Learning How to Swing Trade with Structured Technical Analysis Provides Better Win Rate, More Confidence in Your Trading and Delivers Higher Rate of Return.

Many financial social media traders comment to our charting as having too many lines or being too complicated (especially on Stock Twits). This is not only a flawed perspective but also why few traders win over time. It is also why we make a living (we being the traders on the winning side of the ledger).

In today’s stock market the number one thing a trader can do to increase their win rate and return in each swing trade (or even intra-day trading) is to first accept the reality that machine liquidity is growing exponentially and then learn how the machines are programmed to trade.

In today’s stock market the number one thing a trader can do to increase their win rate and return in each swing trade (or even intra-day trading) is to first accept the reality that machine liquidity is growing exponentially and then learn how the machines are programmed to trade.

Read: Machines now dominate stock trading and it’s having unexpected consequences https://www.businessinsider.com/machines-dominate-stock-trading-and-its-having-unexpected-consequences-2017-6

And truthfully, it isn’t hard to learn how to swing trade (or day trade) along with the best in the stock market – those that are increasingly controlling how a stock trades (or commodity, currency, etc).

The structure of the trading instrument (in the example below with $SQ – a stock) is the key to success in swing trading.

When you know the structure of the stock (represented on a chart) you then know more than 90% of your competitors (the other traders that are competing against you). Why? Because they are simply too lazy, ignorant of how it works or just don’t treat their trading as a business.

When you learn how to trade with a structured chart this can also be used to leverage returns otherwise not possible for options traders and fundamental trading. Options traders can take advantage of time cycles for example. Fundamental traders can use the charting structures to better time their initial trade entries, closing trades with better precision and it will also help traders with sizing and adding to or trimming trade positions.

It doesn’t matter what your trading style is, every single trader can use structured swing trading to increase their win rate, increase trading confidence and increase returns on each trade. Even traders that use very specific trade set-ups for day trading can benefit from structured trading knowledge.

Below I will use my recent swing trade entry in Square (SQ) as a study example. I publicly traded Square in our trading room and recorded the trade. This is a good example because the stock broke out hard the day I entered my swing trade and there were very specific reasons for my entry point. I explain that below and also explain what my swing trading plan is going forward.

Below is the chart for Square (SQ) and the link to the live chart on Trading View.

Below the chart I explain the technical indicators that determined my entry point in Square for my swing trade, where I will consider adding and trimming my position, where the important support and resistance points are and more.

Swing Trading. How to Swing Trade Using Technical Analysis. $SQ Trade Example #swingtrading


how to, swing trade, technical, analysis

Swing Trading. How to Swing Trade Using Technical Analysis. $SQ Trade Example #swingtrading

Below is a list of important technical analysis specific to this swing trade and charting:

  • The Initial Long Entry.
    • The initial reason Square (SQ) was on watch this morning that I entered the swing trade is because there was an upgrade to 125.00 by a well known analyst: Why Instinet Analyst Dan Dolev Is So Bullish on Square  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-09-25/why-instinet-analyst-dan-dolev-is-so-bullish-on-square-video
    • The entry at 89.00 was not by random (shown with a green arrow), when price was higher on the 30 minute candle than the previous candle high in a bullish intra-day momentum – this is the primary reason for my entry in this swing trade.  
    • My entry to the trade was above a key support at the mid quad support (I noted an example with an orange arrow on the chart).
    • As mentioned above, trade was bullish intra-day. Long in strength is smart, in an up market trading long in strength is a high probability win.
    • I had to take the initial trade three times before price stuck. The live video from the day trading room shows this.
    • My entry was taken above a trading box area on the chart (shown in yellow boxes on chart). The top of the box will provide decent support.
    • Here is a screen shot image of the actual swing trading alert issued to members: 
      • swing, trading, alerts

        Screen shot of Swing Trading Alerts feed on Twitter alerting the Square swing trade entry at 89.00

  • Price Consolidation.
    • The price consolidation areas are marked on the chart with yellow circles. In both instances marked on the chart, trade in Square (SQ) was consolidating above the trading box (which is bullish because support held). I didn’t add to the trade at the second consolidation area because I was hoping for a larger retracement in stock price
  • Charting Support and Resistance.
    • The important support and resistance areas on the Square (SQ) chart are identified with white arrows – they correspond with the top and bottom of each trading box area on the chart. Consolidation at the top support is a key area to add to your swing trade.
    • The mid area of the trading box is where the mid quad charting pivot is, this is the half way point in trade on the chart in the trading box. This is at times used as key support in trade for continuation of the trend in price.
    • The various horizontal lines on the charting are Fibonacci related. These are to be used for intra-day support and resistance considerations of trade.
    • The various diagonal trend lines (gray dotted) are Fibonacci trend lines. These are also support and resistance areas of the chart specific to the trend in trade.
  • Price Targets. Time cycles.
  • Trading Plan Forward.
    • I am currently awaiting an intra-day wash-out or retracement (also called a pullback trade set-up) that is larger than would be normal – an anomaly (an entry in a wash is ideal because you get the benefit of a snap back in price to secure your add to the trade). This typically occurs in profit taking scenarios. If there is no other reason then time of day or time of week is the best scenario. Typically over the lunch hour trade is soft and tends to come off or end of week late Friday afternoon. However, if trade is really strong in to end of day on Friday this is a strong indication that Monday the following week the stock is likely to run up again. 
    • I will trim the trade each time price approaches the next resistance level at the bottom of the next trading box.

This article’s focus was to how to swing trade the actual chart, but doesn’t explain how to chart the structure on your own.

To learn how to chart technical analysis for structured trading see the links below that provide options for further learning.

The swing trade charting in this article – so that you can swing trade with confidence, can be learned in a number of ways:

  • There are many videos on our You Tube Channel, they are raw video and not packaged as clean presentations, but if you have the patience to sort through raw video from our trading room there is a lot of learning material for free there https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxmgJ3CfWHRBFFMpoHumZ8w
  • We have a master class series of about 20 hours of video that you can purchase for 1499.00 (at this point available only by emailing us info@compoundtrading.com) and you can request the 30% discount code at the time you email.
  • The other way is that we recorded the last Trade Coaching Boot Camp – this video series is about 20 hours and retails for the same price 1499.00 (also available only at this point in time by emailing) and has a 30% discount code also.
  • You can also attend one of trading boot camps, the next ones will be announced soon on our website, there is a one day online boot camp planned for early November specifically for learning how to swing trade also by the way.
  • Our private trade coaching is available (done online via Skype). The starter package is 399.00 for 3 hours
  • Or join our day trading room for 999.00 per month (a serious trading room for the serious trader only).

You can take advantage of our swing trading set-ups the following ways:

Further Reading and Videos:

Investopedia: Introduction to Swing Trading

Compound Trading Group: How to Swing Trade Like the Pros and Win Most Trades.

Click here for the mid day swing trading review that has the Square trading plan review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMFHJ8ki9nY&list=PLTeUfxpy0iabJdqXpy5aBVa3dd1DdGLLz

Anything else I can do to help you swing trade better please let me know.



Trade Alerts. Trade Set-ups Report and Video from Live Day Trading Room September 20: $NBEV, $CRON, Oil, $AAPL, $NFLX, $FB, $AMD, $BABA, $CARA, $BLDP, $EDIT, $BZUN and more.  #daytrading #swingtrading


Trading alerts and Swing Trading and Day Trading set-ups raw video from Live Trading Room mid-day review Sept 20, 2018. Some of the trade set-ups in this video are from the Trading Boot-Camp.

Stocks and Commodities Reviewed: Crude Oil Trading Algorithm, $WTI, $CL_F, $USOIL, $USO, SP500, $SPY, $AAPL, $NFLX, $FB, $EDIT, $CRON, $NBEV, $BLDP, $BZUN, $AMD, $OSIS, $CARA, $BABA, $LVEB, $XBIO, $NIHD, $ICCC and more.

It has been excellent this week! I had reported last week that I seen an inflection coming early this week and we nailed it! Continued market momentum if very possible in to next week. Many of the set-ups I have been posting the last week are firing trade signals consistently.



September 20, 2018

Crude Oil Trading Update ($USOIL, $WTI, $CL_F, $USO) – I review the crude oil algorithm on the video. Twice this week I took trades that I closed only to have them run after closing (I was away from monitors at each time). Execution of trades at the support and resistance of the crude oil trading algorithm (EPIC) has been excellent.

The weekly oil price targets from the weekly crude oil trading report and the charting provided in the reports have been really predictable lately also.

The crude oil trading alerts feed has been quieter this week because the trading plan in oil was to take the trades at the wider ranges to leg in to the trades, I did however alert the channel support and channel resistance and following through those trades would have been very profitable for oil trading members.

SP500 $SPY $SPXL $SPXS – On the SPY algorithm charting for 60 minute time-frame I have been watching for a break over the test area resistance 291.60 (trade alert on SPY went to swing trading alerts feed). Sept 24 time cycle 288.88 283.77 and uptrend 299.50 would be most bullish scenario. 294.33 resistance intra and main support on SPY intra-day 293.00.

SPY, stock, chart, SP500, swin, tradin

SP500 (SPY) premarket bullish with 294.31 key resistance and one smaller one in between $SPY $ES_F $SPXL $SPXS #SPY #SwingTrade #Daytrade

APPLE $APPL – Apple’s stock is over 50 ma on 240 minute chart, trade alert went out on swing trading alert feed for Apple today. Testing the 20 MA, 224.70 resistance, 229.70 resistance, 236.75 is heavy resistance. Support 215.60 area intra-day and 219.02.

AAPL, stock, chart, swing, trade

APPLE (AAPL) premarket bullish momentum with 20 MA test and 224.60 range buy sell trigger above $AAPL #swingtrading #tradealerts

NETFLIX $NFLX – The long side trade that alerted that some members took has been very good at main support on the Apple chart. The trading support and resistance areas are discussed on video. Review of the chart model and video are important to understand the trading signals for Apple. 364.00 362.14 support areas, 395.59 397.90 are resistance areas. Really important to look at the chart and video explanation however.

NETFLIX, swing trading, alert

NETFLIX (NFLX) perfect turn at previous alerted trendline support 309.54, cleared 313.52 res (red blue) 338.66 mid quad bounce $NFLX #swingtrading #tradealerts

$NFLX, premarket, trade alert

NETFLIX (NFLX) Part 2 – past 361.91 key resistance, over 200 MA 380 mid quad resistance on deck trading 372.11 $NFLX #swingtrading #tradealerts

NETFLIX, NFLX, premarket, trade alert, chart

NETFLIX (NFLX) PT 3 over 380 mid quad resistance, targets 395.57 trendline (gray dotted) 398.20 red blue key resistance $NFLX #swingtrading #tradealert

FACEBOOK $FB – One of my favorite trade set-ups, especially for wash-out snap back trades. Facebook is currently under significant government pressure now so I am not expecting the same as previous. The horizontal red and blue support and resistance areas (forming the test area box on the charts) is reviewed and the diagonal Fibonacci trend lines. Here again review of the video and chart is really important. 167.51 mid quad resistance caution here, 100 MA resistance 169.40, diagonal Fib resistance, 173.51 is upside possible, 169.03 downside possible. The trading box is reviewed on the model. Buy sell triggers for trading signals on Facebook are also reviewed.

There is a previous special report on how to trade Facebook on our website.

$FB, trading, plan, alert, chart

FACEBOOK (FB) bounce off quad wall in to key resistance (red blue) upside test 20MA 50 MA – key test area $FB #swingtrading #tradealerts

EDITAS $EDIT – The value of structured set-ups with symmetry in the algorithmic stock chart models is discussed here. Examples are $GDX, $BLDP, $NBEV, $AGN, $EDIT and many more. The symmetry on EDIT chart has hit five times and typically you will see it stretched at that point. A trade alert went out today on $EDIT to watch closely going in to this time cycle. The video explains the details.

EDIT, stock, chart

EDITAS MEDICINE (EDIT) at 200 MA resistance test with peak time cycle Sept 24, careful on other side of cycle $EDIT #swingtrade #tradealert

CRONOS $CRON – I have reviewed CRON chart set-ups many times this week. There is a light sidewinder trade set-up with the 50 MA and 20 MA on the CRON charting. You can expect a fairly decent move when the 20 MA breaches the 50 MA upside. It’s a lower time-frame being on a 240 minute chart, but it still may be enough to get price over that key resistance area reviewed on the chart and video. Pivots support and resistance areas also reviewed on video.

$CRON, trading, premarket

CRONOS – per yesterday’s trade alert and review video over trendline on way to resistance test in premarket $CRONO #tradealert #premarket

NEW AGE BEVERAGES $NBEV – I put out a special report to members today on NBEV and the trade has been fantastic since. The resistance areas and time cycles are reviewed on the video. The testing area (trading box) are reviewed. Also the price extensions (price targets) are reviewed. If price holds and price moves bullish in to time-cycle discussed on video the upside price targets for NBEV are extremely positive and reviewed on video. 9.38 is a very critical resistance and support area in to the key time cycle peak on the NBEV chart.

NBEV, stock, chart

NEW AGE BEVERAGES (NBEV) testing previous highs, technical set-up here forward for chart structure $NBEV #tradealerts #swingtrading #daytrade

NBEV, stock, chart, daytradin

NEW AGE BEVERAGES premarket bullish with trade alert price targets hitting, trim in to each add above. $NBEV #tradealerts #swingtrading #daytrade

BALLARD POWER $BLDP – On the swing trading alert feed today a special alert went out on the fact that the last five time cycle completions in Ballard Power stock charting the price reversed in trade of Ballard. This is a symmetrical stock trade set-up that traders should not ignore. BLDP trading 4.50 up 7.42% intra-day spiking in to time cycle completion Oct 10, resistance 4.50 and the test range on the chart is reviewed.

BALLARD POWER, stock, chart, setup,

BALLARD POWER (BLDP) Five out of five of the last major time cycles price reversed, Oct 10 is next time cycle peak. $BLDP #swingtrading #tradealerts

BOAZUN $BZUN – Holding key support intra-day, if it holds a run up in price is possible. Termination of time cycle on 4 hour chart is near so get ready soon. High probability set-up. Details of trade set-up for BZUN reviewed in video. My bias is that this runs up.

ADVANCED MICRO $AMD – key support hit on chart and bounced, Oct 2 price target in bullish scenario is 33.62 and bearish scenario 22.87 in sell-off, mid quad on chart is discussed on video with various price target scenarios like 31.40 range being indecisive price target on Oct 2.

AMD, stock, chart

ADVANCED MICRO (AMD) hit key support and bounced, targets 33.62 Oct 2 or sell off 28.87, watch structure uoutlined on chart #swingtrading #tradealerts

OSI SYSTEMS $OSIS – trading 77.55 testing 50 MA and key Fibonacci resistance on diagonal Fibonacci trend line, price target 84.21 Dec 28 is possible in uptrend trading. Resistance and support lines and how to trade the chart is reviewed on the model in video.

OSI, stock, chart

OSI SYSTEMS (OSIS) Trading 77.55 testing 50 MA and key Fib resistance, over targets 84.21 Dec 28, 18 $OSIS #tradealerts #swingtrading

CARA THERAPEUTICS $CARA – I knew this one was going to get going, you don’t get many trade set-ups this strong.

There is a trade coaching bit of advice at this point on the video with reference to trading structured charting and its benefits to traders. Also market inflections and how to trade for your profit and loss and associated sizing in market inflections is also reviewed.

CARA is a great case study, going back to NBEV chart is reviewed on video – how price was getting bullish in to time cycle and how that relates to symmetry and price targets that can be traded.

28.20 is very likely fast in CARA trading if trade gets above key resistance. I put a trade alert out while recording video.

CARA, stock, chart, swing, tradin

CARA THERAPEUTICS (CARA) Nice swing trade from trading bootcamp in to next leg at resistance intra day $CARA #swingtrade #tradealert

ALIBABA $BABA – this is the swing trade that I was under water on, bounced of 100 MA, now back in it’s structure, has a number of tests, 206.85 price target to upside with 237.62 most bullish scenario May 27, 2019. See chart review in video.

ALIBABA, BABA, stock, chart

ALIBABA (BABA) bullish up 2% intra day, holding support of trading range well. Trim in to resistance add above. $BABA #tradealerts #swingtrade

LEVEL BRANDS $LVEB – anything over 6.00 will confirm an upside trend and if that triggers we’ll structure the charting for you and go from there.

ALTIMMUNE $ALT – hit 50 MA resistance today, alarmed for a breach above the 50 MA and a possible run to 100 MA. Will alert the trade in ALT if it breaches the 50 MA and structure the chart model for members.

$CRBP – chart is too choppy.

COOL HOLDINGS $AWSM – garbage chart.

$YGYI – trade never holds gains.

$AYTU – choppy trading, garbage chart.

XENETIC BIOSCIENCES $XBIO – there is a special trade set-up report out on this set-up in XENETIC BIOSCIENCESS (XBIO) chart, trading up 23% today.

$OSN – over 200 MA, no good, no structure.

NII HOLDINGS $NIHD – up 19% in trading today, aggressive chart, bounced off 20 MA, trading 5.06, good argument 5.60 as a watch area on other side of the bowl, 6.25 is a safer region to look at a possible big run to 9.00. A double upside extension is possible. It is a structured trading chart. I alarmed NIHD for a trade.

$ICCC – trading 9.13 up 20%, swing trading service provider dream, signal long when price is over 200 MA and win almost every trade, you would take the odd cut but the moves would make up any cuts taken.

$VXRT – trading 2.85, terrible chart.

$COE – bad chart.

$KNDI – not a bad chart, testing the 50 MA, over 200 MA you could start to look at it, this will likely go on a run upside over 200 MA, possible reversal setting up on this chart.

$FTNW – bad chart.

$COCP – bad chart.

$LOMA – bad chart.

TRADING ROOM VIDEO Trade Alerts:  #daytrading #swingtrading


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Swing trading alert for a possible wash-out snap-back trade setup developing in XENETIC BIOSCIENCES INC (XBIO)

How to Trade XBIO Wash-out Snap-back trade set-up. $XBIO #swingtrading #tradealert

XBIO has been in a wash-out sell-off since its late June 2018 run up in to a 52 week high of 8.95.

XBIO premarket is trading 2.50 today after a 12.5% sell-off (continued) yesterday.

The 200 MA on the daily XBIO chart is at 2.33. Near term the 200 MA is the obvious support test.

The peak timing in the time-cycle on the daily chart is approximately on this Friday Sept 14, 2018.

The peak timing in the time-cycle on the daily chart is approximately on this Friday Sept 14, 2018. There is a high probability of a turn up on the other side of that time cycle if XBIO can hold the 200 MA support on the daily chart.

Click here for the XBIO stock financial page on Yahoo Finance.

October 5, 2018 is a near term time cycle peak that sees a potential 4.69 upside bullish price target and alternatively in a continued sell-off the most likely target on October 5 is 1.66 – but very unlikely considering the 200 MA and the time cycle completion this Friday.

I have provided two short term scenarios for trade between now and Friday and from there the two charting scenarios provided below offer the potential targets.

How to trade the move in XBIO after Sept 14?

For your trading plan simply select the chart that most resembles where trade is at Sept 14.

Then if trade is above the buy sell trigger (noted with white arrows) then this would be a long in to the trending price target on the chart.

The opposite is true if price is below the buy sell trigger. In a short scenario be very cautious of buy-side volume approaching on any given day as this is a common theme in trading wash-outs. The 200 MA support is likely to fail and then bulls could very well step in as stops are triggered and buy side momentum ensues, especially if short side panics.

XENETIC BIOSCIENCES INC Premarket near 200 MA support test after sel;-off, near time cycle peak Sept 14, possible turn $XBIO #swingtrade #tradealert

XBIO, trading, chart, stock, trade, alert

XENETIC BIOSCIENCES INC Premarket near 200 MA support test after sel;-off, near time cycle peak Sept 14, possible turn $XBIO #swingtrade #tradealert

XENETIC BIOSCIENCES INC How to trade XBIO charting set-up number 1. $XBIO #swingtrading #tradealert


XBIO, trade, alert, swing, trading

XENETIC BIOSCIENCES INC How to trade XBIO charting set-up number 1. $XBIO #swingtrading #tradealert

XENETIC BIOSCIENCES INC How to trade XBIO charting set-up scenario Number 2. $XBIO #swingtrading #tradealert


XBIO, chart, option 2, trade alert

XENETIC BIOSCIENCES INC How to trade XBIO charting set-up scenario Number 2. $XBIO #swingtrading #tradealert

If you have any questions about the trade alert detailed in this article reach out! You can get me on email info@compoundtrading.com or private message me on any of my social media accounts.

Trade safe and cut losers fast!


Need help learning to trade set-ups like the one included in this post? Visit our trade coaching page.

Interested in our live trading room, swing trading newsletters or trade alerts? Visit our menu of trading services.

Click here for the XENETIC BIOSCIENCES website to learn more about the company.

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Trading Plan for Day Trading and Swing Trading CRONOS GROUP Inc. (CRON).

CRONOS GROUP (CRON) was one of the leading momentum stocks traded on today’s stock market.

See this news article:

Weed stocks are going nuts after one of the largest marijuana companies strikes a deal for lab-made THC (CRON) $CRON #swingtrading – http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/1027507302

Technical Trading Set-Up for CRONOS on the Chart.

The structure of the 4 hour chart implies a bullish move upside as long as levels at green arrows on chart are held.

I will be looking for long entries at green arrows for a swing trade.

On the day trading side I’ve also included levels for trade. Trade entries long near green arrow to upside of the triangle structure are the day-trading plan for me.

CRONOS GROUP (CRON) Seems to me the buy side at green arrows is a great risk reward swing trade. Daytrade the levels on the chart. $CRON #swingtrading #daytrading



CRONOS GROUP (CRON) Seems to me the buy side at green arrows is a great risk reward swing trade. Daytrade the levels. $CRON #swingtrading #daytrading


Article Topics; CRONOS, $CRON, Daytrading, Swingtrading, Trading Plan, Chart

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