How to Trade the Imminent Apple Stock Move $AAPL

Fundamental and Technical Catalyst Set-Up:

Apple has been trading / consolidating in a range around a critical pivot that we have been posting about for some time now. With the news release schedule this Monday June 4, 2018 we expect a move in to the news or out the other side. Either way there should be a decent swing trade setting up here.

The Apple Chart.

Apple chart support and upside move test on deck with 20 MA coming up to 185.78 support and current trade at 197.90 $AAPL #swingtrading

Apple Real-Time Chart Link:

How to Trade Apple.

Either side of the main buy / sell trigger (pivot) in this range are the important levels to watch. The pivot is 188.61 and the important upside test Fib is at 199.44 and the important support is 185.78 area.

With the 20 MA moving up through the lower support and nearing intra-day trade this could get interesting here. If price loses the 20 MA watch for the support to break. If that breaks at 185.78 then price targets 181.75.

If price trends up with 20 MA then next resistance is the 199.44 and above that is a good upside swing risk next pivot at 200.66.

It seems with the news below (announcements on June 4, 2018 per CNBC) and how well Apple held up in today’s sell-off that the risk reward is still to the bullish side. But let the test of the upside resistance prove the bull thesis out.


$AAPL Apple will lay out its plans and priorities for the next year on Monday: Here’s what to expect

Buy / Sell Triggers to Watch for a Swing Trading the move (approximate):










Apple ($AAPL) Static Chart:

$AAPL, Apple, stock, chart, swingtrading

Apple support and upside move test on deck with 20 MA coming up to 185.78 support and current trade at 197.90 $AAPL #swingtrading



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