Wed July 3 Trading Profit and Loss Report.

  • Day Trade and Swing Trading.
  • Equities, Commodity and Bitcoin Trading.
  • Personal Trades and Machine Software Trades.
  • Includes Live Trading Room Raw Video Feed Recording.
  • Includes Trade Alert Links / Screen Shots.

Note: I am just getting back in to the routine of posting daily trade profit and loss reports. For now the reports will include basic information and over time we will provide more information for traders that are using this information for their study and /or trading plans. Near future we will include more formal P&L spreadsheets also. 

Section 1: Trading Day Summary.

As with Tuesday it was another non eventful day in advance of July 4 holiday. I expect this to change considerably in to next week.

On the stock (equity) trading front it was quiet for Day Trades and Swing Trades (July 4 holiday near) so that is expected. Watching $AMD close as I am in 3/10 size, the other swing trades / updates will be on the report we’re near completing now (I have a number of open trades that I will report on).

In crude oil trade, our machine software triggered 3 trades, all were winners. 

Section 2: Specifics on Trades for the Day.

If you cannot see a chart below, a link is not available or not showing to the alert and/or chart or parts of the data is blocked with ******, this is because it is a premium member chart or alert. As time allows I provide in the section below copies of charts, guidance from private member Discord server chat room, live trade room screen shots and screen shots of alerts.

Oil Machine Trades / Alerts.

  • As above there were 3 machine trade, 2 actionable alerts for our members and 1 was too quick to alert and be actionable for members. Below are screen shots of trade alerts on the private member Twitter feed and Discord member chat room.
  • Trade alerts from oil machine software 3 for 3 wins today (2 actionable), some screen shot samples of trade sequences below from alert feed. One red day at -0.2% draw down since version launch. #OOTT $USOIL $WTI $USO #OilTradeAlerts #MachineTrading
  • From the private member oil chat room, trade alerts below (sequence of trades)
    JeremyYesterday at 6:27 AM
    M – software is firing HF shorts 56.80 3/10 size (larger than normal) and covering fast in to .74 and on alert for an inflection. In short, its in HF mode for an inflection in to 7:30 with time cycle peak 9:00 AM
    M – significant supply above 56.80 is causing the software to fire short, if supply moves out it will turn and fire long. 7:30 is the mark for a decision.
    M – supply blocks are larger than typical so a very large move is expected. This also coincides with timing on EPIC model (core, middle of quad with largest expected range).
    JeremyYesterday at 6:53 AM
    M – it is selling again 56.80 on a high frequency protocol, won’t hold any above, tight stops.
    JeremyYesterday at 7:28 AM
    M – software keeps selling in low 56.80s and covering in low 56.70s so we will see.
  • crude, oil, trade, alert, chat room

    Oil trade alert in Discord Member chat room, first machine trade sequence alerted to members.

  • JeremyYesterday at 7:37 AM
    M – it’s been selling against that pivot on the last 5 min candle at 56.77, if that doesn’t hold it won’t stay short. Trading 56.72 intra.
    M – correction, 15 min candle pivot 56.77 
  • crude, oil, trading, room, alert

    Oil trade alerts in private oil trading chat room

  • JeremyYesterday at 8:04 AM
    M – covered for now 56.64 still on sell signal
  • oil, trade, alert, short

    Oil trade alert to cover short sell trade in oil trading room.

  • JeremyYesterday at 10:36 AM
    M – long 56.24 1/10 HF
    M- added 56.22 close 1 .33 holds 1 / 10
    M – closed .45 stil on buy program
  • CL, trade alert,

    Long trade in CL in oil trading room alerted to membership.

Personal Oil Trades.

  • None.

Machine Bitcoin Trades.

  • N/A in development.

Personal Bitcoin Trades.

  • None, watching current action to either re-short at resistance (see member report) or cover the final 25%. Great trade so far but would like to see price targets 2 and 3 of 3 hit. Price target 1 hit.

Personal Swing Trades.

  • No new positions, adds or trims (other than Bitcoin). This will get very active as soon as the new swing trade report is released and we are past the July 4 holiday.

Personal Day Trades.

  • None on day. As above, once the new swing report comes out my day trading will get much more active. Our swing trade chart models can be used for daytrading (converting them on the fly is easy – bringing the time-frame down to 30, 15, 5 and 1 minute time frames).

Section 3: Trading Room Raw Video Footage for the Day.

#OilTrading #BitcoinTrading #DayTrading #SwingTrading #MachineTrading #TradeAlerts

The video below is a raw feed only, to find live trading and trade alerts voice broadcast when lead trader is trading in the room reference the time of day on the alerts. I make this available for authenticity / documentation and also some learning traders use the raw feeds for study purpose. Also, as time allows I publish separate trade set-up reports with video snippets to our blog and YouTube.

Live Trading Room Raw Feed 


If you have any questions about my trading or need help with yours send me an email anytime and I’ll do my best to help.




Trade Coaching Webinars. This weekend we will announce 3 different How to Trade webinars. All three to be held Sunday July 7. One each for 1:00 PM Oil, 5:00 PM Swing Trading, and 7:00 PM Bitcoin trading. They will be recorded and available for order on website thereafter. Each will have limited attendee availability so that I have time to work with attendee question and answer during the webinar. Existing members get 50% discounted rates: Retail rates Oil 499.99 (4 hrs), Swing Trading 199.00 (2 hrs), Bitcoin 99.00 (1 hr). Legacy members free. If you want to attend or want a copy of the webinar video email Jen prior to promo going out this weekend as these particular webinar formats fill up quick.

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