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Review of my Chat Room Stock Day Trades for Wednesday Nov 2, 2016.

A real quick review of trades in our chat room – I will do an in depth recap this weekend on trades this week.

The day started with $UA chatter (possible buy-out) – I did take a trade with a tight stop and small loss -.2 cents.

I moved on to volatility with the upcoming election / FOMC minutes and didn’t trade Gold, Silver or crude oil on the day.

Our techs are figuring out a way to post the ledger daily (my Canadian broker is going to have to change for this purpose and other execution reasons). But the trades were live in the room for transparency and posted to Twitter (although on Twitter they are delayed to respect our subscribers).


1:02 Entry 19.74

1:09 Exit 19.86


2:00 Entry 35.24

2:29 Exit 35.62


317 Entry Avg 19.51

341 Exit Avg 19.51


3:55 Entry 19.88 overnight hold (this is down in pre-market – however with election coming it’s a hold for me).

Other than those trades, I didn’t trade metals, any other momentum stocks other than Under Armour and I didn’t take a trade on crude oil (although I wanted to go long and didn’t).

So my small account for volatility compounded at about 1.5% for the day.

Best to you.



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