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"Our goal is that our trade alerts, coaching, swing trading and algorithmic trading newsletters continue as one of the best and most respected on Wall Street. Our trading services are very reasonably priced considering the technical expertise and are within reach of the everyday investor and trader". Curtis Melonopoly (@curtmelonopoly) is rated Top 250 Stock Exchanges Authority, covering also Mathematical Finance and Economy of the United States.

 Trade Coaching

A rare opportunity to receive trade coaching from a thirty year trading veteran, you won't regret this small investment for a future of freedom.

Trade Coaching is available in Private One-on-One Sessions or you can attend a Trade Coaching Boot-Camp. In either case you can attend coaching with our Lead Trader in-person or online.

Learn how to trade like the pros using technical set-ups only the largest funds have access too. The stock market's liquidity is exponentially being traded more and more by algorithmic traders and machine trading.

Our trade coaching equips you (the average trader) with an edge to compete in this new market generation.

The lead trader at Compound Trading is a technical market architect contracted by many funds in the stock market - he knows how to structure your trades to compete.

This opportunity won't present itself for long as our lead trader is nearing retirement.

When you complete basic trade coaching you can then apply for inclusion to our one of a kind live trading room and watch our team of stock traders and software engineers develop and execute trades in real time using proprietary algorithms, advanced conventional charting and industry knowledge only experience can provide.

Algorithms and Charting

We are building structured charting platforms using proprietary algorithmic trading models for the following:

Crude Oil $WTI $CL_F (@EPICtheAlgo), Volatility $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), SP500 $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), Gold $GLD $GC_F (@ROSIEtheAlgo), Silver $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), US Dollar $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index). In the cryptocurrency space we have Bitcoin $BTC $XBT and related (@CryptotheAlgo).

In conventional equity markets we are building over one hundred algorithmic trading models for equities covered under our Swing Trading Newsletter Platform (a swing-trading game changer for the everyday trader and investor).

Our aim is to equip our stock traders, swing traders and investors with an edge when they are triggering trades using algorithmic chart models (delivered in newsletter format - eventually coded to a digital trader platform) and also using conventional market charting. 

Trade Alerts / Newsletters

Weekly Newsletter Subscription Options for; Crude Oil $WTI $CL_F, Crypto $BTC $XBT, SP500 $SPY, Volatility $VIX, Gold $GLD $GC_F, Silver $SLV and the US Dollar $DXY. Each newsletter option provides (as available during development); announcements, video training, algorithm models, conventional charting, day-trade and swing-trade set-ups, buy-sell triggers, trade-alert & price-target re-caps, news and trading plans.

We also publish a morning pre-market report (subscription) and after-market reports on occasion (free).

Our highly successful weekly Swing Trading Newsletter option provides detailed trade set-ups, algorithm models in development, conventional charting, buy-sell triggers, equity news and trading plans for over one hundred equities (about twenty equities are rotated weekly in the reports for full coverage occurring every five weeks).

We also provide Live Trade Alerts on private Twitter feeds as add-ons for Swing Trading (email alerts available now also), Oil Trading, and Bitcoin (Crypto).

Our crude oil trading alerts feed currently (as of August 26, 2018) maintains an alert win rate of well over 90% (time-stamped, recorded, live alerted).

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