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Some nice swing trades paying so far this week:

QUANTUMSCAPE (QS) In love with the structure, beauty of a trade and it could be big big big yet $QS

PIONEER POWER (PPSI) After getting 3x (early) on the 1st round it came off to lows, gapped up and rocketed in to the time cycle price target. I’m sure that happens every day on alert feeds What a PT hit, wow. #boomtown $PPSI

There’s a quantum stock new position on the day trade alert and swing trade alert feeds also, check your alert feeds.

New CoinMarketCap Listing: $SPKL

Here’s a rundown of your top economic news today .

9am: Powell to Speak at Joint Fed, ECB and BoC Diversity Conference



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Part Three of What They Won’t Tell You and How We Daytrade Crude Oil Against the Machines

“And there you have it, the power of machine AI trading in crude oil futures.”

In part 2 of this series on day trading crude oil, we left you here (the chart below), price of oil had moved through the structured chart model and had taken out the one price target before the ultimate target at the top of the structure. At each leg in this recent oil rally from lows I’ve shown you in this series the chart model we are using on the one hour time frame (we use all time frames). I also provided screen shots of the oil trade alerts, oil trading room, charting, guidance and various other commentary we provide our clients.On April 30 at 12:01:49 (date stamp on chart below) my commentary was that crude oil had met the second to last or final price target in the structure and that tomorrow (Thursday) we could expect oil to continue rally in to the ultimate price target prediction at 1:00 PM.  

Crude oil price target met on 1 hour time frame, should see our pull back now for final run tomorrow.

Crude oil price target met on 1 hour time frame, should see our pull back now for final run tomorrow #oiltradealerts

Crude oil price target met on 1 hour time frame, should see our pull back now for final run tomorrow #oiltradealerts

As this was happening I was tweeting about it live on my public facing personal Twitter feed, below is a link to the thread:

AI school in session


its a massive game of go on various time-frames with entities competing with various amounts of liquidity all competing for dominant positioning, the dominant teams determine the time frame in play through liquidity, they’re in control,

so the game is find the time-frame and use the model they’re using, but it’s all done with machines making those decisions and computer scientists constantly updating code, its a massive war game of techies competing for dominance, that’s oil trade in today’s world #OOTT $CL_F

and now the climax

Said climax brings time cycle intraday in to completion, if retail wants it to move now they’ll have to go alone #oildaytrading #OOTT $CL_F $USO

target met

Retail left naked in the time cycle and have no idea why the air just came out #OOTT $CL_F $USO #machinetradingoil

school done for the day, have a good one


i know, i know, there are no crystal balls in the markets

none of that just happened


And then in to the time cycle peak the next afternoon, this happened…

“And there you have it, the power of machine AI trading in crude oil futures.”

Price target hit right on time for the right price, perfectly in to oil settlement at 2:30 PM on Thursday.

NOW, it is important to note that the chart model was originally calling for the 1:00 PM one hour candle and not the 2:00 candle, but if you look at the chart below the time cycle peak (noted with vertical blue dashed line on chart) moved over to the 2:00 timing. This happens with Trading View charting, the timing slowly moves over a period of days.

So the hit was not only perfect to the timing and price but hit at exactly 2:30 which is half way exactly through the 2:00 one hour candle. It couldn’t have been a better alerted price target hit.

And there you have it, the power of machine AI trading in crude oil futures #oiltradealerts

And there you have it, the power of machine AI trading in crude oil futures #oiltradealerts

What made it even more exciting for us in the oil trading room was that price had started to come off strong as it neared the time cycle and I thought (as I know other traders did) ah okay there we go we’re not going to hit the price target, and then right before 2:30 the price of crude oil took off in grand style and hit the target – price rallied 300 points in about 30 minutes.

Machine programs were identified and the volatile rally ran up and didn’t stop until the price target was hit, right on time. It was a crazy day trading session in crude oil.

“AI’s just finished their task.”

The comment from one observer on my Twitter feed made me laugh:)

“That’s fucking incredible.”

So we got a rally from 9.90s to 19.60s and it was not only strong but very structured and we called it days in advance.

How does this benefit a trader? Using time cycles and structured chart models help an oil trader (swing trader and day trader) significantly with strategy for bias of trade size, risk management, directional bias of price in trend and more.

Some options traders in our group really like this work. Swing traders like this for trimming profit at all the decisions along the way as the charts are marked for support and resistance areas of trade. How you trade it is up to you.

When we alert the set-up and our trade entries we do our best to provide our day traders and swing traders with guidance to directional bias, support and resistance areas of trade to watch and more. But ultimately it is a much different thing to run the technical analysis than it is to trade it, or even code software to trade the price of oil.

Trading isn’t easy, especially something like crude oil, but with the right critical thinking and best in class chart models to form a solid trade strategy it does help keep you on the winning side.

My goal is to build the best oil trading room and alerts service in the world for traders, it is a large task, but the hardest part of our mission is done, we can trade with the best machines in the world now. The rest should be easier.

Any questions please send me a note via email [email protected].

Thank you.


Part Two of this article here: “Excuse Me, While I Kiss The Sky”. Part 2 Insider’s Look at How We Daytrade Crude Oil (w/ real-time alert screen shots from oil trading room).

Part One of this article here: What They Won’t Tell You – How We DayTrade Crude Oil Against The AI’s in the Markets, A Sneak Peak. #OOTT $CL_F $USOIL $WTI

Further Learning:

If you would like to learn more, click here and visit our Crude Oil Trading Academy page for complimentary oil trading knowledge – posts from our top crude oil traders that includes learning systems, blog posts and videos.

Welcome to NYMEX WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures.

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Good morning Traders!

Crude oil topped out yesterday in its run up from lows April 28 – now (at time of writing I see price is spiking in premarket and bulls may take another run at highs). The OPEC pump is on.

We wrote a two part article on the time cycle work we are doing in crude oil trade specifically to the one hour time frame, we called the intra-week top tick almost to the penny and time, days in advance. You can read the article that includes the oil trading room minute by minute with trade alerts here.

It is important for all instruments of trade if you’re going to trade the future markets to understand what the machines are doing, they do drive price along with other reasons of course.

Our machine coding to equities, commodities, currencies and crypto are all rooted in the discipline of the analysis you will find in that article I reference (it is a two part article that is thick and difficult to read but if you put aside an hour you will understand the concept and it will help you in any trading of any instrument for daytrading and swingtrading).

Our timing with the recent profit trims in Gold $GC_F $GLD $XAUUSD was excellent in the 1720s. Gold is now trading 1678.00 in premarket and we are looking at adds long at bottom of chart structure in your reports.

Natural Gas is up nicely this morning, we’re looking for adds to the long starter we have, however, I’m not sure where we are going to add, watch the alert feed.

Our profit trims in SP500 $SPY long positioning was executed quite well, we knew there was a high probability of time cycle inflections in to end of week (considering the Thursday afternoon oil time cycle peak) as alerted, so this worked out really well. Here also we’re looking for adds to the positioning, watch the alerts.

The Volatility long trade in to peak last cycle was near perfect with $VIX and $OVX (20s to 330s) and the alert last few days surrounding supports near was also spot on, we haven’t added to our long positioning yet, but it shouldn’t be far out.

The Bitcoin $BTC long positioning and recent trims on resistance are good but it’s still in bull mode this morning at time of writing 8938.00, so it’s an excellent swing trade no doubt, we’re watching for top of structure on model charting you have to see more profit trims.

Silver $SLV as expected is still under pressure and we’re just looking for adds to long positioning at chart model supports (see your reports).

Equities this recent cycle, timing was almost perfect, it was a great start to the cycle. I had called the cycle to start April 10, 2020 and the our models had it about 10 days prior (the models were closer than my call) but it couldn’t have been better. Timing cycles have been fantastic. Market highs we got, the down turn we nailed really hard and now this recent run up has been a good start. And even this week calling an interim rest in the cycle was spot on. Now we’re in $STUDY mode as we took our profits in to last few days.

I’ve received a number of personal notes from our Swing Trading Alerts platform users recently (on email mostly) and I think I’ll be asking you folks if I can post them anonymously to our website as swing trade reviews for other traders looking in to swing trading services. I appreciate hearing from you, it does make the work we do worthwhile when you hear about traders becoming disciplined consistently profitable traders. It will be good to meet as many of our new trading members as can make it out in the near future. Eventually most end up visiting the island.

Don’t miss the Sunday Swing Trade $STUDY Webinar series restarting this Sunday at 7 pm. If you’re not a registrant there are still 4 spots for this Sunday. If you can’t attend live the videos are sent out thereafter. 

I will be in a location this weekend again where high speed stable internet is 100% as we know the area well.

Next week will be very active in the live trading room and we start daytrading the swing trade set-ups on lower time frames also soon (this requires us updating the swing trade charting to lower time-frames for daytrading, coming soon).

EPIC V3.1.1 crude oil trading alerts have been firing very well post Black Swan code updates. Last night taking a short side trade that was almost to the minute perfect. Huge range in that short so it worked out well for our oil traders.


Beauty of a short sequence EPIC V3.1.1 started at 100 AM, chart, alert and article that explains why and how we knew the top price and time explained on this thread $USO $CL_F $UCO $SCO $GUSH $XLE

Beauty of a short sequence EPIC V3.1.1 started at 100 AM, chart, alert and article that explains why and how we knew the top price and time explained on this thread $USO $CL_F $UCO $SCO $GUSH $XLE

Themes will be the power of returns in the next time cycles in to the election and beyond, we’re working at these every day and you can expect a lot more swing trade set-ups over the weekend and in to next week.

Today my advice is to go very easy, put your time in to $STUDY, every hour invested in preparation for markets pays massive dividends.

I wouldn’t expect super active trade in the live room today, but you never know. I would however expect such next week to be extremely active as I’ll have my high speed line to work with and there are a number of videos I need to do, like a $STUDY on how to scan for swing trade set-ups, how to trade the one hour crude oil model we’ve recently locked in for our oil traders and various others.

Oh, and I have the most recent time cycle swing trade profit and loss in my hands, I’ll review and add study notes and send out this weekend. This will also help those looking for a current trade position listing. Blow out performance, it’s getting better as we go, which is good of course!

If you want direct access to me on Whatsapp send your request on email and I’ll connect on there with you. It works well as sometimes I am away from my trading desk and if you need a hand with a trade I’m right there right now.

As always if you need anything be sure to email [email protected] and have a great weekend!




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Note to our Traders: Weekly Scheduling Notes in Advance of Trading

RE: Update to Previous Email – Sunday Swing Trade $STUDY Webinars, Live Trading Room Broadcasts, Real-Time Swing and Oil Trade Alerts, Oil Machine Trading, Newsletter Reporting.

Well, the time cycle we are in is starting to heat up and this is the time to be awake, this week should see us start to lean in to our swing trade positioning and I expect a very active trading week in crude oil.

Below are some scheduling and development notes for our members / traders.

Internet Infrastructure.

As a result of the development work we do our small development team is in different countries and I happen to be at the beach void of first world.

When I travel (which is regularly) internet infrastructure has to be prepared and every single time we end up having to re-do what the locals have prepared for us in advance.

In this specific instance I had to change locations for security cautionary reasons due to the Corona lock-down.

I will note also that someday every possibility will be covered off on our internet preparation checklists and nothing will get past us in advance of me arriving to a location, nevertheless once again we are dealing with it.

BUT I am happy to report we have now have a 100% solution at my current location and complete resolution (installed) will be May 10th at the latest and more probably this week. Until then, below is how we will handle our trading services.

Sunday Swing Trade Webinar $STUDY.

I will only do the Weekly Swing Trade Watch List $STUDY by way of newsletter reporting and alert feeds and not live for now (until internet install is complete), working on the current reporting for this weeks trade set-ups on watch now for distribution.

At the end of last week many of the trades and markets started to firm up and themes are starting to develop. As a result the swing trade alerts started to increase in frequency as we neared the end of the week so you can expect this to be a busy week.

Be sure to read the recent swing trade articles and watch the newsletters and alerts flow carefully here.

Soon we will restart Sunday $STUDY webinars live when final internet install is complete.

Live Trading Broadcast Room.

The markets will be active this week so I have no choice but to run with what we have, hopefully they have the install done sooner than later. If we crash in the broadcast room we crash and I will just re-boot every-time.

We don’t have a choice we have to run with it. The time cycle is getting very involved – trades are “in play” and we have to go with it as it is. 

The Swing Trading set-ups are starting to get prime and our Oil Trading Machine Trade software is firing.

I will be in the live trading broadcast room during regular market hours and any other time trade becomes active in overnight futures or in pre or post markets.

Jen will be crediting Live Trading Room member accounts for any down-time.

Machine Trading.

You can expect the crude oil machine trading to be active now that EPIC V3.1.1 black swan and shorting trend updates are complete and it looks as though oil may be getting somewhat structured again after it’s “epic” collapse to negative territory.

The swing trading platform is being coded one set-up at a time as I am updating chart models, with two hundred equities we follow and code this will take time.


All alerts (oil trade alerts and swing trading alerts) will be as normal and will be sent out. Worst scenario we have internet back-up systems, the internet at this point only really affects the live broadcasting in the trading room.

One quick note, very soon I will be taking the swing trade set-ups and moving them down to daytrading time-frames also for intraday positioning as we build larger swing positions in the time cycle trajectory of trade – as such, we will be opening our daytrading alert feed again at that time (within 10 days at most) and swing trade members will get free access to that also.


The swing trade and oil trade newsletter(s) will go out as usual and will actually be more timely and regular now that the Black Swan event is taking less of my time (time that was needed to understand the event to bias the trading going forward).

More specifically you can expect the swing newsletter flow to start prior to Monday premarket and the crude oil newsletter flow to start sometime Monday (I would like to see oil trade in futures prior to determining my bias on crude oil and invest the time in updating all the chart models also).

But the trade alerts will run live for both, if the trade is there, we’re go time.

Remember, if you need anything please email, if we haven’t responded to a previous just hit us again (it can get busy during market hours to say the least).

Peace and best,


Above all, keep your bias in check and remember the ranges can be very, very big in to these time cycles.




Re: Location Move Notice.

Good afternoon traders,

Last week I had mentioned we had news coming.

I’m in a new location – the location was a last minute deal I had to take, if I didn’t take it I would have missed it and we needed a new location within a month anyway.

The location is ideal for the next time cycle in our business development (team orientated space), the upcoming trader’s conference and the coding team work to be done in 2020.

At issue however is that the high speed internet line WILL NOT be installed until sometime Monday, until then we will only be operating on back up cellular internet. Some services will be delayed, have intermittent delays etc.

See memo below for detail and/or video in tweet below.

Sunday Swing Trade $STUDY Session.

This Sunday’s session will be put off until next Sunday for our Swing Trading 4 hour $STUDY. I will however be publishing a swing trade report that will be out over next 24 hours to members of the swing trading platform. If you’re interested in attending our 4 hour Sunday Swing $STUDY sessions we do 10 x 4 hour blocks at 100.00 fee. Email Jen [email protected]. You can attend live or review videos after each.

Trading Alerts.

The trading alert feeds will run as normal but there may be delays on the Twitter alert feed(s) and/or Discord private member servers depending on cellular service (if it fades or not).

Trading Room.

It is unlikely the trading room will function until the fiber line is installed on Monday, I will however attempt to load it on the cellular back up I have and we will see. As soon as the internet line is installed I will alert everyone and we’ll boot up the trading room.


All the primary reporting will be out today and in to tomorrow out at latest Tuesday premarket. Oil trading, swing trading etc. It is a bit slow because I have to review all reporting and of course internet is throttled until Monday.

Swing Trade P&L’s Updates.

Jen completed the profit and loss statements from the last time cycle (other P&L’s can be found on cover page of website). I will update her work with $STUDY guide comments and send out to everyone this week. It was the best cycle of my 32 year trading career and each seems to be so as we near the end of the broader time cycles in the public markets (in to 2025 ish).

EPIC v3 Crude Oil Machine Trading White Paper Update.

As mentioned on the quick video today there is an updated white paper in the works that reflects our black swan coding and the subsequent success therein. Thankfully EPIC v3 survived the black swan event and we able to update the code for related events. Couldn’t be more pleased about where we’re at.

Click here for previous EPIC v3 Crude Oil Machine Trading White Paper.

Trader’s Conference.

As soon as the COVID travel bans are done we will be announcing our next trader’s conference. It will be 10 persons in person max and 20 max online (to allow time for questions etc). It will be a 3 day event covering our primary models of trade $SPY, OIL, GOLD, SILVER, VIX, BITCOIN (soon others), US DOLLAR and the 200 Equities that we have modeled that our software team is coding to machine trade to get to our trader’s digital dashboard. The conference will also deal with Master Class technical charting and algorithmic models. It will be 2000.00 for non members and 1000.00 for clients (seat preference given to current clients, remaining available will be released to public if any left). You can attend online or in person in the Dominican Republic North Shore Cabarete.

Trading Positions and Market Outlook.

I’m bullish coming out of this time cycle for equities, that is my bias but I will be looking for a trajectory of trade in to next time cycle end of Aug 2020. The ebb and flow of the chart models has been spot on for equities and the regular models we use for SPY, VIX, DXY, OIL, GOLD, SILVER and Bitcoin. Recent $STUDY videos have explained how I will trade the support test bounce and retrace. I will do my best to detail alerts for trades and put out study guides on as many as possible.

In equities it will be all about seizing theme opportunities and trading the technical structured set-ups therein. We’ve done great in this last two cycles and the next I expect will be no different.

Most recent trading day ramblings on Twitter (see thread)

GOLD, SILVER, BITCOIN I am unclear, I am moderately bullish with a close eye to support area adds if they come under pressure.

The US Dollar for now is king and I have reviewed on recent videos also how I will be trading it.

Volatility time cycles have been spot on, a great example of outstanding returns for our group was the oil volatility trade (OVX) from 20s to 340s WOW! Blows away the VIX ROI which was great too but nothing like OVX.

Crude oil we nailed in many ways the last time cycle, we ran swing trading positioning at the bottoms and released profits as we neared 27 – 30s which was my call and even worked some ebb and flow. Even EPIC v3 oil machine trading started to get in on the action after the black swan coding updates were in place. Outstanding and couldn’t be happier.

Any assistance you need email me anytime [email protected]

Best and peace,


Reminder to existing clients! If you are on Whatsapp and want to have the fastest direct access to my trading desk send your whatsapp number to [email protected] and I’ll connect to you there also.

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