Midday Chart Reviews to Recommence

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Midday reviews (charts) will start again in the main trading room MOST days at approximately 11:30 AM EST as of Monday April 19, 2021. 

Not every day and not exactly at 11:30 AM – pending trading activity etc (it can get busy).

If you are not a member of the live trading room but are a member of our other service(s) you will receive a copy of that specific video on the days the reviews are done.



CONFIRMATION: Trade Coaching Boot Camp April 17 & 18 2021

Good morning traders!

The weekend Trading Boot Camp is confirmed for this Saturday and Sunday. Each day the class will start in the morning at 11:00 AM EST and will run until 6:00 PM EST.

ACCESS: The access link and password will be emailed to each attendee prior to the event starting – if you do not receive the link and password within 2 hours of the event start please email us.

FORMAT: The lead trader will take questions interactively in the meeting room – small group training and questions are encouraged.

THERE WILL BE A SECOND SESSION (a continuation) the last weekend in May 2021. This will be an add-on for expanded content and will provide traders that have not been able to travel due to current restrictions in their countries.

THE EVENT WILL BE RECORDED so if you cannot attend or you miss segments of the event you will receive video recordings after the event is complete.

ITINERARY WILL BE FLEXIBLE – example itineraries are at the link below, however, the lead trader will be open to cover topics that traders request. If you are only interested in specific topics (such as oil trading for example) it is best to wait until after the event and view the videos (you will be able to scroll to your specific content of interest in a timely manner vs. attending live).

My apologies for the late notice but a number of in person attendees were having difficulties with travel plans at the last moment (over the last few days).

Because of the challenges with travel I thought the easiest way to be sure those that would like to attend in person would be given opportunity to do so in a month’s time. If for some reason next month there are travel challenges I will continue booking monthly sessions until all traders have opportunity to attend in person. In person is important because it provides opportunity outside of the event to socialize, work with trading plans one on one, trade together and more.

Traders that missed the first event in April that register for the second event in May will be provided the videos for the April sessions.

For more information, see link below:

<Click for Trade Coaching Boot Camp Information>

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