Trading Service Testimonials and Reviews.

Below you will find testimonials and reviews from our trading subscriber base and observers for the various trading services that we offer. They have been posted as they appear on social media (via embeds), and screen shots of emails/direct messages.

The Reviews below are specific to our lead trader Curtis Melonopoly and Compound Trading Group.

REalest man on this platform I have come across


One of the few worth following

Just want to say thanks for being one of the few voices in the dark that I feel I can trust, and adds value to this collective experience. There is a huge difference between wisdom and ‘intelligence’ masquerading around as wisdom. The humble and wise never go around telling their followers they are the wisest. The wisest after all can admit as much as they know, there is an bottomless pit of wisdom that can be drawn from, and it will never all be realized by the decaying mind of man. Only passed under the trees planted for the one’s tomorrow, and protecting that right at all costs.”

DM from @SlvBandit on Twitter

While so many people were pumping, Curt was laying this all down in past months..truly unique analysis and depth into the abyss

Curt knows cycles


your conscience
Replying to
So happy to have joined this group- paradigm shift on market analysis Shark

“Want to give a shout out to my trading and time cycle brother

The insight this man has, not just for the stock and crypto markets, is beyond what a combination of the best analysts and veterans of 50 years could deliver.”

“Like yourself, his delivery is awesome. You two teach in such a way it forces us to actually think, which is a much stronger way to learn.”

“Hey Curt, love the directness of your thoughts in today’s video. I can relate 100% to folks on the periphery having something to say without having to maintain the responsibility of consistency and quality/accuracy themselves. A system and structure/planning/rules are so important, and I very much appreciate your style of teaching as well as trading. Thanks for everything.”

“I would have commented sooner! Didn’t think you wanted the bother. Been around a long time this is the best I have seen.”

“My only regret is that I found you in June and not sooner. What you offer is unique and stellar. I’m not much of a twitter poster, but I’ve followed a lot of folks in the past 12 months. You are steady and perfect for me, the best!”

“No, I have learned more in the last six months by subscribing to your service than all other services I have used (and I tried them all!).

You have a unique style that has pushed me from being an impulsive trader to a slow and more methodical consistent winner. Appreciate it!”

is the only one I truly learned a system from. I turned 3g into 20g with his methods. I cherish every minute I had in his room.”

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“Week’s over for me, since I started following in March you have literally just crushed it…

I am in your debt!”

“your selections have been spot on, and timing excellent. thank you for helping turn around my account after a long slump.”



Amazing trade brother! So grateful!”

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Testimonial from EPIC the Oil Algorithm subscriber.

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Curtis, Sartaj, Team

I’ve studied TA several years, have programmed Tom De Mark in Tradestation and some bla bla bla.
Yesterday I’ve bought 53.15 but expected a continuation up after 53.40. My mistake, in the end.
Today I’ve bought 52.95 10:29, stopped out at 52.7 10:30 (still not clear to me the difference between the purple, the green and the yellow, and 51.90 was too far away for my risk appetite).
I insisted 10:33 at 52.78, exited at target 53.40 10:45.
Amazing. Thanks

First of all, I have to express my gratitude for you doing what you do.  May sound stupid, but I learned more about trading from one day of reviewing your videos and unlocked reports than 8 months on the oil desk of a bank.  I’m inspired by your Robin Hood approach and humbled by the idea you’re willing to share your skills with those who don’t have much to offer in return.


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