Below we have provided some answers to questions we have received from various traders, associates, and prospective users through social media, email, and offline. Click here to send us your questions today.

Here’s a good example for a newer trader (the answers for him to navigate our platform offers) from June 6, 2018.

Howdy Jen or Curt,

Have a question about The Day Trading.

Is the day trading run on Discord? How much information goes out during the early session while alerts move, like is it live on audio with what he’s doing getting into, thinking about exiting etc? or is it just a watchlist with minimal guidance. You see id like to join the day trade room, but im hesitant due to prior experiences where i don’t have any idea on when the POP will DROP, etc.

Just wanted to get a sense of how its operated.

Can you give me a little playbook on how its run?

Like what is included with the overall picture of the daytrade alerts.




Great to hear you are enjoying your experience with Compound Trading so thus far!

There are posts listed on the home page that have recently been put up (I know, we have many offerings on the platform, it took me some time to learn it all but it makes sense when you understand it all).

Compound Trading Home Page (with links to relevant articles)

The important ones and others I will list in my response below for you:

Here is a general member memo that went out recently that explains some of what you are asking:

Important Changes at Compound Trading – Pricing, Trader Services, Trader Procedure, Invoicing. #IA #AI #Algorithms #Coding

We used to run a live daytrading room for beginners but don’t anymore because it feeds bad habits – it just doesn’t work well… we have a better way to get folks beginning to learn to trade or traders that need to get green from red than conventional run of the mill trading rooms. I’ll explain below…

We do (for future consideration) have a daytrading room for full time traders that are trained up and able to function in a pro environment, you will find it here:

Live Trading Room Bundle

And there is the all access Legacy Membership here that allows unfettered access to our lead trader trading terminal 24 hours, that is available here:

Legacy All Access Membership

So that is the goal for you and anyone else starting with us – to get to the pro day-trading room level or Legacy All Access Membership (but you have to be winning because it is expensive, not so much for the traders that win most of their trades, but…

when you are learning to trade and be profitable consistently it is expensive)…. so Curt does private coaching with beginners (he’ll even finance part of your initial few hours to get started if you’re needing help getting started)… he does that because you first need to know how to structure trades properly. The few hours you spend with him will provide a lifetime of skills that will pay massive dividends.

He guarantees it and has hundreds of client references and I have yet to find one unsatisfied student of his market knowledge. That says a lot.

You can find the trade coaching registration here.

We also have member discord server chat rooms, in your case (in addition to some trade coaching) I’d recommend the swing trading discord room (it comes with the Swing Trading Bundle of newsletter, alerts and room). It isn’t fluid with lots of chatter but there is a tonne of data from Curt and techs loading the plays in there. This comes with the swing trading bundle here:

Swing Trading Bundle

For those that have already paid for a service a la carte and then register for the bundle (in your instance I think you are registered to swing trade alerts only … I simply apply a credit to your account for the original purchase and that can be used anytime at a later date. So you would then register for the bundle and send me an email for the credit and I’d send it to you. I help you with your account as needed.

Also, there is an overview informational about our swing trading platform options here:

Information About our Swing Trading Platform Options

It is also important to note, the swing trading platform chart data and trades can all be used for daytrading, so it is recommended to enter the swing trading side of our platform even if you are a daytrader.

All of our platform offerings are listed here and broken down in to trading rooms, newsletters, alerts and coaching sections:

Compound Trading Pricing and Trading Services Options.

I hope that helps you some.

Reply with any questions anytime I am happy to help.


Will your algorithms be available à la carte?

Yes, they will be available on a per-order basis.

Are your algorithms designed to be automated?

No, our design goal is oriented around being a “cockpit” for our traders to use as a probability indicator. As with any other trading tool, they are designed to provide an “edge” to human-triggered trades.

Will your algorithms integrate traditional chart indicators?

Yes, the algorithms which are currently in development stages are math-based only. Integration of traditional indicators and geo-based “Big Data” tools will become available as they are developed.

Do you expect to continue to maintain an effective target hit-rate on longer time dimensions for your various models?

With swing trading, no. Algorithm development for oil is much more complex than other commodities,

I have attended three sessions so far, and wondering if there are specific $WTI trades, as most of trades I have no background about, and none of them appear my broker list.

Until the election, oil won’t do much. $WTI itself is not trade-able right now, and we are waiting for the election results to come in. Refer to @EPICtheAlgo for new time/price cycles.

Will each of the different algorithm subscriptions have their own rooms and moderators?

They will each have their own daily pre- and post-market report. The charting associated with each algorithm will only be available to subscribers. For now, they will all be presented in the same room.

As we continue to roll out algorithmic charting during early release, the use of these subscriptions will become more clear during our live broadcasts.

Regarding your thesis of turning $10,000 into 1M in 26 months… do you know of anyone who has actually done that?

No, it’s my goal for retirement. Part of our mandate during the startup phase will be to get my trades verified through a third-party verification source for full transparency. So, in short, we will see if I actually get there. And of course, the compound trading discipline is one many aspire to in the business if you do some web searches. I’m simply sharing my journey here.