Compound Trading’s Story So Far

Below is a list of key factors that lead our founders to combine their mission in the sharing economy and the stock market.

  1. Successful Algorithm Development: Our lead trader has been working with algorithm design for some time. Early August of 2016, our first algorithm that was developed for the stock market (EPIC the Oil Algo) began testing at a 90%+ win rate (calls were tweeted live for transparency). This was the primary game changer. Since, the other algorithms in development have also started testing well. Here is a link to a recent blog post about How and Why our Stock Algorithms are Different Than Most.
  2. Digital Change in the Internet Economy: We believe in the new democratized economy‚Ķ (e.g. “Uber model”). We have a vision for the trading community of the future. Our background in Internet projects and software development was a natural fit.
  3. Timing: Our lead trader (with semi-retirement on deck) and our lead software developer (with completion of other full time commitments completing late 2016) agreed the time was right to focus on this new endeavor.
  4. Our lead trader has had a lifetime passion for trading and has an equally strong passion for sharing his experiences with other traders (especially traders that want to trade in a low risk and predictable and intelligent way).