Good morning traders / Members.

A note about the upcoming changes in algorithm models and items such as 24 hour oil trading room.

We are going to ask our $SPY members for some grace on the reporting until this weekend.

This weekend EPIC the Oil Algo enters its next phase (in prep for 24 hour trading room the charting will be converted to also include futures and go on to coding) and all the other charting reports enter the next phase in their evolution of reporting.

Specific to $SPY, $SPY enters a more detailed charting phase (more resembling EPIC’s) and with that will bring considerably more report rotations weekly and considerably more detailed charting. Between now and then our techs are preparing the charts. So between now and Sunday (as long as there isn’t a considerable change in trading range) we will simply ask you to refer to the existing charting at the link below (when the viewer comes up hit the play button to bring charting up to date). When the next phase is released this weekend the charting will be available outside the viewer as EPIC’s are which will make them more useable and as I mentioned they will be considerably more detailed.

For now here is the current chart link and we are more than sure you will enjoy the next phase of $SPY reporting to be released this Sunday

Specific to $VIX, it is the only one of the six algorithm models that is not locked in (as it concerns the algorithm math – and frankly we are not sure whether it will ever become completely locked in), nonetheless, commencing this weekend our rotations will be more regular and the charting will be much more detailed (the charts will be primarily based on conventional charting – but more detailed than in past nonetheless).

Specific to $GOLD, $SILVER, $DXY; we will continue (for the most part) reporting to members off-site direct (you may have noticed we do not post these to the blog), however, as soon as the $SPY algorithm is brought up to it’s next standard of reporting (which will take approximately a month to completely build out) we will then start publishing $GOLD, $SILVER and $DXY regularly to the blog and their charting models will also at that point enter the next phase making them more like or detailed as the EPIC reports are.

And last, specific to the swing trading platform, there are changes there (the service is getting a live alert service over next few days and the reporting structure is being improved). The change details are detailed at top of each swing trade newsletter for members.

So in summary, all the algorithmic models are moving up a phase in reporting between now and July 1, 2017 and the details of such are above. This will of course come with a price increase as they are elevated but existing members are grandfathered without price increase as long as subscription remains continuous.

Oh, and on a final note, if you are going to be taking part in the 24 hour oil room, be sure to register over the next day or so – we are going to release subs to the public this Sunday at latest and we will be capping membership to fifty members while we are in the beta phase (which is expected to last approximately 90 days) to ensure quality and staff training time etc.

Any questions please let me know.