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Trade Set-Ups, Consolidated Review $SPY, $AAPL, $TSLA, $SNAP, OIL, $DXY, $VIX, GOLD, $DIS, Silver more.

Swing Trading Set-Ups Report and Video for $SPY, $AAPL, $TSLA, $SNAP, OIL, $DXY, $VIX, GOLD, $DIS, Silver more. What’s

Swing Trading Set-Ups Report and Video for $SPY, $AAPL, $TSLA, $SNAP, OIL, $DXY, $VIX, GOLD, $DIS, Silver more.

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The Mid Day Trade Set-Ups Video:

Mid Day Chart Trading Set-ups May 7 Summary.

Trade set up reviews covered on this May 7 video are;

How to Trade the Chart Models:
– Fibonacci Diagonal Trendlines
– Fibonacci Horizontal Trendlines
– Diamonds make up trading structure / quads
– Price targets
– Main support and resistance (buy sell triggers)
– Time cycle peaks (time cycle completions)
– Moving averages (20 MA, 50 MA, 100 MA, 200 MA)
– Trading support and resistance (trims and adds)

Review of many trade set-ups of current plays we are working with.
And many more are reviewed on the video.

$SPY – At resistance today. Over 268 targets 273.28, under targets 262.78.

$AMD – Positive news pushed it up. Getting near 200 MA resistance. It is at intra day resistance. Alert put out to members. Targeting 12.21 May 29, 2018. Trader bias is a dump.

$DIS – At resistance 102.07 – just over. Watch diagonal quad. 1013.57 May 29 bullish target and 96.90 if it dumps. Trim in to earnings and trade after.

$TSG – Aggressive chart. If it closes over support on video it’s a long.

$CTSH – Trending chart, lost 200 MA twice on weekly, watching for a bounce here.

$AAPL – Wash-out snap back play like $SPY play, alert 188.61 resistance nearing, 191.41 is next price target over 188.61. Expecting a retrace before next upside target is hit.

$SNAP – Wash-out snap back play. Time cycle May 10 completion. Watching for a bounce to 12.30 June 8, 2018 time cycle completion.

$JD – gap play I alerted last week that filled the gap so that was a decent play.

$ITCI – Alerted previous that I thought dump was over done. Alert said watch for 200 MA bounce and that has happened. Concerned with SQZMOM not turned green yet.

$SSW – fantastic trade, price followed diagonal trendline. Has hit target perfect to the dollar and time. 11.88 July 11 is upside target. 5.21 July 11 is most bearish scenario. But it is up over previous resistance area so that is a bullish signal.

$USOIL $WTI – trading in and near main pivot, 100 MA is likely resistance and 200 MA will become support area while price likely is pinched between.

$PG – washout snap back potential trade long. On watchlist.

$IOTS – aggressive bullish play.

$DXY US Dollar Index – Over 93.00 should see a significant spike. Price targets discussed on chart on video.

$VIX – chart structure on weekly chart is broken. July 16 is next time cycle and likelihood trade starts to follow that trajectory to upside target discussed in video.

$SLV #Silver – compression phase should see a decision very soon.

$GDX – following diagonal trendline well.


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