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Trade Set-Ups w/ Video #EIA, Oil, $TSLA, $NFLX, $ESPR, $PG, $AAPL, $SPY, $CARA, $EGY, $GERN, $BPT more. #swingtrading

Swing Trade Set-ups May 23, 2018. Summary Report, Video, $NFLX Chart. In this video #EIA Oil, $TSLA, $ESPR,

Swing Trade Set-ups May 23, 2018. Summary Report, Video, $NFLX Chart.

In this video #EIA Oil, $TSLA, $ESPR, $PG, $AAPL, $SPY, $CARA, $EGY, $GERN, $BPT for swing trading and day trade levels and more.

Trade Set-ups May 23 Mid Day Trade Review;

Tickers covered; #EIA, #swingtrading, #daytrading, Oil, $WTI, $USOIL, $TSLA, $SPY,, SP500, $CARA, $I, $GERN, $BPT, $KMPH, $EGY and many more.

$TSLA Tesla – hit 50 MA resistance, mid quad 280.14 resistance, 270.60 area support, 240.00 quad wall support trajectory possible.

$ESPR – 40.68 support wanting structure over moving averages for a wash out snap-back, next support 27.30 on wide timing. Retrace between the two comes in at around 33.95 35.53 37.48 Fibs support to watch for a possible bounce. 49.72 bullish upside max target in a swing trade.

$PG – Proctor Gamble looking for structure for snap back wash out trade to upside.

$AAPL – Apple support and resistance discussed. Also review on many recent videos. Support 182.00 191.44 resistance. 180.60 main pivot.

$SPY – 268.03 May 30 most bearish scenario price target 278.55 bullish same day main resistance 273.55 in this quad.

? – Over 4.65 at close is bullish. Bullish structure in chart.

$CARA – trading just over main pivot.

$TIF – way over moving averages, not a good long here most often.

$RL – careful here

$COCP – no structure, bad chart

$JCS – iffy

$USAT – way over moving averages

$EXPI – nothing to work with, no structure, trending stock, not a long here

$MDXG – might get to 200 MA to 11.32 eventually, terrible structure

$EGY – 4.09 price target trading 2.42 needs 2.60 on close to see 3.00 above 3.30 traget is 4.00 area.

$GERN – interesting chart, classic bottom formation, double tap, structure over 4.50 could see fireworks to upside

$LOW – filled gap, not great

$BPT – trending stock, could do it, over 32.65 and builds structure likely see fireworks.

$KMPH – could get going too

$I – same bullish structure, over 20.00 could be very bad for shorts

$AEL – careful, extended, risky

Charts to Accompany the Swing Trading Report:

Netflix swing trading set-up $NFLX

Netflix, trade, swing, $NFLX

Netflix swing trade going well. Stochastic RSI is high watch that, more importantly watch MACD and resistance levels charted. $NFLX #swingtrade


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