Good evening folks!

Hope you’re having a fantastic Memorial Day Long Weekend:)

My name is Jen, and I’m the new Administrator / Business Manager at the Compound Trading Group. This is my introduction to our members (I told em I needed an edge in my introduction so here it goes!).

The team here has authorized a one-time (never before offered) 40% discount on any service our members / swing trade mailing list subs wish to take advantage of over the long weekend and in to Tuesday at 12:00 midnight Eastern time.

Go to the shop section click here and use discount code “JEN40”, if you have any problem at check-out let me know and I will assist as needed. Also, our pricing grid is available here.

This one-time (and likely never offered again) offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, is only available as a discount to current pricing (not early adoption pricing some may have been used to), can be used as a credit toward future subscription fees (if your subscription is not due yet), can be used for multiple items, and is only available to members and/or mailing list subscribers.

This is my way of saying hello and a big thanks to Curtis and the team for allowing it!

Also important for members…

Watch for many notes from me over the coming days – I’ll be catching up on the invoicing of members (as I know the team has been behind on this and other clerical duties with the new coding team starting and all), I’ve got a number of changes to the website and offerings, I’ll be sending out updates as our new operations in 2018 roll out from the dev team and there will be other house cleaning tasks.

My aim is to serve the member base and our trading team so if you need anything or have any suggestions for our growing service email me or at the main email and I will assist you right away.

Thank you and have a great trading week!



Good evening all!

A quick note to our membership / subscribers / chat room attendees in advance of our media release and social blitz set to trickle start in a few hours escalating in to the end of the month.

There are many media releases / social network announcements on-deck between now and May 1 with new developments in our growth such as; machine coding of our algorithms (we’re starting with Oil and Bitcoin May 1), next Trading Bootcamp, new coding & machine learning staffing / office, completion of trade coaching – trading location as of now and the new All Access Legacy Membership (allowing all access to our services for legacy members and all access via webcam to my trading desk) – and more.

Watch your email inbox for announcements / press releases.

Anyway, to the point…

At this link there are a list of Spring Sale Promo Codes for select services we have deep discounted.

There are only ten promo codes assigned to each item and the discounts are deep discounts (hence the reason members get some advance notice – albeit only a few hours). The exception (to the 10 promo codes) is the Trading BootCamp as there are only 2 spots left. The All Access Membership is detailed at that link above also.

Have a great week trading and if there’s anything you need let me know! You can get me in the Discord Room, on social by direct message or email

Off to run weekly charting and reports.






A General Update for Members with Reference to our 2018 Plans and Current Status.

Sartaj is arriving to my location in the Dominican Republic next weekend, at which time the second phase (the 2018 plan) of our business development will start;

  • Coding – starting the process of coding algorithm charting models
    • Initial phase is the #IA Intelligent Assisted Digital Trading Platform
    • Long term goal is a machine trading environment
  • Content – Deep content development for our membership
    • Educational content publishing / video and various other value add content related services for members specific to and related to our swing trading equity coverage, algorithm models and training.
  • Coaching – Further development of coaching programs
    • Coaching online real-time (webinars, Skype one on one, online published material / video, in person classes and regular conference events)
    • Opening of our first physical educational / coaching / retreat (location has been secured and is currently under construction – opening expected Apr 1, 2018)
  • Private Capital Fund – Official launch of our decentralized capital fund (upon regulatory conclusion) and Institutional Data Services Platform.
  • Hiring of Staff and Interns.

Prior to his arrival, I am tasked to complete the existing algorithm charting models (complete to the point that they are ready for Generation 1 at minimum) and completing the swing trading newsletter service structure. So in short, between now and his arrival this is my task.

Completion of algorithm charting models

  • Gold and Oil are ready for coding
  • US Dollar and SPY are near ready, final edits complete this weekend.
  • Bitcoin BTC newest model is complete and in final back-testing phase, it will be released this weekend
    • ETH, LTC, XRP are expected to be released prior to Sartaj’s arrival Jan 21
  • VIX newest model is complete and in final back-testing phase, it will be released this weekend
  • Silver newest model is complete and in final back-testing, it will be released this weekend
  • Completion of newest swing trade newsletter charting coverage
    • The next generation of buy / sell signals / charting for the equities we cover are being implemented to the newsletters as released and we’re on target to have them all complete.

Again, thanks for the patience with our first year build-out…. folks in VIX, SILVER and BTC will be credited with time for the recent delays.

Final miscellaneous thoughts;

  • Oil Trading Room
    • Many have asked that I alert when the oil trading room is rebooted and opened at the intervals (it has to be re-opened every 10 hours as it times out) – considering the requests I will start doing that again.
  • Recommencement of Post Market Reports will start this week – I got caught up in model development last week.
  • Current Trading / Market Forecast
    • The first quarter looks very good. If you have access to our mid day swing trading review videos on You Tube I would highly encourage you to watch them as you can over the next 10 – 14 days as I expect to scale in to this earnings season significantly. I am currently about 12% invested and expect at least 50% if not 80% at times over the next sixty days. It looks very promising.

Thanks folks.




Compound Trading Member Memorandum

Feb 3, 2017

Just a quick note / ramble to update our members on immediate and longer term developments for our charting reports, trade room and various stock trading services:

  • Morning Reports. Friday reports, those we are processing overnight – some do not require mid-week updates, will be VERY BRIEF mid week reports and full reports will be updated on weekend. All levels for all algorithmic charting models remain the same and our members have the existing levels.
    • $DXY Model – $DXY US Dollar / $USDJPY are at support decisions.
    • $GOLD is at a support decision.
    • $SILVER is at a support decision.
    • $VIX is trading within the model and classic indicators.
    • $OIL is testing important resistance decisions.
    • $SPY is trading within the model and classic indicators.
    • Swing Trading members have all current levels (more on updates below).
  • Algorithmic Chart Models Completing. This weekend we will be completing the last of what we consider Phase I of our algorithmic models. Phase I is defined as completing algorithmic chart models (for our traders to use on a traditional stock chart as an edge) to include all the important applicable levels for both classic charting and algorithmic chart modeling such as;
    • Classic indicator charting;
      • Fibonacci levels,
      • Horizontal trend-lines (support and resistance from various time cycles),
      • Diagonal trend-lines (support and resistance from various time cycles),
      • Swing trading range (margins of highest probability),
      • Various other classic indicators such as moving averages, MACD and more as applicable and most important to the specific equity charting.
    • Algorithmic chart modeling;
      • Alpha algo targets (specific time and price – see EPIC the Oil Algo for examples),
      • Alpha algo diagonal trend-lines (support and resistance),
      • Algo diagonal trend-lines based on Fibonacci modeling,
      • Algorithm time/price cycles (terminations),
      • Algorithm trading quadrants (related to time/price cycles and historical trading),
      • And more (all those fun indicators we are processing historical data on and representing on charts for our traders to use as an edge).
  • Miscellaneous Points. A few points about the status of our chart model development;
    • $DXY US Dollar is complete and testing very high so it will be published in full (testing similar to Gold, Silver and Oil models at 80% – 93% accuracy),
    • $VIX and $SPY will be published but are testing with the least predictability of the six.
    • The Gold and Silver algorithms – we are finished testing alpha algo lines – we have not been including these in reports to date (used for support and resistance) and algo targets (both similar to EPIC the Oil Algo charting)… new member updates will have those indicators on the charting like EPIC does. So this is actually big news for our Silver and Gold charting. For those wondering about the different kinds of algorithmic model indicators we endeavor to include in our models EPIC the Oil Algo is the best one to view to get an idea of the process and where we are going with each.
    • The swing trading service has been going extremely well, members have been sending all kinds of positive feedback. We will be significantly updating it this weekend. We also have been running model trading accounts for each swing service that we hope to get out soon – interesting results – very, very positive methodology evidence transpiring.
  • Profit and Loss Statements. My personal profit and loss statements for my large swing account and small account build are on our weekend publishing list too.
  • Daily Trading Results. I am behind on posting some of the daily trading results – will get those done also.
  • Your Feedback is Important! We have had a lot of email feedback from members, if you have any feedback please send it in, it really helps our planning and these to-do lists. It’s a community effort – your input is valuable. Ideas, thoughts, things we are doing right, things we can improve… please send us a note.
  • Weekly Webinars! We are also going to post a weekly webinar schedule this weekend for;
    • Members that would like a more in depth understanding of our charting and how to specifically use each chart for each equity will be able to attend weekly. Webinars will be done for our six algorithmic charting models, our swing trading service and our trading room. There will be one webinar each week at a set time for each service, every week. So yes, eight short webinars about 30 minutes each or 4 hours a week. If there is a day and/or time best for you weekly to take part please let us know for consideration!
    • Subscribers Considering our Services. We will be running a weekly webinar for those considering signing up that want to know more about our systems – we get so many inquiries – this way we can refer inquiring minds to a weekly 30 minute webinar that explains our algorithmic chart modeling and our swing service. So this will make it 4.5 hours of webinars done weekly.
  • Promo Discounts. So we did extend them for the members that asked, remember the promo codes shut down on weekend.

I think that covers our news, updates, morning charting advisory and stuff on our to-do list so that everyone knows our direction!

Thanks again!


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