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Good morning traders,

All trade set-ups on watch or alerted are starters in to time cycles that may or may not run in trajectory to bias, they can go completely the opposite direction, hence the “starter” positioning until said trades develop. Different trades / instruments have different time cycles, refer to historical swing reporting as needed for various notes and charting models. We have been working on the report all night and will release it when it is ready, until then the alerts are flowing. Lots of caution with the upcoming time cycles because everything cray cray everywhere (not just me), the world is not amenable to the buy and hold conventional thesis in my opinion, going forward. We see range, lots of range coming.

We cover over 200 equities, many of which will be in play, on watch etc that we will alert.

Have a great weekend, hug em tight and buckle up.

Anything I can do shoot me a note.

Best and peace.


Finally! Seems I still have things to learn about setting up a tech driven trading location in the tropics:)

Good morning traders!


In short (I’ll save you the detail) we have the fiber networks installed at the new location and we tested all the equipment / systems / wifi / trading platforms this morning and all systems are a go. Today and tomorrow we’ll clean up after the crews and get some trading zen going in here in prep for next week live trading blast off.

For info on our new trading / coaching location click here. We have a May and June trade coaching boot camp scheduled.

Reporting / Trading Broadcast Schedule forward:

  • Weekly algorithm and swing trading reports will be processed as normal this weekend (SPY, OIL, VIX, GOLD, SILVER, CRYPTO, DXY, SWING).
  • Daily member premarket reports will be processed as normal as of Monday and the Post Market Reports (public report) we intend to get in to scheduling again soon also.
  • Trade alerts on the member only Twitter feeds will recommence Monday premarket (swing, daytrading, oil, Gold, crypto).
  • Live premarket broadcast will recommence Monday 9:00 am on daily rotation (main trading room). Main trading room broadcast (charting and chat) runs Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM with voice commentary from myself (or guests) for trade set-ups etc as needed or market demands.
  • Live market open broadcast will recommence Monday 9:30 am on daily rotation (main trading room).
  • Live mid day reviews will recommence Monday 12:00 on daily rotation (main trading room). Mid day reviews cover trade charting set-ups I am following for daytrading and swing trading, announcements, and trading recaps.
  • Weekly #EIA oil report trading session will recommence Wednesday 10:15 AM on weekly rotation (main trading room for now but will be moved to oil trading room only soon).
  • Oil trading room broadcast will recommence Monday 9:30 am. Most days it will run 24 hours unless I am traveling (this will change often). Oil trading room members can attend to the main trading room anytime they like also FYI. The oil trading room is not a live voice broadcast room (charting and chat is active), however, with this new trading location we intend to amp up voice broadcasts over time.
  • The next trade coaching boot camp event is May 4 – 6 (it is 70% booked out FYI) and the next is June 8 – 10. You can attend in person or virtually as if you were in attendance in person.
  • Short live trade coaching webinars will start (new service) soon and will be random through-out the week. Primarily covering trade set-ups, recaps of live trades and the “howto” trade components of each. They will be live broadcast and saved to the video library for members. Our goal is to build a significant “howtotrade” video library this year with short videos (5 mins in length each).
  • Free swing trading set-ups will recommence Monday (as set-ups are available) and sent to our public mailing list. You can register to the mailing list here.
  • The private member only Discord channels will be used more and more as we go forward so be sure you have your invite link from us and you watch those server channels close for trade updates. The public free Discord trading chat link.
  • Any downtime to service due to the recent location move is credited to member accounts.

New Members:

For whatever reason the last week has seen many new members and with the new location set-up we’re a little behind. We’ll have all new members set-up over the next 48 hours.

If your membership includes trade alerts of any kind, be sure you email us at [email protected] the Twitter account you are using to follow the alert service feed.

New Staff:

We have new staff just started in administration and coding that I will be introducing to our member base over the next few weeks. Any blip in service please allow some grace there but if there’s anything urgent be sure to message me personally on any of the feeds so I can help as needed.


I have one full time position or two part time positions for paid interns that would like to do specifically what I do. Trade and report. If you have an interest send me a note on email [email protected]. These are long term positions.

Need Help?

Anything you need private message me or email me [email protected] anytime.

Thanks again for your support in our efforts y’all! Going forward with our new location it is our aim to build out our live how to trading / coaching for the markets we follow (trade coaching etc) so I believe you will find our trade set-up and coaching initiative to be of benefit to your trading in many ways (especially as the libraries build). In the meantime, if you have any ideas for our plans going forward or any tweaks you would like to see to our new platform launching please message me!

Best and Peace.


Recent Memo (for those who didn’t see the note):

We are still getting some Q’s re: holiday models…. for clarity, below is a snippet of our comments included in reports we are processing right now…

This reporting week has brought two challenges:

Charting Anomalies: The recent holiday has caused some models some issue as it relates to the geometric chart modeling (you will notice in some instances slight to significant geometric divergence – visually) and as such will cause some issue with many of the trading platforms and liquidity in some markets. Trade carefully until next report at each support and resistance. When these type of anomaly events are in play, it is prudent for your trade plan to refer also to the model / reports published prior to the holiday.
Our new trading / coaching center set-up has taken longer than expected (tech needed vs. Caribbean Island time). We have the fiber set-up now (the hard part it seems) but the ancillary components t make it all work for our equipment are in progress and expected to be complete soon. Downtime credits applied to members. Will advise.




RE: Charting Re-balance Edits, Complimentary Publications, Email Distribution Lists

Good morning,

So when we opened the algorithm chart model files this morning, many (near all) shifted again and have to be reset. We’re working on that right now. This has to be completed for all charts before reports can be processed (because of course the chart time cycles and pricing affects reports).

This does occur on holidays with Trading View. Different holidays to different degree. Thanksgiving has been the worst we have experienced in the last year and this may have something to do with the half day – I am not sure.

Anyway, the shift in the charts this morning was less than yesterday so we expect today’s edits to be all that is needed and then we can process full reports. This may mean that reports are not out until tomorrow / b4 market open Thur and charts in completion would be out today / tonight at various points b4 market open tomorrow.

I apologize for the delay. I will ask Sartaj if he can credit some sub time for the gap in service.

It would be nice if we had another chart provider that didn’t have this issue surrounding holidays but Trading View is our only option (for our tech requirements). Perhaps in near future we can work with them toward a solution.

When you open the charts, to get past the viewer part to the live chart click on the share button bottom right and then “make it mine”. When in the chart if you only want the chart and not the indicators at the bottom double click on the chart and the bottom indicators will be removed.

So bottom line is that the charts will all be out today and the reports at latest tomorrow. And yes, in future surrounding holidays (at least until we find a solution) just know in advance this does occur.

Also, we are sending complimentary issues to members for various charting between now and Christmas (if you are wondering why you are receiving various updates).

And finally, I apologize if you are getting more than one email for an update (such as this memo), that means you are on more than one distribution list. This also we need to sort solutions for going forward.

Any questions let me know.



Good evening all,

This is the back stretch of the final lap in our first year startup. Between now and Jan 1 we are completing and polishing up all our algorithm models and swing reporting to present as finished products in advance of coding. Below are some details with respect to this endeavor.

– The oil room will be open when futures begin trading. If you missed it, we are not alerting reboots every 20 hours on Twitter each time the oil room opens. We want to keep that feed as close to alerts only as possible.

– The seven algorithmic model reports and swing will be processed after futures open and before regular market open tomorrow. This will give us an opportunity to reset charts as required to Trading View rebalance – especially after the holiday week. Bitcoin will likely be the last published as trade is very active and I would like to see it settle a bit in to the new week before publishing.

– Any reporting that is not out by market open Monday will be out before market open Tuesday – but the bulk of any important reports will be out before market open Monday.

– The algorithm chart model and swing trading reports as of this week will start to represent buy / sell triggers. The buy sell trigger charting will be built in to the reports more and more as we near Jan 2018 simply because our coding of models will require them anyway. So in other words, what you see this week will not be what they will represent when fully updated going in to Jan 2018 – but it will be a good start.

– Any comments you have toward our chart models that you think would help us better assist our members and / or better represent data to our software engineers in 2018 for coding purposes please let us know.

– The Oil, Gold, Swing models are furthest along at this point, with Bitcoin close behind. The VIX, DXY and Silver models will take some time to build out – but we intend to have them done by Jan at latest FYI.

As always, thanks for supporting our start up as early adopters! Could not have done it without you.

Have a great week.


PS There are price increases coming in Jan after all the models are complete and prior to coding. There will also be increases at various milestones as the models are coded – for those that do not know, our early adopters will not see a price increase (as long as their subscription doesn’t lapse). I thought I’d mention that because a few folks have recently asked about that.

Morning all,

Now that internet in the new location is perfect, we are getting caught up.

This evening trading room post market reports will be rolling again, Gold algo second phase launched and SPY second phase updated.

That will bring us pretty much up to date with some minor misc clean up outstanding.

Going forward: Quarterly PLs for Swing, Daytrading, and Algo trading are on deck, swing newsletters are getting an overhaul very soon, Silver algo second phase launch within fourteen days and daily oil trading room post market reports about two – three weeks out.

Thanks again for the rope extended in the transition.


Morning all!

I’m trying to keep you all in the loop because I get various questions and can’t remember who needs to know what day to day – so these quick memos help me keep everything moving forward in a clear way.

And to think I will have to do this all over again in a few months hahaha (the travel set up thing – but I will be an expert by then).

Buzz in Headset

I spent the night tearing down the office set up and re-wiring and resetting everything. Hopefully that gets rid of the buzz in the headset. I tested it and it seemed fine but it is intermittent so we’ll see. If that doesn’t get rid of it tonight after market I’ll head over to local computer store and get a different grounding power bar and look at possibly new head sets. And if all that doesn’t work I’ll look around the area of my house and see if there’s nearby equipment or something that may cause interference.


So now I can get busy on catching up all the reporting (it will likely take until the end of Sunday to be completely caught up on all areas of our reporting).

Reading Memos / My Obligation

I responded to a number of DM’s and emails last night. One thing I’d like you to keep in mind is that when you ask me questions my options are to tell you what I think you want to hear or tell you what I think will help you make money. The latter is rarely popular with newer members, but it is my personal obligation. So don’t take it personal and if you think I take it personal I don’t – the only thing I take personal is making you money.

The New Member Experience

I’ve noticed that newer members come in very anxious, then they sort of stop and look around after a while and go “this is weird everyone is so calm” and then after a while “hey they actually win maybe there’s a reason they’re calm” and then “hey they have a process maybe I should try it” and then I get the messages “CURT! you wouldn’t believe it I AM MAKING MONEY! HOLY SH*T THANK YOU!” Seriously, it happens all the time – every day.

Why? Because the 99% truly do give the 1% their money on the markets.

The whole system is rigged in the way that it feeds back to the retail trading community what it wants to hear not what it should hear. Why? Because it sells.

I won’t go off on how it all works, but that is how it works. I don’t and wont ever treat my relationship with my members that way. I can’t do it. So when you talk to me you get straight goods. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what your problems are, I don’t care how good you are. I only care about whether you are taking what we know to be a process(es) that makes you money and learning it (them) and whether you are banking. That’s my job. To make you money. And that’s only done if you read my f’ing memos lol and you get honest with yourself and me.

Make sense? Good. Everything we do is documented and transparent – we don’t function like most.

A Team is Building

Yes! There is a team building. Way to go guys and gals! You are doing it! Soon there will be the first level or layer complete and there will be about fifty in the team that are profiting on a regular basis. Quite an accomplishment if you ask me as many of you (95%) were not profitable when you joined:) Now close to 80 even 90% of you are profitable – likely closer to 80% ish.

SO in summary, WE ARE BUILDING A TRADING GROUP OF WINNERS THAT WIN we are not building a sell you what you want to hear service. SO READ THE MEMOS! And don’t ask me questions that I’ve already answered in memos and material:) Do your homework! Be transparent, publish your trades in the room to help me help you (or at minimum send the entries and exits to me on DM or on email). I CANNOT HELP IF YOU DON’T DO THAT.

Hopefully the caps help get the point across to newer members lol

For those that have reached out to assist as interns, moderators, affiliates etc… we will contact you this weekend! Yes! For sure:)!

Anyway, now that I have internet and it seems my headset buzz is fixed I can get on to getting your reports up to date finally also:)

Cheers and Peace.


If you are receiving this and want to be taken off the list reply back and we’ll delete you from whatever list you’re on. And we’ll block you and you can never come back. Joking:) Have a great day all.

Evening all!

Once again, apologies for some that are receiving this more than once (you’re on multiple lists).

Super excited – been on an island for a week without useable internet and now its finally here. Yes, high speed fiber! Just call me Gilligan.

Oil room charting has been on since 6 pm this afternoon without a glitch – novel.

Anyway, quick update:

Now that I have internet I’ll have to make up the last week so watch out world!

I will be in oil room going forward at midnight EST each night until 4PM EST. The downtime I get away from trading is 4PM to midnight daily. That time (as of Monday) will be covered by moderators (not that there won’t be moderators trained for other parts of day also). And yes, during market hours I’ll be trading both rooms.

The interns / moderators etc that have expressed interest we will be reaching out this weekend.

Every evening for the foreseeable future in the oil room (when I arrive around midnight) I will be doing training sessions that I will video (we will also have video for whole sessions btw). Anyway, the point is that members that cant be in the room during those trading and how to use EPIC the Oil Algo charting sessions will be able to get the video and watch it later. Some I will leave public (especially in beginning) and many only members to oil room will be able to access on You Tube.

NOW that the internet is working (there was a tropical storm this evening while I got some sleep and no down time fyi) the regular reporting for the newsletters, oil room regular room and all other services will get back to normal over next 72 hours as we catch up.

Any other questions please email of DM anytime – I’ll be in a much better and approachable mood now that I can trade and earn with working internet:) Oh, and yes, I have learned the lessons of trading and traveling! A blog post for others is on the list:)

Thanks again for for grace through this frustrating time and we’ll see you in the room(s)!


Morning all.

Daytrading Room / Oil Trading Room and Internet:

So the wired internet did run the oil room all night (so far) with only one network blip – so perhaps it will run the daytrading room Monday without much issue (we’ll see).

I pinned the owner down to a completion time for the fiber install that starts Monday – he committed to be complete at latest end of day Tuesday… which means the daytrading room will be running on wired system that originates on cell network Monday and Tuesday during the day and the oil room will also.

So we’ve opted to only run the oil room on its own when oil opens Monday night and not through the day Monday and Tuesday so I don’t have to watch two rooms during the day Monday on inferior internet. And by Tuesday night we should be good to go with fiber network so as of Tues night the 24 hour oil room will in fact be 24 hours.

So in summary, when we start the premarket session for the daytrading room on Monday and Tuesday we will be shutting the oil room down each day and restarting it when the evening session starts. During the day Monday and Tuesday the oil room members are welcome to visit the daytrading room anytime and we’ll be running the oil charting in there for the next two days only.

So basically it comes down to make it work Monday and Tuesday and back to normal Wednesday.

Various other services such as newsletters for Swing Trading and Algorithms:

Most of the newsletters are getting out , however, the newest version of the Gold algorithm will not be out until the fiber internet is installed. Which will be Wednesday night. Subscribers of course are being credited time accordingly.

The post markets are also going to be delayed until after the new internet is complete. The data flow on the current internet is just not enough to process post market video uploads etc.

So the Gold algo update and the post market newsletters will resume Wednesday night.

Oh and the various other video uploads such as the EIA report and mid day chart reviews won’t re start until Wed because we simply don’t have the upload capacity until the fiber is in.

Any questions let me know!



Evening all!

A few miscellaneous updates:


First, the internet / travel status…. on Friday they hard wired my internet. So I now have wifi and hard wired BUT in testing it this weekend I’m not confident – its running 26 mbps which is barely adequate but the signal originates on a cell network and cell networks have blips (so expect blips for the next day or so).

I thought I was getting the fiber network… but nope, that’s coming tomorrow. The culture here is a tad different than North America and sorting through the commitments and expectations and representations is complicated at best 🙂

Anyway, I have confirmed (literally from the owner of the fiber internet company haha seriously) that fiber will be installed Monday.

So what’s that mean? It means we may have the odd blip in the oil trading room tonight and in the daytrading room tomorrow. Blip meaning charting disappears and comes back (like your cell phone can do at times).

It also means that some updates will be possibly and not for sure delayed until fiber is in. The chart load times are slow for the algorithms on the current – but they should all get out tonight.

Now, I know for sure the fiber is being installed Monday but do I know it will be working Monday? No, I do not lol. But we’re getting there. Slowly but surely.


And for the down time (as I mentioned last week), to be fair, the paying members will be credited the downtime at renewal time (the oil trading room members subscription doesn’t start until July 1 so we’re early anyway on that and anytime we are up before July 1 is a bonus anyway so that won’t apply but for the other services it will).


Also, I’ve had a number of folks ask me if they can come in to oil room subscription in like two weeks or whenever in future. Unless otherwise provided for we are holding sub limit to 50 because I can only help along so many folks at a time and I want to provide the best service I can.


In future we will endeavor to have this done and confirmed on site before I travel to my next destination. We learned a lot of lessons here. But at the same time we are transparent on our website to the fact that I will be traveling from here to death and that will at times cause some delay in service at various levels so it will in a way be part of the deal – but we will do everything we can to limit the inconvenience of course.


Moderator etc expression of interest folks… we’re going to get past this internet issue, then completely refresh all algorithms and newsletter charting etc (once fiber is in and working) and then contact you all. Sorry for the delay but it may be June 25 until we’ve contacted everyone.

After last week, I am seriously geared to aggressive trading this week so lets get at it do this.

Best and peace.


Good morning traders!

A quick memorandum to update everyone on the status of my travel and the main trading room, oil room, alerts and reporting.

Prior to leaving on my extended trip to the Caribbean and having an itinerary focused to visiting island nations we did what we understood to be proper due diligence with respect to internet availability, suitability (mbps for example) and predictability (power outages etc).

Well…. the very first location fell very short and instead of delivering 100 mbps internet we got 9 mbps and that just wont do the job. So we spent the last 24 hours attempting to route all my trading and charts etc through a data centre in north america and that just didn’t work.

So in short, after nearly 24 hours of tech gymnastics we have an installation booked for this Friday at the flat I am at. The installation is for internet mbps speed that will more than handle the requirements of the trading rooms, alerts and reporting. Which really puts us in good stead for the weekend reporting (updating all the algorithms and reporting) and ready for Monday morning.

Between now and Monday all services will be intermittent at best – including Thursday and Friday trading room, 24 hour oil room, evening newsletter reporting, swing trading reports, alerts etc. But the weekend updates will be done in full and all systems back to normal for Monday morning.

The folks that have reached out to become involved at various levels in our launch (such as moderators in oil trading room) – we will contact you immediately after getting our tech issues solved and our weekend reporting caught up this weekend.

And finally the newest version of our Gold algo will also be delayed until this weekend and launched then.

I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we will of course be crediting appropriate time to member accounts (extension at renewal time). Actually, many of you I have spoke to through this very aggravating ordeal have been more than encouraging and supportive so I appreciate that very much!

So we’ll do our best between now and our hook-up on Friday but with no guarantees at all.

Next leg of the travel (in a few months) I will be sure to triple check the service at the destination location before departing.

Best and thanks again for being the trading group you guys and gals continue to be.

See ya in room Thursday morning and hopefully we’ll have some service consistency (at least enough to get a trading day in would be nice).

Talk soon.