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Morning all!

It’s December 1, 2017… and I thought with all the recent developments in Crypto and the markets in general at all time highs, the significant milestones we are reaching in our first year start-up (along with challenges) and looking forward to 2018 (and our goals therein)…. I thought it best I provide a simple (informal) premarket note and update our team with where we are at with various initiatives.

This week was a significant challenge on our resources – I just have to be straight up and say that… the Thanksgiving week brought a serious challenge to our models (and it just happened to land right when some of our newer model upgrades were to be released) – the challenge… all the Trading View charts shifted and not only did they shift and every line had to be reset… but some continued to shift. So in short, we normally would have had that fixed sooner but the charting re-balance issues were more significant than most holiday re-balances we have to do…. BUT THEN came the crypto downturn and accompanied challenges with exchanges.

So here’s the bottom line with platform updates and realistic platform milestone targets going forward:

  • Charting Re-balance – Most of the charting is now re-balanced / reset and they started going out yesterday and will continue to be distributed today and in to the weekend. We will have any not complete as of today all sent by the weekend at latest. Again, I appreciate the grace members have extended and I’ve requested Sartaj credit time on any subs affected. I have notified Trading View of the issue and will work toward solutions to this in 2018. I know this update sounds like a broken record but I’d rather keep our team informed and be transparent with our start-up challenges than take other alternative communication options.
  • Reports – The accompanied reports (to go with the charting) did not get processed in large part this week – because of course the charting is the foundation to the reports. With all charts now being completely reset by weekend I don’t see any issue with getting all reports out this weekend for the new week ahead.
  • Coding – Our goal is to start coding our models by the end of January with Oil and Crypto first in line. The goal is also to have all seven models coded by the end of 2018. We also have plans in 2018 for coding swing buy sell triggers and daytrading buy sell triggers. More on this early 2018.
  • Buy Sell Triggers on Charting – Yes, the updates this weekend for next week’s markets will all have the buy sell triggers (even swing platform).
  • Crypto Exchange Challenges – We had a number of challenges with executing orders in the downturn a few days ago. A few accounts were affected and I will be writing a very detailed blog post specific to this topic when all rocks are rolled over to be sure our information is clear and correct. But more than the issues we experienced (the tech side)… the more important thing in my thinking is how we bring those challenges forward in a trading environment as it relates to rules based trading. In other words, trading (at least as it applies to us) should not resemble a casino gamble… on balance a successful trader has to have the edge. A significant post will be written to this end.
  • Complimentary Charting and Reports & Duplicate Emails – As we bring 2017 to a close and the seven algorithm models are completed and our swing platform is finished we are sending some complimentary publications and charting out to various folks that have supported our start up. So if you receive reports that you did not subscribe to… this is why. And the duplicate emails… we’re working on an email distribution system to correct this issue. Some folks are on multiple subscriptions with us and that is why that occurs.
  • Hiring & Interns – 2018 will bring a number of new staff and interns. We have been working with new interns now for the last 3 months and it is a slower training process than we expected. But we want it to be right Our staff / interns have to represent excellence in charting models / trading etc. In summary… we are recruiting now and this will become more significant early 2018.
  • Private Capital Fund – We currently are working with a line-up of partners becoming involved and the regulatory in various jurisdictions surrounding our launch – in early 2018 we will be communicating to the general public and our team more about the details of our plans going forward. At this juncture I can share with you that our fund has serious growth plans in 2018 and the model to which that will scale is disruptive to be sure. More on this early 2018. Bottom line… the response to this fund has been extremely positive – more than we could have ever expected.
  • So bottom line with the charting, the reports and the various challenges with crypto platforms – this weekend should be the final clean-up and all completed charts and reports should be out to members. I wish to once again thank the membership for the patience and grace extended to us in this start up phase.

The Markets & Friday Trading Plan

It seems there is a very real possibility the markets will come off some in the near future. The current markets remind me of two years ago when they sold off in to the new year – right after Christmas the markets opened the new year and Gold rallied and the VIX spiked for a few months. I’m not convinced that is where we are at, but with markets at all time highs I would be cautious.

Today I will be cautious and very likely watch open closely and likely refrain from any large positions. But if opportunity arises I will execute. But all in all I think it is best to use patience here. The crypto trading I am waiting for our conference calls (rolling the rocks over) to conclude and our upcoming publishing of what will become our trading rules for crypto to be out. In other words, I won’t be trading crypto until the new week next week.

I am in an oil short (a very small position) in $DWT at the moment and with the oil bulls bidding it up premarket I /we may be under some pressure. But oil is very near some significant upside resistance on the EPIC model and with conventional charting, so it is yet to be seen if the bulls can follow through. WORST scenario is a small position loss or trading the model with another entry at intra-day resistance and coming out of it with a flat trade. In other words, I would hit the $DWT trade long again at intra day resistance and average out with the goal being a flat trade vs. a loss. We will see how the bulls follow through today and Monday.

The swing trading side (with all the updates planned by weekend at latest)… in general we see a possible Santa Claus rally with a possible sell off occurring shortly thereafter (generally speaking – and we all need to be flexible to the turns so careful with your bias)… anyway, we see a number of swing opportunities in to the rally and out the other side with some expected volatility.

If we end the year with triple digit gains (100% – 400%) in the various areas of the markets we trade – then I would call that a success. In daytrading we are there for sure, swing trading also we will meet that, with the crypto that is yet to be seen but the high side of that goal is very likely and with commodities I also expect to hit our targets. So all in all, even though the last 3 mos have been more challenging than the beginning of the year – it has been a great year.

Thank You!

Again, with our first year closing I want to send out a very big thanks for supporting our start-up, the grace extended as we develop our models and services and especially for just becoming part of our team!

Anything I can do to assist you to be sure you are winning in the markets be sure to email me or Sartaj anytime (you can also DM us) at

We couldn’t ask for a better team going in to 2018!



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