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Curtis, Sartaj, Team

I’ve studied TA several years, have programmed Tom De Mark in Tradestation and some bla bla bla.
Yesterday I’ve bought 53.15 but expected a continuation up after 53.40. My mistake, in the end.
Today I’ve bought 52.95 10:29, stopped out at 52.7 10:30 (still not clear to me the difference between the purple, the green and the yellow, and 51.90 was too far away for my risk appetite).
I insisted 10:33 at 52.78, exited at target 53.40 10:45.
Amazing. Thanks

First of all, I have to express my gratitude for you doing what you do.  May sound stupid, but I learned more about trading from one day of reviewing your videos and unlocked reports than 8 months on the oil desk of a bank.  I’m inspired by your Robin Hood approach and humbled by the idea you’re willing to share your skills with those who don’t have much to offer in return.