Even if you are not attending the webinar, you should read this if you are a client of Compound Trading Group or affiliates.

As of 2:00 PM Saturday We Have 3 Spots Left for the Sunday Crude Oil Trade Training Webinar!

10:00 AM – 6 PM EST Sunday March 24, 2019 we are hosting a special crude oil trading webinar.

This special series webinar will cover everything our trading team has learned about crude oil trade.

Content will include conventional and algorithmic crude oil trading. Conventional and algorithmic charting, technical set-ups, time cycles, sizing, swing trading and day-trading oil and much more.

In summary this will be a detailed insiders look at everything our lead trader and team have learned as investors, swing traders, day traders and algorithmic traders of crude oil.

The timing of this event is no accident and is specific to our lead trader / team finishing a full cycle learning process spanning decades (an organic, transparent systematic process of discovery) – investing to swing trading to day trading to high frequency machine trading and now AI on the horizon.

We know very specifically what works, what does not, why and how to execute on this knowledge.

The reality of return for each type of oil trading process may surprise you. We traded oil to over 60% return in January, 30% in February and in March some accounts are even negative (some are not) – there is a reason for the returns in each of those 3 months. We tried, tested, traded, back-tested every method of oil trade. 

We will be uncovering it all for our attendees in a one-time 8 hour special webinar event.

To be clear, our discovery process is over, after this webinar is over we will only be trading specifically what we know to be the highest probability set-ups. We won’t be testing here forward.

Shortly after this webinar we go private, so now is the time.

Below is important information for attendees (from a previous post):

The webinar will cover my strategies for conventional and algorithmic oil trade and charting, intra-day trading, short term swing trading, longer term swing trading, trade sizing, time cycles, key set-ups and much more.

I will explain in detail how I maintain a win rate of better than 90% in crude oil trade (live recorded in our oil trading room and live alerted to our members).

Limited attendance of 25 persons to allow me to take questions and converse as needed to be sure we cover the trading concepts in detail.

Current member clients of Compound Trading Group receive 50% off. Use promo code: member

Early bird registrants prior to March 11, 2019 receive 30% off (cannot be used in conjunction with other offers). Use promo code: early.

To Register for the Crude Oil Trading Webinar Click Here.

The 8 hour special webinar event cost : 499.00.

Attendees receive a free video report of the webinar after we’re done so that you can study the in depth knowledge long in to the future. The video will also be available online at our store (for non attendees).

Can’t attend? The post webinar cost for non-attendees for the video is 799.00 at our online shop. Pre-orders (prior to March 24) receive a 30% discount. Use promo code: earlybird. To pre-order the video click here VIDEO: Everything I Know About Trading Crude Oil | Special Webinar Event Series

For complimentary trade articles, click this link: Crude Oil Trading Academy : Learn to Trade Oil.

For our Oil Trading Services use the links below:

Crude Oil Trade Alerts – alerts via Discord Server and Twitter Feed.

Crude Oil Trading Bundle with Newsletters, Charting, Live Trading Room and Alerts – Recommended bundle for the active oil trader.


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Welcome to the Next Trading Boot Camp Cabarete Beach, Dominican Republic!

  • 10 Student Maximum for in person attendance. 25 Student Maximum for online attendance.
  • Sessions Sell Out Fast (it is warm here after-all) so act fast if you plan to be here with us!
  • Book Before Mar 15 For Early Bird 30% Discount (2999.00 – 899.70 = 2099.30) for this session, use code “coach30” at check-out.
  • Returning Student Alumni 50% Discount (2999.00 – 1499.50 = 1499.50), use code “alumni” at check-out.
  • Event price 2999.00 includes the training (online or in-person) plus;
    • Attendees receive All Access Membership (1499.00 value) incl for 30 days – click here for detail.
    • Attendees receive Video Recordings of Previous Trade Coaching Boot Camp (1499.00 value).
    • Attendees receive previously recorded 20 Hour Master Class Series video set (1499.00 value).

Take your trading to the next level with our lead trader at our next trade coaching boot camp at Cabarete Beach, Dominican Republic April 19 – 21, 2019.

If you can’t attend in person you can attend the class online virtually and take part in question and answer as if you were in the boot camp live.

Register Here: Trade Coaching Boot Camp April 19, 20, 21 2019.

Video of Trade Boot-Camp Location:

Curriculum Outline (customized for the group booked – appropriate to skill-set and requests).

You can find / review details of previous boot-camps and copies of previous trade coaching itinerary details (memorandums etc) at this link.

  • What is a trading plan?
  • Trader Vocabulary
  • Risk Management: Sizing, Risk-Reward Calculations
  • Stock Evaluation: Fundamental versus Technical Analysis
    • Basic Technical Analysis Tools: Price Action, Catalysts, Indicators, Pre-Market/After-Market, Earnings, and others
    • Keyword and News Analysis
  • Putting a trading plan into action
  • Risk Management: Time dimensions, scaling in and out of trades
  • Technical Analysis: Time/Price Cycles, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Charting, and others
  • Bringing it all together: simulated trading in equities, commodities and crypto.
  • Real-time trade planning for intra-day and swing traders
  • Technical Analysis: Combining multiple analytic tools, inverses, algorithmic and black box modeling, third-party scripting and widgets
  • Open Q/A. You trade your own account in a live environment
    • Availability of team trading pending on group sizes

Your Instructor.

A rare opportunity to receive trade coaching from a thirty year Wall Street trading veteran, you won’t regret this small investment for a future of freedom. Click here for our lead trader biography and trading disciplines.

Learn how to trade like the pros using technical set-ups only the largest funds have access too. The stock market’s liquidity is exponentially being traded more and more by algorithmic traders and machine trading.

Our trade coaching equips the every-day trader with a serious edge to compete in this new market generation.

The lead trader at Compound Trading is a technical market architect contracted by many funds in the stock market – he knows how to structure your trades to compete.

This opportunity won’t present itself for long as our lead trader is nearing retirement.

Third party professional authority profile of our lead trader.

The Cost.

Pricing is 2999.00 for the 3 days (you pay travel, meals, hotel). We are running a 30% Early Bird discount for this session, use code coach30 at checkout.

Register Here: Trade Coaching Boot Camp April 19, 20, 21 2019.

Travel Assistance.

Let us know if you need a hand with hotel recommendations and more! The boot camp is held right at Cabarete Beach for coordinating your hotel. We can also refer you to gated communities nearby with packages. Many students come days prior or stay days after the boot camp to trade with our lead trader, other traders and enjoy some of the excursions available on the island!

Any questions let us know!

The Compound Trading Group Team

Email: compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com

Daytrading Stocks Isn’t Easy, But You Can Increase Your Win Rate When Trading Momentum Stocks Using Technical Analysis Along With A Catalyst Thesis.

In this post I use the market open trade in $ROKU as an example (live raw trading room footage is below) to teach you how to daytrade stocks that have a catalyst (in this case an upgrade in ROKU by a well known market analyst that morning) and using technical analysis to structure the trade (long trade entry point on chart, where to trim the position and where to close the position at key resistance).

My trade was clean, without stress, I alerted the trade live on the live trade alerts feed and traded it live in the trading room. When I alerted the trade I also gave our members a price target for closing the trade.

Hopefully my experience in using technical analysis while daytrading stocks will help you win more and lose less when you lose.

Live Trading Room Raw Video and Transcript Highlights Detailing Trade Entry, Price Target, Trims and Closing Trade.

The video below is the raw live trading room video feed that includes review of various trade set-ups in premarket and market open. The summary of the ROKU trade is below the video with points of reference on timing on video for easy reference.

At 5:55 on video: In premarket I explain to the trading room that ROKU is my primary watch (the others I also reviewed on the video) on the day on the analyst upgrade. ROKU trading up 2% at 74.63 premarket. Over 77.62 is an add (to those already in the swing trade). For the longer term than daytrading 93.93 is a possible price target in a bullish scenario and 87.58 is more likely and 78.00 most likely for the target date on the chart at the time cycle peak.

The points of support and resistance on the charting that I reference follow a process of technical analysis that we use on all of our algorithmic charting.

ROKU trade is following trajectory. Be sure to trim trade positioning in the resistance areas on the chart and add above (or alternatively add at pull backs).

I also how 5 minutes in to open is an important area to watch and how I am cautious Monday mornings, but on this Monday premarket trading was bullish.

At 9:12 on video: Market open at 9:30 Eastern time. ROKU trading 74.72 at open, over 77.62 is a buy / add to any existing swing trade position. Support on ROKU intra day is at 73.15 – 73.20. Buy side coming in at this point and 3 – 4 dollar day trade range possible prior to resistance over head.

At 13:44 on video: Watching the market open first 5 minute candle conclusion. Over high of day (HOD) ROKU could run in to 77.70 price target. At this point in the trading session I explain that I may run the trade with the market to the price target. Trading 75.65 intra-day looking for 76.00 for a long entry for daytrade now.

At 14:41 on video: At this point I alert that I am long ROKU at 76.00 with a tight stop bias with price target for ROKU daytrade of 77.50. I would trim heavy in to that price target and possibly add above.

At 17:28 on video: Just about triggered an add to my long position in ROKU at 75.82, probably should have. Watch next 5 minute candle completion.

At 18:40 on video: ROKU is strong in to 5 minute candle switch. Now I have a stop at entry 76.00. If it dumps (sells-off) beyond my entry price at 76.00 I may re-enter.

At 21:01 on video: Trimming my position at 50% size at 76.69. Decent little day trade. It’s strong. Nice buys there.

At 25:15 on video: We’re getting pretty close to my price target.

At 25:50 on video: Trimming 25% of position 77.16 – likely early but….

At 27:10 on video: This is going to be an important candle turn. If a daytrade is going to soften (fade) it is likely to do that in to 10:00 AM, so I am watching the 10 minute point candle prior to the turn at the top of the hour at 10:00 AM.

At 28:28 on video: In to the candle turn I am watching the bottom of the candle body close. At candle turn watch for bullish or bearish trade action for a clue of how the next candle is going to trade. At this point ROKU is trading bullish trading near high of day. Looking for trade in next candle to hold the top of the body of the previous candle.

At 29:38 on video: Getting close to price target now it trade 77.29 there. 77.16 closed last 25% of the daytrade in ROKU.

The Catalyst: Analyst Upgrade on ROKU:

“Shares of Roku Inc (NASDAQ:ROKU) gapped up prior to trading on Monday after Needham & Company LLC raised their price target on the stock from $60.00 to $85.00. The stock had previously closed at $71.24, but opened at $73.03. Needham & Company LLC currently has a buy rating on the stock. Roku shares last traded at $76.48, with a volume of 8448678 shares”.

Article Here: Shares of ROKU Gap Up After Analyst Upgrade.

The Original Alert That Put ROKU on Watch for a Trade for our Members:

Below is a screen shot of the original trade alert posted on the swing trading alert feed (a copy was also posted to our daytrading alert feed on Twitter) that ROKU was on watch with a time cycle peak nearing (if you need to learn how to chart and/or trade time cycles reach out for some trade coaching, get access to trade coaching boot camp videos or spend some time in our live trading room).

It is important to note here that with the alert we also posted the link to the live chart on Trading View. This is important when you are harnessing your trade thesis in technical analysis, our members do not have to do the charting on their own, we provide that service as part of the platform.

Another important note is that when we are alerting day trades or swing trades for equities or commodity, crypto or currency trades… in most instances our members already have the technical charting models from previous analysis done for members in previous trade alerts or newsletters etc. 

ROKU (ROKU) near short term time cycle, on watch for a daytrade and possibly swing long in to timing $ROKU #daytrading #tradealerts


Daytrading, tradealerts, ROKU, technical, analysis

ROKU (ROKU) near short term time cycle, on watch for a daytrade and possibly swing long in to timing $ROKU #daytrading #tradealerts

Day Trading Alert Feed.

Below are the screen shots for the actual trade entry, trimming the trade, where the stop on my trade was set and the price target for the trade on the day.

daytrade, entry, trade, alert

Long $ROKU starter tight 76.00. Daytrading room live trade alert feed screen shot.

live alert, ROKU, stop

Stop set at entry price, would likely re-enter if it hits $ROKU – trade price target on day is 77.50. Live alert.

trim, position, daytrading, alert, ROKU

trim half 76.69 $ROKU. daytrade alert

day trade, alert, trim position

Trim 25% 77.16 holding 25% yet $ROKU. daytrading alert feed screen shot

closed, position, trade, alert, daytrade

Closed last 25% 77.16 $ROKU. trading alerts

Day Trading Chat Room

And below is the screen shot of the trade alert in the daytrading chat room on Discord.

Long $ROKU starter tight 76.00
Stop set at entry, would likely re-enter if it hits $ROKU – PT on day is 77.50
trim half 76.69
Trim 25% 77.16 holding 25% yet $ROKU
Closed last 25% 77.16 $ROKU
daytrading, chat room

Screen shot of daytrading chat room on Discord for ROKU trade entries #daytrading #chatroom

If you have any questions about the trade alert detailed in this article reach out! You can get me on email info@compoundtrading.com or private message me on any of my social media accounts.

Trade safe and cut losers fast!



Need help learning to trade set-ups like the one included in this post? Visit our trade coaching page.

If you are serious about learning in depth technical analysis and algorithmic charting and how to trade with that knowledge for a much higher win rate we have a master class video series that is approximately 20 hours of in depth teaching by our lead trader that retails for 1499.00. The master class trade coaching series is only available at this point by request by emailing our office at info@compoundtrading.com. The unedited raw master class videos are now available and the most recent trade coaching event videos are included as an added bonus (usually another twenty hours or so of teaching).

Interested in our live trading room, swing trading newsletters or trade alerts? Visit our menu of trading services.

Subscribe to Live Trading Room.

Subscribe to Live Day Trading Alerts.

Subscribe to Swing Trading Alerts.

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Trade, coaching, trading plan, trade setups
Trade, coaching, trading plan, trade setups

Attending Trading Boot Camp.

Updated 10:25 PM Sept 13, 2018.

Hey Freedom Traders!

The next Trading Boot Camp is just around the corner! Class dates are Sept 14, 15 and 16. Below are some details in advance of your attendance.


Attend as you can through-out each day, come and go as you need and after the boot camp the video series will be available for you to access to catch up on parts you missed or need to review again.

Friday Sept 14 9 – 5 PM

  • Sign in to the live trading room each day using the password “****”.
  • We start broadcasting charting in pre-market at around 9:00 AM (this will give everyone a few mins to grab coffee and settle in for the day), the main trading room is booked off for us. We will run the first part of Friday like most other trading days – the regular premarket review at 9:25 ish, market open at 9:30, work with any trades for the day until about 11 am, do a mid day review at 12 noon and then class curriculum (per below) from 1 pm to 5 pm. After each break (which will be at various times through the day – unscheduled) I will answer all questions that were entered in to the chat room up to that point in the day.

Saturday Sept 15 9 – 5 PM

  • Class curriculum (per below) from 9 am to 5 pm (previous notice was in error as 1-5).
  • After each break (which will be at various times through the day – unscheduled) I will answer all questions that were entered in to the chat room up to that point in the day.

Sunday Sept 16 9 – 5 PM

  • Class curriculum (per below) from 9 am to 5 pm (previous notice was in error as 1-5).
  • After each break (which will be at various times through the day – unscheduled) I will answer all questions that were entered in to the chat room up to that point in the day.

After training;

  • I have learned now with experience that many of the attendees need some final one-on-one trade coaching and that’s fine, just contact me as required and we’ll use a flexible arrangement to your needs.
  • Our office will prepare the videos of the training and you will be provided with a copy (this copy will show the class environment vs. while you are an online attendee you will see a mirror image of my trading screen – which is needed to see the technical analysis).
  • For about a month after training we send you (per below) much of our weekly newsletter data to be sure you can use what you learned in real life trading scenarios.

Curriculum and Your Preparation:

The curriculum is flexible and designed specifically for the attendees.

Below is a basic outline, however, the curriculum itself is formed around the questions the attendees bring to class. We also like to keep the training curriculum flexible to market conditions.

The following are things you can do to prepare:

  • In advance of attending, list out all the questions you ever wanted to ask and be prepared to enter those questions at appropriate times while in training classes.
  • When in class, enter your questions in the discussion box so that after each break the instructor(s) can answer your questions.
  • All questions will be answered after each break through-out the day, this will keep the flow going vs. answering questions at any moment during class.
  • The in person attendees will be entering questions in to the chat box on meeting trade room in the same fashion. The in person attendees will see the shared screen on the large screen and online attendees will see it on their computer monitors at home (essentially as if you were in a live webinar).
  • Review as much of our material you have access to on You Tube (it is a lot and varied so we don’t expect you to review it all) and the weekly reports you may subscribe to.

Below is a basic course outline / structure (that will vary pending attendees):

What is a trading plan?
Trader Vocabulary
Risk Management: Sizing, Risk-Reward Calculations
Stock Evaluation: Fundamental versus Technical Analysis
Basic Technical Analysis Tools: Price Action, Catalysts, Indicators, Pre-Market/After-Market, Earnings, and others
Keyword and News Analysis
Putting a trading plan into action
Risk Management: Time dimensions, scaling in and out of trades
Technical Analysis: Time/Price Cycles, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Charting, and others
Bringing it all together: simulated trading
Real-time trade planning for intraday and swing traders
Technical Analysis: Combining multiple analytic tools, inverses, algorithmic and black box modeling, third-party scripting and widgets
Open Q/A. You trade your own account in a live environment
Availability of team trading pending on group sizes

Material for Review in Advance of Attendance:

For 30 days you will receive at no charge the “All Access Membership” from us. You will begin to receive emails from us a few days prior to training (this can vary depending on when you registered and more), during training and for approximately 20 – 30 days after completion. This material will connect you to most of our member trading services platform newsletters etc. This will allow for you to view in advance of course training much of what will be discussed in class and full access for up to a month after training class will enable you to put much of what you learned to work in real life trading.

What You Need to Bring:

A laptop suitable for trading and running charts is all you need for the class. I personally use six laptops for trading (I left my hard wired PC set-up behind), the class teaches to simplify your set-up not complicate it. One quick note here… we are starting to code our algorithms for machine trading and our office set-up where our coding techs are is a different story. But for the purposes of my personal trading and your trading bootcamp, you only need a laptop.

Attending in Future

We have also found that our class attendees wish to attend boot camp again, if this is something you wish to do then let the office know because you will receive a 50% discount code (or discounted invoice). Same applies if you are wanting to access just the video documentation from a future training.

That’s All!

That’s about all for now! About a week before you attend you will start to receive email notices linking you to our various platform services. As you have time please review the material and attend to trading rooms / webinars / read newsletters etc. If you don’t have time prior, there is no concern. In three days during class we will teach you what is needed. And remember, you have an all access pass to our services for about 3 weeks after training. If you need further coaching after the bootcamp we also have private trade coaching available.

Any questions send me an email anytime info@compoundtrading.com. And if you’re thinking of attending a future class (either in person or online) send me an email to let me know and I’ll provide you with future location plans.



Other Links for the Trade Coaching Event:

Trade Coaching Boot Camp: Day 1 Review, Day 2 and 3 Schedule Updates, Post Boot Camp Plans.

Trading Boot Camp: Day 1 & 2 Review, Day 3 is Today (Developing a Trading Plan) & Post Boot Camp Plans.

September Live Trading Room Challenge, News, Events, Q & A and More information below will be of value to existing members, those asking about our services and new on-boarding members.

Good morning!

I responded to existing member questions and emailed a number of welcome letters to new members over the last 24 hours and as I’ve went along sending the email responses I’ve added and edited information.

To be sure you all have the information included in various emails to new trader members on-boarding to our services and various other questions, I have included a master new member on-boarding letter example below that you can review (it’s more efficient in these busy times at Compound Trading).

This letter also serves as important service updates to existing members to Compound Trading.

I will also publish this to our public facing blog and include a link to this document from our question and answer and home pages on our website (it has been some time since it has been updated).

Below is the new member on-boarding information example (actual new member email that was emailed – excluding private information): 

Welcome to Compound Trading Group! 


Your subscription for the main trading room (main trading room in this new member example) starts Sept __ and expires Oct __ – it does not automatically renew. If you wish to continue in future simply re-visit the shop page, you can cancel anytime.


Be sure to read our Disclosure and Terms and Conditions. There are a number of trading / alert platforms executed to and by our lead trader and/or trading team.


September Trading Challenge


Our lead trader (link to third-party Agilience Authority Index: “Curtis Melonopoly is rated Top 250 in world for stock exchanges, covering also Economy of the United States and Mathematical Finance“) will be in attendance to the main trading room the month of September, 2018 from Thurs Sept 6 pre-market through to Sept 31 recording his attempt for personal best. The video recordings of his September trading challenge will be available thereafter at our online trading academy link – many trading highlight / review videos and feature blog posts will also come from his attendance. You can find the Compound Trading You Tube channel here and our trading information blog is here (unlocked and member locked posts – many article posts are unlocked to public for study reasons over time also).


About Our Lead Trader / Trading Team at Compound Trading

Our lead trader is a thirty year veteran that services a wide swath of clients from beginning learning traders (in private trade coaching and trade boot camps) to significant institutional funds (conventional technical data services through to algorithmic structured data).

You will find the technical skill-set of our staff to be above average and at times perhaps even challenging. Keep in mind however, that we present trading set-ups in such a way that even the early learning trader to the world’s most sophisticated managed money firms have the data they need to execute trading plans.

We have many new traders that have on-boarded to our trading methodologies that have learned to trade from scratch that are now trading in the top 10% on the market (our minimum goal for our members).

Read the first post in the Freedom Traders series for an idea of where our lead trader started, his story that includes a painful learning process and how this may help you as a trader that needs to learn how to trade in the green.

When You Learn It You Are Free. My Personal Stock Trading Story. Part 1 of “Freedom Traders” Series.

In short, you will have access to very conventional charting through to advance structured algorithmic structured charting (including black box) – traders at all levels of growth find it advantageous.

The Trading Focus of Our Lead Trader / Trading Team

Our lead trader and/or trading team alerts trades in the following instrument categories; regular equity markets, futures and crypto currencies. His trading focus encompasses; the seven primary algorithm models in development at Compound Trading, day-trading momentum stocks (usually premarket and/or early in regular market hours) and swing trading conventional equities (as swing trades are triggering buy/sell areas of the charting models he will execute trade alerts at various levels). There are over one hundred equities that we are developing algorithm models for on our swing trading platform.

The financial instruments we trade and/or alert to our members include; regular equities and derivatives (day-trading and swing trading), commodity futures, commodity ETNs and ETFs, Crypto futures and swaps (mainly Bitcoin $BTC $XBT swaps). We also have an options platform add-on currently in development and is being used by our team now.

The seven Algorithmic Models and accompanied Newsletters are as follows; Crude Oil $WTI $CL_F $USO, Crypto $BTC $XBT, SP500 $SPY, Volatility $VIX, Gold $GLD $GC_F, Silver $SLV and the US Dollar $DXY. Each newsletter option provides (as available during development); announcements, video training, algorithm models, conventional charting, day-trade and swing-trade set-ups, buy-sell triggers, trade-alert & price-target re-caps, news and trading plans.

We also publish a morning pre-market report as time allows by our lead trader (subscription, but included with live trading room subscription) and after-market reports on occasion (free).

In summary, the algorithmic trading models developed at Compound Trading Group are conventional charts built out to include algorithmic charting (structured charting for deeper insight and knowledge of the instrument trade), through to coding for our near term digital trader platforms and machine trading).

You will witness in the trading room and on reports sent to members conventional charting on various time-frames to various forms of algorithmic charting models for the various trading instruments we trade in the markets. The structured algorithmic trade charting models are advantageous to traders learning, advanced traders, technical and fundamental traders, option traders and more.

September Trading Challenge

You may have seen this Tweet on the lead trader’s feed with respect to the September Live Trading Room Challenge;

Trading for my personal best for 1 month in September. Live in main trading room daily. Recording the whole month. 3 ways to watch live.

– Live Trading Room 999.00
– EPIC Oil Algorithm Bundle 399.00
– Trading Students 399.00
– Video set after 1499.00


There are a number of ways to become involved and learn from the September Trading Challenge, they are as follows:

Live Trading Room 999.00.

  • The link to subscribe to Main Trading Room is here.
  • Main Trading Room subscription includes Premarket Newsletter, Real Time Twitter Alerts, Main Trading Room with broadcast and charting, Private Discord Daytrading Chat Server) *Requires application to acceptance and non disclosure execution prior to attendance.

EPIC Crude Oil Algorithm Trading Room Bundle 399.00.

Trading Students 399.00.

  • Trading students can take advantage of the one month trading challenge for a special one time fee of 399.00. We want the new traders to learn and as such our existing students have been given a bit of a break here. Email Jen direct at info@compoundtrading.com for an invoice to be sent to you as there is no option for this special on our website store.

Videos: Learning to Trade Video Set (when Trading Challenge is complete) 1499.00.

  • Email us to get on the list or simply download the series from our online store at the trading academy section of our website when the video set is posted for sale. Current members will receive 30% off.
  • This video series will be advantageous for the beginning trader, intermediate and advanced.

Legacy Trading Membership 1499.00.

  • The legacy membership is for serious full-time traders that want access to all of our services (some exclusions below) and direct 24 hour video feed access (web cam) to our lead trader’s trading desk.
  • Includes all access to all Newsletters, Alerts, Trading Rooms, Algorithm Models, Online Coaching Events, Webinars and 24 hour live access to the Lead Traders personal trading desk (via webcam as available).
  • Some services are excluded (that have limited space for example), such as Trading BootCamp in person attendance (virtual attendance is included) and one-on-one trade coaching is not included but all virtual coaching class events are included. Commercial licensing is not included.
  • As more services are launched they are included. For example the machine trading platform (coding of algorithms) launching 2018 and all access to lead trader trading platform via webcam are included.
  • Follow this link to register as an All Access Legacy Member.

Attendance of Lead Trader in September in the Main Trading Room is structured as follows (the trading  in September will be open 24 hours a day):

Live Trading Room Schedule.

Sunday Futures Trading starting at 6 PM Eastern – Usually action does not start until later around 2 -3 AM Monday morning and in to premarket on regular markets. But he is typically in attendance at futures open Sunday around 6 PM. He usually alerts to his Twitter and/or in Discord when he is in session for futures.


He typically notifies clients in the premarket report and copied to his Twitter feed and / or Discord main channel lounge of his schedule for each trading day.


Premarket 9:15 – 9:30 (at times he does trade premarket also and will engage the room earlier than 9:15, he usually alerts members on email, Discord and or Twitter that he is in room in premarket trading when this occirs)


Market Open 9:30 – 11:30


Mid Day Review 12:00 – 12:30

Futures Markets 6:00 PM and through the night session.

Various other Attendance – he alerts to members as needed.


After the end of September he and the trading team will continue in the trading room, at intervals typically as noted above and perhaps not at as high of frequency at times (specific schedule pending travel and other professional obligations).


Trade Alerts

Trading set-ups / trades are alerted to various platforms (depending on the trade) as follows; regular reporting newsletters, special reports sent to members, various Twitter alert feeds, in the live trading room and to the trading chat rooms on Discord (there are private member servers and a public facing side of our Discord trading chat room channel). Click the link to attend to the public facing side of the channel and as / if you subscribe to specific services for specific instruments there are private side chat rooms and associated invite link(s) that will be made available to you (the private side servers are specific to the algorithmic models in development for oil, crypt etc and swing trading.

As a main day-trading room member your access is to the main trading room and public side Discord Server Chat Room (there is no private Discord server for the main trading room).

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Oil sell-off today, EPIC Oil Algorithm buy side oil trade alerts 64.50 buy side at day lows for members. #oil #trade #alerts FX $USOIL $WTI $CL_F $USO #OOTT #Algorithm

How did we know in a heavy intra-day sell-off where oil would bottom and turn? Learning to trade crude oil is not easy if you try and trade it with conventional trading strategy, you need to know how oil trades and why.

Below are the details to help you with your crude oil trading strategy.

Let’s look at what happened and then I will explain how I knew where the reversal intra-day in crude oil trade would be.

Below you will find the intra-day sell-off in crude oil, the member trade alerts, member chat room guidance and charts – and then I’ll explain how we knew in advance with high probability where the bottom would be.

Crude oil chart (FX USOIL WTI). The sell off in crude oil trade today was extreme.

Crude Oil Chart – Crude oil sell-off today, EPIC Oil Algorithm called buy side for 64.50 at day lows (on way down). 

On the way down we alerted our members on the EPIC Twitter crude oil trade alerts member service of where the possible bottoms were. There was an initial possible area and then the buy side area a touch down. The chart below shows the sell-off (with red arrow) and the buy side long entries alerted to members (green arrow).

Crude, oil, selloff, chart, buy side, alert

Oil sell-off today, EPIC Oil Algorithm called buy side for 64.50 at day lows (on way down). #oil #trade #alerts FX $USOIL $WTI $CL_F $USO #OOTT #Algorithm

Alert – Oil trade alerts on the EPIC Oil Trading Alerts Feed – Starting buys in here careful will cut fast 64.50 – 58, hit low in sell off perfect. 

Below is a screen shot of the private member trade alert feed on Twitter showing the member alert that our buys were starting in the 64.50 – .58 area (after we had provided the oil trade strategy in the private discord oil chat room server). Buy side alerts started at 64.50 and the low of day in crude oil was 64.44 (FX USOIL WTI).

oil, trade, alerts, long buys

Oil trade alerts – Starting buys in here careful will cut fast 64.50 – 58, hit low in sell off perfect. $USOIL $WTI $CL_F #Oil #trading #alerts

Chat Room Strategy – Oil chat room member guidance for buy side at bottom of sell-off today.

Below is a screen shot of the private member oil trading chat room.

“if it dumps i’ll look for 64.52 area ish”

This comment was after significant guidance by myself (lead trader at Compound Trading Group). I was looking for confirmation of a bottom trade strategy for a reversal in oil trade intra-day.

“hoping in to 1130 candle expiry i get entry”

Trade had been in sell-of prior to the Wednesday 10:30 AM EST EIA Petroleum Status Report and after the report was released trade in crude oil continued. Prior to this alert to watch the start of the 11:30 AM EST candle on the oil chart I had given significant member guidance in the chat room. If you look at the chart posted above you will see that the reversal turn in oil was in fact at the 11:30 candle on the chart.

“looking for volatility in to 64.52 and turn of 30 and long tail and volume buys”

As with the prior comment above, I’m explaining in the quote specifically what I am looking for to confirm my trade execution long for the reversal. By the way, we use a 30 minute chart for EPIC Oil algorithmic charting purposes.

“starting buys in here careful will cut fast 64.58 area”

This is the alert in the chat room that my buys started at 64.58 (this was the first alert) then on Twitter I had alerted buys 64.50 – 64.58 because price came off a bit and I was buying in to 64.50 so the Twitter alert reflected that also.

“trimmed 64.72 looking for another entry”

Then as I was trimming longs I had alerted the chat room. At this time I was also in the main trading room on voice broadcast alerting my trades to the chat room (we have the member discord chat room and a main chat room that has live oil charting for the algorithm and also voice broadcast – members can choose to be in either / or as they need).

So in a nutshell I called the bottom for members in an aggressive intra-day sell-off and provided strategy for the trade on its way down. There is many more comments prior to these from the chat room.

oil, trade, chat, room, strategy, crude

Oil chat room member guidance for buy side at bottom of sell-off today. $USOIL $WTI $CL_F $USO #Oil #chat #room #alerts

So the questions is, how did I know where to execute the long side trade in crude oil? How was the reversal confirmed? How can you learn to trade oil with the correct market and charting signals?

Reason Number 1 –  The US Dollar.

“resistance on USD should provide moderate support for oil prices
but thats a moderate consideration”

“you could consider this area divergent right now for USD – there’s a special report out tonight, but this is resistance on DXY now on main wide structure it should calm down very soon
on intra day short time frame who knows
intra day resistance white arrow on DXY”

The correlation between the US Dollar and the trade of commodities is not always correlated. I tend to check in on our US Dollar Algorithm whenever executing oil trades. Today the dollar was trading near a critical resistance area, so I took that information in to consideration.

Oil trading strategy in chat room started with resistance approaching on US Dollar trade intra-day explained to members with charts.

oil, trading, strategy, chat, room, USD

Oil trading strategy in chat room started with resistance approaching on US Dollar trade intra-day explained to members with charts.

“wider structured resistance on DXY at orange line”

Screen shot of US Dollar Algorithm charting showing members in chat room where main resistance in DXY is.

US Dollar, resistance, oil, prices

Screen shot of US Dollar Algorithm charting showing members in chat room where main resistance in DXY is.

How the Dollar Impacts Commodity Prices

“The vast majority of these materials use the dollar as a pricing mechanism for global trade because the U.S. is the strongest and most stable economy in the world. When the dollar strengthens, it means that commodities become more expensive in other, nondollar currencies. This tends to have a negative influence on demand. Conversely, when the dollar weakens, commodity prices in other currencies move lower, which increases demand.”


Reason Number 2 – Support for Oil Trade on the Weekly Chart (moving averages).

“62.30 50 MA on weekly”

The second reason is more a consideration for downside risk than it was a reason for trade.

I was reviewing the weekly chart our algorithm reporting service provides members – taking a mental note of my downside risk. I was also weighing the upside resistance on the weekly chart. Because of the weekly downside risk being considerably lower than the price of intra-day trade my risk tolerance to more sell-off was very low. I alerted that to members and would have closed a losing trade very quickly had that happened.

The 50 day moving average in this chart example shows a considerable down-side risk to a long trade. The 50 MA is the purple line on the chart in the screen shot below. More about moving averages here.

Screen shot of weekly oil chart support for trading strategy consideration – 62.30 50 MA on weekly chart.

chart, moving, averages, crude, oil

Screen shot of weekly oil chart support for trading strategy consideration – 62.30 50 MA on weekly

Reason Number 3 – EIA confirmed the build in crude oil inventory.

Crude: 6.805M
Cushing: 1.643M
Gasoline: -0.740M
Distillates: 3.566M

And then the EIA Petroleum figures were available online at 10:30 AM and this confirmed a large build in crude oil inventories. This is bearish but at 4:30 the day before the initial forecast provided a surprise build (hence the sell-off that started in trade prior). This isn’t a reason for a long side trade at first glance until you consider the trader’s mentality.

The sell-off that continued after EIA was announced was obviously an over committed intra-day scenario because everyone already knew that a large build was expected, so I didn’t expect it to sell off much more intra-day. My longer term bias is considerably different, but specifically intra-day in the trade of crude I didn’t expect much more sell-off.

Then the EIA Petroleum Report figures were available and the build in crude was higher than expected (screen shot of chat room).

Also note in the screen shot below of the chat room the coding tech updating the algorithm charting for members on the intra-day time frame and posting it to the room. He did this because he knew a trade was setting up so he provided the most recent machine trading data for myself and our trading community members to use when executing the trades.

EIA, crude, oil, inventory, build

Then the EIA Petroleum Report figures were available and the build in crude was higher than expected.

Reason Number 4 – Crude Oil Algorithmic Charting Support Areas to Watch.

64.60 FX USOIL buy target intra day – we’ll see how it looks trading 64.88 intra

Then I provided the members the first area of trade to watch (at 64.60) for on the charting that could have been the support area intra-day for the reversal long trade (see the member chat room screen shot above).

And sure enough, intra-day trade stalled at the 64.60 market and below is the charting we were watching. The green arrow on the charting below shows the area of trade.

Chat room screen shot – shows two EPIC Oil Algorithm charts and price target area where trade stalled for a test.

crude, oil, algorithm, trading

Chat room screen shot – shows two EPIC Oil Algorithm charts and price target area where trade stalled for a test.

Gray arrow shows diagonal trendline support area that has acted as support historically many times. EPIC Oil Trading Algorithm.

The gray arrow shows an area on the oil algorithm that has been used by the machines to buy intra-day sell-offs over and over again.

One of the benefits of our work is that we look at historical charts and process that big data for our clients. This work provides insight to what specific signals to use at various intervals of trade intra-day and for swing trading that the human trader simply can’t discern because the data involved is too much for the brain to process. This would take a book of 500 pages to explain. In short, this specific area in the algorithmic oil charting model has been used consistently by the machines. I include some recent examples below for demonstration purposes.

Also note the green arrows on the chart. The first being the first area of support I was watching and the second being the second area. The first area of support did see a bounce in trade intra-day but failed the pull-back back test so we didn’t execute. The second area we did execute trades on and did alert to our members. This was so close to the ideal buy trigger that we nailed it. Our members will tell you that we alert the buy zones in sell-offs near perfect nearly 100% of the time. Our feed tells the story for us – it is time stamped and transparent so there is no way to trick anyone with false signals of record.

support, algorithm, oil, trading, historical

Gray arrow show diagonal trendline support area that has acted as support historically many times. EPIC Oil Trading Algorithm.

The chart below has recent examples of trade where the machines have bought the sell-off in crude oil with significant liquidity. The sell-off and subsequent area of reversal today was exactly the same area of the algorithm model.

Oil trade algorithm and the recent areas of trade machines have taken long positions in oil during sell-offs.

Oil, trading, algorithm, historical, examples

Oil trade algorithm and the recent areas of trade machines have taken long positions in oil during sell-offs.

Reason Number 5 – Confirmation in Intra-Day Trade of Oil to Confirm Signal to Enter Long Side Trade.

Chat room screen shot – explaining to members indicators I was watching on charting for back-test confirmation in oil trade.

Crude oil trade hit 64.74 within 14 cents of the price target I was wanting to see to possibly confirm the trade (see above the 64.60 area I was watching for).

Then the price target of 64.60 was hit and I explained to chat room members to wait and see how the bounce in trade handled the upside 20 MA resistance area and to watch the expected back test (pull back in trade) to previous support before executing a trade. This is a process of watching intra-day trade for various confirmations in trade to be sure as you can be that your entry execution is not too early (or late for that matter).

Chart, indicators, trade, oil

Chat room screen shot – explaining to members indicators I was watching on chartng for back-test confirmation in oil trade


We knew well in advance of the oil sell-off today the area of trade that was most probable to be the right buy signal.

We alerted the buy side trade for our members on the private member oil trading alerts feed.

We provided trading strategy in the oil chat room well in advance of trade achieving the price target for the long side trade alert.

I provided live charting and voice broadcast to members in our main trading room as I executed trades.

Our algorithm charting provided us the buy area well in advance as part of a rules based trading process as a result of big data processing by our team of experts in this field.

In large part, this is why I haven’t been on the losing side of an oil trade alert in many months. Every trade alert is documented in real time, recorded, live alerted and time stamped for evidence of our claims.

Are You Learning to Trade Oil?

My best advice is to join our service on a trial and view real-time how we analyse our trades.

We have a clear trading process that is rules based and has proven to win.

I am far from the best trader I know, in fact I would rate myself about a 5 or 6 out of 10 – I am an expert technician but not top shelf trader. But I am one of the highest winning percentage oil trade alerting services available simply because our algorithm models are that good – and it takes more than that, it takes a team of committed individuals to provide clear winning trading signals to the members.

Interpretation of the algorithm models as a result of experience and historical big data processing is why we win and win often. And when we loose, it is small because we know when a trade has failed. In our work we know before the crowd where to buy and why and where to close and why. We know where to add to your trades and where to trim you trades.

And finally, if you need more help getting on the winning side of your trades then I would seriously consider 3 hours of private coaching. Even the best traders in the world have a coach because a trading coach will keep your psychological game in check as it relates to following the trading of a rules based process. A trading coach is critical to success as a winning trader.

Best with it and let me know if you need anything.


To Learn More About Trading Oil:

Learning to Trade Links on our Site and/or YouTube.

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Here we unlock historical member reports at intervals after time cycles have expired for traders that are learning to trade oil. When you clock on link scroll down at landing page on blog section you will be transferred to so that you can get to reports that are unlocked over time: https://compoundtrading.com/category/epic-the-oil-algo-chart-report/

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