Review of my Chat Room Stock Day Trades and Alerts for Monday Nov 28, 2016. OPEC, FOMO, $PZRX, GURU Posts, $GLBS, $UWTI, $USOIL, $WTI, OIL and more.


Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat deleted). Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade archive.

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.

Overview Perspective of Chart Room, Trades and Alerts:

Second quiet day in a row for me. There were some runners today $PZRX, $AIRI, $EPIX $HTBX, $TIME and a few more…. but didn’t catch any – small cap bios really. $GLBS got halted and offering of course and tank – a LESSON THERE FOR SURE – very dangerous plays they are. I love the GURUS that post their short positions after the halt – whatever. And the standard plays (Gold, Silver, Dollar, etc) we work with are still at inflection but it looks like that’s almost over. Tomorrow is GDP and EIA and other interesting things like OPEC are coming soon.

Primary Lessons That May Help Your Trades:

I took a trade on $UWTI at the wrong time on the chart – didn’t get on right side of it. I sold in morning to be sure I got out (OPEC has me pensive) and then took a position later when it “looked like” price action was going to get away on me —-> FOMO is what that is called. Oh well, can’t win them all – haven’t lost it yet – but definitely on wrong side of trade so far and that’s not the edge a trader wants.

So far we’ve play $GOLD and $SILVER right waiting for the inflection trend reverse. The $SPY play I had set properly prior to election has played out exactly as predicted and didn’t really capitalize like I could have so far – but it hasn’t exactly been a face ripper like Brexit or last Jan or last Sept (all of which I caught) – it’s been much more orderly so I’ve spent my energy preparing for the trend reverse.

So hopefully things pick up a bit soon. Of course I know they will. Patience.


Announcements in Trading Room:

08:48 am   Curtis M :

Stock Chat-room Trading Transcript:

09:02 am Curtis M : Losers $CRIS, $YY, $VOD, $LOGI, $GPRO, $GRPN, $XIV, $RYAAY, $SBUX, $INTC
09:19 am GSCT . : SPY just lost 9 points
09:20 am GSCT . : TOS issue perhaps
09:34 am Mathew Waterfall : Out of all of my WLL dec9 calls. Still have Jan Monthly’s but wanted to clean up and consolidate a bit before OPEC. Reduce leverage and take wins
09:35 am Mathew Waterfall : .68 from .3 entry on those
09:36 am Curtis M : Didn’t post out $UWTI 20.4 small gain from Fri
09:37 am Curtis M : New 52wk Highs: $CAAS $ESNT $FNSR $KEM $WAIR
09:41 am Curtis M : In Play: $PZRX, $CUBA, $TSL, $DRYS, $HTBX, $TIME, $JNUG, $DGAZ
10:06 am Mathew Waterfall : I’ve been watching the miners close this AM, NUGT and JNUG, super tight trading and can’t get much lift with USDJPY acting like they are. I’m going to sit it out and let a trend develop beore I jump in
10:18 am Curtis M : Long 1200 share $UWTI 20.47 swing account
10:24 am Mathew Waterfall : In NUGT .16. tight trailer to keep losses down I dont trust this move
10:25 am Mathew Waterfall : Out if it can’t clear ON high of .3
10:28 am Mathew Waterfall : Out at .24. Rather play it tight than watch a few dollars profit turn into losses
10:28 am Mathew Waterfall : Now looking at DUST
10:31 am Mathew Waterfall : Also watching FB calls closely. I posted entries into 2 sets last week. Acting well today. 119.8 is a key level to the downside. 123’s to the upside
10:59 am Curtis M : Comments out of Iran Tankng prce of crude
11:22 am Curtis M : Shppers poppng
11:41 am Curtis M : d oil price stays above 200 here on 15 and 100 crosses 50 on 15 then oil up and over resistance
11:51 am Curtis M : Others split in to other room FYI they’ll be back
11:59 am Gurjit H : Final countdown on oil
12:00 pm Curtis M : u can say that again
12:14 pm Mathew Waterfall : Getting some decent scalps in XIV but playing super tight. Action today is tight across the board in most plays if you miss the intial pop
12:25 pm Curtis M : 5 mins
12:29 pm Mathew Waterfall : XIV new HOD
12:29 pm Mathew Waterfall : Im in at .24 with trailing stop
12:30 pm Curtis M : we lost the 200
12:31 pm Curtis M : got it back just
12:33 pm Mathew Waterfall : .05 trailer on the XIV play now. Decent run and want to take some $$$ to the bank instead of losing here
12:35 pm Curtis M : Price has to stay on top of that 200
12:36 pm Mathew Waterfall : out of XIV. .56 from .225. Nice intra win
12:40 pm Curtis M : nice
12:40 pm Curtis M : Taking 10 mins to make tea
12:58 pm Mathew Waterfall : Watcing REN for a squeeze here. 30.12 important support
01:04 pm Mathew Waterfall : In REN @ 30.36 will cut below recent low of .24 if oil struggles
01:15 pm Curtis M : I wonder if those algo lines mean anythng lol geesh
01:16 pm Curtis M : Machines are like we’ll just wait on algo line
01:17 pm Mathew Waterfall : lol
01:25 pm Curtis M : $GLBS halt
01:27 pm Mathew Waterfall : Out of REN. Not getting pop I wanted and moving on to other plays. out at .31
01:34 pm Mathew Waterfall : Quick NUGT play against the 50 on the 1′. Out at 8.44 stop right below recent swing lows
01:40 pm Curtis M : 40 mins to pit close – torturous today
01:40 pm Curtis M : $GLBS 30 day halt
01:43 pm Mathew Waterfall : Yea not great price action for anything on my list
01:43 pm Mathew Waterfall : still eyeing a reentry in REN as it’s making fresh lows lol. Hard knife to catch
02:01 pm Curtis M : $REN HOD $GDX HOD
02:01 pm Curtis M : not $REN lol
02:01 pm Curtis M : $VRX HOD
02:05 pm susan woo : Curtis, silver does look good
02:05 pm susan woo : I recall lyou mention last week that silver algo said 90ish% that this would be a good run back up instead of a dead cat?
02:06 pm Curtis M : Was that by voce or in writing?
02:06 pm susan woo : voice I think
02:07 pm susan woo : yeah, you were talking about being on vacay last Xmas and then segued into silver talk
02:07 pm susan woo : Something like that lol! I had a sick kid at home, so was a bit distracted
02:08 pm Curtis M : hmmm vaca yes 90% no dead cat bounce nope always say wat for back test PRICE TRIGGER TRADE trigger is back test and above last high – that’s the drill
02:09 pm susan woo : ok
02:09 pm Curtis M : I said market looks like last year
02:09 pm susan woo : yes
02:09 pm Curtis M : ran thru charts that look like last year
02:10 pm Curtis M : Thats another rule… history rhymes but t may not repeat
02:10 pm Curtis M : watch the newsletters close – they’re easest cause the trade triggers will be clear – we’re at inflection n everything rght now
02:11 pm susan woo : I find the blog a bit dificult to understand
02:11 pm Curtis M : dont see a trend except ATHs in SPY etc everything else at inflection
02:11 pm susan woo : I;ll re-read
02:11 pm susan woo : thanks
02:11 pm Curtis M : np its all inflection waiting for trends to develop and USD JPY to back off
02:12 pm susan woo : gotcha 🙂
02:13 pm Curtis M : Those are your man trading ranges there
02:15 pm Curtis M : So that white arrow is an example of where most will take a trade based on change in trend
02:16 pm Curtis M : Right white arrow would be trigger for trade
02:33 pm Curtis M : Holding $UWTI may add f pull back far enough to diagonal trendline
02:50 pm Curtis M : OPEC hearing meeting over – waiting for delegates now
02:53 pm Curtis M : Stops wacked there
02:57 pm Mathew Waterfall : Roughh day all over. I’m likely done after trying another swing at XIV and failing
02:57 pm Curtis M : y a tough
03:02 pm Curtis M : $GLBS opens at 335 EST 1.60 5MM private placement ouch
03:11 pm Curtis M : Thats it for me. Will leave room open till 4. Have a great night!!!
03:13 pm Megatrend M : u too!


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