Good morning Traders!

RE: Boot Camp Dates, Market Guidance, New Location Set-Up & Reporting Schedule

Thank you for your patience with our new location set-up and rescheduling of the formal Trader’s Boot Camp in Cabarete Dominican Republic.

New Location and Trader’s Bootcamp.

We now have a location on the north coast of the Dominican Republic that can host up to 60 traders and their families. It was a lot of work but we have secured and set-up in the location on a wonderful beach front East of Cabarete. The property is inhabited by our team only and is ideal for our Boot Camp. It is also ideal for our day-to-day work environment.

The formal Trader’s Boot Camp is rescheduled from the end of July to September 4 and 5th, you can attend online or in person. The registration link is here: Trader’s Boot Camp Sept 4 2021.

Prior to the formal session, we will likely hold at least one more informal session (online only) – it could be up to 3 informal sessions. The goal of course is to put to record everything I’ve learned over the last 32 years trading and teach our traders in an easy actionable way.

Market Reporting and Alerts.

Now that we are settled in to the new location our team can get back to normal work.

Invoicing, reporting and alerts will be on schedule again within 48 hours. Fortunately, the market softness has allowed for this move – nothing that would have normally been alerted was missed. However, with the time cycles (clients are aware of the cycles via the daily mid day review videos) as they are we should see some theme trajectory develop this week. So hopefully these themes are active enough to act on and alert.

Our trades have been decent but they haven’t been the strong structural themes we’ve come accustomed to since the Covid sell off. So if I’m right (see late last week mid day study videos) the structural themes we’ve been watching should trigger early this week.

Also, I will note for those unaware, securing our current location and having it equipped for our type of work was not like a normal location move. This location is the complete property (60 units) and we are the only inhabitants. So this move required securing the whole property from a security stand point, bringing in suitable internet to the location and all the power back up requirements to the location. This was much different than having a single residence equipped for our needs.

Market Outlook.

Our trader’s know that we’ve been watching a time cycle inflection with a cycle peak on the horizon (see the mid day study videos).

All markets should see trajectory trades any moment. Stocks should have structural themes take off (see late week mid day study videos), SP500 (SPY) levels are likely tested with a trajectory starting any moment, Gold and Silver also – Crude Oil also. The Dollar is likely to pull back some and find support before the next time cycle inflection and then rally in to the large time cycle later this fall / winter. Crypto should also see its trajectory of trade develop this week.

I’m intentionally being vague because this is a public facing document (please see the study videos from last week for detail). Our trader’s can also send me a note direct on Whatsapp anytime for clarification.

In summary, we should see the trading price trajectories develop this week with a turn not far off and in to the very large time cycle this fall/winter.

Bottom line, we’re set up at the new location, trading should get very active this week, the trader’s Boot Camp is rescheduled and we’re ready to go.

Anything else you need reach out anytime!

Again, thanks for your patience.