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Trade Alerts (w/ video): $VIX $WTI $CL_F $PROQR $CARA $BOX $BABA $SSW $SPY $FB $SENS #daytrading #swingtrading

Share this:Trade Alerts Report and Video from Live Day Trading Room for: $VIX Volatility $WTI $CL_F Oil $PROQR

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Trade Alerts Report and Video from Live Day Trading Room for: $VIX Volatility $WTI $CL_F Oil $PROQR $CARA $BOX $BABA $SSW $SPY $FB $SENS #daytrading #swingtrading


Trading alerts and trading set-ups raw video from Live Trading Room mid-day review Sept 17, 2018. Some of the trade set-ups in this video are from the Trading Boot-Camp.

Tickers reviewed: $VIX $WTI $CL_F $USO $PROQR $CARA $BOX $BABA $SSW $DXY $SPY $GTHX $FB $FF $SENS and more.

I apologize for the sound interference – at times it was just awful, we’ll re hard wire the set-up again soon here and get that fixed. In tomorrow’s mid day I will hard wire that one computer to modem and you can let me know if it is any better please.

Voice broadcast does not start until 3:18 on video.

Market discovery theme on day.

Volatility $VIX – time-cycles reviewed in to Dec 24 beyond and inflections in markets, market open, futures and account return expectations over next two trading quarters or so.

Crude oil trading $WTI $CL_F $USO – review of crude oil algorithm,  machine trading model, charting, price targets for time cycles this week reviewed.

PROQR Therapeutics $PROQR – Excellent chart set-up, one of my favorite trades of late. Buy sell trading signals reviewed. Bounced at support at previous trade alert now at key resistance, trim in to resistance and over 22.70 targets 24.85 then 27.50. Watch the diagonal trend line (quad wall). Careful shorting this stock, 18.05 possible.

PROQR, stock chart

PROQR THERAPEUTICS (PRQR) Bounced at support range (box) now at key res, over 22.70 targets 24.85 fast then 27.55 $PRQR #swingtrading #daytrade #tradealerts

US Dollar $DXY – Review of US Dollar Algorithm charting. Lower support trend line and upper trend line, support and resistance areas to watch. Review of structure.

DXY, US Dollar, chart, currencies

US Dollar Index (DXY) Algorithm support area test 94.50, 94.04 break bounce area $DXY $UUP #USD #tradingalerts

$CARA Therapeutics – testing previous highs, testing other side of bowl and a full extension is possible here, structured chart trading signals reviewed, Target Dec 10 30s or 38.00s if it breaks out. Pull back to 16.36 support, look for a bounce there if it sells-off. 19.70 is near term support for a test long also.

CARA, stock, chart

CARA THERAPEUTICS (CARA) Testing break-out area intra-day. On watch. $CARA #tradingsetups #tradealert

BOX $BOX – previously provided upside targets, down side scenario on video 22.32 good support, 50 MA support is good, intra day in down trajectory lines, 10.36 is a downside sell-off target that is possible in a panic. Channel symmetry also reviewed.

BOX, stock, chart

BOX INC (BOX) Box testing support, short under red box support, down side targets at arrows in sell-off $BOX #Swingtrading #daytrade #tradealerts

SEASPAN $SSW – keeps hitting resistance, simple short at each, looking for a long over resistance in trajectory on video. Upside 10.18 first target, best scenario Nov 11.93 and 18.30 best best not probable.

SSW, SEASPAN, daytrade, swing, trading

Seaspan (SSW) over 9.50 intra shoud see lower 10s fast, trading 9.34 intraday. $SSW #daytrade #swingtrade #tradealerts

G1 Therapeutics $GTHX – pullback in price here doesn’t surprise me, candle body is in current bullish trajectory lines on chart, review of downside supports and upside price targets. 76.00 – 80.00 (up over 69.62 is a trigger). All areas reviewed on video.

GTHX, stock, chart, trade, alert

G1 THERAPEUTICS (GTHX) at intra day model support, could bounce here targets near 70 first if so $GTHX #tradealerts

SHOPIFY $SHOP – chart pivot acting as support (red line) Oct 10 166.72 price target, holding key support, working up against a quad wall (diagonal Fib resistance), 154.35 buy side comes in at that area. Pull back support is 50 MA primary for a long side test trade.

$SHOP, SHOPIFY, trade, alerts, stock, chart

SHOPIFY (SHOP) is working the area between main pivot (red line) and upper price target $SHOP #tradealerts #swingtrading

SP500 $SPY – the box test area reviewed, above box is a long and under is a short. 283.93 278.47 Sept 1 are downside targets in a sell-off. Other trade signals and price targets reviewed on video.

SP500, SPY, trade, alerts

SP500 (SPY) Chart – Came off at test area around pivot on 60 min chart, above box long below short $SPY $ES_F $SPXL $SPXS #SPY #SwingTrade #Daytrade

ALIBABA $BABA – underwater a bit on this swing trade in BABA, I’m in 1/10 sizing now. Bounced off 100 MA, trading right at box support, Dec 17 trade price targets discussed to low side. Adds at each support is the trading plan for ALIBABA should sell-off continue.

trading, BABA, ALIBABA

ALIBABA (BABA) got a bounce at 100 MA under rane support, watching close here now $BABA #tradealerts #swingtrading

FACEBOOK $FB – 20 MA upside resistance trade alarm set for possible turn on the snap-back trade I’m looking for. 240 min chart.

Facebook, chart

FACEBOOK (FB) On watch for wash-out snap-back trade now, main support and resistance marked on chart $FB #swingtrade #daytrade

Top momentum stocks for the day reviewed;

$OTM 20 MA resistance on weekly, above will target the 50 MA. It respects the 50 MA and 200 MA on weekly chart. Trading plan reviewed on video.

$LEU – stay away from

$FF – Currently at support and resistance area, price extensions for a possible run are reviewed on video. Targets 23.67 in a bullish scenario, trading 17.63.

$TAHO – junk

$GHG – junk, no structure

$CEL – not a good chart

$CWH – terrible

$SPA – at previous lows, bounced there before…. but…. no structure

$SUPV – junk

$TGS – bounced off 200 MA support, good example of a bullish run out of the bowl for multiple extensions up on the chart.

$WAB – not interested

$AG – on 200 MA support, not interested.

$SENS – support 3.97 trading 4.16, looking for a bounce. The trade set-up will be on the upcoming swing trading report.

Others were also reviewed.

VIDEO Trade Alerts: $VIX $WTI $CL_F $PROQR $CARA $BOX $BABA $SSW $SPY $FB $SENS #daytrading #swingtrading

Voice broadcast does not start until 3:18 on video.

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