Learning to trade crude oil futures contracts is like no other trading – having a rules based process will help you.

Below are select posts from our site of our oil traders real life day-to-day experience in our oil trading room.

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October 30, 2018 Exclusive Member Feature Report is EPIC:

Where can you find a trading set-up that executes for a win at 150+ ticks intra-day in crude oil trade with a probability of approximately 90%? Test it and tell me I’m wrong.

One trade a month pays 1500.00 per month at 1 oil futures contract size.

Read about it below.

The Best Crude Oil Day Trading Signal Available | It Happened Again Today for 153 Tick Gain Intra-Day.

Crude Oil Trading Strategy | Technical Analysis & Guidance.

Crude Oil Trading Strategy: Career Trade Set-Up. Technical Analysis Trading Room w/ Video.

Crude Oil Algorithmic Trading: A Simple Strategy That Wins – Real Life Example.

Daytrading Crude Oil: Buy Sell Signals Strategy for Intra-day Sell Off Reversal.

Crude Oil Trading Strategies: This Is It. How To Trade Crude Oil’s Next Move.

Crude Oil Trading Strategy – How I Will be Trading Oil in to Time Cycles.

Oil Trading Room – Oil Trading Signals with Lead Trader (plus video).

Crude Oil Trading Room – Member Oil Trade Signals / Alerts for Trading the EIA Report (w/ video).

Oil Trade Alerts: How We Knew Where Oil Sell-Off Bottom Was in Advance. Crude Oil Trading Strategy.

Crude Oil Trading Face-Off Results “Pro Trader” (Man) vs. EPIC Oil Algorithm (Machine Trading Tech)

Oil Trading Alerts Live Video w EPIC Oil Algorithm #EIA Report #Oil #Trading #Algorithm #Alerts $USOIL $WTI $CL_F

“The Nut Hand” Today’s Huge Oil Trade Win. Exactly How It Was Done. How I Knew & How You Can Too.

CRITICAL Oil Trade. Weekly Timing. EPIC Oil Algorithm Channel $USOIL $WTI $CL_F $USO #OilTrading #EIA

Overnight Oil Trade | Trading Plan in Detail | EPIC Oil Algorithm $USOIL $WTI $CL_F #OIL $USO #Alerts

No Crystal Ball? Watch this… EPIC Oil Algorithm #EIA $USOIL $WTI #OIL $USO $CL_F #OOTT #Algo

Oil Trading Room – How to Use EPIC the Oil Algorithm June 21, 2017 (video).

Oil Trading Room – How to Use Oil Algorithm Chart & Recent Trades June 29, 2017 (video).

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