Welcome to the Next Trading Boot Camp Cabarete Beach, Dominican Republic!

  • 10 Student Maximum for in person attendance. 25 Student Maximum for online attendance.
  • Sessions Sell Out Fast (it is warm here after-all) so act fast if you plan to be here with us!
  • Book Before Mar 15 For Early Bird 30% Discount (2999.00 – 899.70 = 2099.30) for this session, use code “coach30” at check-out.
  • Returning Student Alumni 50% Discount (2999.00 – 1499.50 = 1499.50), use code “alumni” at check-out.
  • Event price 2999.00 includes the training (online or in-person) plus;
    • Attendees receive All Access Membership (1499.00 value) incl for 30 days – click here for detail.
    • Attendees receive Video Recordings of Previous Trade Coaching Boot Camp (1499.00 value).
    • Attendees receive previously recorded 20 Hour Master Class Series video set (1499.00 value).

Take your trading to the next level with our lead trader at our next trade coaching boot camp at Cabarete Beach, Dominican Republic April 19 – 21, 2019.

If you can’t attend in person you can attend the class online virtually and take part in question and answer as if you were in the boot camp live.

Register Here: Trade Coaching Boot Camp April 19, 20, 21 2019.

Video of Trade Boot-Camp Location:

Curriculum Outline (customized for the group booked – appropriate to skill-set and requests).

You can find / review details of previous boot-camps and copies of previous trade coaching itinerary details (memorandums etc) at this link.

  • What is a trading plan?
  • Trader Vocabulary
  • Risk Management: Sizing, Risk-Reward Calculations
  • Stock Evaluation: Fundamental versus Technical Analysis
    • Basic Technical Analysis Tools: Price Action, Catalysts, Indicators, Pre-Market/After-Market, Earnings, and others
    • Keyword and News Analysis
  • Putting a trading plan into action
  • Risk Management: Time dimensions, scaling in and out of trades
  • Technical Analysis: Time/Price Cycles, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Charting, and others
  • Bringing it all together: simulated trading in equities, commodities and crypto.
  • Real-time trade planning for intra-day and swing traders
  • Technical Analysis: Combining multiple analytic tools, inverses, algorithmic and black box modeling, third-party scripting and widgets
  • Open Q/A. You trade your own account in a live environment
    • Availability of team trading pending on group sizes

Your Instructor.

A rare opportunity to receive trade coaching from a thirty year Wall Street trading veteran, you won’t regret this small investment for a future of freedom. Click here for our lead trader biography and trading disciplines.

Learn how to trade like the pros using technical set-ups only the largest funds have access too. The stock market’s liquidity is exponentially being traded more and more by algorithmic traders and machine trading.

Our trade coaching equips the every-day trader with a serious edge to compete in this new market generation.

The lead trader at Compound Trading is a technical market architect contracted by many funds in the stock market – he knows how to structure your trades to compete.

This opportunity won’t present itself for long as our lead trader is nearing retirement.

Third party professional authority profile of our lead trader.

The Cost.

Pricing is 2999.00 for the 3 days (you pay travel, meals, hotel). We are running a 30% Early Bird discount for this session, use code coach30 at checkout.

Register Here: Trade Coaching Boot Camp April 19, 20, 21 2019.

Travel Assistance.

Let us know if you need a hand with hotel recommendations and more! The boot camp is held right at Cabarete Beach for coordinating your hotel. We can also refer you to gated communities nearby with packages. Many students come days prior or stay days after the boot camp to trade with our lead trader, other traders and enjoy some of the excursions available on the island!

Any questions let us know!

The Compound Trading Group Team

Email: compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com