy when turns thank you. usd = awful agree hh.
Sandra: ya TG doesnt look great
Tradergirl: metals on the other hand, gold
Scott: $BBRY tape soooper strong and consistent
Curt M: Crude trade has been really messed up for days now…. OPEC did a number on it. But Wed 1030 target will likely reset it properly
Tradergirl: always eia, every time isn’t it? lol
Curt M: yup
Tradergirl: ya, literally was hesitating on oil short cos thot games cld be had until then, ok same page kk
quarryrock: good am everone
Shafique: hey QR
Market Maven: good day
Curt M: On mic 12:00 for chart review >>>>>>>>>>>> 10 mins
quarryrock: hi! Noticed $SLW name change today to new ticker $WPM
Tradergirl: hi Q
quarryrock: having a good couple days here Hits on $HD and $TLT this am
quarryrock: completely missed $WB and $SINA
Sandra: missed them too
quarryrock: funny thing is i had them on my watch list to trade. oh well
quarryrock: Traded $DKS common this am at the open in at $42.37 out at $43.08 +.71 lots of shorts likely to cover tonite so may try this as a long later with a tight stop
Curt M: Coffee still perking…. be a couple mins lol
Curt M: fn coffee maker
Tradergirl: lollll
Curt M: On mic for mid day chart review 12″04 PM>>>>>>>>>>>>
Spiegel: I think you might like the beach as much as I do. Maybe more?
Tom: re: DXPE , would you mention this type of set-up in your Swing service ?
Tom: Is the Swing service based on a model portfolio size, like $100,000 ?
Spiegel: The DDD I mentioned this morning doing welll. Up a buck since then
Leanne: Nice Spiegel, I looked at that about a week ago and didn’t take it. Damn.
Leanne: Thanks Curtis
Market Maven: ya curt
Curt M: np
Sandra: hopefully Sartaj posts those vids right away I like those one
quarryrock: in going to start a little $NKE swing trade here. call me contrarian but i think this is overdone. also getting some positive analyst coverage
Market Maven: $GSAT on the other side of the bowl – really nice set up today
quarryrock: $BABA PT raised to $155 by MKM
quarryrock: 25% upside from here
Shafique: in it
Flash G: same same
quarryrock: nice what strike?
quarryrock: silver spike!
Hedgehog Trader: go go silver
quarryrock: what do you think HH? USLV swing?
Hedgehog Trader: i do like that
Hedgehog Trader: silver now up 22c
quarryrock: NVDA at it again. unreal ripper
quarryrock: textbook ride up and dump on $BZUN
Hedgehog Trader: hod on $EXK silver
quarryrock: i got a feeling they may dump $HD to red into the close. what a shame after that huge quarter
Tradergirl: silver = fab
Hedgehog Trader: watching UGAZ ssome good dippage

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