Trading Freedom and Freedom Attained via Trading Needs You!

I Haven’t Got a Lot of Time (I chew off way too much ya ya eyes bigger… bla bla) But HERE IS MY PLEA. I’ll make it short.

This is Part Four of the “Freedom Traders” Series – How I Learned to Get Over the Wall and What May Help You.

There are links at the bottom of this post to Part 1 : My Personal Stock Trading Story. How I Blew up Two Accounts and Then Learned How to Trade, Part 2 : Trading Checklist – Rules I Follow Before Triggering, and Part 3: Now I’m Inspired!.A Struggling Trader That Inspired Change, Part 5 : Learn How to Trade Stocks (Build a Small Account) Following my Journey.


“in January of this year, Tuomas Sandholm and Noam Brown from Carnegie Mellon University developed a poker player called Libratus, which beat four of the world champion poker players, and not by just a little bit. They played 120,000 hands of poker, and Libratus ended up with $1.77 million in poker chips. This is a big deal, because it signals…” See:

Now, before you turn me off, hear me out quick! BTW, I meant to write the “How to Write a Trading Plan” post next but this was eating me alive so I’ll do that next.

This is about a freedom about to be stolen from you (the freedom to successfully trade at a retail level – your trading freedom) and what can be done and how you can benefit. Yes, there’s an upside for your service.

And if nothing else, I’ll guarantee you’ll be a better trader (unless of course you’re super trader already).

Here’s my best foot forward to what the H this post is about.

The Uncle Sam poster. Yes, this is the best way to explain this post.

Look, when this poster propagated it was during a time that people stood for what was they believed to be right (freedom) – so much so they would die for it. The whole country (and even the whole free world) rallied behind it. Now, of course I’m not asking for that haha, but I am asking for like minded individuals (people that want a better future that may or may not see the problem on the near horizon) to stand up and get behind what we’re doing – if even it is in a small way AND even if it only means you receive the benefit of becoming a better trader as the minimum objective.

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Compound Trading Wants You to Disrupt Wall Street!

Uncle Sam (initials U.S.) is a common national personification of the American government or the United States in general that, according to legend, came into use during the War of 1812 and was supposedly named for Samuel Wilson. The actual origin is obscure.[2] Since the early 19th century, Uncle Sam has been a popular symbol of American culture and a manifestation of patriotic emotion.[3]

What’s The Big Deal? 

Look, I know I talk a lot about this… singularity and algorithms and stuff (math is one of the few things I’m good at) and I KNOW that most of you just want to trade better so you can achieve some level of freedom in a world that’s stacked against all of us common people. I get that. And so I apologize for my nerd post, but you can get what you want and I can feel like my life was worth something (more than just being a decent trader and money and so on). And you never know, you may actually take up a small portion of the cause in the process.

Here’s the big deal; right now this moment there are large rooms of scientists (mathematicians and computer programmers) designing algorithms and artificial intelligence to beat Wall Street. How do I know? Because I cracked the code. Don’t believe me? Fine, I don’t care actually – I wouldn’t believe me either. Seriously. But we have documented it and if nothing else you can’t argue that some have cracked Wall Street.


Or this article that relates to the introduction of my blog piece:

You can’t argue that some have cracked Wall Street.

So What’s The Problem? 

The common person (retail trader) has always had the chips stacked against them on Wall Street. But that’s getting to be very, very real and nearing the point of completely unfair. I know, some of us can still beat it, but only the best human traders consistently beat Wall Street.

Why? Because there are high frequency trading algorithms and various other algo type trading systems that are revolutionizing trading.

And THE REAL PROBLEM is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that over the next ten years (at very most – more likely 3 -5 years) this will become unbeatable. Look, singularity isn’t far off and I’m telling you that there are algorithmic trading operations that completely destroy our ability to profit. Soon, very soon, mark my words they will be telling you on TV that YOU HAVE TO GET IA TO TRADE OR DIE.

What is IA? An intelligent assistant. In other words, what we do (what we are developing with our algorithmic models) – and I’m not asking you to subscribe to our algorithms (I would develop them whether we had even one subscriber). The traders on CNBC you watch are already talking about how they can’t do without their #AI now.

So IA (an intelligent assistant) is the first level of acceptance at the retail level, because the human trader is in control and the algorithm simply assists the trader. But there will be a time soon where those “assisted” traders will move to full automation because there is no way to beat the machine. It’s all a process of acceptance.

Why is IA (Intelligent Assisted Trading) or HFT (High Frequency Trading) a Threat to Me?

You will be beat and you will have to subscribe to the future. And it is coming right soon. Think of me when you have no choice. Now, please keep in mind this isn’t going to be required (IA) for long term investing any time soon. I am talking about trading (day trading and swing trading).

You will be beat and you will have to subscribe to the future.

Here’s a CNBC video on Human Assisted Intelligence for example:

So what’s the problem then? I’ll Just Subscribe to the Future

You may, or you may not. Right now, the IA technology is available and there are algorithmic modeling teams that produce incredible results (heck, our inaugural model EPIC has been insane successful), but YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO BUY THEM.

There is certainly a trend toward increasing automation among financial firms. Preqin, a company that provides financial industry data, reports that 40 percent of hedge funds created last year were “systematic,” meaning they rely on computer models for their decisions.

You’ll be able to buy the moderately decent ones, but you won’t be able to buy the world class models. And even if you could, you couldn’t afford them. Do you know what these models are worth? Insane amounts. Some of the richest people in the world have become so over the last few years because of them and they my friends are sitting on islands they own, sitting in 60,000 square foot houses overlooking a bay with their mega yachts in view. Sounds like a Bond villain  – but true. Study it. It won’t be the common person that has them.

“I’ll Be Fine.'”

Sure, you’ll be fine as an investor and you’ll even be fine as a trader for a while. But you will as a trader be forced to subscribe to this future within 3 – 5 years or you won’t trade. That I can guarantee.

So What’s My Angle? Let Me Summarize Before This Post Gets Big.

IA and AI is coming. You will have to subscribe as a trader. I guarantee that.

We have published our work in modeling the algorithms over the last year for transparency. It would take you hours, but you could confirm that I am not a nut by reading our whole website and blog posts that we have in fact modeled what the machines are doing.

We have been challenged in various ways since starting this endeavor (trying to model what the AI firms are doing in the markets) and trust me it would have been easier to sell out. And I won’t explain how we could have sold out fast and easily and went to the beach.

My nature (you know the story about the toad and the scorpion), is the Robin Hood thing and I know it is corny, but it’s all about the common man for me. It’s all about looking at each other and jumping. I have a grade 8 education because I was bored in class, but I can calculate like nobody’s business. I’m an outlier, I get that. A nerd.

But I know math and I have done well in business for thirty years and everybody around me is screaming at me about how I’m so invested in this and not paying attention to my businesses (that they deem to be adequate).

But I am a common man that had to work very, very, very hard and I believe in and need as my nature the common man team thing. I am not a suit, I am not a Wall Streeter, I am not a corporate guy, and I am not a 9-5 type. I need by nature to stand for something and have to have my life to have been of some form of value. That’s just me (the scorpion and the toad).

So that brings us to now. Right now we at minimum have a trading platform that can benefit any learning trader and our clients will tell you that even advanced traders are learning and benefiting from our services. And because we’re already up and running I don’t need to sell you on it.

But there’s more (yes like the infomercials haha)…. we know how to model (crack the code) of the algorithms and we’ve proven it. Our mission is to democratize Wall Street. What does that mean? Make available to the common man what otherwise would not be attainable or available.

Make available to the common man what otherwise would not be attainable or available.

So What am I Asking For?

The vision I have for the future is tough for the common person. I see massive debt being moved to the middle and upper class in new and ingenious ways and we are allowing it and the elite getting richer. I see a difficult future for our kids and grandkids and their kids. I believe it is critical for this generation to get over the wall and I believe time is very short.

The wall to freedom (as it applies specifically to traders or aspiring traders) is the wall to predictable and consistent success so that our future generations can be given the opportunity to compete in a world that will get more and more elitist.

So I have a trading room that is already successful (when you consider the algorithm subscribers and swing trading subscribers) – successful in that we’ve got lift off and it’s a profitable endeavor already. The trading room is a little light yet and I would like to see more people in there but it is solid and has very good traders in it for newbies and experts alike and we are profitable.

So Why Would I Want More and What Do I Want?

I would like anyone that has a dream or a vision that relates at all in any way to what we are doing to get involved. We need good traders in the room, we need learning traders in the room. And yes I am saying we need subscribers to get beyond just a successful little trading enterprise. Let me give you an example.

The oil algorithm work we’ve worked with… EPIC the Oil Algo…. more than one million invested in less than seven months – in just time, forget the hard costs and various other costs. Algorithmic modeling, IA, AI, machine learning, big data – whatever you want to call it is massive.

So what we’ve done is we’ve secured early adopters to our offerings (the trade room, the algorithm charting newsletters and swing trading newsletters) to fixed subscription costs even as sub costs increase – and very soon the trajectory of those sub fess (to new users) will be parabolic – algorithms are expensive! Decent algorithms available are tens if not hundreds of thousands per month and our first algo is going to coding now and will be at that level very soon (EPIC is one of six and there are more in the works). And the institutional guys love it.

So what I am saying is that our work is costly and yes the everyday common person subscribing does bring that vision forward in a small (small in that it is bite sizes but adds up) but important way.

BUT MORE THAN THAT! We would love for others to get involved. We need learning traders to get over the wall to help others more than anything. The learning traders that succeed will be our best advocates when they become successful! But we need profitable traders too!

We need traders to get active in our room. We need traders that want to test our algorithms. We need traders that want to get involved in the marketing. Traders that want to help organize events. Traders that want to coach. Traders that want to document trades on video. Traders that will write blog posts and share our mission on social media and there will be so many more things that yes, WE NEED YOU FOR.

Why? Because we would really like to be the ones that make available to the common person world class algorithmic modeling so the playing field stays as fair as possible. And I personally would like to have lived a life of some value. Our middle class and even upper class is disappearing and keeping Wall Street a level playing field would at least offer a way for the common person to provide for their children and grandchildren.

That’s my sales pitch, my best foot forward – so if it at all meets your goals in even the smallest way… this is your call to action.


And here’s my promise… I’ll do my best to stop trying to recruit ya’ll to the cause and focus on the trading – and hey, this Monday is the start of my two week double my account challenge so I’ll definitely not have time to sell y’all on our platform haha.

Also, I’ll do my best to get the “How to Write a Trading Plan” out sooner than later.

Click here for the link to sign on to any of our services.

Message me anytime with your story or questions. And if you follow me on Twitter and I don’t follow back so you can DM then send us an email to with your Twitter handle.

Peace and best and enjoy your Sunday! Hug those loved ones tight, really, really tight.


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