Review of my Chat Room Stock Day Trades, Algorithm Charting Calls and Alerts for Tuesday Dec 27 – $MBRX, $CNAT, $NAK, $WRN, $CYCC, $DUST, $JUNO, $CBMX, $SPY, $GLD, $GDX, $USDJPY, $DXY, $USOIL, $WTIC, $SLV, VIX, $NG_F and more.


Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat deleted). Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade archive.

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.



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Overview Perspective & Review of Chat Room, Algo Calls, Trades and Alerts:

Today was very calm. Some trades in the group. For me quiet – study day. We had rotation in to small bio pharma that I missed, some movement in small cap metal equities and the likes of $NVDA, $TSLA, $NFLX in action.

Personal Trades / Lessons:

No trades. I did miss the oil move (and if you know me at all you know that is rare) but the action was not typical oil trade action. I have become so tuned in to the oil trade (easily with a 95% win rate specific to oil related trades) that when oil is trading “off” its normal pattern I can miss a move like today. The holiday I am convinced is responsible for it trading outside of its normal algorithmic model. As a trade (with-out the algo) I should have caught the move though.

We did see some movement in $GDX and $GLD and some of the small caps so those are on high watch with me for tomorrow.



Looking Forward:

The market has a tonne of inflection points now, Silver Gold and Miner’s woke up some today so things should get interesting soon with our algos that you can find here:

The algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

We are currently processing the reset calls for all algos for Q1 2017 over Christmas season because the have all now completed their calls from Q3 and Q3 2016 with 90% or better accuracy. All calls fully documented.

Announcements in Trading Room:

09:15 am Curtis M : Good morning! When market opens I will look at morning momentums and then look at our standards Oil, Gold, Etc… Premarket Gainers: $ESEA $INVT $PLX $IONS $ONVO $JNUG $CNAT $NAK $NUGT $UGAZ $BOIL $GGB $SDRL $AG $USLV $NVCN $VALE

Stock Chat-room Trading Transcript:

Miscellaneous chatter may be removed.

09:18 am Mathew Waterfall : $BAS nice and funky this AM with it’s reorg and restructure lol
09:33 am Drew M : Short $CNAT
09:33 am darnel t : $TSLA Long some in to first week of Jan
09:35 am MarketMaven M : $IRG Momo
09:36 am Mike P : $SGYP ,ay go here
09:38 am MarketMaven M : $TSLA rock star
09:42 am Sammy T : $NVDS nice action
09:42 am Sammy T : $NVDA
09:43 am Curtis M : No trades for me so far – too tight on momos
09:44 am Curtis M : $CNAT over 5 might look ok – doubtful
09:44 am John M : $CAPN crapped bed
09:46 am Curtis M : Nice shorts on $CAPN and $CNAT – got some DMs on those
09:48 am John M : $FIT squeeze
09:49 am Jack D : Long $IBB small entry
09:50 am Curtis M : $IBB looks good IMO Jack
09:50 am Curtis M : Over 275 should go north
09:50 am Cara R : OUt my long $fb
09:51 am Curtis M : GOLD algo support being tested FYI – that white dottted
09:53 am Curtis M : Crude up over 53.76 and it ses higher targets this weel FYI
09:55 am Mathew Waterfall : $GV swing. Plaing against 4.2 for a target of 6.2
09:55 am Mathew Waterfall : $DNAI also looking angry
09:57 am Curtis M : Gold hit the top of that algo quad (blue line) and came off hard, then lost an intra line (dotted) – not real bullish signs – needs to regain that blue line where green arrow is to be moderately bullish intra
09:58 am Curtis M : $USOIL in good shape over 53.52
10:00 am Curtis M : USDJPY chart aint broke FYI – could kill any GOLD run
10:02 am Mathew Waterfall : $FELP head fake. New highs to let down lol
10:03 am Curtis M : USDJPY holds 117.49 and its a problem for GOLD and miners
10:06 am Curtis M : I’d be really careful long GOLD and Miners wth that 200 coming in on 100 on 15
10:09 am Mathew Waterfall : I just closed my lotto $NUGT calls at .16. I agree, gold not looking healthy here
10:13 am Curtis M : OIl target in play today at green arrow unless something drastic happens
10:14 am Curtis M : Hard to say if USDJPY wlil play out but if it does watch out
10:17 am darnel t : $MBRX +16%
10:17 am Mathew Waterfall : Scan lists are light out here. A small flurry of aciton for me off of the open but now things are quiet on my side.
10:20 am Mathew Waterfall : $PTLA back on watch. See how it handles the LOD here if it makes it that far
10:23 am Mathew Waterfall : Didn’t get there. $PTLA long aginst the LOD
10:23 am Mathew Waterfall : In small at 23.75
10:23 am Mathew Waterfall : OUt if it can’t make a new HOD
10:24 am Curtis M : Watching $MBRX for 200 60 cross on 15 c how it handles that
10:24 am Curtis M : 200 50
10:27 am Mathew Waterfall : $PTLA stopped bump to flat. It needs to make a higher swing high on the 1’s over 24.23 to get moving here. I don’t want to sit in this all day
10:29 am Curtis M : 10 secs on $MBRX
10:30 am Curtis M : nutting
10:30 am Mathew Waterfall : Legging into $DRAm. first buy 1.71
10:30 am Mathew Waterfall : Add over 1.82. Stop 1.4
10:32 am Mathew Waterfall : Stopped flat in $PTLA. No juice in this and couldn’t make a higher high on the day
10:35 am Mathew Waterfall : /ES printing a nice looking flag/wdge on the 5′. Break to upside likely
10:35 am Curtis M : $SPY is at resistance area algo marked prior to Fed
10:37 am Mathew Waterfall : $DRAM nHOD and volume. next low float squeeze hopefully
10:38 am Mathew Waterfall : $GV also grinding higher. I will let this one play out and take its time
10:43 am Curtis M : Probability is on Gold bull trap here still – oil could come off a bit too now
10:44 am Mathew Waterfall : $NVDA still going to the moon. Have to think that spills over to $MU and $AMD sooner or later
10:46 am Curtis M : SILVER same as GOLD of course
10:46 am Curtis M : USDJPY super bullish on intra – careful with oil longs too
10:49 am Curtis M : To be clear – the oil targets most probable in EPIC’s report are the ones in play – not the upper and not the lower – the oones closest to price
10:50 am Curtis M : IF USDJPY backs off then maybe uppers
10:52 am Curtis M : Almost time to short NATGAS – not ready yet but getting close IMO
10:54 am Curtis M : Just for clarty – DM’s …. $USOIL over 53.76 could see upper targets yes
10:58 am Curtis M : USDJPY oh boy looking very nasty now 2 mins
11:04 am Mathew Waterfall : $AMPE on watch. Like it against a .99 stop. Gao over head at 1.51
11:04 am Mathew Waterfall : *gap
11:06 am Dani M : $RADA news looks nada to me
11:09 am Curtis M : Wow crude might actually run up into those highere target areas if it gets lift – so close
11:10 am Curtis M : Increasing vol in crude
11:23 am Sammy T : $CYC could see 6.23 ish fast over HOD
11:23 am Curtis M : Not my thing today Sammy but you’re lkely spot on
11:24 am Mathew Waterfall : Just was looking at $CYCC myself
11:24 am Mathew Waterfall : 5.6 big spot
11:25 am Curtis M : $IBB may not be a bad swing – just not my focus
11:26 am Curtis M : Its like wack a mole
11:28 am Mathew Waterfall : In $FH small starter. Stop at 2
11:29 am Sammy T : Small bio pharma week on deck likely
11:29 am Mathew Waterfall : on the mic
11:32 am Curtis M : Looking at $UWT here crude over res
11:38 am Curtis M : I’m not taking a long but it sure LOOKS LIKE upper targets are in play
11:38 am Curtis M : Scanning small cap oil
11:45 am Mathew Waterfall : $KOPN like the expanding vol. Looking for a new high to possibly enter
11:52 am Curtis M : Leaderboard: $MBRX $CYCC $MVIS $RADA $ENG $VISN $TROV $WRN $NAK $BL $IPI $INNL $ GOL $XBIT $FNCX $CNAT
11:57 am Curtis M : $KALV low float vol
12:00 pm Stan P : $BIIB has the set-up in place I may take a long (even tho not my bag)
12:01 pm Curtis M : Me too!
12:01 pm Curtis M : Taking a quick lunch I knw that – back in 20
12:03 pm Michael P : $kalv good call should get more
12:04 pm darnel t : $NVDA moar!
12:07 pm Sammy T : $CPHS went red to gr
12:07 pm Sammy T : $CPSH
12:09 pm jeff g : $NVDA keeps on trucking
12:10 pm Mathew Waterfall : $NVDA. I want to short, but this thing has no intention of stopping from the looks of things. Hard for me to play either side here
12:11 pm Drew M : $usoil near support…. might fail and hit that target epic had as main
12:12 pm Drew M : $JNUG looking good here
12:13 pm Drew M : And $cnat looking at long on b/o
12:14 pm Jack D : CNAT volume!
12:14 pm Curtis M : s opportunity test
12:15 pm Curtis M : wow fly back to montr time geez
12:16 pm Curtis M : wow fake out in crude – thats not normal – but EPIC primary target is lower
12:16 pm Curtis M : I’ll finish lunch quick and watch this
12:17 pm Curtis M : back in a few mins
12:18 pm Carol B : $CNAt still rgoing
12:26 pm Curtis M : So crude did loose support wow
12:36 pm Mathew Waterfall : $DRAM still smokin
12:42 pm Curtis M : Nice move on $DRAM
12:44 pm Curtis M : Holiday trade in crude not normal action – and being that it’s my mainstay – I cant trade it 0 its a different beast
12:51 pm Mathew Waterfall : Machines might be on vacation along with all of the fund managers
12:52 pm Curtis M : Very few machines in this trading
12:53 pm Curtis M : Will be vengence trading n new year ALL IN!!
12:53 pm Mathew Waterfall : I’m already mortgaging the house so I’ll be ready!
12:54 pm Curtis M : lol great
12:54 pm MarketMaven M : NFLX time
12:56 pm Curtis M : USDJPY not broke yet …. if you’re listening to Gold or Miner bulls careful till its broke
12:56 pm Curtis M : Its tired but not broke
01:05 pm Curtis M : $NAK rocket
01:08 pm Mathew Waterfall : $KALV still climbing away as well
01:11 pm Curtis M : From a trader perspective ths should be turn in Gold and miners – from chart perspective USDJPY not broke – but turn likely IMO
01:12 pm Mathew Waterfall : You getting out of your $DUST position? I am legging into long miners but want to see some steady gold lift first. holding above 1150 would be a nice first step
01:13 pm Curtis M : Not moving out of $DUST yet – was waiting for a final spike in USDJPY but who knows
01:15 pm Curtis M : So close
01:16 pm Curtis M : Study in Gold equites needed soon
01:20 pm Mathew Waterfall : $BCEI making a move here. Wants to go green on the day
01:32 pm Curtis M : Low float bio day – not my thing too much like wack a mole for me but a great day for em
01:32 pm Curtis M : Logic tells me small cap mineral companies going t o start popping at turn of the year here
01:34 pm Mathew Waterfall : I agree they should see action if market stays strong. Watching steel and copper to try to get a tell for what is going to happen here
01:34 pm Curtis M : Gold miners and Silver likely to pop pre inaugaration
01:35 pm Curtis M : Gold gets up over that green arrow has lots of room from an algo model perspective
01:36 pm Curtis M : Expanding room in fact
01:38 pm Curtis M : And you would think Trump would start threatening ABe soon enough
01:40 pm Curtis M : Crude has lost me – cant trade it till machines come back likely not till next week
01:41 pm Mathew Waterfall : Turned into nat gas boucing all over the place
01:44 pm OILK K : $ONTX vol Mat
01:45 pm Mathew Waterfall : Nice dialy chart on $ONTX
01:45 pm Mathew Waterfall : minding that 10 day on the 1′ very well
01:48 pm Mathew Waterfall : Well so much for that lol blew right through it
01:48 pm Drew M : ha
01:50 pm Mathew Waterfall : That’s what can happen with those low float low vol names so wide stops needed to play them
01:54 pm Mathew Waterfall : $BCEI working on a 50% low to high move. LOD .67 trying to crest .90. These names are like playing the lotto today. Need an iron stomach
01:54 pm Curtis M : crazy
02:06 pm MarketMaven M : $CNAT HOD
02:08 pm Jack D : $LPCN jiggy time
02:11 pm Mathew Waterfall : Too many of these small names moving today to keep your eyes on all of them
02:15 pm Curtis M : What a move in $CNAT
02:21 pm Curtis M : So humbling to miss this move in crude bahahaha
02:21 pm Mathew Waterfall : Can’t win em all I suppose even if we expect to
02:23 pm Curtis M : Res 54.39 $USOL
02:35 pm Mathew Waterfall : $GDX trying to get over the 38.2 fib. Also I have it in a down cahnnel tht would be about 20.5 if it popped over it today
02:46 pm John M : Silver time too
02:50 pm Curtis M : I think ABE for sh*ts and giggles is gong to wack us one last time just cause
02:50 pm Curtis M : Total conspiracy perspective of course
02:50 pm Mathew Waterfall : I wouldn’t be surprised. Dude doesn’t seem to give a f about much
02:50 pm Curtis M : lol
02:51 pm Stan P : He is Awesome
02:51 pm Curtis M : Hey Stan Welcome
02:51 pm darnel t : $CNAT on move again!
02:52 pm Curtis M : I actually think tomorrow will be decent – thin maybe but decent
02:52 pm Mathew Waterfall : We have some momentum on our side, should continue to drift up with similar small cap plays like today
03:02 pm Curtis M : $VXX ATL
03:28 pm todd m : hi
03:28 pm todd m : anyone here
03:28 pm Jack D : yup
03:28 pm todd m : why so quiet
03:28 pm todd m : no tades?
03:28 pm todd m : trades
03:28 pm Curtis M : Lots of trades today – what can we help you with?
03:29 pm todd m : do u trade in the am mainly
03:29 pm todd m : got here the last hour
03:29 pm todd m : havent seen anything
03:29 pm Mathew Waterfall : On days like today the AM sees the volume. post lunch things have been quiet
03:30 pm Curtis M : Our logs are posted to our blog daily – take a look at normal day Todd – we trade
03:30 pm Curtis M : All day every day lol
03:30 pm todd m : what is your strategy
03:30 pm todd m : how do u know where to long and short
03:32 pm Curtis M : Not the right venue for that – maybe read up on our webste / blog first and email us, DM us, or private message us – this is for alerts
03:37 pm Curtis M : $BCEI is 1 in about 20 I didn’t trust today ugh
03:37 pm Sammy T : $BCEI will still run in morning IMO
03:39 pm Mathew Waterfall : Hit my 50% on the day target lol
03:39 pm Sammy T : lol
03:41 pm Carol B : Curt this is likely the turn $GOLD $GDX
03:41 pm Curtis M : Feels like it
03:42 pm Curtis M : Just want to see USDJPY confirm
03:42 pm Curtis M : And see $GOLD up pver that quad res
03:44 pm Curtis M : $NAK 29% and momo directed
03:46 pm Curtis M : Whats your gut say matt on $GLD $GDX turn?
03:48 pm Mathew Waterfall : My gut says this is way oversold and should see some action here
03:48 pm Mathew Waterfall : You can’t deny that chart of $GDX looks horrible though. It needs to get out of the downtrend and get some lift before I jump in
03:48 pm MarketMaven M : ya 10 – 4
03:49 pm Mathew Waterfall : Fold $GLD and /GC I wouldn’t be a buyer until the BOJ stops with whatever the hell they are doing over there and Abe gets put in check
03:49 pm Curtis M : agree
03:49 pm Mathew Waterfall : That might be a while, maybe shortly after the election for Trump to lay the smack down, or it might come sooner if things get sideways in China ala 2016
03:50 pm Curtis M : Abe is nuts
03:50 pm Mathew Waterfall : Totally crazy
03:50 pm Mathew Waterfall : It’s also not like $GLD and Gold had a bad year though, we have to remember that even now after the recent sell off it’s up YUGE on the year
03:51 pm Mathew Waterfall : $GDX had a low of 12.4 last Jan. Even right under 20 that’s still a nice year
03:51 pm Mathew Waterfall : Not 31 like the summer high, but nothing to shake a stick at
03:52 pm Curtis M : ya
03:53 pm Sammy T : $NAK NA NAK didnt fn f#sjk
03:53 pm Sammy T : Parabolic
03:53 pm Mathew Waterfall : For me to go in heavy like I said earlier I want to see /GC aka gold futures above 1200 and the dollar yen back on the downswing. Until then I’m just going in light with maybe miners
03:53 pm Michael P : Ya missed it here too
03:54 pm Curtis M : Makes sense
03:54 pm Mathew Waterfall : Plenty of other opportunity without the nonsense of Abe and the BOJ having a direct influence so I’ll choose the easier avenues for now. If I miss some of the move that’s fine with me
03:55 pm Curtis M : Ya – I am hoping for $NAK like replays all week
03:55 pm Mathew Waterfall : I think we are rotating into some bios so they should be plenty
03:56 pm Mathew Waterfall : I’m holding $IPCI, $DNAI, $ATRS and $AMPE
03:56 pm Curtis M : y and the bios
03:56 pm Mathew Waterfall : all are good break out candidates with nice charts to add to the rotational and short squeeze effects
03:56 pm Mathew Waterfall : $BRBP small as well
03:57 pm Mathew Waterfall : o and $OPXA. So yea I’m thinking these plays continue lol
03:57 pm MarketMaven M : $DNAI Matt could be parabolic ths week and $IPCI I like a lot and yes $OPXA likely best one
03:58 pm Curtis M : Looking at $DWT
03:58 pm Curtis M : Likely wont tho – I think I’ll reset for morning and hammer down if it all sets up similar to today
04:00 pm Mathew Waterfall : $DRAM HOD into the close. Another ripper for tomorrow
04:01 pm Curtis M : Have a great night folks!
04:01 pm John M : catchya all
04:01 pm Mathew Waterfall : Good night all. See ya in the AM for more small cap action
04:02 pm Drew M : peace yo


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