Dear Traders,

Due to a massive influx of interest, we are pleased to announce three initiatives that will be rolled out going into the first week of January 2018.

  1. Open House (January 2-9, 2018): We will be running a free week in our Live Day Trading Room as a thank you to the trading community for supporting us through our first year of startup. Broadcasts typically begin at 8:30 AM EST in preparation for premarket, and run until 4:00 PM EST (or earlier, specific to market movement). Link: (password = WINNING7777).
  2. Complementary Models: Special editions of our algorithmic models, swing platform, and premarket newsletter will be sent out to members who opt into our mailing list. Sign up here:
  3. Christmas Promotion: Our holiday coupon code “xmas30” has been extended until January 10, 2018. Use this code when checking out to receive 30% off all of our offerings. Link:

If you have any questions, need help with on-boarding, or would like us to tailor a custom solution specific to your trading style, contact us at


Team at Compound Trading

Morning all,

We’re about 60 days away from completing our first year – the start up. I thought I’d give you a quick update.

We just finished the code break on Bitcoin… it’s done, done, done. Finished. It was a process. But it is now done. The existing newsletters have excellent model(s) and those will continue from Reed’s desk. This model (the one we just completed) is a black box model… and we aren’t sure yet if and whether it will be shared. We’ll keep you up to date.

Now that we are done that model… we can clean up the rest of our models, newsletters etc… shine everything up for the completion of our start up year. Get the reports out on time… get the alerts out regular etc. I know I’ve been promising since we started ten months ago that we’d get caught up… I know. But in truth the process of breaking the code on these models is…. well… it takes a lot of a person to do it. Anyway…. as of this weekend we start polishing up everything so they get on regular rotation properly. If there’s any concern with value or delays or anything just contact Sartaj direct for discussion.

In terms of pricing and grandfathering… yes… our grandfather prices will always remain intact. No price raise for legacy clients. Period. When everything is shined up and presented to public and on regular rotation…. as we near the new year (the completion of our start-up) we will raise some pricing going forward (for new folks). They’ll be getting a polished version on regular rotation etc etc so they should pay for that.

Sartaj will be doing a promo going in to the turn of the completion of our first year too fyi… kind of a last call as we close out our first year.

Next year, 2018 we start coding our models for machine trading and intelligent assisted trading. Bitcoin will be going to coding first by the end of January, and then EPIC for Oil and so on.

Our private capital fund is now completing its regulatory requirements for various platforms in various jurisdictions and will also be in growth mode in 2018.

I have had much discussion with stakeholders about my role going forward as it relates to the trading rooms / reporting etc etc… I’ll be around and trading and available for legacy members (those that start in first year).

I really appreciate all the support we got through this start up. Much grace has been extended and many of you have really got behind our mission and for that I am truly grateful.

Thanks much! Peace and best.




Trading Webinar Schedule:

– Live broadcast in trading room and commencing June 2017 simulcast on YouTube Live, Facebook or Periscope as available. or determined

– As determined videos are posted to YouTube, Charts are posted, Blog Posts are published to website blog (public and member versions may vary). Each may be posted to various social media outlets also.

– All times Eastern.

– All Webinars are open to subscribers. Select webinars open to public as room capacity allows.

Below is the regular Compound Trading webinar schedule rotation going forward:

1. Daily 9:00 AM – Pre-market Review (focus toward day trading momentum stocks) .

2. Daily 9:30 AM – Market Open Review (focus on day trading momentum stocks).

3. Daily 12:00 – 1:00 – Midday Chart Set-Up Reviews (Day Trading / Swing Trading charting reviews with equities, indices, commodities and currencies). New traders that need to establish a trading process should not miss this and experienced traders gain benefit from chart set-up ideas for trade. Chart review requests are received and executed live also as time allows.

4. Real Time – Trade Recaps (published as time allows).

5. Sunday 6:00 pm (starts July 2017, select Sundays only) – Oil Weekly Trade and Charting Review.

6. Sunday 8:00 pm (starts July 2017, select Sundays only) Weekly Market Open Review. Day Trading and Swing Trading Chart Set-ups for equities, indices, commodities and currencies.

7. Wednesday 10:00 am: EIA Report – Oil Charting and Forecast Review. Starts May 24, 2017.

8. Commencing July 2017; Gold, Silver, USD, VIX Weekly Reviews (TBA)

9. First Monday of every month: Trading Room Public Open House. Includes premarket and trading day in room.

10. Special Event Webinars with Guest Speakers also commence July 2017.


To receive notification of webinars (regular or special events) click here to get on our mailing list to be notified.

Visit us at 



Over the next four days, the complete $SPY Algorithm rolls out… here’s an excerpt from the members morning update for those that may be interested…

S&P 500 $SPY Trade Update Tuesday May 16, 2017 $ES_F ($SPXL, $SPXS) Algorithmic Charting Observations

Good morning! My name is Freedom the $SPY Algo. Welcome to my new S&P trade report for Compound Trading.

New Charting

Well, it has been a long road, but we have finally confidently locked in the algorithmic model charting for $SPY. an exciting day for us in the lab.

Trading Range Extensions (wide time-frame price targets – the main turns). In short, we have been publishing price predicts for the main price extensions on $SPY trade and for about four months now we have been hitting them. The price extension price targets are the most important. If you can catch the main turns in trade then this of course is where the money is. So that was the primary priority and it has proven out. Reviewing historical reports this is represented by the red dotted line extensions and was also in writing (the price predicts of trading extensions).

Trading Quadrants (shorter time frame trading ranges). The second priority was to lock in the natural trading range on shorter time frames, we call these quadrants and they have been represented on the charts as geometric shapes (boxes, or as some refer to them as diamonds). These also have proven out.

Trading Time Cycles / Main Resistance Areas (clusters of resistance). You would have to go back in the historical reporting some time to confirm that our algorithm has actually called these consistently, but it has. The more recent is the area $SPY is struggling to breach right now and the significant one prior to Christmas last year. The purpose of knowing where the primary time cycle resistance areas (or clusters) are, is for traders to know where and when it is bets to let off the gas to speak.

Specific Time / Price Targets. This area of work in the algorithm we are still working with (in development) and as such you will now begin to see our best guess of specific time / price targets weekly. You would have to review EPIC the Oil Algo posts or Twitter feed to understand what I am referring to (they are represented on EPIC’s feed as red circles and EPIC has been undeniably accurate). Now, IT IS CRITICAL to know that we may never be able to lock in these “cyrstal ball” specific time and price targets with $SPY like we have with EPIC. But that doesn’t make the work we are doing ineffective, actually quite the opposite.

If you have been a member for a while you will have known the basics of the process, if not, you may want to review at least the last ten or so posts (if you do not have the passwords you can request from Sartaj by email at It isn’t required to review the historical of course, just something that is available to you.

So what does this mean going forward?

Going forward we will be representing the work we do over the next three or four days in a build-out (a release process) of the most basic simple charting to most extensive algorithmic model charting we have now (based on the model completed) – representing the points / signals I explained above.

This is exactly the same process that EPIC the Oil Algo underwent when we were preparing / training our traders to use the model. This is the process for us to train our traders with $SPY also and so you will also be the recipients of that process over the next few days.

So in short, your report today will start with the most basic charting and over the next few days completing at latest Monday you will have the full model of charting and it will be very similar to EPIC the Oil Algorithm’s charting.

If over the next few days you have any questions (or going forward of course), please let us know by Twitter DM or email And also quick, with the new model building out you will of course see the monthly subscription rate rise over time (appropriate to work involved for maintenance of model charting) but existing members are grandfathered without increase if subscription does not lapse).

Reporting Rotation, Futures, $ES_F, $VIX, 24 Hour Trading Room

The next steps (after the full model is published prior to Monday) are as follows’

  • The rotations for $SPY newsletters will increase to multiple times per week (updating the model).
  • The $VIX newsletter will be updated, published, and the reporting rotations will also increase although not to the same frequency and not to the same model build-out level as Oil or SPY. It is still in early development.
  • New charting will be released in 2017 representing futures / $ES_F and as with Oil there will be a 24 hour trading room. Do not expect this until later in 2017.

So Let’s Start the Process of the Chart Build-Out…


Thank you! We have experienced incredible interest in our algorithms and trading room in advance of our pre-launch phase starting early November, 2016. Our mission at Compound Trading is to be a high quality platform for the trading community, and as such we are limiting our subscription availability to 300 subscribers for the pre-launch phase extending November to December 31 and adding another 300 (so 600 in total) for our official launch on January 1, 2017. After we are officially launched and our trading community is settled in with our platform we will open our subscriber program for more enrollments thereafter.

  • Phase I – Early November (chat room open to public/pre-launch) – 300 Subscriptions Available in Total.
  • Phase II – December (all services available only to subscribers with December being a free month for initial subscribers/pre-launch) – 300 Subscriptions Available in Total (no new subscription capacity will be opened in December).
  • Phase III – January (official launch) – 600 Subscribers in total (We will open up another 300 positions bringing availability to 600).
For those wondering, some of the reasons for this are:

  1. In advance of our official launch on January 1, 2017, many things need to be done on our end to bring the platform options to fruition, and because we will be working with our subscribers initially in many ways during pre-launch we envision only so much time in a day…. so we want to balance the time required to service initial subscribers to our platform properly with fine-tuning the on-boarding of services and options for official launch Jan 2017.
  2. Algorithmic trading is a discipline in and of itself and so is the compound trading discipline (our chatroom, otherwise, will be like any other in that various trades and methods/alerts will be the order of the day). As such, many of our new subscribers (that wish to engage the disciplines of algorithmic trading and/or compound trading) will require substantial chat room assistance from our Lead Trader and/or monitors in the room. We want to be sure we can be attentive to the learning curve. And of course, much of the activity in the room will be like any other as noted… but there will be the added intensity of algos and the like.
  3. Our lead trader is all about detail, detail, detail. In other words, you have no doubt experienced how many trade rooms are out there where it’s a chat room with various traders providing alerts and discussions surround things like press releases and momentum stocks, etc. Well, this will obviously be a component of our trading room… but it will go much further. Our goal is to have a trading room that not only can function like most others, but also (and more importantly) be a vital resource for traders that want a predictable, low risk, trader’s edge with a high probability of regular success. This primary goal requires detail, detail, detail. In other words, the morning pre-market newsletter and algorithmic charts (and traditional charting) becomes a significant part of the day to day routine between the lead trader/moderators and monitors and the traders themselves. So we want to be sure we provide the quality experience this type of trading environment will demand of our staff.
  4. The technology we are using will be undergoing many changes in the early months… including hardware and software. As pre-launch rolls out, there will be many opportunities for our developers and trading room staff to revise and revisit hardware and software requirements to ensure a smooth official launch in January of 2017.
Again, thank you for the incredible support even before we have opened our trading room for pre-launch!