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RE: Premarket Trading Notes, Scheduling


Infrastructure bill vote Thursday. Debt ceiling Oct 18 important date (interesting date there).


EIA Oil Data Report 10:30 today, will be in attendance to live trading room.


11:30 Live Trading Room – Market Scans


1:00 Live Trading Room – Crypto Scans


Post Boot Camp Study Sessions to resume soon.


I keep getting opportunity to trim the trades in our portfolio so that helps in to the next time cycle, lowering risk soon


Bit of a coaching rant in that tweet thread lol.


Need anything reach out. If you’re not connected with me on Whatsapp send Jen a note with your number


Trading Boot Camp end of November is a go. We’ll have lots of traders in it considering many will be either living on the island by then or visiting for some time. Register to the Trading Boot Camp here.



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RE: Scheduling for Trading Boot Camp Series, Webinars, Trading Alerts, Videos and Reporting

Thanks to all that attended the weekend training online and in person!

Sept 2021 Trader’s Boot Camp Attendees should now have the videos per list below and as we continue in this series the rest of the dates listed will be sent out as the videos are available. The complete Trader’s Boot Camp series will contain near 100 hours of video training.

On the weekend we had 24 traders in attendance (3 traders in person, 2 others that were on the island but couldn’t attend and 21 online attendees), so we had a decent turn out. Many of our traders are having considerable challenges with international travel, so I understand.

When this current series is complete (likely early October) then Jen will reconcile an official course curriculum and we will then host the Formal Trader’s Boot Camp Event November 27, 28 2021 in Cabarete Dominican Republic (many of our trading family will be living locally by that time and in person attendance should be much easier). We now have 44 traders that have expressed considerable interest in re-locating to the DR with a few committed to date, so I would expect 10 or more actually make the leap between now and the end of November. Traders can attend that event online also and/or access the video series after the event completion.

September 2021 Trading Boot Camp Series Schedule (all times EST):

12:30 Tuesday Aug 31, 2021 – Pre Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Wednesday Sept 1, 2021 – Pre Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Thursday Sept 2, 2021 – Pre Live Session Study Webinar

Saturday Sept 4, 2021 – Live Session Boot Camp
Sunday Sept 5, 2021 – Live Session Boot Camp

12:30 Tuesday Sept 7, 2021 – Post Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Wednesday Sept 8, 2021 – Post Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Thursday Sept 9, 2021 – Post Live Session Study Webinar

— Continuing Post Live Session Study Webinars every Tues, Wed, Thurs 12:30 (as lead trader is available) until course material is completely covered —

Estimated Date (Saturday October 2, 2021) For Live Interactive Online Webinar / Meeting to Allow for Question and Answer Session to Conclude the Sept 2021 Trading Boot Camp Series .

Trading Boot Camp registrants should also already have a previously recorded Master Class Series of videos.

If you do not have videos and chart links (as dates complete) for the above noted please let us know.

Regular Mid Day Video Study Webinars will continue this week daily as time allows at 11:00 with videos sent out after each session.

Trading Alerts are likely to be very active near term considering the time cycle inflection (half time) and time cycle peak around the corner. Also, considering the in depth study occurring for the Trading Boot Camp Series many of the trade set-ups found during these sessions will spill over to the alerts and reporting for Swing Trading, Day Trading, Crypto Trading and Options Trade Alerts and reporting. I know on the weekend we had some golden trade set-ups that will immediately spill over in to our regular subscription services.

If you did not attend the current Trading Boot Camp and would like to Order the Video Series they are now available on the Compound Trading Group website here: Trading Boot Camp Video Series.

And lastly, the newest version of EPIC Oil Algorithm Machine Trading Software was launched last week for crude oil micros and is going very well. I would expect the frequency of trade to considerably be more active this week and also expect it to be very stable considering the number of trade executions it can make in each sequence (the more the better and micro contracts allow for this to occur). See the EPIC Crude Oil Machine Trading white paper here. For access to EPIC Oil Machine Trading software visit

Any questions please let Jen or I know anytime,



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RE: Morning Market Note / Trade Positioning

Updated some from Discord notes:

Morning traders, EPIC likely starts firing on day frequency in to open or shortly after. Oil under obvious pressure but likely sees bounces intra day at key levels as we go. ALSO, Oil is trading near swing day time frame support intra day. Will advise and be in trading room. 

Crypto trades doing well, the BTC adds in 33s from 6900 original swing long entry are likely near all trimmed out (original positioning profit runner still in) I will confirm soon (when i speak to staff, we added to most recent coin pick last night) it ran near 100% after alert and pulled back just under original buys and we added, equity markets continue to be careful picks and selling pops on laggards, Gold Silver NatGas VIX watching close per time cycles published. SPY and markets in general not shorting yet, but on watch of course.

Crypto charting and reporting updates, starting to flow out now, the BTC time cycle is looking spot on (the rally I was stalking and expecting to start and is happening). So the structure in crypto space is very very nice here so it helps get everything else out and published (with some confidence).

The next crypto pick is known on our end now and we’re going through the process of due diligence so we may have that announced prior to the trader’s boot camp. 

Will be in trading room for intra day trade broadcasts and will do mid day 12:40. Please send in requests (even if you already have and we haven’t covered). 

Trader’s Boot Camp – If you’re attending try and firm up your booking with Jen (online registration) and send in any needs (requests for lodging, airport pick up, activities) and BE SURE TO send in requests for topics covered in the bootcamp itself, very important.

Day trades today —- likely not until tomorrow, but we’ll see what pops up.



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RE: Morning Note (Time Cycles, Crypto, Equities, Commodities)

I will be in trading room all day today. EIA day today so likely after my new positions will start in swings (between EIA and end of week) and focus on getting out of any laggards.

EPIC likely starts firing at minimum on day trade time frame in this current sequence at latest in overnight.

Crypto likely rallies alongside equities through to same (date in member email) inflection then likely turns down and then likely privacy coins and select crypto and Gold Silver rally from lows (during next correction or crash) in to 2025. This is not a cycle inflection to miss.

The time cycle in to (date in member email) I still believe will rally (with theme picks) but BE AWARE that the downturn we see coming could start a tad earlier. Stay awake for those alerts.

When the order flow tells us the turn down is coming (for the larger events) we will message traders on my Whatsapp also (last crash it was very important for some) – so if you’re not connected to me there send Jen a note with your number so she can connect us.

The crash or correction can be in the middle of the night so be aware for the alerts.

Corrections / market crashes are the biggest opportunity traders have to harvest, the last (COVID) was such and each in to 2025 will be better and better.

And yes, formal reporting near, working hard on it, want to get it right like we did last time market sold off.

If you’re not registered for the Trader’s Boot Camp Sept 4 and 5th click here for information.



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RE: Important Morning Note to our Members

Today’s theme – China market contagion likely causes hesitation in markets, unless it’s a well chosen pocket I wouldn’t take a trade. Pick them smart, let it settle down then go.

We’re in session watching order flows and working on the reports for Crypto, Oil and Stock Swings. SPY Gold Silver DXY VIX etc. to follow. Mid day 12:40 $STUDY Webinar today (we will send out videos after we’re done). Send requests on email and we do have some that haven’t been charted still from recent days.

Time Cycles – As I expected we’re seeing pockets of themes run, we’ll continue to pick our spots in to the time cycle inflection (date on your member email version) as I did with the $TAL trade yesterday. I got the day trade on it and now sit with a runner, it dumps further and I’ll go in to round 2. We got 4.61 buys and it ran up over 6.00 on the day providing a decent day return and really good positioning for further swing.

The $TAL scenario is likely for many trades. HOWEVER, the focus is on positioning for our laggards so that when they pop we get profits out – this is what we’re working on now in $STUDY (reporting on deck).

I sent out the note below yesterday because I know in these conditions many traders recoil but I guarantee you this is not a time to go to sleep.

I’ve shown time and time again over the last 6 years how these cycles work, you have to be ready when it’s go time.

Don’t forget, the Covid sell off we caught perfectly – we closed all our longs and shorted the markets starting 4 days before, we nailed it. Then when the market turned up we were long with 73 positions deep – we nailed that. Stay awake, when the COVID sell off happened most traders were asleep and missed it. When it was time to buy the sell off most traders were too stressed and missed that.

These opportunities will be many in to 2025. This is your time to secure many things that will be needed for you and yours in the new world coming. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.

“Curt Melonopoly — Today at 2:06 PM
I really want to encourage traders that may be going to sleep a bit with market conditions to dig in to the daily videos for an hour or so a day for the next 5 weeks, the themes are starting to firm up and I think it will be very profitable for those that can find that hour or so a day to review and do some $STUDY.”

Trader’s Boot Camp – yes, confirmed Sept 4 and 5 and it will be everything in two days that I’ve learned in 33 years trading. If there’s anything you want covered please send your requests.If you’re attending in person be sure you communicate with us about lodging requirements etc. The dates are not a coincidence, the dates are carefully chosen, and I will also guarantee trader’s in attendance will be very ready for what’s coming on the other side of these dates. This is the BIG – do not miss this.

Click here for information to attend online or in person to the Trader’s Boot Camp.

If you need financing for the Boot Camp, please email Jen direct to set up a payment duration that works for you.

I’ve noticed many traders I speak to (even some that I have known for some time) NOT TAKING THE DATES NOTED FOR THE TIME CYCLES SERIOUS. I don’t know how to scream it loud enough.

The time cycle at the end of (date in your member email version) is 10x more significant than any other in recent history. I told you 5 1/2 years ago when we started Compound Trading Group these things were coming, they’ve started, and I am telling you as clear as I can, from the end of (date in your member email version) time cycle through to 2025 will be the biggest market event ever in history and forward.

There will never be a bigger wealth transfer on planet earth like it, ever again. Do not miss it if you want to prepare for you and yours for the other side of this.

Too serious? Tell me that in 2025.

Peace and love.


Good morning Traders!

RE: Boot Camp Dates, Market Guidance, New Location Set-Up & Reporting Schedule

Thank you for your patience with our new location set-up and rescheduling of the formal Trader’s Boot Camp in Cabarete Dominican Republic.

New Location and Trader’s Bootcamp.

We now have a location on the north coast of the Dominican Republic that can host up to 60 traders and their families. It was a lot of work but we have secured and set-up in the location on a wonderful beach front East of Cabarete. The property is inhabited by our team only and is ideal for our Boot Camp. It is also ideal for our day-to-day work environment.

The formal Trader’s Boot Camp is rescheduled from the end of July to September 4 and 5th, you can attend online or in person. The registration link is here: Trader’s Boot Camp Sept 4 2021.

Prior to the formal session, we will likely hold at least one more informal session (online only) – it could be up to 3 informal sessions. The goal of course is to put to record everything I’ve learned over the last 32 years trading and teach our traders in an easy actionable way.

Market Reporting and Alerts.

Now that we are settled in to the new location our team can get back to normal work.

Invoicing, reporting and alerts will be on schedule again within 48 hours. Fortunately, the market softness has allowed for this move – nothing that would have normally been alerted was missed. However, with the time cycles (clients are aware of the cycles via the daily mid day review videos) as they are we should see some theme trajectory develop this week. So hopefully these themes are active enough to act on and alert.

Our trades have been decent but they haven’t been the strong structural themes we’ve come accustomed to since the Covid sell off. So if I’m right (see late last week mid day study videos) the structural themes we’ve been watching should trigger early this week.

Also, I will note for those unaware, securing our current location and having it equipped for our type of work was not like a normal location move. This location is the complete property (60 units) and we are the only inhabitants. So this move required securing the whole property from a security stand point, bringing in suitable internet to the location and all the power back up requirements to the location. This was much different than having a single residence equipped for our needs.

Market Outlook.

Our trader’s know that we’ve been watching a time cycle inflection with a cycle peak on the horizon (see the mid day study videos).

All markets should see trajectory trades any moment. Stocks should have structural themes take off (see late week mid day study videos), SP500 (SPY) levels are likely tested with a trajectory starting any moment, Gold and Silver also – Crude Oil also. The Dollar is likely to pull back some and find support before the next time cycle inflection and then rally in to the large time cycle later this fall / winter. Crypto should also see its trajectory of trade develop this week.

I’m intentionally being vague because this is a public facing document (please see the study videos from last week for detail). Our trader’s can also send me a note direct on Whatsapp anytime for clarification.

In summary, we should see the trading price trajectories develop this week with a turn not far off and in to the very large time cycle this fall/winter.

Bottom line, we’re set up at the new location, trading should get very active this week, the trader’s Boot Camp is rescheduled and we’re ready to go.

Anything else you need reach out anytime!

Again, thanks for your patience.









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