Compound Trading Premarket Trading Plan (Trade Alerts, Stock Market News & Chart Set-Ups) Tuesday January 22, 2019.

In this premarket trading edition: Earnings, Time Cycles, TSLA, EBAY, NVCN, UQM, TGTX, Oil, SPY, VIX, BTC, Gold, Silver, DXY and more.

Welcome to the morning Wall Street trading day session at Compound Trading Group.


Notes in red text in this report are more recently important.

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#BitcoinTrading 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started $BTCUSD $XBTUSD $BTC …

How to Use EPIC Oil Algorithm: $USOIL, $WTI, $CL_F, $USO, $UCO, $SCO, $UWT, $DWT, #OIL, #OOTT: via @YouTube

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Recent Educational Articles / Videos:

I get a lot of Questions on How to Trade our Structured Chart Models, this video has 5 min starter explanation at 1:00 min-6:00 min. … – Fibonacci Trend-lines, Trading structure/quads, Price targets, Main support resistance (buy sell triggers), Time cycles, Moving averages, Trading trims/adds.

Trading Plan / Watch Lists. Morning Momentum / Gaps / News / PR / IPO / SEC Filings / Earnings Stocks on Watch: 

Tuesday Jan 22 – 

Voice Broadcast Starts at 2:50 on video.

This is mid day review from Friday Jan 18, 2019.

This video explains the upcoming pull back I was looking for in oil and the general markets.

I explain how I will time my Swing entries around that, trading Indices, algorithm models SPY VIX WTI BTC GLD SLV DXY etc.

It’s a much watch for trading this time period.

All the reports will be out over next 48 hours, most before market open tomorrow.

Today I am in trading room for market open, mid day and futures.

Have a great day!


Friday Jan 18 – Mid day review will be looking at Swing Trade entry points. Crude oil has been a great week, don’t miss the post from last night – important details for daytrading crude oil. Same guidance per below from recent.

Market Observation:

Markets as of 8:07 AM: US Dollar $DXY trading 96.32, Oil FX $USOIL ($WTI) trading 53.21, Gold $GLD trading 1282.04, Silver $SLV trading 15.26, $SPY 264.96 (premarket trade), Bitcoin $BTC.X $BTCUSD $XBTUSD 3548.00, $VIX 18.5 and NatGas 3.25.

Momentum Stocks / Gaps to Watch: 

$TSLA (+1.0% pre) Tesla is reportedly in talks with China’s Lishen over Shanghai battery contract – CNBC.

$EBAY (+12.3% pre) Elliott Sends Letter to Board of Directors of eBay; Seeks Separation of StubHub and Classifieds.

$NVCN up 55% at $1.27 – Neovasc announces dismissal of claim brought by Edwards Lifesciences.

$UQM (+45.1% pre) UQM Technologies Signs Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by Danfoss – SI.

$TGTX – TG Therapeutics up 11% on receiving Breakthrough Therapy Designation for umbralisib.


24 Stocks Moving In Tuesday’s Pre-Market Session $MDWD $APHA $EDU $AABA $URI $LULU $AUPH $TI $UBS $GPS


Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Johnson & Johnson, Nike, FedEx & more –

PG&E secures $5.5 billion in DIP financing to fund operations through bankruptcy


$NVCN just out: Neovasc Announces Dismissal of Claim brought by Edwards Lifesciences.

$LCI Lannett (LCI) Announces Distribution Agreement For Trientine Hydrochloride Capsules.


UBS Tumbles On “Very Poor” Results As Clients Pull $13 Billion.

Recent SEC Filings / Insiders:

Recent IPO’s, Private Placements, Offerings, Mergers:

$TOPS Announces Completion of Senior Secured Post-Delivery Financing for M/T Eco California.

Tilray to buy Natura Naturals for about $26.3 billion in cash and stock.

$CHFS – CHF Solutions files for equity offering.


Travelers beats earnings estimates despite higher catastrophe losses.

Halliburton tops profit and revenue expectations, shares slip.

Johnson & Johnson tops estimates for fourth quarter.

Stanley Black & Decker shares fall nearly 7% after weak 2019 guidance.

#earnings for the week


#earnings season


A look at Jan #earnings calendar.


Trade Set-ups, Alerts, Charts & Reports. Recent / Current Holds, Open and Closed Trades:

Refer to date at top left of each chart (charts can be carried forward for some time). Trade alerts and stock chart set-ups should be traded decision to decision process – when trade set-up fails cut position fast. Leg in to winners at key resistance and support (at retracement or breach) and exit losers fast based on technical support and resistance. Not all set-ups work, the purpose of technical analysis is to provide a framework to trade (chart structure enables a trader to set stops where a trade has failed or leg in to winners and trim winners). Purpose of trade alerts is to bring awareness of a trade set-up in play but you have to execute the trade based on your trading strategy (which should be harnessed in your rules based process).

Crude oil perfect hit to mid quad on daily algorithmic model and backed off FX USOIL WTI $CL_F $USO #CrudeOil #Chart


crude, oil, chart, resistance, daily, premarket

Crude oil perfect hit to mid quad on daily algorithmic model and backed off FX USOIL WTI $CL_F $USO #CrudeOil #Chart

4 micro trades 4 wins 39 ticks time for a break. 2019 winning streak still in play. #oil #Trading $CL_F $WTI $USO #OOTT

Crude oil trading alerts in to open today #crude #oil #trade #alerts #OOTT $CL_F $WTI $USO

Oil Trading Alerts Yesterday – Man vs. Machine, Both Winning.

crude, oil, trade, alert, signals

Crude Oil Trade Alert (screen shot of alert feed) Selling 51.20 – CURT, will advise #crude #oil #alert #signal

Crude, oil, signal, alert

Trade Signals for Oil Alert by Lead Trader – Tight stops here, test area at bottom of quad. #crude #oil #signals

crude, oil. trade, signal alert, reversal

Then the machine oil trading technican immediately after my alert signals a reversal in oil trade is very possible.

signal, cover, short, trade

Signal to cover 25 percent of trade – Cover 25% 51.03

crude, oil, trade, reversal, signal

Here I Signaled on the crude oil trade alert feed that I did in fact reverse the trade – reversed 51.30 tight stops CURT

oil, trade, alert, machine, trading, signals

Immediately after my reversal trade signal oil alert the machine tech alerts a buy signal… M – HFT buys initiated 51.36 will advise

crude, oil, trade, signal, alert, profit, trim

Then my alert signaling to take some profit on winning trade – Trimming 51.53 25% #crude #oil #trading #signals

alert, close, oil, trade, signal

Machine program signals closing trade for profit in advance of regular market open – after other signals alerted on feed.

day trading, crude, oil, alert, signal

Next alert in oil trade signaling trims on profit for the day trade. Trim 25% 51.63 CURT.

close, trade, signal, alert, daytrade

Alert signaled to close the winning trade. Close 51.66 will re enter if it gains upper area of quad.

Overnight futures crude oil trading alert Selling 51.07 will advise #Oil #Trading #Alerts $CL_F $US FX USOIL WTI

crude, oil, futures, trade, alert, screen, shot

Overnight futures crude oil trading alert Selling 51.07 will advise #Oil #Trading #Alerts $CL_F $US FX USOIL WTI

Overnight futures crude oil trading alert Covering 50.74 #Oil #Trading #Alerts $CL_F $US FX USOIL WTI

crude, oil, trading, alert

Overnight futures crude oil trading alert Covering 50.74 #Oil #Trading #Alerts $CL_F $US FX USOIL WTI

Screen shots from the Discord private server oil chat room (guidance and alerts I was providing members in chat room).

member, chat, room, crude, oil, trading, alerts

screen shots from the Discord private server oil chat room (guidance and alerts I was providing members in chat room).

Oil trade since late Dec time cycle peak I was on about. $CL_F $USOIL $WTI $USO #timecycles #oil #OOTT

Oil, trade, alerts, trading room

Oil trade since late Dec time cycle peak I was on about. $CL_F $USOIL $WTI $USO #timecycles #oil #OOTT

When @EPICtheAlgo helps you win $CL_F $USOIL $USO $WTI #oil #trade #alerts #OOTT

oil, trade, alerts, crude

When @EPICtheAlgo helps you win $CL_F $USOIL $USO $WTI #oil #trade #alerts #OOTT

Closed $DGAZ long at 86.79 (NatGas short) from 52.30. Nice trade. #swingtrading #premarket

DGAZ, trade, premarket, alert, NatGas, NG_F

Closed $DGAZ long at 86.79 (NatGas short) from 52.30. Nice trade. #swingtrading #premarket

Gold (Monthly) Structure seems to suggest near term resistance at diagonal FIB TL, yet to be seen. #GOLD $GC_F $XAUUSD $GLD $UGLD $DGLD #swingtrading

Gold, swing trading, chart, $GLD

Gold (Monthly) Structure seems to suggest near term resistance at diagonal FIB TL, yet to be seen. #GOLD $GC_F $XAUUSD $GLD $UGLD $DGLD #swingtrading

Last trading session in crude oil trade alerts screen shot. Will be more active now that not sick and Jan 1 near. #oiltradealerts

oil, trade, alerts

Last trading session in crude oil trade alerts screen shot. Will be more active now that not sick and Jan 1 near. #oiltradealerts

Chewing around the edges of volatility $VIX $TVIX $UVXY Short #tradealerts #swingtrading

I love EPIC FX USOIL WTI $CL_F $USO #Oil #trading #alerts #algorithm #OOTT

Machine trading day today FX USOIL WTI $CL_F $USO #Oil #trading #premarket #OOTT

Market Outlook, Market News and Social Bits From Around the Internet:

It’s A “Sea Of Red” As Global Stocks, S&P Futures Tumble

-No end in sight for shutdown
-Chances of second Brexit referendum rise
-Davos begins
-Markets slip
-Data, earnings due

Leveraged buyout debt is riskier today than during the LBO boom of 2006 & 2007, at least based on debt-to-ebitda ratios. …

If you are new to our trading service you should review recent blog posts, the Compound Trading YouTube Channel and at minimum our algorithm Twitter feeds because they do tell a story in terms of the market and how the inflections of the market determine our day to day trading. You will notice the algorithmic modelling has been undeniably accurate with many time-frames (intra-day, weeks and months out) so I myself have learned to respect the math (they have taken me from a 60% hit rate to 80%+ all publicly posted live trade alerts).

Momentum Stocks (Market Open and Intra-Day):

I do trade morning momo stocks, but I do avoid much of the day trading risk (preferring to daytrade only what is structurally set-up also on the swing trade side and to my advantage in the algorithmic model charting). I often avoid the first 30 minutes (gap and go) and trade momentum stocks or structured (per explanation in previous sentence) stocks later in day after a wash-out looking for a snap-back trade that can possibly also become a strong swing or longer term trade that I can leg in to. Just prior to open and shortly after open I post momentum stocks to the trade chat room (and Twitter and Stocktwits if I have time).

Some of my Favorite Intra-day Trading Set-Ups:

(1) Momentum Stock Wash-Outs for Snap Back, (2) Bad News Wash-outs on Stocks with High Institutional Ownership, (3) Getting on the Right Side of a Trend Change and scaling in my position and (4) Our Algorithm Charting Model Set-Ups.

The momentum stocks (from previous days and morning trade) I continue to watch through the day for indicators that allow a trade.

Morning Stock Watch-Lists for my Favorite Set-Ups:

(1) Pre-Market Gainers Watch-List:

(2) Pre-market Decliners Watch-List :

(3) Other Watch-List:

(4) Regular Algo Charting Watch-List: Gold $GC_F $GLD, Miners $GDX ($NUGT, $DUST, $JDST, $JNUG), Silver $SLV $SI_F ($USLV, $DSLV), Crude Oil FX: $USOIL $WTI ($UWT, $DWT, $USO, $UCO, $CL_F, $UWT, $DWT), Natural Gas $NG_F ($UGAZ, $DGAZ), S & P 500 $SPY $ES_F ($SPXL, $SPXS), US Dollar Index $DXY ($UUP), Volatility $VIX ($TVIX, $UVXY), $BTCUSD Bitcoin.




Stay tuned in Stock Chat Room for more pre-market stocks on watch.


For new readers, a review of our unlocked posts on our blog would help you get in to the story we are following with the securities listed in this newsletter.

Free scanners to find momentum stocks that you can easily review charts of for indicators that bring probability of your trade being successful up considerably. These are not useful for first 30 minute market open gap and go type plays (you need a good momentum scanner, level 2, and best to have hot-keys for the first 30 mins of gap and go trading)… but are very useful for intra day scalping and swing trading (start with trending stocks and then look at indicators intra for simple set-ups – study scan study scan study scan).



Algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $BTC (@CryptotheAlgo) $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index). Our Swing Trading Twitter feed is found here: Our lead trader Twitter feed is here @curtmelonopoly

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