My Stock Trading Plan for Thursday November 10, 2016.

Election is Over!

Sorry, no premarket yesterday – but we did bank in the room and the alerts have been dead on.

Futures were strong as were/are world markets.

A few big things today… obvious lift in $SPY (and we’re banking on $XIV), my $THC swing I may exit soon, $HTZ should of held (it was a decent call), BASE METALS as I’ve posted on my feed will be strong mid term with infrastructure spending (Trump) and coal will be strong mid term likely.Copper is flying and shippers may take off here. Oh, and Natural Gas looks like it’s getting close to a buy zone. And as alerted tech and bio. Also, I missed the $NIKKEI snapback trade (which I wanted to catch just forgot – and yup it snapped back)

Many sectors are getting lift as we expected so it is important to stay in the zone – focus – nimble. Oil should be the story soon being it is bouncing under ceiling resistance on 200 on the 1 hr and bouncing up off 50 on the 1 hr.


Momentum Stocks (Market open and Intra)

I do trade them at times, but I avoid risk FYI. Just prior to open and shortly after open I post momentum stocks to the trade chat room (and Twitter if I have time).

The momentum stocks (from previous days and morning trade) I continue to watch through the day for indicators that allow a trade.

Pre Market Watchlist: $TRP, $THC, $TPL, $WFT, $JJC #Copper, $AUMN, and more in chat b4 open.

If #Silver gets up over resistance and #Gold gets flight $AUMN can double fast.

$THX is up 6% or so in pre-market – so this swing is doing ok so far – I may exit this morning though.

$WFT I am watching for follow-thru.

Regular Watchlist: $GLD, $GDX, $SLV, FX: $USOIL $WTI ($UWTI, $DWTI), Natural Gas ($UGAZ, $DGAZ), $SPY, $DXY, $VIX ($TVIX, $UVXY, $XIV), more to come in trading room before market open.

$SPY ($ES_F, $SPX)

Well I nailed that call… what can I say. We’re going to new highs. Next eight calendar days are critical. Stay awake.

Volatility $VIX ($XIV, $UVXY, $TVIX, $VXX etc)

From Tuesday….

Some obvious plays here… if Hillary gets last minute bad news I’l scalp $TVIX or $UVXY. If election goes well for her the obviously $XIV would be a decent scalp or swing. If THE Donald wins… watch out lol… volatilty. But either way I think the market gets a lift (if Donald wins market likely does a mini Brexit then lifts). I win every-time here (seriously almost). Brexit, last Jan, last Sept and Oil have been huge bonuses to my accts in addition to compound trading program – so I see the election as a bonus.

So the $VIX is right at that diagonal trendline support – but you have to be careful putting too much consideration in to diagonal supports to beging with – but even moreso with the $VIX (it isn’t like a diagonal trendline with most equities).
$DXY US Dollar Index ($UUP US Dollar Bull, $UDN British Pound, $FXY Japanese Yen Trust, $CNY China, $TZA, $SMK / $EWW Mexico Capped ETF)

I missed the move in the Peso… had it lined up but you can’t get every play… WE SHOULD WATCH IT THOUGH for a bit of a snapback next week perhaps.

The US Dollar index is the only one I’m really watching – if it gets flight there’s a good play in $TZA. But other than that I’m not interested in playing China or Britain or any other currency related trades.

$TZA – 3x Small Cap Bear. Watch $DXY US Dollar Index – when it gets flight so does the small cap bear $TZA typically.

The actual charting with the $DXY US Dollar isn’t broken at all… if you chekc my Twitter feed long before it got lift here I was telling folks what the algorithmic symmetry was saying… but many didn’t listen. This was an easy set-up IMO.


Get your charting up and watch this close for a break-out. They have meetings coming up too.

Watch your 200 day on the 1 hour for resistance and 50 day on the 1 hour for support (and more recently this morning off the 100 for support) – either breach and that’s a tell. If I miss it in the room send me a DM on twitter or an email to Also watch the blue diagonal trendlines on the chart for resistance and support. And the purple horizontal supports and resistance. If crude gets above the 200 Day on the 1 hour and above the blue trendline above it and the purple resistance in that same area then it’s in break-out mode. DONT MISS IT AND DONT LET ME MISS IT LOL.

Gold / Gold Miners – $DUST $JDST (Bear) / $NUGT $JNUG $GDX $GDXJ (Bull) / #Gold $GLD

Obviously all base metals will be bullish, however, $GOLD is running in to some chart resistance that is wise to consider.

Silver – $SLV, $USLV, $DSLV

Pay attention to that 17.92 resistance – if #Silver can get up and over that on back-test it could fly. This would be my preferred play in the metals category. Also watch $AUMN if #SILVER gets up over 17.92. LETS NOT MISS THAT ONE EITHER.

Copper $JJC

Copper should cool soon here IMO and get some downdraft and then run again IMO.
Natural Gas – $NATGASUSD, $UGAZ, $DGAZ

Per previous…

I continue to watch per previous. I was expecting a floor down here (as with Gold and Silver not so much) and the downdraft this morning is significant (enough? not sure yet – ask me after election lol).

#NaturalGas IMO is almost at a floor, watch close!!! LETS CATCH THE TRAIN HERE TOO!

Good luck! And remember, we get in to nice predictable algorithmic trading / traditional charting trading with compound predictability starts Monday (we will just need to let trading settle in to its “natural mathematical state” for each intrument).

Free Scanners to find momentum stocks that you can easily review charts of for indicators that bring probability of your trade being successful up considerably. These are not useful for first 30 minute market open super-nova type plays (you need a good momentum scanner for the first 30 mins of trade)… but are very useful for intra day scalping (start with trending stocks and then look at indicators intra for simple set-ups – study scan study scan study scan).




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