Good morning traders,


RE: Premarket Trading Notes, Scheduling


Infrastructure bill vote Thursday. Debt ceiling Oct 18 important date (interesting date there).


EIA Oil Data Report 10:30 today, will be in attendance to live trading room.


11:30 Live Trading Room – Market Scans


1:00 Live Trading Room – Crypto Scans


Post Boot Camp Study Sessions to resume soon.


I keep getting opportunity to trim the trades in our portfolio so that helps in to the next time cycle, lowering risk soon


Bit of a coaching rant in that tweet thread lol.


Need anything reach out. If you’re not connected with me on Whatsapp send Jen a note with your number [email protected].


Trading Boot Camp end of November is a go. We’ll have lots of traders in it considering many will be either living on the island by then or visiting for some time. Register to the Trading Boot Camp here.



Morning Traders,

RE: Order Flow, Swing Trading Levels to Watch, P&L’s, $RCUS, $TSCO, Crude Oil, Machine Trading, Reporting and more.

After fighting through Sunday night Study download issues with Click Meeting server capacity and WordPress Black Listing me keeping me from updating it looks like we’re good to go to get Swing Set Ups and the new Oil Report out tonight. Wow, technology makes your life easier.

Yesterday seen negative order flow in crude oil and in equities later in the day, it sure looked like de risking, not so much large machine sweeper programs – YET.

As I thought from yesterday we did get the negative side yesterday, we’ll see if they can run up in to EOD Tuesday (API) and then we have EIA Wed 10:30.

Watch these two crude oil chart levels for directional trading in crude oil and as a signal for the broader market swings:

**** private member link sent to your email

**** private member link sent to your email

EPIC V3.1.1 continues to win, post Black Swan updates:


EPIC, oil, trade, alerts, returns

Black Swan Update, June 1-July 13 Profit & Loss YTD +$19,693 or $221,296 74% ROI Per Annum. EPIC V3.1.1 Oil Machine Trade #oiltradealerts #oiltradingroom

Simple Oil Swing Trading Signals – Part 2 and 3 Schedule for Release Tonight:

Keep It Simple (KISS) Crude Oil Swing Trading Part 1 – Using Moving Averages, Gap Fills, MACD for Directional Bias, Size and Position.


April Swing Trade Alert P&L is published. May & June to be published soon.

Swing Trade Profit Loss. Win 90%. ROI 131.26%. April 1-30, 2020. 200,000-462,520.00 $AAPL, $OSTK, $LUV, $BTC, $SPY, $TSLA, $BABA, $VIX, $IBB, $MA, $AXP, $LVS, $INO, $TLRY, $INTC … 

ROKU, my miss of the week, don’t miss these TL break out set-ups when they’re alerted, this is a prime set-up for your swing trading returns.

ROKU, the one I missed. Had it lined up, alerted, alarmed and missed it.

No excuse, nice gains on that beauty TL break set-up.

Congrats longs!

#swingtrading $ROKU #tradingsetups

For students of market instrument time cycles, this is a great starter $STUDY.


Here’s a rundown of your top economic news today

Articles this morning on our $RCUS and $TSCO swing trades:

More as the day unfolds and look to alert feeds for set-ups.

Have a great day!




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Market Update: Premarket Trading

Morning traders,

Monday was quiet for us, most of the portfolio rising, some trimming of profits of course, best swing run in our history.

The Boeing $BA trade below is an example of the time cycle we’ve had on the swing trading platform:

What a great trade, more than a double in Boeing $BA from 107s to 231s, holding some profit runner 🎯🏹🔥


Still have many profit runners and new positions start over the next 7 or 8 trading days for the cycle in to end of August – watch the swing trade alerts feed for new positions as we come out of this time cycle inflection.

$AAPL $INTC – Apple announcing Mac chips at WWDC – Bloomberg #swingtrading

Today is soft so far, except some highly speculative day trader stocks $IDEX $IZEA $EYES $AQMS etc wow. Watching close.

Going to short TESLA $TSLA to the moon and back when the time is right

“I would like to be able to get more money to buy more
actually,” says legendary investor Ron Baron. $TSLA

We’re in live trading room, EPIC oil trading software active so the live oil trading alerts are also, likely some day trades firing in to open and swing trading reporting coming today with a number of set-ups, time cycle inflection last week this week so we’ll see how that goes.

Active morning for EPIC V3.1.1 crude oil trading alerts, went deep diving 37.25 trading 38.22 inta day #OOTT $CL_F $USO $UCO $SCO $XLE

oil trading alerts, trading room, crude oil

Active morning for EPIC V3.1.1 crude oil trading alerts, went deep diving 37.25 trading 38.22 inta day #OOTT $CL_F $USO $UCO $SCO $XLE

Oil down on stronger dollar, oversupply concerns #OOTT $CL_F $USO $USOIL Thread

Some on schedule:


FOMC decision: What to know in the week ahead


Wholesale Trade

API Crude Oil Data with EIA 10:30 Wed

LIVE: President
holds a news conference




Good morning traders!

RE: Premarket Trading Notes

Good times, things are setting up exactly as we thought for the time cycles in to 2025. This time cycle in to end of August 2020 be safe at inflections, working on a time cycle within time cycle model for you now.

If you missed the beach side video last night I discussed the US Dollar / CAD and this morning on Swing Trade alert feed I sent out some thoughts on Gold trade.

Day trades are setting up here, I may start a few today (I will alert to day trade alerts feed) and possibly transition them to the Swing Trading Alert platform if I can get on the right side.

A few day trades on watch: $APDN $BPMX $AIM $NVUS $IMUX $ALLO $TLSA $NBY $RIOT $CODX $WISA $ALT

Below is a list from Benzinga fyi

32 Stocks Moving in Thursday’s Pre-Market Session $APDN $BIOC $BPMX #premarket #daytrading

The intense oil daytrading yesterday that continued in to the night and premarket today ended up on our side – a really nice trade for our oil trade alerts feed.

Since the black swan updates I don’t think EPIC has lost a trade, very little if any.

EPIC V3.1.1 was in deep at support at 24/30 size, that is deep for the software, anyway it worked out well for the oil trade alerts members (I got a number of Whatsapp messages and we were intensely working through member trades live on Whatsapp messaging).

I also got a nice win there too so that helped. If you’re a member and not connected to me on Whatsapp do so by emailing so we can connect.

Power of trend line price breakouts from a trading structure support, crude oil intraday near 200 points from oil trade alert buys earlier #OOTT $CL_F $USO #oiltradealerts EPIC V3.1.1 software was in deep at 24/30 size in position trading, very large size. Lead trader was also.

The swing trade service got a big win this morning in $APDN on the news, really nice trade from lows, another multi bagger. I may do some daytrading in $APDN yet today also.

Another beauty of a trade on our swing trading alert platform $APDN #swingtradealerts

Applied DNA Receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization for COVID-19 Diagnostic Assay Kit

Trump train trading will be awesome here forward, what an opportunity!


Any questions let me know!


Previous Premarket Trading Notes for review on set-ups etc.

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Premarket Trading Watch List

Good morning Traders,

With stocks to watch and trades in play, on day trade alert side I’d like to see TL (diagonal trendline) on $OSTK break for a run. Also the overhead horizontal resistance on $AKBA for a run. We got the $IQ yesterday and first part of $OSTK and $AKBA. Check your charts sent out.

Congrats to $MARK longs, I didn’t get it but here’s your key resistance.

$MARK, premarket, chart, trading

Your resistance mark on $MARK should be 200 MA on weekly (pink) per beach side video last night #daytrading #premarket

On swing trade alert side resistance over head near on $SPY model and $AAPL chart models. Of course we’re swing trading $AKBA and $OSTK also. Managing many others, nothing specifically yet today for new entries, after oil reports API EIA we expect more swing trade positioning / entries. $VIX and $OVX are on close watch for long starts soon-sh (see Sunday Swing Trade $STUDY Webinar video for more). There are countless plays on watch and many in play right now.

Also the $NTRA break out set-up is super interesting here, really strong yesterday – also see the weekend $STUDY videos for this and chart model sent out on Swing Trade Alert feed.

Oil trading alerts Sunday overnight and Monday were super quiet for both myself and EPIC V3.1.1, however, I expect this to change at latest after API could be sooner, for now see hourly for range trade – it’s a range trade because of the time cycle rounding the trajectory per model.

We do have Fauci speak today so go easy.

Will be in live room and will get on mic if active trade starts.

Beach Side Video from yesterday with some comments to above trading.

Any questions let me know!


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Good morning traders,

“Although tide has lifted nicely on most of swing portfolio, just haven’t got my timing right on oil swings yet, we’re winning there, but not like we should.”

Well we got the pop we were looking for, markets hot around the world overnight and in premarket.

The swing trade alerts and day trading alert feeds are busy.

Some positioning this morning I sent out to swing trading feed, some day trades in play, oil have to get my swing timing right and I would expect lots of oil daytrades remainder of week.

Will be in live trading room at open and on mic if active trade.

Should have the swing reporting, updated P&Ls, and oil reporting out tonight.

New themes should take hold here now, obviously the chosen few ($MSFT for example) through to singularity are leading in tech (however, in many we see a possible flash crash so we’re light in the ones we are in) – we’re looking for better opportunities than the mass trend leaders.

Looks like a major run to end of Aug in play with possible pins pulled by far left extreme as only risk (think COVID as an example).

$IWM Russel 2000 looking more attractive as a way to spread around some risk and possible rotation over the hill somewhat, starter in there this morning.

$TGTX too bad in the long term swing ebb and flow I didn’t have more size but I’m letting the 10% run for now that I do have. 

man…. was playing the swing on this for a long time for decent returns, but recently was trimmed out profits 90%, so i have a runner of 10% left, oh well, profit is profitDirect hitFireBow and arrow #swingtrading $TGTX

TG Therapeutics Announces Positive Topline Results from the UNITY-CLL Phase 3 Study Evaluating… $TGTX #premarket #daytrading

$SPY sizing up (adds) to long, if you stayed in $CHGG swing now is the time to consider serious trims or exit (was up 17% this morning last I checked), TESLA $TSLA will add to my high risk short at resistance area(s) noted, watching $VIX and $OVX for long positioning adds through this cycle, Pager Duty $PD and $IBB trimming out longs, $CUTR trimmed starter (insider play) profits, and lots more going on.

Any questions shoot me a note anytime.



And from the 4:49 AM Premarket Note to Trader’s this morning (in case you missed it)

Looks like the markets are happier today as expected.

I am still a tad concerned about the symmetrical drop possible on Amazon noted yesterday that would come in at its low 3rd week of September – but unlikely it occurs as the markets should run in to the broad time cycle (remain bullish in trajectory to end of Aug time cycles). Speaking generally, this is what it seems. Review $STUDY webinar videos.

Oil seems a tad ahead of itself this morning so hopefully we get some pull back for more rally. See symmetrical trajectory on 1 hour charting.

Gold pulling back a bit here makes sense. Looking for long ads on supports per Sunday Study video (Silver also).

Bitcoin 9036.00 strong makes sense in to its event and while broad markets rally.

Volatility should get crushed further in to and near buy points starting.

Generally speaking watch the weekend STUDY videos, levels are all there.

Should be an active day of trade.Hopefully things pull in a bit for about 7:30 AM and then we can start entries for a day rally, will advise.




PS – And if you’re not attending the weekly Swing Trade Sunday $STUDY sessions you are doing yourself a disfavor in my opinion, last week was loaded with set-ups and each week as we go through to this end of this time cycle the trading set-ups will get more clear and the returns greater. Historic trader opportunities in to the election. 

Weekly Sunday Swing Trade $STUDY Webinars 7-11 PM.

Prepare for Trading Week Set-Ups (Trades On Watch).

100.00/10 Weeks (40 hrs of study) members 50.00. Video provided if you can’t attend live.

Swing Trading Weekly $STUDY Webinars Prepare for Upcoming Trading Week With Set-Ups (Trades On Watch)



Good morning Traders!

Crude oil topped out yesterday in its run up from lows April 28 – now (at time of writing I see price is spiking in premarket and bulls may take another run at highs). The OPEC pump is on.

We wrote a two part article on the time cycle work we are doing in crude oil trade specifically to the one hour time frame, we called the intra-week top tick almost to the penny and time, days in advance. You can read the article that includes the oil trading room minute by minute with trade alerts here.

It is important for all instruments of trade if you’re going to trade the future markets to understand what the machines are doing, they do drive price along with other reasons of course.

Our machine coding to equities, commodities, currencies and crypto are all rooted in the discipline of the analysis you will find in that article I reference (it is a two part article that is thick and difficult to read but if you put aside an hour you will understand the concept and it will help you in any trading of any instrument for daytrading and swingtrading).

Our timing with the recent profit trims in Gold $GC_F $GLD $XAUUSD was excellent in the 1720s. Gold is now trading 1678.00 in premarket and we are looking at adds long at bottom of chart structure in your reports.

Natural Gas is up nicely this morning, we’re looking for adds to the long starter we have, however, I’m not sure where we are going to add, watch the alert feed.

Our profit trims in SP500 $SPY long positioning was executed quite well, we knew there was a high probability of time cycle inflections in to end of week (considering the Thursday afternoon oil time cycle peak) as alerted, so this worked out really well. Here also we’re looking for adds to the positioning, watch the alerts.

The Volatility long trade in to peak last cycle was near perfect with $VIX and $OVX (20s to 330s) and the alert last few days surrounding supports near was also spot on, we haven’t added to our long positioning yet, but it shouldn’t be far out.

The Bitcoin $BTC long positioning and recent trims on resistance are good but it’s still in bull mode this morning at time of writing 8938.00, so it’s an excellent swing trade no doubt, we’re watching for top of structure on model charting you have to see more profit trims.

Silver $SLV as expected is still under pressure and we’re just looking for adds to long positioning at chart model supports (see your reports).

Equities this recent cycle, timing was almost perfect, it was a great start to the cycle. I had called the cycle to start April 10, 2020 and the our models had it about 10 days prior (the models were closer than my call) but it couldn’t have been better. Timing cycles have been fantastic. Market highs we got, the down turn we nailed really hard and now this recent run up has been a good start. And even this week calling an interim rest in the cycle was spot on. Now we’re in $STUDY mode as we took our profits in to last few days.

I’ve received a number of personal notes from our Swing Trading Alerts platform users recently (on email mostly) and I think I’ll be asking you folks if I can post them anonymously to our website as swing trade reviews for other traders looking in to swing trading services. I appreciate hearing from you, it does make the work we do worthwhile when you hear about traders becoming disciplined consistently profitable traders. It will be good to meet as many of our new trading members as can make it out in the near future. Eventually most end up visiting the island.

Don’t miss the Sunday Swing Trade $STUDY Webinar series restarting this Sunday at 7 pm. If you’re not a registrant there are still 4 spots for this Sunday. If you can’t attend live the videos are sent out thereafter. 

I will be in a location this weekend again where high speed stable internet is 100% as we know the area well.

Next week will be very active in the live trading room and we start daytrading the swing trade set-ups on lower time frames also soon (this requires us updating the swing trade charting to lower time-frames for daytrading, coming soon).

EPIC V3.1.1 crude oil trading alerts have been firing very well post Black Swan code updates. Last night taking a short side trade that was almost to the minute perfect. Huge range in that short so it worked out well for our oil traders.


Beauty of a short sequence EPIC V3.1.1 started at 100 AM, chart, alert and article that explains why and how we knew the top price and time explained on this thread $USO $CL_F $UCO $SCO $GUSH $XLE

Beauty of a short sequence EPIC V3.1.1 started at 100 AM, chart, alert and article that explains why and how we knew the top price and time explained on this thread $USO $CL_F $UCO $SCO $GUSH $XLE

Themes will be the power of returns in the next time cycles in to the election and beyond, we’re working at these every day and you can expect a lot more swing trade set-ups over the weekend and in to next week.

Today my advice is to go very easy, put your time in to $STUDY, every hour invested in preparation for markets pays massive dividends.

I wouldn’t expect super active trade in the live room today, but you never know. I would however expect such next week to be extremely active as I’ll have my high speed line to work with and there are a number of videos I need to do, like a $STUDY on how to scan for swing trade set-ups, how to trade the one hour crude oil model we’ve recently locked in for our oil traders and various others.

Oh, and I have the most recent time cycle swing trade profit and loss in my hands, I’ll review and add study notes and send out this weekend. This will also help those looking for a current trade position listing. Blow out performance, it’s getting better as we go, which is good of course!

If you want direct access to me on Whatsapp send your request on email and I’ll connect on there with you. It works well as sometimes I am away from my trading desk and if you need a hand with a trade I’m right there right now.

As always if you need anything be sure to email [email protected] and have a great weekend!




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Premarket Morning Note

Good morning traders

Bear with us with reporting, there’s a lot of moving parts and we’re exhausted to be honest, it will be nice to get a break for a near day from Friday close to Saturday afternoon haha.

We’re still working with new internet line but have solutions so we’re close, unfortunately only way we can do our development in our work is to be in places where infrastructure requires us to be involved, so it is so.

And the server capacity at Click Meeting and with internet wide is still challenged but areas of the world are opening so this will improve.

COVID has tasked our body limits to say the least, work load is heavy.

Nevertheless, we’re getting there one step at a time.

Now, today is Friday, go easy, we see this inflection and bull most likely running next week, but you have to be in the right themes. I promise you we will have continued reporting out this weekend and it will be substantial (after some rest). We’re going to clean up reporting all current positions and profit loss status and be ready for the new.

Thanks very much again for your support and stay safe out there today.


Oil Trade Alerts

This time cycle was spot on, too bad I miss executed my swing trade trying to chip in to the turn on the intra-week trade I chickened out, that was an error. However, the EPIC V3.1.1 upgrade is firing with precision in the oil trading room and alerts so this is very encouraging, the code updates we a challenge in this Black Swan event to say the least.

This time cycle alerted in crude oil in this article was in fact the low for the week. Understanding time cycles can help traders position bias on various time-frames #OOTT $CL_F $USO $USOIL #premarket #oiltrading #timecycles

A Real-Time Example of How Time-Cycles Work in Crude Oil Trade 🎯🔥🏹 #OOTT $CL_F $USO $USOIL $UCO $SCO #oiltrading #tradealerts 👇

This is what it looks like when the machines abuse humans. Nice upgrades EPIC V3.1.1 Machine SoftwareDirect hitFireBow and arrowDown pointing backhand index

Swing Trade Alerts

And on the swing trading alerts side of the biz things are going well, it’s just a matter of working through positioning (dot plotting) your trade thesis within themes, this takes a lot of work.

The last two cycles were super strong and we expect the new to be also, it does take some time however in the inflection (or the turn of the cycle). This weekend we’ll have a lot more of the set-ups out to our swing trading members and the inflection should start to take hold and clarity in to end of August 2020 time cycle should be in full play (themes of trades).

The alerts this morning to the swing trading alert feed are examples of themes that should be strong.

The ZOOM swing trade alert was a double, that is a great example of a theme type play.

There are others developing now for this time cycle, so we expect each time cycle to be bigger as we go.

swing trade alerts, ZOOM, trade

ZOOM (ZM) trading 175s premarket with outside price target 211s use caution and take profits on the way y’all #swingtrading $ZM


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