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US Government Required Legal Risk Disclosure.

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer – Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Futures and options trading have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This website is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.


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Use Of This Site and Associated Services.

This site and all related services of Compound Trading does not, and it is not intended to, provide any financial, investment, insurance, legal, accounting, or tax advice, and shall not be relied upon by you in that regard.

You agree that your use of the site and/or services shall be on an “as is basis” entirely at your own risk. Neither Compound Trading or any other person associated with the creation of this site or its contents, shall be liable or responsible to any person for any harm, loss or damage that may arise in any connection with your use of the site, including without limitation any direct, indirect, special, third party, or consequential damages.

Without limiting the foregoing, Compound Trading or any other person associated with creation of this site shall not be responsible for any detrimental reliance that you may place upon the site or its contents whatsoever. The site and/or any other broadcast method by Compound Trading Group be it video, print or other method of any kind shall not be used, or relied upon by you, as a substitute for your independent research or professional advice that is provided to you by your current advisers.

The spirit of and the mandate of Compound Trading Group and your associated engagement of our platform is specific to two mandates we maintain.

  • Retail Subscription: We make available to the public the opportunity to view our trading group work day live via live trading room, receive trade alerts via Twitter and Discord server, receive chart trade set-up reporting and trade coaching.
  • Commercial Data Service and Software Deployment: The other mandate of Compound Trading Group is as a data provider for the purpose of software deployment to commercial enterprise partners.

Instruments of Trade / Accounts: Our lead trader (or associate traders) will, at any given time, operate a variety of accounts representing compound trading, swing trading, momentum trading and testing for algorithms and more. This may or may not include cash / leverage accounts, commodity accounts, crypto exchange accounts, paper trade accounts or various algorithmic back testing and simulation accounts.

Representation of Performance: As noted above, our trading group includes a lead trader and associate traders and various trade account types. Any representation of performance is specific to a period of time within a trader’s account type (or software version). For example, the software development has a number of versions and representations of performance of the software is specific to a duration of time for a specific version. Likewise, for example, our traders will run a period of time performance challenges for such as a month or a small account challenge, large account challenge or the like. IF YOU ARE SUBSCRIBING to a service provided by the Compound Trading Group due to any representation of performance or perceived performance, be it a video clip statement, a social media type comment such as a Tweet, a report document on our website or any other representation of any kind, be sure to task our administration prior to enrolling to said service for complete clarity and disclosure so as not to confuse the representation of performance, expectation of performance or any other.

Evidence of Performance: Evidence of performance specifically to the performance period or type you are requesting is available via administration request per below;

  • For the subscription service all trade alerts are recorded live and on video record (broadcast by live voice in trading room) in a library that can be accessed as needed. Also, the vast majority of trade alerts (approximately 97%) are published to a live Twitter alert feed (private member) and / or a Discord private member server (some are not because the trade alert may be too high frequency in nature to alert by manual text). Likewise, all Twitter alert and Discord server records are available for review. We DO NOT provide third party audited statements to retail user subscription inquiries – for many reasons, mainly because multiple traders and/or software engineers and/or software running multiple accounts (per above) over a multi year period is simply too cumbersome. At time of writing we have over 800 videos of every day of trade recorded live (representing about 99% of our daily trading since inception), 2000 documents that explain our process of trade, review trades etc and all trade alerts from inception can reviewed on the private member Twitter alert feeds and / or Discord private servers. We expressly represent this to be more than enough evidence of our trade alert service for any retail subscriber to choose whether we are an appropriate alert service or not for their needs. If a retail subscriber wishes a tour of our live trading room, alert feeds, Discord private servers prior to subscribing to the live trading room or alert service please email us at [email protected] for such a tour.
  • For the commercial enterprise partner inquiries (for example EPIC v3 software deployment) audited third-party trading results are made available in addition to the videos, alert feeds and private Discord servers.

Reporting: Not all reports for all services will be available as scheduled for release on each occasion as market conditions can take our time / focus in specific areas and in some instances there are no considerable updates to be had.

Live Trading Room Attendance: The lead trader may not be in the trading room everyday.

We are not professional money managers or investment advisers. We do not recommend stocks, we cannot tell you what to trade – you are simply viewing our trades, trade chart set-up ideas and/or alerts through this service.


We keep your personal information private (checkout form, personal information, financial information, etc.) with the exception of social media (public facing interactions) and the trading rooms (or anything you have already made public). We recommend the use of a screen name when you are entering any of our online services as public shares are regular (of trading rooms, alerts etc) – we do this (use screen names) and we highly recommend you do also.

Our trading room employs the use of monitors for textual analysis and content creation. Any text or voice data that has been shared in the trading room is stored on a back-end server. These monitors may or may not contribute to the trading room itself, although they are apart of the analysis process on our back-end.

Subscription Services.

Algorithmic newsletters and all other offerings, while sent out on various rotations are updated on an “as-needed” basis. Major updates are only made when there are significant changes to the algorithmic model. If there are limited changes made for a given day, the newsletters and related material may be quite short, or reiterate what has been shared in older editions.

Alert services are as time allows during a trading day and may not be delivered at all on any occasion especially if the trade is expected to be only a few short minutes in duration or the market extremely busy and we simply cannot alert. At times the alert will include both a Twitter alert and an email alert and at times only one of the two. Also, often the exit of a trade is triggered by way of a mechanical stop when the lead trader or associate trader is away from the screens and as such those alerts may or may not be distributed / alerted to members. The spirit of the alert service is as time allows and as the lead trader is present to alert.

Trading Room is not a conventional “chat style” room for retail traders, this is a trading broadcast room in which the lead trader (or other senior traders) explain trade set-ups, provide daily or weekly trade guidance, charting on screen and broadcast live over mic their trades. Our trading room is attended by serious full time traders, commercial enterprise and trading groups so chatter is kept to an absolute minimum. As trades are setting up the lead trader notifies members via alert that he will be trading live in the room. The private Discord servers can be used for “chat” but is primarily a depository for trade set up guidance and charting from senior team for traders.

Fair Value – Good Faith Development Platform: Service Down Time, Credits, Refunds and more.

No refunds are issued for any service paid, only credits for future use of services.

From time to time the lead trader and/or staff are on holiday, in lab session, are ill, in team conference or the markets can be such that updates (down time) in service may occur. Also, down-time for regular rotations on reporting can occur, for example; if an algorithm model is in re-development (this does occur at various intervals in our development process). If any such examples occur, your account is credited and the term extended for the equivalent duration and often more to be sure you receive fair value in good faith. This credit is executed by staff as each occasion occurs. Expect down-time(s) to occur at any time with any service and for any duration of time – this is a development project that is in launch / development phase – there are limits to our resource at each stage of development.

Also, should any re-scheduling of trader boot camp series occur there are no refunds issued, only credits for future use of services.

Price Increases: Current subscribers that are not in default of subscription fees will never experience a price increase. The original cost of subscription for any service is the lifetime price as our prices may increase.

We provide a proprietary information data related service and as such there are no refunds for any service or offering on our platform, as is standard for any data service provider.

Refer to our many posts on our blog and social platforms to view our service offering examples and unlocked posts to be sure this is a suitable service for you prior to subscribing to any service.

By registering as a user, subscribing to any service or by viewing any of our public side media in any form you agree to and accept the aforementioned terms, conditions and such in full entirety.

Updated: September 26, 2019 9:43 PM EST