RE: Charting Re-balance Edits, Complimentary Publications, Email Distribution Lists

Good morning,

So when we opened the algorithm chart model files this morning, many (near all) shifted again and have to be reset. We’re working on that right now. This has to be completed for all charts before reports can be processed (because of course the chart time cycles and pricing affects reports).

This does occur on holidays with Trading View. Different holidays to different degree. Thanksgiving has been the worst we have experienced in the last year and this may have something to do with the half day – I am not sure.

Anyway, the shift in the charts this morning was less than yesterday so we expect today’s edits to be all that is needed and then we can process full reports. This may mean that reports are not out until tomorrow / b4 market open Thur and charts in completion would be out today / tonight at various points b4 market open tomorrow.

I apologize for the delay. I will ask Sartaj if he can credit some sub time for the gap in service.

It would be nice if we had another chart provider that didn’t have this issue surrounding holidays but Trading View is our only option (for our tech requirements). Perhaps in near future we can work with them toward a solution.

When you open the charts, to get past the viewer part to the live chart click on the share button bottom right and then “make it mine”. When in the chart if you only want the chart and not the indicators at the bottom double click on the chart and the bottom indicators will be removed.

So bottom line is that the charts will all be out today and the reports at latest tomorrow. And yes, in future surrounding holidays (at least until we find a solution) just know in advance this does occur.

Also, we are sending complimentary issues to members for various charting between now and Christmas (if you are wondering why you are receiving various updates).

And finally, I apologize if you are getting more than one email for an update (such as this memo), that means you are on more than one distribution list. This also we need to sort solutions for going forward.

Any questions let me know.