Itinerary & Last Call – Trader’s BootCamp Registration Closes Midnight

Trader’s BootCamp Itinerary  Last call for registrations! We close new attendee registrations at midnight tonight.  The link is

Trader’s BootCamp Itinerary 

Last call for registrations! We close new attendee registrations at midnight tonight. 

The link is here to register for online or in person Trading BootCamp attendance.

A location video is here:

The location is on the sea side in Sosua, DR at Blue Green Condo’s. Notify us on whatsapp prior to attending to the security gate and we will meet you at the gate the first day to register you with security.

When arriving at airport if you need our assistance we will meet and greet you. Prior to attending to BootCamp a senior manager will contact you for any arrangements. If you have not had contact prior to coming reach out to the lead trader on whatsapp or Jen at [email protected].

It is a casual environment (small group in person of 10 or less) with around 15 attending online. We keep the sessions small enough for intimate and in depth work.

The link to the trading room for online and in person attendees and password will be provided prior to the event.

It is preferable to have a laptop for the in attendance sessions. You will be in the lead trader’s trading environment with many computers, high speed internet (wifi) and many monitors to view.

The event is recorded so if you do not want your image in the recordings please advise in advance of attendance.

If you cannot attend specific days or parts of days it is no problem because you will receive a full video set of the event anyway.

Recordings of the Boot Camp will be sent to all attendees after the sessions are complete. There will also be about 3 months of follow-up webinar sessions to complete the curriculum.

Much of the work done at the BootCamp will be the foundational chart modeling required by our development team for the coding of software for the DeFi projects you can find here. AlienSuite.Net. The focus will be on structural modeling for this purpose (in addition to the conventional and more primary curriculum covered at each BootCamp). If there are any specific topics you would like covered please message Curt (the lead trader) or Jen in advance of the daily sessions.

Sessions run daily 11 AM – 7 PM (sometimes finishing earlier or later) Friday April 29 – Tuesday May 3. If you would like to go surfing, free diving, snorkeling, spear or shore fishing (even deep sea fishing) or do other such activities with our team let us know and usually that is best done before 11 AM. In the evenings we typically enjoy a meal or a glass of wine together – this is of course optional.

On Friday we will focus on interviewing the attendees, enjoy the company of our attendees and put a plan together for the topics to be discussed in the event. Last day will hava a similar time as a group with the focus being on bringing it all together. Saturday and Sunday is scheduled for deep concentrated work and Monday for live trade at our lead trader’s trading desk.

On a daily basis, if your hotel is in the Kite Beach Cabarete area and if you require transport to the location then we will send a driver to pick you up.

The Boot Camp location has a children’s pool, adult pool and is located on a safe beach. You are welcome to bring your friends or family to enjoy the facilities at any time during the event.

Daily a light lunch will be served by Curt’s spouse (casual) and drinks provided.

Anything else we can do please let us know in advance.

Warm regards,

The Team at Compound Trading Group