Good morning traders,

RE: Morning Market Note / Trade Positioning

Updated some from Discord notes:

Morning traders, EPIC likely starts firing on day frequency in to open or shortly after. Oil under obvious pressure but likely sees bounces intra day at key levels as we go. ALSO, Oil is trading near swing day time frame support intra day. Will advise and be in trading room. 

Crypto trades doing well, the BTC adds in 33s from 6900 original swing long entry are likely near all trimmed out (original positioning profit runner still in) I will confirm soon (when i speak to staff, we added to most recent coin pick last night) it ran near 100% after alert and pulled back just under original buys and we added, equity markets continue to be careful picks and selling pops on laggards, Gold Silver NatGas VIX watching close per time cycles published. SPY and markets in general not shorting yet, but on watch of course.

Crypto charting and reporting updates, starting to flow out now, the BTC time cycle is looking spot on (the rally I was stalking and expecting to start and is happening). So the structure in crypto space is very very nice here so it helps get everything else out and published (with some confidence).

The next crypto pick is known on our end now and we’re going through the process of due diligence so we may have that announced prior to the trader’s boot camp. 

Will be in trading room for intra day trade broadcasts and will do mid day 12:40. Please send in requests (even if you already have and we haven’t covered). 

Trader’s Boot Camp – If you’re attending try and firm up your booking with Jen (online registration) and send in any needs (requests for lodging, airport pick up, activities) and BE SURE TO send in requests for topics covered in the bootcamp itself, very important.

Day trades today —- likely not until tomorrow, but we’ll see what pops up.



Good morning traders,

RE: Morning Note (Time Cycles, Crypto, Equities, Commodities)

I will be in trading room all day today. EIA day today so likely after my new positions will start in swings (between EIA and end of week) and focus on getting out of any laggards.

EPIC likely starts firing at minimum on day trade time frame in this current sequence at latest in overnight.

Crypto likely rallies alongside equities through to same (date in member email) inflection then likely turns down and then likely privacy coins and select crypto and Gold Silver rally from lows (during next correction or crash) in to 2025. This is not a cycle inflection to miss.

The time cycle in to (date in member email) I still believe will rally (with theme picks) but BE AWARE that the downturn we see coming could start a tad earlier. Stay awake for those alerts.

When the order flow tells us the turn down is coming (for the larger events) we will message traders on my Whatsapp also (last crash it was very important for some) – so if you’re not connected to me there send Jen a note with your number so she can connect us.

The crash or correction can be in the middle of the night so be aware for the alerts.

Corrections / market crashes are the biggest opportunity traders have to harvest, the last (COVID) was such and each in to 2025 will be better and better.

And yes, formal reporting near, working hard on it, want to get it right like we did last time market sold off.

If you’re not registered for the Trader’s Boot Camp Sept 4 and 5th click here for information.



Good morning traders,

RE: Important Morning Note to our Members

Today’s theme – China market contagion likely causes hesitation in markets, unless it’s a well chosen pocket I wouldn’t take a trade. Pick them smart, let it settle down then go.

We’re in session watching order flows and working on the reports for Crypto, Oil and Stock Swings. SPY Gold Silver DXY VIX etc. to follow. Mid day 12:40 $STUDY Webinar today (we will send out videos after we’re done). Send requests on email and we do have some that haven’t been charted still from recent days.

Time Cycles – As I expected we’re seeing pockets of themes run, we’ll continue to pick our spots in to the time cycle inflection (date on your member email version) as I did with the $TAL trade yesterday. I got the day trade on it and now sit with a runner, it dumps further and I’ll go in to round 2. We got 4.61 buys and it ran up over 6.00 on the day providing a decent day return and really good positioning for further swing.

The $TAL scenario is likely for many trades. HOWEVER, the focus is on positioning for our laggards so that when they pop we get profits out – this is what we’re working on now in $STUDY (reporting on deck).

I sent out the note below yesterday because I know in these conditions many traders recoil but I guarantee you this is not a time to go to sleep.

I’ve shown time and time again over the last 6 years how these cycles work, you have to be ready when it’s go time.

Don’t forget, the Covid sell off we caught perfectly – we closed all our longs and shorted the markets starting 4 days before, we nailed it. Then when the market turned up we were long with 73 positions deep – we nailed that. Stay awake, when the COVID sell off happened most traders were asleep and missed it. When it was time to buy the sell off most traders were too stressed and missed that.

These opportunities will be many in to 2025. This is your time to secure many things that will be needed for you and yours in the new world coming. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.

“Curt Melonopoly — Today at 2:06 PM
I really want to encourage traders that may be going to sleep a bit with market conditions to dig in to the daily videos for an hour or so a day for the next 5 weeks, the themes are starting to firm up and I think it will be very profitable for those that can find that hour or so a day to review and do some $STUDY.”

Trader’s Boot Camp – yes, confirmed Sept 4 and 5 and it will be everything in two days that I’ve learned in 33 years trading. If there’s anything you want covered please send your requests.If you’re attending in person be sure you communicate with us about lodging requirements etc. The dates are not a coincidence, the dates are carefully chosen, and I will also guarantee trader’s in attendance will be very ready for what’s coming on the other side of these dates. This is the BIG – do not miss this.

Click here for information to attend online or in person to the Trader’s Boot Camp.

If you need financing for the Boot Camp, please email Jen direct to set up a payment duration that works for you.

I’ve noticed many traders I speak to (even some that I have known for some time) NOT TAKING THE DATES NOTED FOR THE TIME CYCLES SERIOUS. I don’t know how to scream it loud enough.

The time cycle at the end of (date in your member email version) is 10x more significant than any other in recent history. I told you 5 1/2 years ago when we started Compound Trading Group these things were coming, they’ve started, and I am telling you as clear as I can, from the end of (date in your member email version) time cycle through to 2025 will be the biggest market event ever in history and forward.

There will never be a bigger wealth transfer on planet earth like it, ever again. Do not miss it if you want to prepare for you and yours for the other side of this.

Too serious? Tell me that in 2025.

Peace and love.


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Any questions email us

Thank you for your support in our first 5 years and many more to come!

Best regards,

Curtis and Trading Team at Compound Trading Group.

2021 Traders Notice:

Happy new year traders! We open in a few hours for futures trade so below are a few points for our subscribers.

General Schedule:

Instead of running Sunday night live webinars we are doing private webinar video reports along with written reports for all our chart models and sending them out to our traders daily until all are updated.

You will have noticed that some of the reporting started yesterday (see your email).

This will continue daily until all chart models, alerted trades in progress and profit and loss statements are completed and up to date.

It’s a big job but we expect completion over the next few weeks.

2020 was a massive year for our swing trading platform (ROI was best yet in our 5 years), Oil machine trade and alerts development well along the process also and the day trading alerts just restarted. In 2021 we expect massive range of trade and more opportunity.

While we’re updating all the chart models (w / videos also), reporting (themes etc), 2020 P&Ls… the live trading room will be open and the oil trade alerts, swing trade alerts and day trading alerts will flow as normal.

If you have any questions send me a note anytime on Whatsapp or email



Swing Trade Reporting Platform Upgrades, What’s Next.

Good day traders,

Our swing trading alert, reporting and webinar platform has done very well. It’s been just shy of five years and our performance year over year continues to go up.

We’re not stopping there.

Next we will be taking what we’ve learned in our machine trading area of crude oil and implementing the strategies to our swing reporting and alerts.

You may or may not know that our most recent version of the EPIC V3.1.1 oil trading algorithm has won 100% of its trades since launch of June 2020. Needless to say, we have developed a structured trading system that comes with considerable success, so we’re excited about bringing this to our swing traders.

Starting in October reporting will include regular reports specific to one stock or commodity at a time that will explain exactly how to trade the instrument on various time frames using both conventional technical analysis and algorithm chart models. As we distribute the specific trading plans we will also start the process of coding them for trade and alert the trades to the private member feed.

Essentially each report will provide a detailed trading plan with charting and will accompany regular trade alerts for that instrument of trade whether it be a stock, commodity, currency, volatility etc.

It is our goal to complete approximately 150 structured reports, alert the trades and start the coding for them all before January 2021.

Our swing trading platform will also still include various other stock alerts, webinars and reporting as our clients have come accustomed to.

New pricing will be posted to the website this weekend that will reflect the expansion of our platform. Current customers (as long as they renew prior to subscription expiry) will always keep their entry price and will not experience price increases. The price increases are for new clients only.

Any questions send me a note anytime to

You can expect the new reporting to start rolling out within a week at most.





On The Topic of Trade Platform Reporting This Week – P&Ls, Webinars, Trading Set-Ups Etc.

2020 has been a record year for us (as expected) and we only expect trading returns to get better and better in to the election (and beyond).

Below is what’s on tap for this week:

Our reporting plan is to start sending new EPIC crude oil chart models out today with a complete revamped EPIC Oil Report out within 48 hours.

The newest coded version of EPIC V3.1.1 has seen excellent success and regular trading returns are being posted to the EPIC Algorithm Twitter Feed.

Black Swan Update, June 1-July 9 Profit & Loss YTD +$16,7860 or $206,097 69% ROI Per Annum. EPIC V3.1.1 Oil Machine Trade 300k Account (time stamped alerts, audited P&L) #OOTT $CL_F $USOIL $USO #oiltradealerts #oiltradingroom

The Swing Trading $STUDY Webinar will run this evening, the videos will be sent out this evening.

We want to however also detail a written report this week with charting of the webinar set ups – scheduled to be out within 48 hours.

We have a core list of equities we want to work with in to the election so tonight our goal will be to get them started (the structured set ups) and weekly cover their status in to election (there will be others, but we have a core list to be published in a written report I reference).

Join Us Sunday – Prepare for Your Trading Week.

Sunday Swing Trading $STUDY Webinars 7-11 PM.

10 Weeks (40 hrs study) 100.00 Members 50.00.

Can’t make it live? You get videos after ea session.


Trade review articles of recent trades I’m hoping to get more out this week, detailing specific set ups that are working on our trading in Swing Trades and Oil Trading – see list of articles at links below:

Swing Trading Academy: Learn to Swing Trade Stocks, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

Crude Oil Trading Academy : Learn to Trade Oil.

The Swing Trade Alert P&L is out for April 2020 and May 2020 will be released soon.

The P&L spreadsheets will assist with review of current trades, referencing chart set ups and more for our traders.

You can also refer to the alert feed, but the spreadsheet in the alert P&L reporting is a more efficient reference point for traders because the links to the specific trade alerts are there and this gives you immediate access to charting for the trade etc.

Swing Trade Profit Loss. Win 90%. ROI 131.26%. April 1-30, 2020. 200,000-462,520.00 $AAPL, $OSTK, $LUV, $BTC, $SPY, $TSLA, $BABA, $VIX, $IBB, $MA, $AXP, $LVS, $INO, $TLRY, $INTC …

My best advice is to review each trade on the P&L’s and work through what your trade account size is, your risk threshold and preferred sizing and determine how to best use the many set ups we’ve been alerting for your own trading style and preferred returns vs. risk.

And if you have questions as one of our traders (subs) you can connect with me on Whatsapp and ask for a second set of eyes prior to engaging a trade or as the trade progresses.



Schedule Change: Sunday Swing Trading $STUDY Session June 28, 2020

Evening traders,

Tonight’s Swing $STUDY Webinar will not run as normal, I am going to use the time to update all the charting and alarms for trading signals to be ready for what I think will possibly be a significant week of trade entries.

I see either this week or next being VERY CRITICAL. So I want to be ready.

So I’m going to update all the charts and alarms and send a series of swing trade reports out through the night for our swing trading members.

Also, we have a large oil trade in progress with EPIC V3.1.1 and I want to be available to our techs as needed through the night.





Good afternoon traders,

Hope you had a great weekend.

I spent the majority of the weekend in Study and getting settled in our new location.

The US riots, the virus, the sell off then snap back and now time cycle inflection are big for traders, we’ve done well but it does require significant study to continue in it.

The new location (as has been with others recent) is a reaction to the virus lock down. Since the lock down we have been negotiating with folks and working with various people that provide infrastructure and as opportunities have led us closer and closer to the best possible location on the island I have moved. Anyway, after 4 moves we’re finally at the final goal destination.

So this week is an inflection week, a big week for us in many ways.

Settling in to a semi-permanent location will be good and will allow us to focus on bringing to conclusion many things we are working on.

Being a start up (yes 5 years in we are still a start up haha) that is boot strapped grass roots style I’ve done my best to keep you in the loop, we get many questions through-out each week so I try to summarize Q and A in these updates. Thank you again for your support and patience.

The location moves on each occasion require a tonne of work (primarily infrastructure to operate) so I appreciate your supporting us. If we weren’t in the kind of development we are in we could just have been in any location, but there are many reasons why we are not in western society for the development and many reasons while we are over seas that our location is critical. That is a long story, but that is the bottom line.

So we’re managing a massive development initiative with a small team in locations that require a lot of negotiation and infrastructure type work and patience.

Anyway, now that we are in our ultimate location that has everything we need, here is what our inflection week will bring (and I know I’ve been promising some of these things and this is the week they’ll roll out). Bottom line is that this week is WIP clean up and below are some of the things we are cleaning up on our work in progress:

  • The new location will not be set up perfectly for about a week, we have internet (high speed) but we will experience about or up to 8 restarts of our software and or trading room a day until the final fiber line is run to our location (it is being run from about 2 miles away and they’re working on it now). When complete we will have that fiber line and satellite and cellular back up. Right now we have all that but it is not done the way we need. The back up generators here are world class and security is top notch as are the amenities for the upcoming trader’s conference.So until the final install you can expect interim outages in the live trading room and this will also affect the Sunday Swing $STUDY sessions. Anytime it goes down we’ll simply reboot and restart, it can be up to 5 minutes on each occasion. 
  • There is an announcement on deck as I’ve noted previous (next in the queue) about EPIC software. It is next and will be within 24 hours – new white paper. Bottom line is we have completed the software and the real world test will start, it will be very public along with mainstream articles etc. More on that soon. And I know I’ve said it recently a few times, but you can expect very active EPIC oil trading alerts going forward. This is a big deal because it will basically be EPIC’s world premier and the live trading results will be very public going forward. The next is the trader’s platform that is now in play with our team and hopefully complete before end of year. Again, more on this in formal announcement on deck.
  • I am personally in an oil trade that I am a tad underwater on and tonight I will be sharing charting as trade sets up for the week describing my trading plan as it unfolds. Fortunately my size is right and I do have a plan, I’ve shared a lot on this trade so I’m sure you know were I’m going with it.
  • My oil trade is a time cycle inflection trade that I’ve discussed in some detail here (market inflections) and this and other articles Protected: TIME CYCLE INFLECTION: How to Swing Trade It. Volatility, $VIX, $VXX, $OVX, SP500, $SPY, Bitcoin, $BTC, Oil, $CL_F, $USO, Gold, $GLD, Silver, $SLV, US Dollar, $DXY and on recent Swing Trade $STUDY Webinar videos.
  • The profit and loss statements will be out this week, again, my apologies but they do require significant hands on personal time to reconcile considering all of our different accounts.Bottom line is we’re doing better and better all the time with our swing trading newsletter and swing trade alert platform, our returns are parabolic at this point (I don’t think we’ll ever see less than 400% per year ever again) primarily because of a proven process that allows us to really harvest ROI on the winners and on the laggards we’re small in size so they’re not weighing us too heavy at all. As rotation happens we trim our trees for profit. The process works well. There is a sizing and trade positioning article here that I will be continuing in with other parts of the article in near future. Also in development is the coding of 200 equities from our swing trade platform to machine trading along with SPY, VIX, GOLD, SILVER, BTC and US DOLLAR. This is also scheduled for completion late 2020 but realistically not totally complete for 2 years. 
  • The day trade alerts platform on private twitter alert feed is re-launching as noted previous and I would expect within 2 weeks it will be in full flight. I’m slowly bringing swing structured models down to a day trade time frame, but the market has to come to us on it, when we get the extreme highs or low inflections this is where you’ll see it light right up. Currently we aren’t re billing any subs as the platform is in start up, so the time period is essentially free for anyone currently subscribed. Billing will start when we’re settled in and running smooth. Bottom line with the day trade alerts feed is that early in our 5 year journey I spent 2 years day trading live and we did exceptionally well so I brought the program back to garner more ROI now that our swing trade platform has been built out.
  • The shout outs many of you have provided us recently really help our team stay motivated, thank you for doing that. I manage a small 4 person team and they are young, it really lifts their spirits. They’re managing a massive work load and sometimes they need the boost, so thank you. And truth be told, with the soon to be released main stream media articles on deck, your shout outs will really help us there because many of our competitors will be trying to knock us in the public eye, this is par for the course and expected.
  • The weekly Swing Trade $STUDY videos will be out Sunday night and may not include a formal written report this week, so don’t rely on the actual report. Last week we did a significant video and written reporting session that we sent out in about 6 parts of written reports so those charts and set ups are likely still in play as is, the videos from the study session webinar tonight will likely be more focused on how to manage those set ups (and some new) in light of the time cycle inflection and how to trade the inflection properly. 


  • And finally when we get settled in here over the next week I am going to personally take 90 days to focus on writing two articles per day (short) with videos to explain what I’ve learned in oil trading, swing trading and daytrading to summarize my journey. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time but without the ideal location to focus in this has been difficult until now. So now the opportunity has presented and I will be taking advantage of that. I have documented much of it in articles and on our Compound Trading Group YouTube Trading Video Channel but mostly with raw trading room video feed coverage so it is cumbersome and not easy for traders to digest in 10 minute bite sizes or less. So that’s the goal, about 150 articles with videos that traders can consume in 10 minutes or less for each trade set up learning.   

Anything else I can do please let me know!



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