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Monday Nov 12, 2018 Update:

A quick update below that will answer any DM’s or emails we received from member clients over the weekend.

After running tests on our machine trade for oil late last week and a small weekend celebration with coding team we’re ready to hit it. Big week on deck. Details below.

Regular Live Trading, Alert Service, Discord, Trade Coaching etc:

Live Trading Room, Discord Chat, Live Trade Alerts, Trade Coaching sessions etc will resume regular scheduling this week starting sometime during Monday regular session.

Oil Machine Trade (alerts etc):

Oil trade alerts will resume today, machine trades will be identified with an “M -” at start of each trade alert. The machine trades will first be to the time frame of the quadrant short swing trade time frames (a post outlining the various rule-sets is being prepared for this – for the current time-frame think in terms of most probable areas of trade on model – quad and channel support and resistance). As the days and weeks move along there will be other time-frames added to the rule-set. This has been a fluid discovery phase with many changes intra-day – hence the reason for delayed distribution of rule-set.

The API integration is in process, the machine trade is complete for the first time-frame (as described above), however, the automation between email, social accounts, trading room, market data, live charting etc is cumbersome and the team is continuing in that effort this week. For now, the machine alerts will be entered by the coding techs (or myself) manually and I will live mic call out the trades in the live trading room to keep it as actionable as possible in real-time for our traders.

For each trade expect a series of quick alert tweets that provide detail of the trade, entry point, price target, time-frame, stop etc.

Per previous;

“we activated the first machine algorithm this morning with success. It will run in test / private mode until Sunday night (estimate). The next step will be live alerting the trades etc. A follow-up notice specific to this (machine alerts) will be sent to member clients when it goes live.

Our first machine trade algorithm goes automated this week (Oil).

Our coding and management are in the final push (all hands on deck) for api code to trade accounts, alert feeds, live trading room, email alerts etc. The team worked all weekend and will continue in to this week, until we are complete (sometime between Tuesday evening – Friday) services will be limited per below.

When we are complete the machine trade on boarding to our various trading platform services (listed above) our regular rotational reporting, live trading and trade alerts will recommence.

Until then, all reporting, alerts, live trading, Discord server room alerts and the like will not occur (its all hands on deck for this final push).

Downtime will be credited as time forward to appropriate member client accounts”.

Algorithm and Swing Trade Reporting:

The next reports to go out are SPY, VIX, GOLD, SILVER, SWING and you can expect those prior to end of Wednesday.

Per previous;

“we are on schedule. Reports are starting to go out to member clients and we expect all to be complete at latest mid next week.

Also upon completion of the inter connect (mid week ish) we will update all algorithm models, swing trading reports (for all equities we cover) with next gen models. This process will occur between mid week this week and late next week.

In other words, we will bring all other reporting up next level in development”.

Next Algorithms to go to Code Phase:

Per previous;

“We likely won’t start the next one for a month or two (our team needs some chill time they’ve been pushing very hard the last few months). But per previous below this remains;

Next on the coding and automation project list (in order at this juncture) are Bitcoin, SPY and Gold. If we complete those by the end of 2019 we will be on pace”.

Email Web Servers:

Per previous;

“We are integrating web mail servers with machine trading api’s for our client members, this will cause intermittent downtime for email – use if you experience issues”.


Trade Coaching Boot Camp Cabarete Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2018 Winter Sessions Sell Out Fast (it is warm here after-all) so act fast if you plan to be here with us!

Miscellaneous Work in Progress List:

  • Machine trading signals to be fed in to main trading room.
  • New pricing to be published representing next generation algorithm models (existing members no change).
  • Next generation algorithm models roll out (machine trading Gen 1).
  • Trading Profit and Loss to be Published for Q1, Q2, Q3 2018 (a report detailing trading / alert performance of our team).
  • Trading Boot Camp Event videos to become available on Compound Trading website.
  • Previously recorded Master Class Videos will become available for download on website.
  • New Trading Boot Camp Events to be announced
    • 1 day Bootcamps before end of year for each of the seven trading models and swing and daytrading – 8 in total to be announced (online only).
  • Sept 18 – Raw Trading Boot Camp Videos were emailed to members.
  • Sept 18 – Previously recorded Master Class Series were emailed to members.
  • Sept 14-16 Cabarete Trade Coaching Boot Camp went well, there are a series of post links on this landing page that detail what our itinerary was each day etc.

If you have any questions be sure to send us a note Responding in premarket and during regular market hours is difficult and it may be that we do not respond until later in day.



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