Trader’s BootCamp Series Continues Monday March 4, 2024 (Part 2 of 3)

Good evening trader’s, tomorrow morning we will continue with Part 2 of 3 in this series.

The schedule this week is Monday – Friday and possibly Saturday if needed. Each day we will start at 9:30 EST and conclude between 3:30 – 6:00 PM EST dependent on the markets.

We will run a third session with in person attendees and question and answer being the primary content May 6 – 10, 2024.

We opted to extend to a third session to provide time fully to chart and structure study in session 2 (this week) and mix in live trade. Also, we have a group of trader’s and developers currently held up near the border and delayed, all of which now permanently live in the DR so we’ll wait for them to be in attendance (the developers are necessary for the final segment).

If you have any study materials, charting or trading questions that you would like covered in Session’s 2 or 3 please email Jen at [email protected]. You can do this (send questions) at any time during the study sessions also as we go along. This week will be study sessions only and not interactive.

Prior to the start of sessions a link and password will be sent to you directly on email. If you do not receive this email please send Curt a message on whatsapp or Jen a message on email.

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Trader’s Boot Camp Series Link

Good morning traders,


RE: Trader’s BootCamp Onboarding and Itinerary


Access the trading room here:


Password: *** (request from Jen)


Revised Dates of event: Aug 21-26 and Sept 18-22


Time: 9:30 – 4:30 EST daily (may finish earlier or later pending material covered).


Videos of each day will be sent out to attendees each evening after each session. So if you miss some or all of any day you will have the videos.


Day 1 the event is likely to finish earlier due to a technical team arriving late afternoon for installation.


The Aug 21-26 format will be Curtis building his trading plans for instruments of trade for execution of trades coming out of VIX time cycle with plans in to the next time cycle in ***** 2024. This will be a chart and voice presentation only. Questions can be sent in to [email protected] during session (or in evening after) and Curtis will answer questions as he reviews questions at each stage in event during breaks.


Between the August session and the September session the attendees can also send Curtis questions on email to be answered in various formats (either by return email, on video etc).


The Sept 18-22 format will be interactive with a live video feed of the event room with interactive questions as we go along. The Sept sessions will be more focussed on the Great Reset, our team planning for Risk Management through the reset and will also be the official start of the podcasts which will cover similar material (we will be broadcasting live the event of the Great Reset and doing our best to help guide our traders in the event). The Sept sessions will also cover other projects launching of various types including cryptos, real world assets and others.


After the Sept sessions attendees may send in questions as needed and Curtis will answer in the same way (return email or video webinars etc) and will also include in depth discussions in the podcasts (answer to attendee questions).


Where this differs primarily from previous BootCamps is that the Podcasts are going to become an important part of attendees follow up for trading plan discussions (trading the Great Reset) and also will include in depth discussions of Great Reset moves our team and our trader’s are making for risk management in very real world terms.


Additionally, the podcasts in future and the BootCamps will be intertwined in that BootCamps will be held very regularly (which is a change to plans) to bring together our tribe both in Podcast format and BootCamp format on a regular basis. Dates will be announced.


It is our belief that the Great Reset will begin escalating early 2024 and this will be our commitment to our traders – guiding in as detailed manner as possible the Great Reset. The moves we make in crypto projects, real world business, trading and many other topics of discussion.


The August sessions will not have the in person attendees at the same location as Curtis because Curtis is in a very remote location and the in person group wanted to remain in the Sosua / Cabarete area primarily because there is a tropical storm approaching the island that may cut off Curtis’ (or attendee) access to airports for some time with heavy rains and or flooding.


Any questions at all, please send to me at [email protected].


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Good evening Traders!

A few follow-up updates concerning the itinerary for the BootCamp (the first itineray post was here and the main page for the BootCamp registration is here

Format Change:

We have the unexpected and unusual opportunity to have our developers in attendance for this BootCamp. I’m sure you can (without me going in to detail) understand why this is rare opportunity (lets just say they don’t surface often). Anyway, so I have spoken to the in person attendees and in surveyed them – they’ve enthusiastically agreed to reformat the BootCamp in to two parts with study between the two sessions. 

More specifically, this Trader’s BootCamp will now be two sessions of 5 days with study sessions live in trading room between the two sessions. The traders in attendance online or in person will be able to attend the second session of 5 days free of charge and will get copy of the study sessions between the two BootCamps.

So this 5 day BootCamp will be focussed toward me downloading everyone with what I know vs. making it interact with questions etc as we go (the more interactive sessions will be in part 2). The traders can still ask questions, but we’ll keep them to questions you send in via email as the BootCamp is in progress and I will answer those questions as I go (I will segment answer sessions).

Then, soon down the road we’ll do another BootCamp (Part 2) and it will be more interactive, we’ll video the session with the group interactively asking questions as they like etc.

The developers wanted to take part but unfortunately there is no way to include them on camera, so this is the revised solution. They’ve vetted the in person attendees and we’re ready to go with this session in this format.

We recently launched the token and have two more tokens launching in the next 60 days, so the developers are here to work with me and the traders specifically for that reason.

When we start on Friday I will take some time at the beginning of the session to explain in more detail because on a public side document (such as this) I’d rather keep it to general terms.

So on Friday, the location has been altered (everyone in attendance personally knows where that location is as do the developers) and the schedule will remain the same as previously scheduled. The only real difference is that now the total days will be 10 days (two sessions of 5) and will include the study sessions in between. Nice value for the traders that have registered!

Because the developers will be in session with us I will focus early in the sessions on:

  • EPIC’s protocol for machine learning software and how a trader can use this knowledge.
  • Building out my personal trading plan for this time cycle. Specific charting, size, risk management and ROI goals for this and 6 double ups forward (in cycles).
  • Upcoming token launches, details surrounding launches, mitigating exchange issues and the plan for the suite of tokenized products forward.
  • Global reset considerations for traders and the plans going forward to store of value wins.
  • Navigating the CBDC world.
  • Questions and answers.

Above is a general idea of what I will focus on first, so that if the developers have been satisfied specific to their needs then they can possibly cut out after a day or two and get back to their lab to go to work while I do the rest of the BootCamp.


See you at 11:00 AM EST tomorrow for the start of the sessions.









Good morning traders,

There is a follow-up itinerary document here:

This weekend we will be in Trader’s BootCamp session Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, then will continue after the weekend with a series of webinars as required to bring it all together in to one consolidated package for our attendees. All attendees will receive a video package after the BootCamp is complete for future study (and for those that may miss certain times of the live event). Previous BootCamp attendees will also receive a follow-up video study package.

Boot Camp Session Schedule:

Friday November 25, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

Saturday November 26, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST

Sunday November 27,  11:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST

Monday November 28, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

Tuesday November 29, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

Live Trading Room Link:

Password for Event:

An email will be sent at latest the night before the event with the password. If you do not receive it please email the morning of the event [email protected] anytime up to 30 minutes before the start, Jen will return the password for the event.


This event will focus on itinerary requests from attendees from past returning and also from new attendees. I have a significant number of requests in terms of trade coaching topics so I will cover the formal itinerary points below as quickly as possible and then go in depth with topics of request.

If you have any topics you wish covered please email us prior to, during or even after the event because even a series of webinars will be included post bootcamp to bring it all together for our attendees.

Beyond the conventional study topics below, this BootCamp will have significant sections on the planned Global Reset that include; our trading plan for the end of cycle markets, upcoming crypto DeFi related launches and our plans therein, managing the trading risk and doubling up a number of times (our plan), learning from the software development for your trading and how the machine learning software development program intends to build the store of value for our tribe.  

Conventional Study Topics:

What is a trading plan?
Trader Vocabulary
Risk Management: Sizing, Risk-Reward Calculations
Stock Evaluation: Fundamental versus Technical Analysis
Basic Technical Analysis Tools: Price Action, Catalysts, Indicators, Pre-Market/After-Market, Earnings, and others
Keyword and News Analysis
Putting a trading plan into action
Risk Management: Time dimensions, scaling in and out of trades
Technical Analysis: Time/Price Cycles, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Charting, and others
Bringing it all together: simulated trading in equities, commodities and crypto.
Real-time trade planning for intra-day and swing traders. Real trade set-ups and sample trade set-up charting.
Technical Analysis: Combining multiple analytic tools, inverses, algorithmic and black box modeling, third-party scripting and widgets
Open Q/A. You trade your own account in a live environment
Availability of team trading pending on group sizes

More Information, Payment and Registration: Click Here Trade Coaching Boot Camp November 25 – 29, 2022

Trader’s BootCamp Itinerary 

Last call for registrations! We close new attendee registrations at midnight tonight. 

The link is here to register for online or in person Trading BootCamp attendance.

A location video is here:

The location is on the sea side in Sosua, DR at Blue Green Condo’s. Notify us on whatsapp prior to attending to the security gate and we will meet you at the gate the first day to register you with security.

When arriving at airport if you need our assistance we will meet and greet you. Prior to attending to BootCamp a senior manager will contact you for any arrangements. If you have not had contact prior to coming reach out to the lead trader on whatsapp or Jen at [email protected].

It is a casual environment (small group in person of 10 or less) with around 15 attending online. We keep the sessions small enough for intimate and in depth work.

The link to the trading room for online and in person attendees and password will be provided prior to the event.

It is preferable to have a laptop for the in attendance sessions. You will be in the lead trader’s trading environment with many computers, high speed internet (wifi) and many monitors to view.

The event is recorded so if you do not want your image in the recordings please advise in advance of attendance.

If you cannot attend specific days or parts of days it is no problem because you will receive a full video set of the event anyway.

Recordings of the Boot Camp will be sent to all attendees after the sessions are complete. There will also be about 3 months of follow-up webinar sessions to complete the curriculum.

Much of the work done at the BootCamp will be the foundational chart modeling required by our development team for the coding of software for the DeFi projects you can find here. AlienSuite.Net. The focus will be on structural modeling for this purpose (in addition to the conventional and more primary curriculum covered at each BootCamp). If there are any specific topics you would like covered please message Curt (the lead trader) or Jen in advance of the daily sessions.

Sessions run daily 11 AM – 7 PM (sometimes finishing earlier or later) Friday April 29 – Tuesday May 3. If you would like to go surfing, free diving, snorkeling, spear or shore fishing (even deep sea fishing) or do other such activities with our team let us know and usually that is best done before 11 AM. In the evenings we typically enjoy a meal or a glass of wine together – this is of course optional.

On Friday we will focus on interviewing the attendees, enjoy the company of our attendees and put a plan together for the topics to be discussed in the event. Last day will hava a similar time as a group with the focus being on bringing it all together. Saturday and Sunday is scheduled for deep concentrated work and Monday for live trade at our lead trader’s trading desk.

On a daily basis, if your hotel is in the Kite Beach Cabarete area and if you require transport to the location then we will send a driver to pick you up.

The Boot Camp location has a children’s pool, adult pool and is located on a safe beach. You are welcome to bring your friends or family to enjoy the facilities at any time during the event.

Daily a light lunch will be served by Curt’s spouse (casual) and drinks provided.

Anything else we can do please let us know in advance.

Warm regards,

The Team at Compound Trading Group